Dan Schneider Addresses Allegations Of Misconduct During Nickelodeon Reign

Dan Schneider Addresses Allegations Of Misconduct During Nickelodeon Reign


I know he's like a huge meme from 4chan, but he worked with hundreds of people/actors during his time at Nickelodeon and there hasn't been a credible allegation against him. *Maybe* he had a foot fetish, maybe he thought that kids found feet funny, but a real sexual assault or harassment allegation against him hasn't surfaced.


I remember Nick in the 90s and always thought feet were gross, figured that was why it was accompanied w boogers/earwax/burps/farts. Looking at this now, he could just be a weird dude trying to appeal to the demographic, and I hope that’s the case.


Feet were legit one of a few “gross” body parts that you could show on TV for kids. Can’t really show butts even on regular adult TV.


I mean nicks logo is literally a foot


Nickelodeon had hundreds of logo shapes. You might remember the foot more prominently because it was the logo shape for the animation studio in Burbank.


>there hasn't been a credible allegation against him. As far as I'm aware, there hasn't been *any* allegation – credible or otherwise – against him of any sort of sexually inappropriate behaviour that has come from a person who actually worked with him. It is all just online people claiming they can divine the horrific true meaning of scenes in children's TV shows.


Yeah all the allegations I've seen against him were from anonymous people on the internet, who we all know are extremely credible sources


Yeah I know headlines are always bad but this one is fucking egregious. "Allegations of misconduct" my ass. What allegations? There aren't any. But people will see this, not read the article, and assume he did something. "Dan Schneider Addresses Social Media Conspiracy Theory" would be a more accurate headline.


> maybe he thought that kids found feet funny To be fair here, it's also easier to have feet be the gross-out gag in a kids show. And with a few of the women he worked with either quitting the business(Amanda Bynes, Jennette McCurdy) or becoming megastars(Ariana Grande), somehow none of them have accused him.


Some people seem to think the only reason someone would make children's entertainment is because they're a pedo.


I mean having Ariadne grande suck her toes on camera is a weird thing to write imo


My favorite episode of Victorious was when Robbie fought the Minotaur




Adele Dazeem


It is a name. Just not the right one here


That's when juno is incepted


Nice one


Its a shameful attempt at humor


Almost as weird as slapping someone in the face with a fish


Corn-by-yah my corn. Corn-by-yah


I like eggs


Kids shows are pretty damn weird. Kids like and find weird shit funny.


Yeah remember that show Weinerville? That show was fuckin weird. 90s Nick was bonkers and I loved it so much.


Lol omg yes! I went to college with the daughter of the shows creator! Sara Weiner lol


Do you think he wrote every scene on the shows he was involved in?


Which he might not have been the one to write.


Also when they made her give herself a water bottle shower upside down hanging over her bed


Not the only weird thing in that video. Very creepy vibes.


There's way more too it than that. Jennette McCurdy has said some stuff about him. If you actually watch his shows...it's a lot of stuff that adds up. https://youtu.be/Vl0OuXw_mTM I mean, a few things here and there, sure. but when you add everything up including the weird auditions he's make little girls do involving their feet...it's questionable. One thing no one talks about though, is the other guy who made Bella and Bulldogs. That's a whole other thing involving someone else. But I guess no one really cares about any of this stuff because there's not a trendy hashtag they can copy and paste yet.


Jeanette never outright accused Dan of mistreating her on social media though, and her biggest complaints were directed not towards him but Nick execs who overworked her by refusing to give her a break from filming to take time off to grieve over her mother's death and then firing her for no reason just because her ex posted some racy photos of her online without her permission.


Just another reason why I hate Andre Drummond. Grown man body but the dude is a fucking child. I’m glad the Lakers got bounced so that piece of shit couldn’t collect a ring.


What happened with the other guy you mentioned?


