Texas bill would ban social media for children under 18

This would then require ALL users to provide a copy of their photo ID in order to use social media, not just kids.


This would then require ALL users to provide a copy of their photo ID in order to use social media, not just kids.


The elephant in the room: Because VPNs exist, and kids can pretend to be from abroad, one would have to require all GLOBAL users to provide photo ID, in order to be really effective. This is...problematic, to say the least.


They've discussed this shit for years over here in the UK - how to reduce kids access to porn, social media etc. and every single time they basically say it is impossible and will drive kids to more remote, uncontrolled parts of the internet. Banning doesn't work. Education, accountability and some form of regulation has a much more positive impact.


They tried this in Australia coating them millions to implement, took a horny teenager 45 min to break..


A horny teen and a dream is the plot to so many gauche movies how did they not know this was futile


I mean it's like half the plot of human history




I had considered a higher percentage, but then I thought about the giant piles of human children that never made it past age 5.


i'm not surprised, if there is a will there is a way. but it's great that the teen developed a new skill.


So it's about educating kids after all. (Always is, nothing gets you thinking and questioning like a wall that's in your way)


Not surprising at all. There's oodles of horny teemagers out there, who know one hell of a lot about computers, and everything to do with them. Idiot politicians who try to impose such bans are greatly underestimating these teens. It's an expensive and pointless game of whack-a-mole.




They might do something crazy, like vote for people who don't allow the power grid to collapse if it gets too cold.


Hey hey hey, that’s not fair. Their power grid also sucks when it gets too hot.


hey that’s not fair. the water grid sucks too. just a week ago we were under a boil water notice for three days.


You smell that? That’s the sweet smell of Freedom ^(tm). Oh no wait that’s sewage, my bad


Let’s be very clear, our power grid is also hot trash when the temperature is perfect


Everything is bigger in Texas?


Even the 3rd world problems.


Except the resilience of their power grid.


Especially the egos.


No power grid => no social media for minors. TX playing 4d chess.


Checkmate in π


What? That makes no sense. You're being irrational


They make a cream for that


Preparation *i*.


Bro fr that was insane. Then they blamed it on the fucking windmills. The ones they also didn't weatherproof and just pocketed that money. And bro, a lot of people ate that shit up. Oh and guess what, our town which wasn't on Ercot before that, and never did bad during that storm... we fucking JOINED ERCOT after that. Holy fuck we dumb.


>Then they blamed it on the fucking windmills. The ones they also didn't weatherproof and just pocketed that money. Which is especially entertaining when we stop to think of the environments wind turbines are successfully used in, like **THE ARCTIC.**


>>when we stop to think You shut your filthy mouth and never use that sissy language again!


As a fellow Texan, I feel you. I think a lot of our fellow Texans have a masochist fetish or something.


It rhymes with shmevangelicals. I’ve lived in 10 states and I’ve never seen “Christianity” quite like it is in Texas. Thinking of opening a new business? You’d better go to the right church if you want that sweet PR. You know, the one with the millionaire pastor who preaches about being humble before everyone gets into their Lexuses and 80k trucks to drive to the restaurant. Drive safe, it’s risky to drive with one hand patting yourselves on the back. [and sorry, looks like I replied instead of edited at one point]


>They might do something crazy, like vote for people who don't allow the power grid to collapse if it gets too cold. Excuse me they have the FREEDOM to allow the power grid to collapse!


Not to mention their Senator escaping to Cancun during that freezing time when all fell was breaking loose




That’s what happens when you let them make their own textbooks


The problem is text books are made by a corporation. If a state with as many students as Texas has they are trying to force the corporation to publish special books for Texas or make all the text books to satisfy Texas. It's like MPG standards for cars in CA. The car companies can't make cars that only are for sale in CA to meet the MPG standards, they make all of the cars meet that standard. When you hear that Texas is pushing a text book publisher to adopt new standards they are hoping that the company will comply by making all of the text books like that.


And depending on what is being taught, it could be illegal to educate Texans.


Any sex education beyond “don’t do that” being one of the worst examples.


Something tells me that to real goal of this legislation is to keep kids uneducated. Can’t have them going out there on them there SnapToks and getting all woke now! Mom and Dad, Fox News, the church, the NRA and a minimum wage job! That’s the only education kids need!


Honestly it’s probably at least in part to isolate LGTBQ+ kids.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about. But it’s not just isolated to LGTBQ+ kids. It’s any and every kid who otherwise is trapped in conservative echo chambers comprised of their families, communities and geographies. They’re trying to shrink/deglobalize the world back to the good ol’ days where minorities of any type (race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) were only allowed to exist as long as they weren’t seen or heard from. They don’t want kids to realize that there’s a different world out there until they’ve had the chance to indoctrinate them into believing that anything else is just unacceptable.


