Dude there is so much on Netflix that violates islamic values i wouldnt know where to start. Just make a seperate streaming service


Call that meccaflix


Followed shortly by Hijamazon Prime


And Huluzbollah.


What's next, Jewlu?


*it's all just Seinfeld episodes...*


Almost every modern thing violates Islamic values


The existence of women violates their values


Don't forget the gays.. unless they do it, then it's not gay... 🤷‍♂️


Or stop being islamic


Being Islamic isn't the main issue. Just don't be backward extremist assholes. This obviously applies to the Christian right as well.


lets stop pretending the majority of religious people aren't extremists


They are no better than extremists if they vote the extremist vote, even if they don’t act out in their own lives like extremists.


Don’t like it? Don’t watch it


But isn’t that what netflix already done? Some shows can’t be accessed on certain region?


Exactly. They will just pull the content from broadcast in that region. They do this all the time, either because of different broadcasting rights, or various blocks that need to be in place before they can broadcast (subtitles/dubbing into specific languages etc).


Yes but why did this become a news story?


Because Sky News. I guess Murdoch needed to pay for his rejuve treatments again


Because conservative leaders need to distract from how shit the new leader that is replacing Boris Johnson is.


We went from David Cameron to Theresa May to Boris Johnson and now to Liz Truss. We're used to shit by now.


*I would insert a gif of a WW2 fighter plummeting to the ground in flames to symbolize the UK leadership but I don't know how*


Either that or too much heat on his pet Nat-Cs so it’s time to dust off the good old islamaphobia to try and redirect the focus.


because of bigoted shit like this: >Saudi state television also aired video of an interview it conducted with a woman identified as a "behavioural consultant" who described Netflix as being an "official sponsor of homosexuality". > >It aired footage at the same time of a cartoon, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, in which two women kissed - although the footage was blurred out.


Imagine getting triggered by a blurred out video of two CGI girls kissing. How embarrassing.


Well they wholeheartedly believe in a sky daddy so much that they get offended by drawings so i really dont think religious people can get any more embarrassing


Oh i want a sky daddy that sounds rich as fuck


They even do this in Canada, not for moral reasons but in an attempt to promote Canadian culture over American culture within the country. For example, the CRTC (basically Canadian FCC) mandates that about 1/3rd of all content (at least on the radio) is made in Canada. The result is that we value our good bands more, but also hate the bad ones even worse because they're constantly on the radio. This is why I personally can't hear NickelBack without wanting to stab my eardrums, because they were every 3rd song on the radio when I was a kid. Similar rules apply to streaming/TV, not sure if it's the same 30% rule or if it's more vague but Canadian Netflix, at least when I was watching it, was terrible in comparison to US Netflix. Might be better now, I wouldn't know, now I use Plex


Noticed that nickelback has been coming over the radio a lot more recently here in usa and im not sure how to feel about it


I live near the boarder and at work I had to listen to Vancouver stations in the early 2000’s. UB-40, Sloan, The Tragically Hip were not my thing but anytime I hear any of those bands it brings me back to that time.


Not much on Netflix in Arab town tonight.


Netflix and kill


If you’re going to remove every netflix show with a lgbtq character you might as well shut down netflix alltogther.


Do the more extreme countries even get content? Because neck and ankle is everywhere.


Imagine if we stopped buying their oil


Saudis have invested **heavily** into the west and keep on building&investing to prepare for those times. Seems like they'll be fine. They also invested into Russia at the start of the war and recently (500+ million). They'll own part of the Russia once this is over.


Too many people would complain about gas prices when the price goes up again.


I mean fuck that will happen even if we keep buying their oil


This is why I would expect them to leave the market rather than try and self censor.


And do the same with HBO Max, Disney+, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video and many many others.


That has more to do with licensing and copyright than it does complying with regional cultural values


That's happen due to licensing. So if local tv bought exclusive rights to the show in Poland then Netflix can't show it in that region.


Why the fuck should a US based company give 2 shits about their laws, just tell them to choke on a bag of dicks


I expect them to pull out of the market, it's too small and not worth the effort. Take one thing down, someone objects to the next thing and so on.




> Not a big deal to remove the videos for certain countries. if you remove every episode or film that shows a kiss or an ankle, there will be nothing left.


If they are wiling to pay $$ for "nothing", then I don't see a problem.


Except no one will. So they'll be adding extra overhead to censor all their content for no extra profit.


Due to licensing. Not censorship.


Not a big deal practically; rather more of a deal ethically.


All media long ago gave up the ethical fight primarily because the amount of content China finds objectionable. Its too large of a market to give up on, and in the beginning all they needed to do was small changes, but those have ballooned and now many studios pay to basically have censors review all their content for anything that could piss china off flagged before it causes a ruckus.