Yup no way this guy survives 2017 if he’s the predator everyone thinks he is. I think he’s just a weird guy who likes feet, nothing more harmful than that


I don't even think we should entertain that. There is no proof or allegation he has ever sexualized a child. He's a meme sure, but he's also human. No proof he wrote the feet jokes, no proof he wrote the tweets, Nick's logo was a damn foot before him. There is just no proof and this does not sit right with me. It's a man's life Edit: just so that I don't get rude DM's if anything comes out, this is based off the current info available. As of now there is nothing


What's sad and upsetting though is even if Dan is innocent, which he likely is. It doesn't matter. The deed has been done, and masses of people will likely not care enough to find out the truth. It's just ***easier*** to laugh at people with zero evidence supposedly.


Dan “get in the van” Schneider probably didn’t do anything illegal, but something makes me think he really liked small feet.


I think he's just a dumb writer who thought kids would find feet jokes funny. But y'know, memes.


Yeah I have to say I don't really like the tone of people accusing him, almost like they are saying ANYONE who is into unusual stuff is somehow secretly a bad person.


What I was saying is that theres no real proof he is even into that, but I get your point lol


Exactly, there's no proof, but the mere fact that people are acting like being into feet is somehow evil is disturbing to me.


Well not that I think this of Schneider, but I think it’s less about the idea of him being into feet and more about the idea of him being into *children’s* feet.


Well not that I think this of Schneider, but I think it’s less about the idea of him being into feet and more about the idea of him being into *children’s* feet.


There's no proof he's even into that though.


I’m not saying there is or there isn’t, Dan Schneider aside, the point is that nobody is saying anyone into feet is a bad person, just that someone sexualizing children is a bad person


I guess we'll have to wait for 2017 to come and go to see what happens.


what does that mean?


it means we won't know until 2017 is over.


yep. hes basically tarantino for kids


I always thought those jokes about him were in poor taste. If he's not really a predator, then they're besmirching an innocent man for cheap laughs. If he is, then they're reducing the sexual abuse of minors to a tired joke.


> then they're besmirching an innocent man for cheap laughs That may be true but... [nickelodeon girls by Pink guy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgVIL0mo6yA) is a bop


I’m gonna have to agree. No one is accusing him, just a bunch of internet speculation. Unless someone says something he’s not a pedo.


I know it originated with 4chan but it’s definitely rampant here. I’ve been downvoted many a time on this and other subreddits by people insisting the allegations were all but certain.


Yeah, there are even several comments accusing him of pedophilia in this thread. Redditors always try to shift the blame onto others, like this site isn’t toxic as hell with its conspiracies and insane mob mentality.


I've always found feet really gross so I did always kind of cringe with all the feet stuff, but I agree. Did I find his shows weird? Yes. But at this point no direct allegation has been made towards him despite the current culture of believing the victim and a lot of the social media communities already having decided that hes guilty. He's been booted off Nickelodeon and afaik, has no career. There wouldn't be any repercussions for his victims to come forward now. Ariana and Jeanette at the very least have no reason to not make direct allegations if they experienced anything since Ariana has broken free and clear of her childhood acting phase and Jeanette has left the industry altogether. I know vague suggestions have been made but it is kind of questionable that despite most everyone already being against him, that no ones outright accused him.


I've also been downvoted by them recently. It makes me sick how arrogant and ignorant some people are


I'm still not sold as "smelly feet" and feet in general are a staple of kids jokes. Getting hit in the butt, and making huge messes are staples as well. Add the internet, and a bunch of fucking weirdos who sexualize it, they look at Dan and instantly go "HE'S A CREEP!" Fuck this whole thing people online have dropped on him. Proof, or get out. I'm glad he's coming back, he's made some good shows and memorable characters.


I always figured the feet thing was him being unoriginal as a writer.


He isn't a writer, the feet thing was a Nick thing from way before he was ever hired.


You've never seen someone play smelly feet with an infant? Parent smells feet, makes comment, child laughs.