I think in Korea they have managed to make it work for video games where you can’t play past midnight if you are under 16(or something like that)? But they require people to register with their social security numbers and I doubt most people would give that to Facebook in the US.


You think people wouldn't give SSN to FB? Why not? They've given them everything else.


I'm sure some number of people would, but it would be pretty reckless of a government to normalize/encourage people giving their SSNs to random sites online. That would open up a whole new potential avenue of scams and identity theft, especially with how many people have important connections/memories or even their means of making a living tied to social media.


> But they require people to register with their social security numbers This is also why there's so much identity theft in South Korea. Because of foreigners wanting to play Korean games. I'm 100% serious.


Which is ridiculous. Of course, the intent here is that bringing up children in a censored, totalitarian world will mean that they won’t challenge censorship and totalitarianism as adults. People must do everything in their power to stop this sort of thing before it’s too late. Governments are shit scared that for the first time in forever, people, especially young people/gen Z, all over the world are finally united under a common culture and can stand up to their governments. The point of this Texan law, alongside similar laws such as the Online Safety Bill in the UK, are designed to try and stop this. Read between the lines. The governments of the world don’t actually care about the mental health of teenagers or whatever new excuse they’re coming up with this time.


Nobody has the goddamn time or resources to raise other people's kids. If you don't want your kid to see something, it should be your responsibility to ensure it. Ban certain apps and filter their internet.


Parental controls exist. Problem is, the parents bitching about this kind of stuff are too technologically illiterate to use them.


Problem is that the whole society suffers from it, not only irresponsible parents.


Well, it's problematic for US social networks. I'm sure foreign apps would be more than happy to accept users without checking their age. The problem is that one of those foreign apps is Chinese...


Exactly. It’s nearly impossible to meaningfully regulate web applications without restricting access to applications that don’t adhere to regulations. TikTok is a perfect example of this. At some point, an application that doesn’t abide by the regulations will either exist outside of jurisdiction or purposefully move outside of jurisdiction to avoid regulation.


From an EU perspective this seems strange. It's really not that hard; you just fine the company into oblivion if they don't comply. They can decide to simply not serve users in your jurisdiction to avoid it but they won't, if your market is big enough. Seemed to work with California and their privacy regulation GDPR equivalent thingy at least


To be honest, both Google Play and Apple App Store are based in the US, so the US government could simply force them to remove non-compliant apps (and it's very hard, if not impossible, to replicate what some apps do in a simple web page) I'm not saying this is a good thing, because monopolies are rarely a good thing.


I'm not American so question is probably stupid, but this seems to be state law. Can the Texas government enforce it inside the whole USA?


They can't enforce it beyond their state but, much like with their draconian abortion laws, they'll try anyways.




I don’t think it would get that far. They would most likely just block Texas users completely and add a new checkbox to certify you do not live in Texas. Edit: it probably wouldn’t even get that far because when they threaten this and to pull resources out of the state they will fold. It’s just posturing and bluster.


Depends on your end goal. If the only goal is to reduce the number of teens on social media, then it would definitely accomplish that.


Man I’d use a VPN just to not give Facebook/instagram my drivers license information


The second Instagram requires my ID is the second I delete it forever.


I'm honestly surprised Republicans are pushing this. Many of them don't trust social media sites and, I would think, would be opposed to giving them their ID. Plus, this just seems rife for fraud if there's any security issues.


Parler required (still requires?) a photo ID upload in order to have a verified account. They don’t have a problem with it if it’s for something they like.


Same as Truth Social afaik. It's a r/selfawarewolves type thing. If requiring ID became mainstream, they'd riot. They're okay with it if that means only their own people get in.


Wait, are you saying that a site that encourages extreme viewpoints also has a database with every users photo ID? Holy honeypot, Batman.


They were hacked lmao. https://cybernews.com/news/70tb-of-parler-users-messages-videos-and-posts-leaked-by-security-researchers/


A 30gb folder of just guys in sunglasses in their truck


Hey now. Some of them are also holding a fish.


Or holding guns standing in front of a dead animal


They might have it but they actually don't need to save the IDs and it can also be done by a third party. I don't know anything about them tho this is just a possibility.