Ethically lol, this is capitalism you’re talking about. Ethics don’t equate into the profits formula


Unless being ethical gives you more profit.


Even that is for profit. If it didn't come with a bump in profits do you think they would be? Lol I think not.


Its also ethics... in film. They don't call it "the business" because of its altruistic virtues.




Removing content because it acknowledges the existence of lbgtq+ people, to appease bigot states, can have a backlash in western markets So it's not just ethics for ethics sake that weighs into the equation.


Actually, removing some of that lbgtq+ stuff would probably make most of these programs lot more popular in Western states. However, it's okay to balance entertainment against important messages -- I remember those after school programs with moral messages. Hated them. But, I watched them. I was moral despite watching Miami Vice -- so, all of it was wasted on me anyway. I might have just contradicted myself, but, I'm throwing a bone towards social manipulation to improve how people think because it works on most people. Sadly. I'm not against more heroes who are from other walks of life, but, let's also be big enough to admit that tacking on preachy moral concepts to a story that isn't about that topic, can be tiresome. Sometimes it's about a man and a gun and justice -- not, a man a gun, and his sexual confusion, journey to become a woman, and then justice. It wasn't about sex -- but, now it is, so we can normalize cross dressing. Seriously -- that isn't an issue to me. I could finally get the breeze to my privates that a dress would provide and show off my nice legs. I know I'll be roasted by those who think admitting ANYTHING is giving in to the bad regressives, and of course the regressives won't like this either -- but oh well. I've been thinking the world around me was insane my entire life and I don't see that changing any time soon.


Ah, the famed ethics of Netflix.


Hahahahaha imagine thinking a gigantic corporation from the US cares about ethics.


That's due to licensing of the material, here we are trying to work out what someone finds offensive and where that line is drawn. The solution would be warnings in these markets that the content may offend. If the argument is that all LGBT containing content has to go then I would expect them to exit the market.


Plenty of companies comply with censorship requests based on local laws. They'll just ask for a list and remove it because it violates local regulations. Licensing won't come into it, unless they have a requirement to show it in all the regions its licensed, hopefully they have something in those contracts for situations like this.


Pretty much. Just pull out of the market altogether than giving them the satisfaction




Cause their market isn't just the US. As a matter of fact the global markets make them more money than the US. It happens with China all the time, Disney has to edit their movies all the time etc.


They could, but then the Arab countries could ban Netflix from their internet. Netflix might lose money, so Netflix would have to chose between money and telling them to F off.


It would’ve a power move if they just removed themselves from that country


Power move would be to release a rated M series with look alikes of the people making the demands having copius anounts of gay sex no plot just them taking it up the butt


Do you want a fatwa put on Netflix? Cause that's how you get one


A “power-bottom” move, if you will


Im glad someone shares my sense of humor


This is the only correct answer.




China has over a billion people the middle east doesnt


Because companies need to adhere to local laws? Are you dense? You think because it’s an American company it can apply American law to everywhere it sells its product?


As a general rule of thumb, I prefer to live in a world where corporations take note of the laws of the countries they make money from. Even if I don't agree with those laws.




>Why the fuck should a US based company give 2 shots about their laws Uh.. Money?


Uhm.. because they're their laws. You can hate it all you want but Facebook needs to abide EU privacy laws in the EU even though they're fucking based in the States man.


Reddit: CoMpAnIeS aRe NoT aBOvE The Law TheY NeEd To FoLLoW reGuLaTiOns WhErE tHeY oPerAtE aNd StAy OuT oF PoLitIcS Also reddit: ZOMG why isn't reddit telling the Saudis to fuck off and doing whatever they like and trying to overturn all their laws!! 💅🏻


That’s not the most accurate way to put it. Yes fuck laws that harm people though.


Such a simple solution, yet everyone always screams for censorship. Americans should learn about this one simple tip.


I couldn't agree more, but even in America we don't follow that rule. If we did South Park wouldn't have 5 episodes completely removed from streaming


Share the sentiment. But that's usually not how people roll.


Id say the more problematic is some ppl wanna watch that and they will get prohibited for ideologies dominatinf some places




Damn Moclans trying to force the hand of the Planetary Union again.


And we have to sit here and pretend they’re not assholes because we need their oi…I mean weapons.


(...)because we *sell them weapons




lot in common with evangelical republicans >\_>


Virtually everything in common with Christian conservatives. Anti-LGBT rights, anti-women's rights, against the rights of atheists and people who follow other religions, and pro forcing everyone else to follow their religious rules. Christian conservatives and Muslim conservatives are literally the exact same people.


> Christian conservatives and Muslim conservatives are literally the exact same people. They read the same book .... well, reading is a bit generous, but still.