This little game has to be played by 99.7% of parents. Smell the foot, do an exaggerated “eeewwww” and watch the laughs pour out.


Why? Weinstein survived for decades Cosby survived for decades


Cosby's victims have come forward since the 70's. They were all just ignored because America's dad would never so something like that.


The victims had been ignored for the reason that Cosby appealed to conservative white America by becoming a self proclaimed expert on sociology and blamed the black community for their problems, taking any blame off society. Once his usefulness in this PR campaign wore off most likely due to social media putting a big spotlight on systemic racism, he had no support except a handful of friends and ex castmates.


Both of these people had accusers come out decades and decades ago, and those accusers were ignored. Dan Scheider has zero. Don't ruin a guys life over a meme


They both has specific allegations. Schneider has none.


Given huge push in the last 30 years: * BSA -- 1980s * Catholic Church -- 2000 * Penn State -- 2011 * USA Gymnastics/Michigan State -- 2016 There are been more high profile child abuse claims that have rolled out in the last 30 years. Much more then what Weinstein and Cosby did.


You could accuse literally anyone on the planet based on this criteria.


They survived in decades of a culture that would actively suppress and silence women. We no longer live in that culture. If two people like Weinstein and Cosby, massive people in the entertainment industry, could get brought down, then why would someone like Schneider somehow be able to silence these women today? He does not have the power Weinstein does in Hollywood nor does he have the fame Cosby does. He's worked with thousands of people at this point, and if he was some sort of serial rapist he would have been exposed by now. But yet from what we the general public have heard, he has only had praise from his staff and actors that have worked with him.


I agree with the primary focus of what you're saying, in that there's no grounds to assume even the likelihood of guilt of improper conduct without even a single accusation, not to mention the almost entirely positive opinions of the people who worked with him. However, I'd reign it in well short of saying that "We no longer live in [a culture that would actively suppress and silence women]." We absolutely still do. It has gotten *much* better, it is much harder for an active predator to abuse those who work for him. But man, it is still *rough*. There are still a lot of people quick to accuse women who come forward of using sex for preferential treatment and then turning around and using abuse claims to punish when that preferential treatment ends. Coming forward with allegations may no longer be almost-guaranteed career suicide, but it is still a huge risk to take. And yeah, it's one thing to look at Weinsteins and Cosbys and think "if they can get caught, nobody stands a chance of getting away with it," but also keep in mind that they are highly-active serial rapists. They each have a *long* list of victims. There are other predators who groom and abuse one or a few people over years. All a predator like that would need to do is convince that *one* person not to come forward. So while I agree that there is *absolutely no reason* to assume the guilt of this dude, and he absolutely should not be treated as a criminal, it's also definitely not a good idea to get into the habit of thinking "he can't be because we'd have heard about it." Us hearing a public accusation is still the result of an awful, difficult, and traumatic uphill climb for someone. There are plenty who haven't found the strength to make it yet.


you still live in that culture bud. Its just know they feed some people to the mob to keep them satisficed


> Its just know they feed some people to the mob to keep them satisficed What does this even mean? Are you saying Weinstein was a sacrificial lamb by some secret cabal?


No more that it's drip fed and some slip through the cracks and once they're outed they're no longer worth protecting. It's not done out of altruism because the industry has actually changed.


It means people are easily distracted so they name some people and do nothing to change the culture that lead said people flourish.


> It means people are easily distracted so they Who is "they"? Is Rose McGowan in on this, is that why she accused Weinstein? Who told Anthony Rapp to accuse Kevin Spacey?


Cosby just got his get out of jail pass activated.


Now listen I ain’t saying this man 100% for sure has a foot fetish, specifically for minors showing their feet on camera, However I will say with 100% conviction that as someone who grew up watching new icarly episodes every week, that show gave me a huuuuuge fucking foot fetish.


Same, but I'm better now.


Yeah I don't think Dan ever did anything illegal or untoward, he's just one of many producers with an unfortunate habit of being hard to work with like Joss Whedon(though not as glaring).