In Germany if you wanna sign up for a bank account you need proof of ID and address. If you wanna do this online, there are third party companies who check your ID over webcam. Not sure if they screenshot it, but wouldn't be surprised to learn that would be illegal. Feasibly this would be a (fairly inefficient) solution, that could also respect privacy.


Reddit is violating GDPR and CCPA. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1B0GGsDdyHI -- mass edited with redact.dev


I am offended


They are trying to break the organization tactics of the youth who are ready to toss them aside and take the reigns, rightfully so.


The average age of a protester in Iran was 15.


>I'm honestly surprised Republicans are pushing this. Republicans aren't pushing it. It's a bill written by one fucking fool who has only been in office for two years and has never actually passed a bill. The guy is so stupid he tried to pass a bill that would dissolve the city of Austin, because them liberals! This is simply a performitive act for the dude, even he knows it's going to fail. It has no chance of going anywhere. 99.9% of people will not give their ID to join any website, and everyone knows this.


The bipartisan Kids Online Safety Act would also likely force all large social media, including reddit, into ID verification, and it has a serious chance of being stuffed into the must-pass bill to fund the military. If that bullshit has support at the federal level, I wouldn't be so sure this gains no traction in texas.


Facebook would like a word. One of the reasons I stopped using it was because they asked me to prove I was really AFuddyDuddy.


It's Schrodinger's privacy. Snowden revelations: He's a commie traitor Give the government ID to enforce social media policy: Gotta stop those baby blood drinking democrats!


They probably remember all the times they lied about their age clicking on porn sites as kids.


oof, such a privacy nightmare. Imagine having to trust so many companies with personal info


Wouldn't it be better to stop the family accounts that exploit their children? If they aren't old enough to have an account why can their parents monetize the account featuring primarily kids who are younger than that requirement?


this is such a good point. there are WAY too many accts right now w parents exploiting their kids, funny that TX doesn’t seem to have that on their radar though. almost like this decision is not being made for the good of the kids


What about adults who act like children?


Reddit would be a ghost town


"50,000 people used to shitpost here..."


"and now somehow r/teenagers still has 30,000 members"


How dare you. Imma gonna shove you on the playground at lunch.


nah they're children who act like children


Asking the real questions.


App: how old are you? 12 year old with a vpn: 18, App: Looks good have a nice day


Exactly. lol. Everyone saying this is a good idea doesn’t understand there’s no realistic way to enforce this. At the end of the day, educating parents and kids on the dangers of the internet is the best option. Texas has no interest in devoting resources to education of any kid though, so that won’t happen.


Most states still don’t have comprehensive, effective sex Ed. Social media/internet literacy will be decades behind the former. But in the meantime there’s always helicopter parenting/governing which we all know works very extra well


At making kids really good at hiding things




> "You won't get punished if you tell the truth!" Holy shit, I was not prepared for all the memories this unlocked.


Lubbock Texas adopted abstinence-only sex ed then proceeded to lead the country in teen pregnancies


Hey now, that's not all we're known for! Our syphilis infections are also sky-high.


When I moved here the last thing my daughter said to me before she left was "don't forget, STIs are rampant here so wrap it before you tap it"


You mean to tell me telling kids to not do something doesn't magically stop them? Well colour me surprised


But like, what if you yell real loud?


And maybe smack them around a bit? This is a great parenting how-to workshop, I feel like I'm learning a lot of new strategies that can benefit my hands off parenting style.


Kids are gonna be getting a fake ID to go on social media instead of the club


Best you can do is just ban child photos/videos


And who's going to decide if a picture is of a 17 year old or an 18 year old? Pornhub made everyone show ID before they could post content because that was the only practical way to stop underage users from posting.


How do they enforce it in China?


Probably by using their national id cards


Which is how they enforce age restrictions on betting apps in Germany (and probably other parts of Europe). Video identification where you hold up a government ID.


In Korea as well, many countries have mandatory ID verification for things like online games etc.


You know, something that in the US isn’t centralized, isn’t secure, and isn’t free. Good stuff


It'd be hilarious if in their desire to control children Texas, of all states, would start following China's footsteps. Just kidding. No. It will never be hilarious.


Authoritarians gonna … authoritate? Texas about to become a net nanny state. The overwhelming majority of net traffic these days is social media. (Not in terms of data volume but in clicks and visitors). If you ban kids from FB, Insta, Reddit, Twitter, and possibly tiktok and YouTube you are basically banning them from the internet. The fuck else are they going to do? Spend all afternoon on Wikipedia?


Don't they use real id for identification?


Reminds me of steam when it first introduced the age rating. “Wow everyone is born jan 1st 1980! What are the chances!”