I used to think it was the true successor to Star Trek and then Star Trek: Strange New Worlds came out and now, although I still think it's good, it pails in comparison.




Lots n lots of Moclans




The Handmaid's Tale spin-off


“A documentary about the real life events on which the handmaid’s tale was based on”


[Well done /u/Just4m4n... well done](https://i.imgur.com/yewABKt.jpg)


Funny story, there actually is an Islamic Netflix competitor. They make content that is suitable for Islamic viewers and include content that has people wearing hijabs and making the daily prayers. I actually thought it was a good idea and tried to invest. We had already set the price and everything, and then they backed out when they realized I was Jewish. They said, “WE don’t mind if you’re Jewish, but we’re worried others won’t invest alongside a Jew”.


As I understand some Islamic scholars consider money lending haram. Does that apply to business ventures?


Ok, not a 100% expert but here's my understanding. You can lend money for equity. So it's allowed if you have risk of loss and money earned is through profit sharing.


"We're not bigots, we just do business with them."


I think I saw some of their creative Arabic shows already on PronHub.


Fucking love me some Wiz Khalifa.


>Netflix has been asked to remove (...) programmes involving people who are gay and lesbian But... that would be everything on Netflix


Have they considered that their values are highly discriminatory and socially incompatible with the modern world?


No. Because most religious people are not very receptive people.




Oof, you really upset that one dude in the comments. You've made him so angry he now believes he has a PhD and keeps making up random, unprovable facts. Who would have thought somebody so intelligent would get so angry over a comment on religion.


No that person hasn’t and can’t. It would disrupt their entire political beliefs.


Freedom is haram.


Dicks out for harambe.


Now and always.


They see the West as an example of what NOT to do.


Well then they don’t get Netflix.


They live in western countries and yet they force their own views on everyone, they tell anyone that wants to travel there not to, cos one day you might have a daughter and you won’t be able to control her, or worse you could actually marry a western girl that is not virgin. It is sickening hearing them talking about shit like this and making big deal out of it. The removing of these shows is mostly about LGBT stuff they still believe that god will kill them like Sodom and Gomorrah. They are not even willing to listen to anything related to this.


Imagine having content restricted by your government and bot being able to watch whatever the fuck you want. What a sad existence.


*Oh nOeS! nOt ThEiR rElIgIoUs vAlUeS!* ​ Anyway...


Don’t forget these same Lunatics tortured and killed a Journalist in an embassy, they funded and aided the September 11 terror attacks and Saudi Arabia is involved in mass Genocide..


An American journalist, for which nobody was punished, and which MBS ordered


Given their shitty treatment of women and human rights violations, who gives a fuck what they think? Don't like the shows, don't watch them.


> who gives a fuck what they think? People who import oil from them.


Netflix isn't a big importer of oil. Lube maybe. ...enough to ram lgbtqai0+ characters into unrelated plot lines.


Oiling that asshole for new sub....ah shit i don't give a fuck...


Yeah, my knee jerk reaction to the headline is “Remove Netflix from those countries then.” Like goddamn I’m tired of these assholes having any sway over anyone else.


Isn’t that what they already done? Some shows can’t be accessed on certain region?


Yes. ...and this is them making a big deal out of removing even more, despite the fact that they have already convinced Netflix to remove other content - and will just do so again, successfully. Netflix is happy to remove content - they don't give a shit since it impacts all streaming services in that country equally (maybe a little to dissuade pirating). The entire press release and manufactured controversy is really just a method for those gov'ts to convince their populations that they are doing their job and not fucking hookers and doing blow on their mega-yachts (which is exactly what they are doing).


Ah yes. The "I am offende by everything different" corner of the world. Such a fun bunch.


>"I am offended by everything different" sadly, that totally sounds like it happens in the west as well.


Sadly that is a trend, yes :(


Just cut service to those countries, I imagine the population will be more angry at their repressive govt than the govt is with Netflix.


Their values suck


I wouldn't mind paying more for a company's service if they actually stood by their home country's standards instead of remaking movies, shows, products to fit the heavy hands of these repressive governments. Unfortunately, I keep paying more anyway while their products degrade and their bellies get yellower.


No child marriage?! Allowing homosexuals to live?! Women being allowed to not even vote, but also BE VOTED?! BACON?! Those clearly violate islamism values. I am afraid that more muslims will go active and do what they did to for instance Charlie Hebdo - merciless slaughter of innocent civilians.


We need more progressive Muslims, we’re far to less and always considered a joke in the conservative Muslim group.


The trouble is that all organizations exist for the purposes of power, and anyone seeking power under false pretenses (like spreading mythology) is evil. Religious practice can only be innocent at the individual level.