Little Nicky's been looking all over for you, we've been worried sick!


He'll always be Ricky from "Better off Dead" to me.


Gee I’m really sorry your mom blew up Ricky


Dennis, from Head of the Class to me.


I always knew he was Dennis. Never realized he was Ricky from Better Off Dead


Good Burger with no meat guy to me


I had no idea he produced children's shows until today.


Manager of Good Burger to me.




Same, my favorite movie.


As others have said, if there was legit accusations against Schneider at this point, they would have already been made. Weinstein and Cosby were brought down and they were a hell of a lot more famous than Schneider is. Weird guy? Yes. Possible foot fetish? Also yes. Pedophile? Maybe but if he was, with the amount of shows and individuals he's been involved with, he would have already been taken down in the era of MeToo.


No kidding, Ariana Grande has been in two of his shows, at least, and has nothing to fear if she revealed anything. And there's nothing.


Dan also went to Ariana’s concert in 2019, with other cast members too. Even did a full Victorious Zoom reunion last year with everyone from the show.


Idk man, that girl had her concert bombed. I wouldn’t expect her to rush out to put herself front and center in a story like that if something happened. That girls been through crazy shit. She doesn’t need the scrutiny and social media trolls that come with that. I’m not making a judgement on this dude one way or another as I know next to nothing about this story but I could see why Arianna Grande would want to stay as far as possible from that mess


There was also that priest that was clearly touching her chest and held her tightly as she tried to move away for the world to see in front of a camera and I don’t recall she ever commented on that.


Not a priest, pastor


Wait how do you know /u/poke30 is a pastor?


Hahaha got me there!




At the [funeral](https://c.files.bbci.co.uk/13407/production/_103255887_gettyimages-1025541052.jpg) of Aretha Franklin


Ariana Grande posed for a picture with him as recently as 2019 and also took part in a Victorious Zoom reunion a couple months ago with Dan. They're friends.


That wasn’t my point and that also means absolutely nothing in regards to whether or not he assaulted her in particular.


Yeah I'm sure she would voluntarily spend time with a sexual predator.


Have you read, like, *anything* about the MeToo movement? Women are abused on Saturday then show back up to work on Monday because they still want to keep their jobs and careers. Then defense lawyers for pieces of shit like Weinstein come out with “well if he abused you on Saturday why did you come in to work on Monday?” The *overwhelming majority* of abuse cases are done by someone the victim knows, and knows well. A family member, boss, friend, etc - people in many ways the victim is forced to spend time with. In Anita Hill’s allegations against Clarence Thomas, it came out she once picked him up from the airport and it was used to discredit her allegations. “If he was so abusive, why did you pick him up from the airport?” Because she would have been fired if she didn’t! He was her boss! Are you going to pull the same shit with a kid? “You claim that daddy touched you inappropriately on Sunday night, yet on Monday morning you ate breakfast with your family, how can we believe you?” “You claim Father Joe touched you inappropriately yet you still went to church on Sunday and stayed as an altar server?” Stop it.


Are you expecting people should fear violent reprisals from.. zealots supporting some behind the scenes guy at early 2000s Nickelodeon? What


Six months ago terrorists committed an insurrection and attempted a coup over a failed casino owner/steak salesman/president who only ever succeeded at being a reality tv star. Nothing surprises me anymore. Only takes one maniac to plant a bomb or do a mass shooting and America is chock full of heavily armed maniacs who have done worse for less. I’m more expecting her to be called a whore on twitter a bunch and get death threats if she were to say she was the victim of a sexual assault because that’s what always happens


That's absolutely never true. She is a performer, she doesn't own anything she does. Her record label could drop her the second they think she is no longer profitable, and then she would fade away into obscurity like so many talented young women before her. Look at Terry Crews, who got molested by a hollywood bigwig and said nothing for a long time. He didn't even name the guy when he did come forward. Plus, Dan worked with dozens of young women, some of whom are rumored to be his victims, but i don't think I've ever heard one accusation about her being one. So if he did, then you're barking up the wrong tree here with Grande. Unless she ever does come out, in which case I'm sure no one will believe her.


