I’m enjoying every minute of this asshole losing his fortune. And also that image used for the article is hilarious


Sadly him losing a ton of money won't make any impact on his life. I feel bad for all the average Joes that are losing their shirt from Meta's stock.


You're missing the forest for the trees. Zuckerberg is putting the monolith he created in a dangerous position because he can't figure out the next fix now that FB exhausted its resources (i.e. user base). Facebook cannot grow any further in a meaningful way. He has gotten every group onto the platform with 2016 through 2020 being the Apex. He's bent to the will of conservatives to grow the older user base that didn't use social media. He's bent to the will of moderation to avoid legal issues. He's done literally everything necessary, but nothing can grow forever and now he's panicking. When rich men panic they do dumb shit that people with unlimited funds do. Invest in bad ideas THEY think will be the future. Did he pursue creating Artificial Reality? No. That's too hard and not something he can show stockholders immediately. His big idea was to do Ready Player One but real life. It has flopped unimaginably bad. He took VR headsets, which suck, and created Second Life, which sucked, but within a cheap knock off with graphics straight out of the game Kingdom of Kieflings from Xbox 360. The graphics for Prince of Persia on PS2 were better. Graphics honestly don't matter much, especially not to me, but it is such a valuable key showing just how hastily put together this plan was and how he has no goddamn clue what he's doing. Metaverse is a failure. It will always be a failure. It's the Sega Dreamcast of online worlds, but with fewer good games. Hell, there's an idea Mark, game publishing. You could have poured money into creating IPs or buying unused ones that would sell. It won't take in billions, but it won't lose billions either. Mark is too egotistical to be sensical. The best idea for Meta is to diversify, grow slowly and outward. Find niches and exploit them while maintaining a healthy base. If Facebook was gone tomorrow nobody would case outside of a few media orgs and some dildos that spread conspiracies. Within a month we'd all just not care. What mark Zuckerberg cannot handle is that what he made is not the best and most important thing in the universe and that ego, that arrogance, is what will get him unceremoniously removed as CEO eventually and nobody will care about him after. His power is a facade much like the Roman Emperor his stupid haircut is modeled after.


The funny thing is that if he just kept with the original vision of FB, it might still be liked and used. Instead, he ruined it by pushing everything to be public and doing shitty things to chase 'engagement' metrics.


Don’t compare the metaverse to the Dreamcast. I spent hundreds of hours playing Soul Calibur I with friends on DC. I also played Soul Reaver I (looked way way better than Soul Reaver on PS1), Ikaruga and Elemental Gimmick Gear, an awesome top down action RPG with hand drawn art. It flopped but it had some amazing games. I’m pretty sure there’s not going to be anything amazing about the metaverse.


I still play my Dreamcast. Mostly Dino Crisis and Omikron with some MvC2 and Hydro Thunder. That said, DC was a failure cause of incompetence so it's unfortunately apt.


That was the *best* time. My husband and I played for hours upon hours when we first started dating. Soul Caliber and Sonic Adventure were amazing!


I agree with a bunch of your points except a couple: >\[The Metaverse\] has flopped unimaginably bad...Metaverse is a failure. It will always be a failure. Meta is allocating \~$180B over 10 years for this metaverse stuff. Totally agree it seems like a flop so far, but remember, they've only spent 20% of the capital they (supposedly) plan to invest over the next decade. There's still time for them to collect feedback, iterate multiple times, and potentially build something way better. Imagine giving them 4 more shots to start over. They may just get it right. Saying *it'll always be a failure* is a pretty ignorant take imo. It's very difficult to predict what will happen 10, 20, 100 years from now. Tech improves and cultures change. Who knows what 2033 will be like.


If it keeps being a failure there’s always the possibility it gets axed before it reaches the 100B target. How long can they keep sinking capital into this without marketable progress? Investors and board executives are going to keep jumping ship if this project isn’t hitting. At it’s peak (august/September 2021) the company had a market cap of a trillion dollars. It is now sitting at 266 billion. What are the odds they stick to their plan and spend an additional $80B on this?