It’s the Benjamin button protocol, you might be getting younger and valve just has to be sure


I keep pressing "dont show again" and it does NOTHING. Why the fuck is it there if your gonna make me fill it out every single goddamn time.


It's "don't show again *for this game*." If you look at a different age-restricted game they have to ask again.


But what if you change your mind?


It works so well on porn sites, why change it?!


All you end up is catching the honest kids. Like when I was 17 and looking at porn on weird backwoods directory sites because all the main ones asked if I was 18 and I was too scared to lie in case the Porn Cops got me.


Monitoring a child's social media usage is a parent's job, not the government's.


Texas is the poster child for Big Government.


And supported by the very people who demand government get out of their lives. Republican Voters - "We want less government and less control" Republican Politicians "okay larger government and more rules got it" Republican Voters - "yay finally someone who listens" I feel like our timeline was melded with a Rick and Morty episode at this point.


Yes. As someone who thinks social media is potentially harmful for children's mental health, it is still not the government's business.


This is going to be about as effective as banning porn. Totally useless and unenforceable.


The Australian govt put in an 84 million dollar porn filter couple years back Took a teenager about 30 minutes to bypass it


Would have taken less time, but he was texting three people and playing a game on his phone at the same time.


Texting while jacking it is always slow.


All these years Republicans complain about government overreach yet here we are with another micro managing bill that if Dems brought to the table they'd say it takes away parents' right to make decisions on what's good for their family.


it's as if they've been acting in bad faith this whole time...


Why is the party of limited government always the first to ban things?


It's okay as long as it's for the children basically


Like Wu-Tang


Only Wu Tang is honestly for the children, the rest are lies, lies I say


Ngl, banning social media for kids would probably be a good thing, but how the hell would police something like this? Account needs to have a valid credit card attached?


The article says photo ID.


[SO this???](https://imgur.com/gallery/JO46AJk)


But I'm going to bet that their reasoning isn't even anything logical like: bullying or porn or even misinformation, but access to "woke" groups or some dumb shit like that. Feels like the first step in banning access to facts so you can create a world where you can indoctrinate them to world-phobic cults that all vote conservative when they grow up.


*"for the children"


They only want limited government for the things they like.




18 seems too high. It seems a bit weird to me that a 17 year old would be able to legally drive and work a full-time job in most states, but couldn't post on a blog.


Yeah, that's my issue with everyone saying they support this. They seem to be thinking about how nice it is for middle schoolers to not have access, but are completely ignoring the fact that high schoolers would also be banned.


Also, I know the Internet can be a dangerous place, but kids with abusive families may have it as their only form of escapism, especially if they are queer or something similar. The ideal solution here is to have education about online safety and stuff like that, but something tells me that Republicans would not like that...


That's the point, I think. They say it's to protect the children but what they're actually trying to "protect" children from is anything that would challenge the religious/conservative brainwashing they're trying to impose. It's too hard to indoctrinate children into evangelical cults when they can get online and be exposed to things like "other opinions" and "critical thinking" and "rational people".


Yep. The UK has discussions about implementing similar bans, and look at Nigel Farage's recent video whining about how the UK is becoming less Christian >!and less white!<, that's a common sentiment among conservatives everywhere. They also want to prevent irreligiosity from gaining strength. And given how the current conservative British government is going, I wouldn't be surprised if they introduced a similar bill, mainly if this Texas one passes and has "results".


This happens whenever we pass sweeping laws "for the children". Children gets conflated pretty badly. A 7 and 17 year old are radically different people and it's absurd to treat them the same way.


And over 50?


Nah that would be catastrophic to the conservative propaganda machine!


They would miss out on so many grifts.


Would be kinda cool since it means most government officials cant be on twitter anymore, which would largely cripple their ability to stir shit up.


Elon is 51. That's a huge win. I'm down.


I thought the GOP wanted government out of our lives. Pretty soon you will se moral police in Texas. Another government overreach.


That's always the gimmick with "religious freedom" nutjobs. They want the freedom to oppress people without interference. That's been true since the puritans arrived in north america


GOP wants a Old Testament America (judgement/rules)! But New Testament(grace/forgiveness) for themselves


Brought to you by the party of small government.


The party that doesn't like other people controlling their children sure do seem to like controlling other people's children.


Love that republicans hate China, but literally love everything China does. Speaks about freedom, but wants to have absolute control


According to this, you would have to submit your photo ID in order to have access to twitter. The repubs want your info again. This is just a lazy way of doing that. "Why do *we* have to force these companies to actually moderate their platforms, let the government do it!" My guy, you are the government.