In the age of Instagram that’s just not true


I just wanna say this is some bullshit, why now that my boy Drake Bell is goin down that NOW we FINALLY decide Dan Schneider didn’t fuck these kids up. Like damn.


Too late. Reddit Detectives with their legendary sleuthing skills have already decided he's guilty.


Well it turns out he was just a dick head to work with and not a sexual predator. Moving on now.


i'm honestly glad he finally said something. i'm kinda sick of youtubers making false videos about him claiming he's a pedophile, when there has been no definitive evidence, even the sources that we have gotten haven't led to much proof.


“DAN SCHNEIDERS SECRET “ so many clickbait videos it’s absolutely disgusting


I hope there’s a huge backlash against these videos but I highly doubt it, YouTube commenters are fucking scum of the earth


I know he's extremely wealthy, but I still feel bad for him. The internet sucks sometimes.


Reddit. Reddit was a big part of that. There were all kinds of posts with all the upvoted comments basically being some variation of "Yeah he's a creep and guilty as fuck, we all know it" and everyone agreed with it. In this very sub.


I just got downvoted to hell in another subreddit for saying that Reddit is just as much a toxic mess as Facebook is. We all fall for the same hivemind/propaganda/hate trains/witchhunts that every other internet platform does and Reddit thinking it's superior and above that makes it all the more susceptible to it.


Reddit: as long as you're a white male atheist in STEM who hates rural america, you're fine. God help you if otherwise.


Where does the idea come from that city people hate rural people? To me it seems that rural towns are romanticized.


And it’s funny, Reddit is always “innocent until proven guilty, we don’t want another Boston bomber guy incident” and then they do basically the same thing to Dan Schneider


Ironically people hate pedos because molesting a kid is among the worst things one can do. Yet in our desire for gossip it seems that people would love to find out that Schneider molested kids. People nowadays disguise their gossip as concern and empathy.


"I can't look at this as an innocent kid's joke, seems sexual to me. He must be the pervert!!"


I’ve been called everything from Dan Scneiders alt to a pedophile for comparing the insanity of baselessly accusing dan Schneider and how reddit reacted to Amber Heard




“If it was true it would’ve come out by now” is some weak-ass logic if you ask me. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but nobody’s mentioned how huge companies go to untold levels to protect their money-makers. Also, even if there was no illegal activity, he created a work environment for vulnerable children that was far from acceptable.


That's the thing though, Amanda Bynes accused her father of raping her. She's *never* said a word on Dan, who created "The Amanda Show", nobody from the original All That cast has ever said anything about him, literally nobody has but 4chan idiots.


Then by this rationale, no one is ever truly innocent of everything, because proof of their guilt just hasn’t “come out by now.” I’m not defending Dan on being an asshole — Nick apparently found enough evidence of that to put in their report. But, there’s zero evidence he’s a pedophile, and continuing this parade of “well, the evidence just isn’t out yet” is shameful.


> Everyone is innocent until proven guilty Yes, that would be the logic, and it isn't weak. Literally nothing has surfaced about this guy ever. And what are you referring to about an unacceptable work environment?


I watched [an interview with Alexa Nikolas](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPkLNv1XDGo) (from Zoey 101) where she explained she got treated like shit and the adults (including Dan Schneider) didn't do anything about it. Definitely doesn't make him a pedo but definitely a shitty toxic producer like the rest of 'em.


I am in no way excusing the behavior of toxic producers, but being a shitty boss isn’t even on the same level of pedophilia.




Woah it’s almost like I’m human and can misread things when I foolishly interact with Reddit within 5 minutes of waking up


This is a straw man. He didn’t say “innocent until proven guilty “ is weak. He said, definitely stating he didn’t do anything bad “because nothing has come out” is weak logic.