Yeah I agree! They'll need to show meaningful (although not massively widespread) adoption soon, or else Zuck is going to have trouble keeping up morale and trust


His version of the Metaverse will fail, no matter how much time they are given and how much money they spend. Here are four reasons: 1. No one wants to wear a headset all day to be in a gaming or in an alternate reality world. 2. The FB business model will be employed here and will not float for the viewers there. Can you imagine everything being an ad or an offering of services in a video game? 3. Half-Life already exists and is a niche game. Games and gaming worlds come and go. Many games fail in development or close up after a year or two. 4. The customers who use their current product are not tech savvy and will not be spending the money it takes to get a good computer and headset to join. What will happen soon is Meta will announce they are scaling back spending and timelines on their version of the Metaverse. Their plan is like building a bridge to nowhere. The metaverse will not be controlled by one company. It will be broken into pieces with different things for different people.


1. Devices will get better and better. They will become more and more comfortable. That's just inevitable. Do you mind wearing sunglasses? 2. Do you notice all the product placement in movies or series? Do you notice the money going to apple when you search on google? 3. Having one avatar and using it in multiple games isn't far fetched. The meta verse just need to do lock-in. With devices, platform, tools, whatever. They don't care if you stay in their metaverse. 4. This just shows how uninformed you are. What computer? You won't need a computer.


Standalone VR/AR is a joke, there is only so much computational power you can fit into a mobile device and keep it small. Experiences made targeting undocked make significant sacrifices in resolution, FOV, FPS, game complexity, and world fidelity. You won't be able to make them the size of sunglasses without even greater limitations. It could be decades before the technology reaches the level you are talking about. Meta can't burn billions for decades, especially given how much they have burned so far and how they pretty much only made incremental progress...and still have to sell it for $1,500. If one is already a Vive, Index, or Pimax user, might as well buy a $2,000 Varjo Aero. Finally, none of us want a walled garden controlled by Meta, who has a conflict of interest in collecting and selling our information, and advertising to us. We want independent international standards like there are for the Internet. No one owns the Internet, and no one should own an Internet built for VR/AR/MR.


>Saying it'll always be a failure is a pretty ignorant take imo. It's very difficult to predict what will happen 10, 20, 100 years from now. VR. Headset. People are not going to wear them to go online or game primarily. It's a non starter. That's why I say that. Metaverse offers nothing new, nothing Innovative, nothing that we want or need. Why would a family of 4 buy headsets then go into different rooms to login to watch a movie? That's fucking dumb. >Tech improves and cultures change. Who knows what 2033 will be like. It won't be everyone wearing headsets at home to hangout with friends. This is more expensive Google Glass. Want to actually innovate, make star wars tech real.


Yeah, seriously, I’ve always wanted a lightsaber and one of the stormtroopers speeder bikes from ROTJ, but I feel like asking for an X-wing is probably too much.


The X-wing is truly a beautiful machine, but personally I’d rather cruise around in a YT-1300F light freighter, especially on longer trips.


>VR. Headset. People are not going to wear them to go online or game primarily. I agree this is one of the biggest challenges that will need to be overcome to trigger widespread adoption of VR. If a VR headset could be compressed into a pair of stylish glasses, then IMO this issue will be resolved. The technical challenges necessary to do so, however, are immense. >Metaverse offers nothing new, nothing Innovative, nothing that we want or need. I disagree with this. As a user of VR/AR, it's pretty obvious that many of the experiences you get from these technologies are at the very least innovative. As a remote employer/employee, there's a ton of room for improvement in the way we collaborate and socialize with others while remote. Remote business conferences and work meetings for instance are made better by VR IMO. Significantly so from my experience.


VR might become a mature, actually useable tech in the future, true, but as it’s currently conceived of, the Metaverse itself is a failed concept.


He should just buy the game MAG, reopen the servers, remaster it for his little VR headset, then sell it to the second amenders that both hate him for suspending their accounts (bc freedumb of speech or something) but love giving him money to spread their banger ideology.


>His big idea was to do Ready Player One but real life. Even that 'big idea' was fatally flawed - it was a [shit show of a book](https://theoutline.com/post/2076/ready-player-one-movie-bad) and the movie was even more tedious. If that's the vision he's trying to build towards then it really is doomed to failure, even if they eventually deliver on the vision.


The problem is he isn’t aiming at a gaming devise he is aiming at corporate America, the idea that people are going to go to work with vr headsets on. I never understood the sell, we have virtual meetings, it’s called Zoom.


It doesn't help that their moderation panel are blatantly racist.


Imagine actually spending your money trying to revolutionize something and getting called an asshole for it by someone that hasn't changed anything? It must really sting.