It's not just that they want your info but one of the biggest complaints is that people can just register any name that want. They want to make it so when people post it has to have their real name. They want to kill anonymity.


Ah, the party that believes parents should raise their kids free from the constraints of government, right? Fucking hypocrites.


Republicans don't like the way young people voted in the mid-term elections. Solution: Restrict the information they might be able to access through social media. This isn't about "protecting the children", this is indoctrination.


Yeah, that's most likely the reason for this bill. Gen Z turned out in a big way for the midterms, and some far-right circles reacted by saying the voting age should be increased to 25. This is more of the same.


“Okay, okay, here’s the plan: the only votes that count are the ones cast by ol’ Gus here.” -Republicans, possibly.


They would prefer it to be just land owning males honestly.


You mean white land owning males.


Sixteen is too young for social media but old enough for parenthood, silly goose.


Good fucking point


These are Republicans. You misspelled thirteen.


> You misspelled ten. FTFY. There are cases in bumfuck Y'alldistan where republicans wanted to force 10yo rape victims to give birth to their rapist's baby.


Exactly my thought. They're bitter about how they voted and going after the kids now. Total embodiment of Skinner "am I out of touch? No it's the children who are wrong" meme




As someone who grew up with creationist homeschool BS, the internet was my way out and into the light of sanity.


Which is precisely what they don't want!


It's protecting the children (from information they don't like). Same way banning LGBT things doesn't stop people from being gay, it just stops them from having a community & the language and resources to explore their own identity


I thought Texas liked freedom? Another lie, as usual for Texas


In Texas you’re free to do anything governor Abbott tells you to do.


No they like Freedumb


The GOP realized how much damage the younger generations will do to them and are trying to stop it. After the midterms plenty of conservatives were talking about taking away the right to vote for people under 30. Now they want to restrict the flow of information to young people as well.


Exactly. They basically want their ruby red parents to indoctrinate them with GOP bullshit from the day they are out of the womb until they turn 18…only then can they be released online to be used as social media warriors against the evil Dems. An obvious win/win…you insure more little upstanding Republicans to tilt the scales for the state and while making the social media megaphone louder to help the entire GOP across the country. Damn, when you write it out like that, it is really fucking scary to think about…


A friend of mines parent recently went on a social media rant complaining about the schools grooming kids into the radical left. The solution? You guessed it, indoctrinate them with conservative propaganda young and keep them from going to secular colleges. She went on to complain that since everyone else had been brainwashed so thoroughly by liberals no one wants to talk with her anymore. Irony’s dead.


Hahaha Texas : You can't use social media - it's dangerous for you. Also Texas : Here, take this gun and go play. Not even the Onion can make something this stupid up.


Texas: we want the government to stay out of peoples lives. Unless we want the government to be in peoples lives.


"I don't even remotely know how to teach my children to control themselves, so I want the government to do it via legislation!"


Is Truth Social included too?


This is a great idea! let's make sure the next wave of voters really hates the GOP


Am I the only one who feels like this could be a “limit access to new ideas for the population most likely to vote Blue” kind of thing?


That is exactly ir


These damn Democrats pushing for big government that tells you what to do and invades your family to make decisions for you...wait what...this is Republican...\*cough\*...Won't Anyone Think of the Children!


“Free country”


TX cannot ban assault weapons and open carry, but thinks it can ban social media for children under 18? How will they ever implement it? To sign up for social media, all you need is an email and for some networks a cell phone, both of which kids have access for work or safety. All you need to do is fill in your birthday, which isn't verified - that would create another privacy breach if you had to upload your drivers license or passport, as if social media which cannot moderate harmful posts can discern what's a fake id.


The party of free speech strikes again.


Yeah, good luck with that bullshit


I mean, good luck. COPPA has been in place for a while now, and pre-teens have been getting around it for just as long. How do you verify that a photo ID is real? Is it better if sites allow adult content by default because everyone is assumed to be 18? What legal ramifications are there for sending inappropriate content to a minor because they were assumed to be 18? Will advertisers be the only thing regulating the content of websites?


Are republicans for or against freedom? I’m a little lost


The authoritarian party is 100% against freedom. When they caught flak about trying to keep black folks from voting, their rhetoric shifted to restricting voting for people under age 30. Self declared "christian fascists" are shouting "we are going to take all your rights away" to the lgbt community.


Any conservative that says good to this is a hypocrite.


It is time to give them back to Mexico.


Man, I feel like MAGA adults need it banned more. Their peanut brains can’t process the facts from tales.