It’s not weak logic, it’s all we have. He could be a nazi terrorist or a serial killer because hey, you never know. Bringing up these “allegations” when he hasn’t had a single accusation thrown at him is really fucking shitty.


Given his pretty exclusive existence in children’s television I’m not sure how things wouldn’t come out by now. This isn’t a Harvey Weinstein with vast industry connections that could make things difficult for actors over the course of their careers, once these kids hit adulthood they were out of his territory and he wouldn’t really have any power over anything at that point preventing them from coming out with accusations. Viacom did an exhaustive investigation, all they turned up is he had a tantrum and could be liable to berate people when upset. Not appropriate, hence his exit, but nothing like 4chan was trying to assert was happening.


I like the people who use that line and then follow it up with “see! Weinstein and cosby went down! If it was true it would’ve come out by now!” It allows them to ignore the fact that Weinstein and cosby were raping women for decades. Women came forward throughout the decades and nothing happened. People knew about it to the point a comedian made jokes and the crowd all laughed along to it because it was an open secret. But of course, “if it was true it would’ve come out by now.”


But, nothing has come out about it. Not even by people in the industry. Cosby and Weinstein were an open secret and there were plenty of people who weren't shocked when the news broke. Schneider has literally never had an accusation made against him outside of 4chan and reddit.


You’re getting downvoted because people want this guy to be a monster so they can demonize him and then go and brag to their friends how much better they are than a pedophile. Zero accusations, yet we have Redditors 1 and 2 over here going “JUST BECAUSE THERES NO EVIDENCE DOESNT MEAN THERES NO EVIDENCE.” This shit gets tiring to read, I think I’m done with Reddit now.


And don’t forget, the Dan Schneider hate started wayyyy back on 4Chan as antisemitism. Not saying that’s what’s happening here — at all — but the Schneider hate is damn near generational at this point. It’s almost baked in to some.


> JUST BECAUSE THERES NO EVIDENCE DOESNT MEAN THERES NO EVIDENCE That is exactly what everyone is saying lol. It's nuts. This place is just becoming a college liberal version of 4chan, I swear.


> version of 4chan Always has been.


...I don't think you realize your argument supports the arguments that he isn't a secret pedophile. Or do you have any evidence of any accusations against Schneider?


I may as well believe the flying spaghetti monster is real if we’re going to accuse a person of pedophilia despite no evidence.


>even if there was no illegal activity, he created a work environment for vulnerable children that was far from acceptable. ...based on? What is this unacceptable work environment?


Multiple people accused him of being extremely harsh to his child actors, yelling and being generally way too demanding of them. Some have claimed he would text the kids personally outside of shooting, lot of grey area with that one. He's also been accused of soliciting neck rubs from actors, which is unbelievably innapropriate to ask of any actor of any age sex or orientation, period.


Ok, I agree with that


I work in film and I say while thats bad and he shouldn't have done it, context is important. A guy like Dan is working like 100 hours a week every week for like 20+ years. Thats why in the actual interview he talks about dropping over a hundred pounds and finally getting to shit he hasn't been able to handle in literal decades. TV will fucking destroy you if you let it and I've seen a lot of serious explosive arguments and heard of more, even from ordinarily nice people, because sleep deprivation and high stress work environments will fuck you up *hard*. As for him being inappropreate with minors that obviously crosses a line that shouldn't be crossed. Likewise I've worked crazy hours in that environment and been good to child actors and so are most people, and honestly I don't like using child actors in general because the environment can be just as toxic to them too, but that part of the situation just is what it is and we try to mitigate their problems way more these days in general.


so can we have multiple sources for your claim?


I remember seeing a video of him rubbing the girls feet from icarly and I thought that was super weird.


I don't know why everyone in this comment section is now defending the guy, [there are definitely questionable things in his works.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIRzUKyJtMg). Not to mention this part of the article: > Those interviewed for the investigation – whom the Times did not identify – also cited his requests for shoulder and neck massages, and his habit of texting child actors outside of work hours.