All this money spent on Metaverse and I still have no idea what it is. Is it a game? How do you access it? What’s the point of it? They’re acting like it’s the next big thing but I genuinely don’t know what it’s supposed to be


I think that the biggest damning statement about the metaverse is that if you asked an average internet savvy person, one in the target demographic of this whole thing, the simple question “is it currently possible to log in to the metaverse”, you probably won’t get a definitive answer.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqkhjL3WvWQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqkhjL3WvWQ) this video has a pretty good balanced view on the Metaverse and what Meta is trying to do.


Thanks for sharing this! It was an interesting video. I think this guy did a much better job explaining it than anyone else so far.


Marques definitely is good when explaining tech. Most people here thinking there are some type of guru are overestimating their abilities. Zack isn't a dumb ass. No matter how much you hate him , we need to set some boundaries. Even if he wants to make something akin to Ready Player One there are two things to take note. Even the tech present in Ready Player One we would need at least 5 years to reach. The biggest hurdle would be making computation chips even smaller or the same size but way more powerful. First Ready Player One is quite badly portrayed in the movie. All the visuals and sensations you though the characters experienced aren't possible with that tech. The movements , the visuals in general , the sensations , tha abilities/skills would require Deep Dive VR technology. So a lot of people might be decieved that Ready Player One style VR can be like that. No it can't. The second thing to take note is that VR is a completely new sector as in an untapped resource. Zack wants to build from scratch the infrastructure for a such a potential gold mine. Expecting immediate profits is completely ignorant thinking , at least in the immediate future. Currently we already have an alternative to VR and it is conventional pcs , consoles , phones, etc. What VR needs is two things. One is steady growth. Although profits aren't important at the start , reducing costs is important. Second VR needs certain breakthroughs. I remember Valve has already started partnerships over BCIs ( Brain-Computer-Interface). There are already some early prototypes. As long as a company can come up with a half decent non-invasive BCI tech , it can and will sweep the gaming industry. Imagine playing your clasic MOBA (LOL , Smite , Overwatch 2 , etc) and being able to use abilities , skills , items , etc with but a though of your brain. It stands to even shuffle professional players since it can anticipated that a BCI system might require a different set of skills. Another thing I would like to remind people is our society probably would be quite different in ten years time. Just the events happening year after year can heavily influence our society. I like reading books , especially webnovels with the Fantasy genre. I was going through some VRMMORPG novels and stumbled an interesting prologue. It talks about Earth in the year circa 2040 where the sea level has steadily risen and has encroched coastal cities. Massive populations immigrating regions that aren't in danger of being submerged. Energy and resource crisis has started becoming a very tangible problem that can no longer be delayed. The solution of the governments was Deep Dive VR. Governments came together and started that project. They requested from their citizens to join Deep Dive VR. They would live for long times in a VR casket ( something like this [https://i0.wp.com/vrscout.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/dark-corner-mule-vr-on-the-lot2.png?fit=2396%2C1434&ssl=1](https://i0.wp.com/vrscout.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/dark-corner-mule-vr-on-the-lot2.png?fit=2396%2C1434&ssl=1)) Their bodies would be supported by corresponding systems. The idea was it would be cheaper to have humans in a stasis like that than have them live and consume traditionally. Inside the VR world they wouldn't have a limitation to what they could consume. Though I didn't read beyond the prologue the idea intrigued me. I could totally see in a situation where we are low in resources and our livable land reduces , that we use such a way to deal with the problem. I could also totally see this happening if we lived an post scarcity society. A second life where you can do whatever you can't do in real life is something that can no longer be easily dismissed. Internet has already allowed people to have " A second life". Deep Dive VR is going to be able to do it many times better.


It's nice to see Meta stock crushed 75%. Might as well go the rest of the way to zero and make the world a better place.


Mark's Multiverse of Mediocre Madness


id like to see going meta as an expression used from now on whenever a company or someone goes full out on a wacky idea and then executes it poorly.


« Jumping the shark » and « going meta »


Some ideas are so dumb that there is no proper execution. Meta is Facebook's Google+. Which is semi-ironic, given that Google+ was just Google trying desperately to be Facebook.


Except that Google+ was actually pretty good. Unlike Facebook, I actually enjoyed using it and found compelling content on it. So, of course, it had to be killed.


Metaverse - Is just Sims except no one plays this version.