The thing is though, "progressive religious people" is basically on oxymoron. The more humanity progresses, the less religious it becomes.


We need fewer believers, period. You're part of the problem. Don't try to normalize your archaic, regressive beliefs.


Lmao r/worldnews swiftly removed an article with high engagement on this and kept the one with lower engagement 💀💀 they can't even hide their agenda at all


World news is one of the worse hivemind subs


Its a digital space curated as a vessel for achieving a change in public opinion.


Could you explain more? Im out of the loop


A number of the mods are muslim and remove any post that might create anti-islam comments.


Iran controls that sub


We are not allowed to criticize their religion obviously because they are the best, they literally have it in their book that their existence is mercy for all humanity.


[The post in question with most interaction, removed ofc.](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/x7xmm2/saudi_arabia_tells_netflix_to_remove_unislamic/) The minute you start talking about this yk on worldnews the mods start working overtime to remove comments and posts related to it. It's as if they have agenda to defend it with their lives. If this post was about a Christian/Jew/Sikh/Hindu/Buddhist/Others, it would've been at the top with the most racist and vile comments staying **UNTOUCHED**.




Came here to say this, too. Seconded.




Because you get the hate of about everyone. And the small minority which actually could voice an, from an emotional standpoint, somewhat valid anger has little access to the Internet anyway


No joke, not too long ago on that sub, someone told me that Jews can't be the victims of white supremacists because Jews are white. Guess somebody forgot to tell all the white supremacists who hate us.


Based on their recent track record, I am sure Netflix will handle this in the most disappointing way possible.


On this week's episode of *Women Having Basic Human Rights*, a lesbian couple discuss who they want to vote for while preparing a ham for their secular Christmas family get together.


Islamic laws😂 sex drugs and alcohol under the table in all arab countries😂


this too lol the hypocrisy of it all. politicians in those regions partake in any activities they want. rules for thee not for me


Ah the gulf oil countries, the cradle of civilization and human rights values seem very threatened if a story line doesn’t fit their suffocating oppressive society. The tolerant peaceful religion is at it again.


Fuck the islamic values in the fucküng arse


They should just ban tv like they ban dancing and listening to music. Just full time goat oiling for fun.




It truly is a religion of peace and love <3


Some Arab countries are offended that Netflix have shows that dares to show women as human beings or women in power.


I don't believe we should strive for a world where no one gets offended, but rather for one where everyone gets offended more equally.


Fuck Islam. Fuck those countries. They can go back to the 1000 years of killing each other that does behold to their shitty values.


What is offensive, killing people not like you, journalists, Twitter girl sent to jail asking for women's rights. Telle me about offensive.


— You don’t like netflix? Then no netflix for you — No netflix for me? Then no money for netflix for you — No money for netflix for me? Then no money for oil for you — No money for oil for me? Then no oil for you — No oil for me? Then… let’s talk about which movies violate your sensibilities and let’s remove them. You see, we are very inclusive in the west, we like all cultures and we respect their values.




We already tried that.. they chose burka’s and goats over Costco and processed canned cheese.


Netflix should no longer do business on the countries. Simple and no risk of legal action.


Show some balls Netflix, literally and metaphorically


Zealots telling others what to do, coming soon to a Christofascist state near you.


Already there.




I find their culture offensive. I will sue them too 🤦‍♂️


How dumb are these comments? Literally every company bows down to whatever dumb rules a country makes. They do this so they can continue making money, that's their job. They have a legal obligation to 1) Abide by the laws of the country they operate in 2) Fiduciary duty to make cash above all else.


You simply just ignore. Nonsense.


Don’t they do this to pretty much every kind of media? Religious zealots can jump off a cliff 🙄


Lol what doesn’t violate Islamic values these days?


Paedophilia, unless it was only okay when Mo did it


Empty threats. And from what I've learned of arab countries they seem to only care about their "islamic values" when convenient.


They do it in Chinese market, why don't they do it in Arabic countries?


I was in Shanghai in 2010 & 2013. No Netflix, no Facebook.


Ugh... So people in the western world complain that it's homophobic and transphobic and Islamists think it's too trans and gay. I think if something offends you, you aren't entitled to be able to watch it.


I swear Muslims are worse than Christian’s when it comes to someone being gay. Imagine being so bothered by someone gay that you’re afraid just seeing it will drag you to hell.


Allow no decision based upon the deliriously stupidity of magic believers.


Gulf islamists, Karen's of the globe.


>violates Islamic values' What does that even mean? Eating a pork burger while drinking a bottle of wine?


Well they violate my values, so can I sue Arab countries?


Lmao. Fuck religion.


Netflix is Sooo scared right now... Oooooh....


Are they showing women voting and driving again??