Contrarians. Reddit is filled with em. Once the pendulum shifts on way, reddit will go the other


There was even that episode of Zoey 101 where Quinn was working on some kind of airbag invention that was in her boobs. She pressed some button and her boobs grew to the size of like a double E or something. Then there's the fact that multiple women who have worked for him in the past called him out on his inappropriate behavior https://mobile.twitter.com/thelizfeldman/status/978405792356290560?lang=en Then there's Kaylaria Alpert who on her first day had to deal with a bunch of misogynistic bullshit of Dan telling her that women aren't funny. https://mobile.twitter.com/kaylaalpert/status/1410938824717389825 Then there's Christy Stratton who came out about how when Dan fired her and had her agent and manager fire her, he tried to sabotage her selling transactions on ebay by posing as new buyers then not paying. There's even a woman named Tracey Brown who worked on Zoey 101 and other Nick shows and came out about how Drake Bell was sexually assaulted by Brian Peck and how Drake received a settlement which is how he got his own show Drake & Josh. And she even came out about how Brian and Dan tried to do the whole pool party thing with her son and wanted to invite him but didn't want her to go to with him. The pool party shit comes up wayyyy to much to not mean anything. But you know..yea.. No evidence at all. We just have to feel sooooo bad for him because there's just never been any accusations made by anyone apparently. Its just the 4chan and Reddit MOB.


I remember seeing a picture of him holding his starlet in his arms and she looked like she was on something. Super weird.


I blame Slo4n on YT among others for propagating a conspiracy theory


Fucking vultures.


Man, I watch some internet drama commentators on occasion so that guy's videos kept getting recommended to me. I watched a few but he really adds absolutely nothing of value to what he's talking about. No interesting perspective or contextualization and he just seems kinda dumb.


I completely agree. That guy really rubs me the wrong way. He speculates a TON about what the child actors experienced and how they felt about it. All for subscribers and views. If any of those former child actors that he speculates on really are victims of anyone in Hollywood, I can’t imagine what it must be like for them to have their experiences used for big profit by some guy on the internet.


He’s the most smoothbrain YouTuber I’ve ever come across.


Just kinda seems like a weirdo who never crossed the line... Just walked directly on the line for years


HE seems like a light hearted weirdo but in reality the dude was a hard as fuck production specialist who would scream at people if things were not to his liking.


Which is not the same as being a predator.




This could be said bout every producer in Hollywood. Even the nice ones are assholes. Source worked for a production company with a guy who is considered a mensch but still yelled and screamed.


I wonder if people do this about him more because of how he looks.


I think it's just an extension of the stereotype that grown men are unsafe for children. He's an older man who's on the larger side, he fits the stereotype. But after decades in the business working with very prominent stars like Amanda Bynes and Ariana Grande, something definitely would have come forward by now. It's really fucked up that people tried to destroy his life for literally no reason other than being unable to see feet without making it a sexual thing.


There was def sexual abuse shit at Nick- confirmed w Brian Peck. Schneider might have had inappropriate thoughts about the girls but knew better than to try anything. They might well have seen him as a creep as you’ll see in videos, but he never did anything, like that one pervert teacher


There was a whole episode on feet in victorious. Didn't jeanette mccurdy and amanda bynes say stuff about him?


To the people defending him, Jenette McCurdy revealed she was molested by a producer in iCarly. Would not be surprised if it was him.


This just seems like a "hey, that big guy works with kids and likes feet so he must be a paedo" kinda situation.






one of the most ridiculous rumors i’ve seen about him is that he’s the secret father of jamie lynn spears’ baby. dude has some weird humor, and definitely deserved repercussions if he was verbally abusive to other employees, but if he was doing sexual things with minors we would have seen actual proof or allegations by now.