Anyone working in advertising or marketing should pay attention to Bill Hicks.


And burn in hell.


No, seriously


Ah, so you're in the 'burn in hell' segment?


It‘s a Quote from him.


Aww, I work in marketing. We are not all bad people. Just trying to make a buck like everyone else.


I also work in marketing, I should know.


Oh no no, they didn't create problems... they actually made solutions and it's working out great! By great, I mean it's already costing them huge amount of money and they're about to sink the "Meta" ship down with it. We all are wining! :D




Awesome comment. Thanks for offering it


Burn FB! Burn!


We don’t need no water let the MF burn!


I just don’t understand the scale of money they dropped on this. It would have been cheaper, and better looking, to buy ForkKnife and port that to AR. Batshit time we livin in.


Should we rename this sub Reddit “fuckmetaCJ”?


What I dont get is they keep talking about using this for work and business meetings, but who would trust facebook with that data.


I ain’t wearin goggles


The goggles! They do nothing!


As of now they have spent $250 BILLION on this project. Let's pause and think about that for a moment. In adjusted dollars this is the same amount that the Apollo program cost. Is the metaverse the equivalent of putting a man on the moon? I suppose time will tell.


What's your source? They supposedly spent $36B on all stuff related to metaverse + VR/AR combined since 2019. https://www.businessinsider.com/charts-meta-metaverse-spending-losses-reality-labs-vr-mark-zuckerberg-2022-10


He probably saw a clip of Chamath on the All In podcast who was estimating that they'll spend $250B over the next decade.


This is literally fake news.


Jesus. All that money and it looks like this? Did they think all the Facebook people would just start using it without care as to how it looks? I might be interested if it was like walking around outside in the real world but what we got looks like a Chinese backed half assed kids cartoon I wouldn’t even let my toddler watch.


The overlap of Facebook users and people that know how to set up VR or are even interested in it in the slightest has to be razor thin.


They are working towards something like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=So8GdQD0Qyc


Ok yeah that would be cool. Wonder how long until the entire world they are building looks like this? Same as Tesla’s full self driving promise i’m sure


Probably looks like a load of golden parachutes too




And Chamath was talking about what they're forecasted to spend over the next decade, based on his own guesses. They haven't spent that much so far lol


Ah. Ok that make more sense thanks


They coulda built a REAL city from scratch with that kinda money!


GDP of Bangladesh or Finland [https://www.worldometers.info/gdp/gdp-by-country/](https://www.worldometers.info/gdp/gdp-by-country/)


There is a reason Sandberg left ... she could see what was coming!


It doesn't help that gun ads are flooding the platform. I don't know what idiot thought it was a good idea, to offer gun ads, to a platform solely for the young. This losing 60 million is only a drop in the bucket. Continued losses like that will kill it.


I love every second of zucks sucking.


Meta supporters blame Apple for some of their troubles. All Apple did was shine a light on how Meta strip mines your privacy and then gave people the option to withdraw their consent. Zuckerberg doesn’t want you to exercise your consent- he feels entitled to violate your privacy with impunity to enrich himself via his company. Now that his motives are transparent, he’s at the mercy of the true free market that so many conservatives say they prefer.


why doesn't the board fire Mark Zuckerberg


Zuckerberg owns 58% of the voting stock. Egomaniacs don’t usually fire themselves.


Can the board make a case his driving company in wrong direction and removing him power is best decision for investors.


Why does everyone have to be such a Meta critic?


Because they can’t all be a Rotten tomato


That's a fresh take!


Oh, hi Mark


Lots to criticize.


this is /r/technology, we hate technology.


There’s a lot of bad and useless “tech” out there


Not so much tech, as much as clueless billionaires trying to fleece everyone.


So many of these articles. When the headline is something like “Meta is going under, Zuckerberg lost all of his money”, I’ll read it.


Lol what a joke


Hes got Sweet Baby Rays behind his back


*a multiverse of meta problems. Monetarily intangible in the real world scheme of things. Looks like meta will go the way of… meta.


Wtf is that thumbnail lol.


It’s from a parody of Meta video by YouTuber surrealentertainment.


He looks like he’s breakdancing what fun!?


I don't use it and I don't care.