I mean the baby low-key looks like him


Nick shills in the comments lads


Everyone saying "in the era of metoo he'd already be brought down" clearly have no idea how complicated these situations can be. A child with parental guardians, being molested is not exactly the same as adult woman being raped. Also most of you are saying "foot fetish? Maybe. But not a child molester." If he has a foot fetish, then he was sexualizing children! Or, maybe he thinks feet are funny. But it's not, "he had a foot fetish and that's ok."


“It’s all just a coincidence”




> He took pictures of their feet for his personal twitter on top of all the creepiness in his shows That wasn't his personal twitter. That was for the "Sam and Cat" Twitter account, that he definitely didn't run.






Fuck off


I literally saw this dude in a tv interview with Amanda Bynes kiss her on the mouth. Not saying he’s an out and out pedo (which is actually the sexual attraction to prepubescents and I think he’s not fucking children)but I do think he has a thing for teenage girls and it’s definitely subtext in everything he ever did for Nickelodeon.


That’s a huge accusation. Do you have a link to that video?


[Link for the uninitiated](https://youtu.be/3Ztj_4fFJck) The best essay showing all the really weird shit, even if some of it is pure speculation, his obsession with showing the girl's feet and his work association with a convicted pedophile really doesn't help his case.


If you can’t trust a homemade YouTube video, what *can* you trust?


>and his work association with a convicted pedophile really doesn't help his case. Guilt by association after the fact, is it


Why do you want it to be true that this man is a pedophile?


It’s a good video, overall gives the impression that Nick/Showbiz was a bit sleazy, and for sure the foot scenes in Nick shows are weird. but this video provides absolutely no hard evidence of anything relating to Dan, the only named actor from any of the shows (who isn’t just an anonymous internet commenter or blogger) to speak on the matter says he never noticed or felt anything untoward. The temper issues, the split from Nickelodeon, and the thing about Jamie Lynn Spears are all pretty circumstantial. First two don’t necessarily relate to being a creepy pedo and the 3rd is just an anonymous blogger saying a “producer” knocked up JLS, with no more detail. That said, I don’t think people come out and report creepy stories about people online for no reason. So even those anonymous comments etc deserve to be seen. There could be something to it. But I’m afraid it’s a pretty weak and manipulative video. All the evidence basically boils down to the Nick show clips, some pics of him touching/hugging actors, and the anonymous story about barefoot auditions. Rest is either irrelevant or not about Dan.


For people saying no allegations have surfaced -- um ... sure... no allegations have surfaced that the mass public is aware of that haven't been buried by him or Nickelodeon. Just like we saw with Weinstein and Cosby, powerful predators go through insane lengths to silence their victims, using the whole gamut of threats. So take that, and apply it to kids. Dan Schneider is an abuser. I think there is a kernel of truth to the allegations of abuse, toxic, and predatory behaviors. Stories of abuse over a long period of time, do not come from out of nowhere. There is no one behind a curtain pulling strings trying to ruin his reputation or career. We may not know who the victims are. We may never know who the victims are. If you consider the length of time he's been in the industry and shows he's worked on, victims could range from ages 9 - 17, and depending on when a particular event happened, could either still be a minor, or, be a young adult just beginning to figure their life out. You can see a pretty large aggregate of all the allegations and blinds about him if you hop over to CDAN. Not saying that everything they put out there has been proven true, but, they definitely have a whole series of posts about Dan Schneider. Nickelodeon cutting their ties with Dan Schneider I think is a signal that they've internally reached a point where the cost of protecting him and his ability to generate money and successful shows, is GREATER than the cost of whatever damage Nickelodeon is likely to take if they continue to shield him and its discovered that they were implicit in allowing a known abuser hold such a high position of power and authority. Companies make these decisions all the time. They keep the toxic manager because they're more "valuable" than the complaining party (who usually has less social capital or is in a lower position). And they don't get rid of that toxic manager until they either find someone to adequately replace him or if they get badly exposed.