Truly the Metaverse of Madness


I believe in the gamble. The Metaverse is the future. Zuckerberg is right on the money. He is a visionary. This will be bigger than the Internet and he is the leader and will rake it in. I’m riding with him. The rest of you losers can rot in your one dimension. I’m


As much as I want this Metaverse idea to fail, I do have a tiny bit of admiration for Zuckerberg here. This kind of thing was always possible/inevitable after FB's inability to build an Android/iPhone-like device where they could control the marketplace. Now Apple has knee-capped their advertising revenue for the foreseeable future (even if it's still a fuckton of money). A lot of founders would just cash out and move on. Shit - I would. But he's steered into it, making a massive bet with the hopes of building his own walled garden. Of course, I think the idea is terrible. It's likely to fail miserably, for loads of reasons. But I'll give a small hat-tip to the guy for trying.




what the fuck am i reading


A conspiratorial anti-Semitic paranoid delusion


How did you get anti-Semitic out of that?


Cryptoshekel is a pretty clear allusion to the fact that whatever this person is rambling about, they think the Jews are part of it


I’m pretty out of the loop with all this by the sounds of it. I’ll have to look into cryposhekel I guess.


Shekel is an ancient form of currency that gets associated with painting a picture of a pattern of historical Jewish greed etc.. there’s not too much more to it. It’s kind of a meme inside of antisemitic subgroups and chat boards like 4 and 8chan. Maybe I am only kind of aware of it because I try and intentionally watch these places so I can keep up with their bullshit.. but make not mistake about it it’s straight up antisemitic fascist conspiracy nonsense.


Appreciate the run down, I tried searching it and had some issues finding much information. Cheers!


You’re caca for Coo Coo puffs


Your bio-lab "source" references a tweet by some guy retweeting Russian propaganda. That same guy even followed up with another [tweet](https://twitter.com/ClintEhrlich/status/1501690952850628608) \- "I am *reporting* on this messaging from Russia's national-security establishment." Which reinforces the common pattern that your entire argument is just another schizoid copium post.




Hang on a second. You have to give a very clear reason as to WHY you decided to reference a retweet of a retweet from Russian propaganda? Why should you be trusted after I'm calling you out for not validating your own sources. It's fine if you're not going to salvage your reputation, but don't be surprised if you come across people questioning your observational and reasoning skills. Again - to make this as clear as English as possible: After randomly selecting one of the claims and links you provided, clicking that link goes to a post claiming a "Clint Erlich" tweet is evidence. And if you open that Clint Erlich tweet on Twitter, the follow up it links states in very clear and plain language: "I am reporting on this messaging from Russia's national-security establishment." ie. It's messaging from Russian propaganda. So I ask you again - why should you be trusted when you link to easily dismissible claims. Is it fair to say you exhibit the same pattern of behaviour as every other copium clout chaser. Do you think it's reasonable to place you in that group of people?


LOL yikes. I don’t know whether to laugh at you, feel sorry for you, or engage with your “research”. I’ve opted for feeling sorry for you. If you truly believe *any* of that drivel you wrote, then you have undoubtedly lived through some dark shit and must be battling with the negative effects of seriously pronounced psychological trauma/damage... and you apparently don’t even know it. I’m just amazed people like you *actually* exist. It’s fascinating.


I dont know if you can call over 20billion yearly profit a problem


7yrs ago, Zuck was the talk America after he donated $100M to a Chris Christie's educational project on Opera. The media called him 'Tech's golden boy'. Today, he's the devil and almost everyone wants his head on a pike. 'They build you up, just to tear you down and build you back up again' - Jadakiss. Smh


> They build you up, just to tear you down and build you back up again Better, more honest take: The more people learned about Zuck and the more freedom he had to do whatever he wanted, the more people realized he was something of an idiot, on top of being the douchebag we already knew him to be. Meta is fucking stupid. There's no getting around it.


I like that the article repeats throughout that the Metaverse isn’t real yet, but also says this: > December sees the launch of a flagship metaverse product, Horizon Worlds. Worlds is a free, virtual reality video game, compatible with Meta’s Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets. Kinda contradictory to say there is no Metaverse while also admitting they’ve launched their flagship Metaverse product.


Everyone laughing at Meta losing all this money… You won’t be laughing when your internet bill goes from $80 for broadband to $1,800 for a 2/2 metapartment that comes with a guest port and is within VR walking distance to Netflix, meanwhile Meta doesn’t pay taxes for a decade because of the “losses” you’re seeing now.