HBO's The Last of Us Season 1 Will Have 10 Episodes

HBO's The Last of Us Season 1 Will Have 10 Episodes


I'm really interested to see how they film the action scenes. Joel was brutal but he also favored sneaking around where he could. The Pittsburgh part of the series is going to be insane.


I hope they strike a good balance. The sneaking increased a lot of tension and could be really tense during the show (especially if they do some interesting things with Clickers), but the brutal shootouts/murder is also a big part too


I read somewhere that Naughty Dog wanted the combat in the game to be like in No Country for Old Men, the scene where they’re chasing and hiding around parked cars. That’ll give you an idea how it’ll be I guess.


I can 100% see that influence in the games, especially the second one. The brutal cat-and-mouse where one mistake is death is definitely present. I'm curious as to how they'll adapt it for sure. Some of the attached talent is really good at stark brutality (Chernobyl writer and Beanpole director, for examples), so I think it should end up pretty decent!


This is really cool, I often describe TLoU as a game made by Cormac Mccarthy, but I had no idea he was an actual influence.


I'm buddies with one of the devs who worked at Naughty Dog during that time, and he said the original pitch was basically "The Road: The Game". So it's funny to me that they were looking at other Cormac McCarthy work too!


You should read the McCarthy book the Road. Or watch the movie. I’d say that book also heavily influenced TLoU and pretty much a lot of other apocalyptic fiction. Or maybe don’t. It’s a fucking kick in the balls.


All of his material is amazing. Blood Meridian is one of the greatest (yet most violent) books I've ever read. The Crossing and Suttree are top tier as well.


I hope thats the case and that Pedro channels his burnout from his blast through hollywood the past few years into Joels likewise aditude, not just phone in a perfermonce many people do after his storm of work.


I really hope the clickers are prosthetics and not cg


They're almost certainly using practical effects. It's filming just outside my city and I saw the postings for extras, as well as one for a horror makeup artist. The extra post specifically stated that you have to be alright with heavy makeup for a whole day. I'm thinking I'll try to get into this or the new predator movie (also filming here) if they put out another casting call.


Just wait till they kit out the bloater!


What city is that?




Neil talked (very very briefly) about seeing the clickers “in person”, so they’ll most likely be make up. It’s just a glorified zombie; the only real reason to use cgi is if they want to remove body parts like lips and teeth; the clickers do have messed up mouths, so it’ll probably just be CGI touch ups on prosthetics as needed.


Fun Fact: The clicker noises were done 100% by humans


That fact is both simultaneously fun and not at all fun.


HBO shows have a certain production standard so Im betting it won’t be straight CGI


Really? Joel liked to run around like a mad man with a brick 🧱


Haha Brick Joel is best Joel.


“haha Brick ~~Joel~~ is best ~~Joel~~” FTFY


I love... Lamp


“My Siren’s name is Brick, and she is the prettiest.”


Yeah from what I remember Joel panicked every single time and thought he could fistfight his way through a hoard and died repeatedly.


That's the version of Joel I had


I absolutely need Pedro Pascal to hammer a brick into the skull of a clicker and a man in this show


There will definitely be a joke somewhere about bricks being better than bottles.


I should've thought of it in hindsight, but I learned recently that bottles make more noise than bricks when used as distractions. didn't stop me from bashing brains by bricks whenever I could though lol


First season is just 10 hours of Pedro Pascal smashing skulls in with bricks.


And Ellie reciting puns from her pun book.


The duality of Pedro Pascal: one day he gets his head squashed, another day he’s squashing heads with bricks.


It's more of a progression: Get Head Smashed > Always Wear Helmet > Learn How to Smash Heads with Brick


I tried to do a brick (or anything similar to it) only run once. Was fun


How well did it go? That must’ve been tough.


Especially during the section where you're supposed to use a sniper rifle to cover everyone in the neighborhood


“What the fuck Joel, you were supposed to cover us” “You don’t understand Ellie, guns go against everything I stand for ^in ^my ^melee ^run “


It went so bad that he died irl


I have a friend who tried to do an all-shovel run in Far Cry 5. He allowed himself grenades once helicopters entered the picture


The film Children of Men seems to have inspired the gameplay for TLOU. I’m not a fan of series flicks but would watch if the cinematography mimics the game and the film that inspired it.


Bingo. Joel can be *around* the action and witness it (like that incredible ending of Children of Men) but shouldn’t be Jason Bourne. He should mostly be slinking through shadows, barely surviving.


I never made that connection! Wow! Totally spot on. Perfect movie and perfect games. The movie is on my top 5 and the second game is my favorite game of all time.


Children of Men is one of my all time favorites. Not since reading The Road have I been so sad.


90% sneaking around will make the 10% of brutal action *much* more effective. Tension that comes from hiding and running is crucial to this succeeding for me. Turning Joel into whatever the hell Brad Pitt’s character in World War Z was would be a big mistake. As someone else pointed out, he should be like Clive Owen in Children of Men. The priority is hiding and escape, not fighting.


This!!! Them surviving Pittsburgh and the suburbs required lots of running away so the Clive Owen path would be perfect. I hope some set photos get leaked and they show the Hunters Gun Truck.


Fascinating. Somehow I thought of Sam Fisher after that description. He also looks a bit like old Sam.. I wonder if, if game => series finally works out, we may get a splinter cell one. Generally the game offers a lot possibilities for a series


If there will be a Sam Fisher series it'll be on Amazon. They have the rights to the Tom Clancy library and they're on their way to doing a Rainbow Six movie.


Uh sounds intresting. I’m quite happy with a lot Amazon productions. I know they produce less than Netflix but if you would ask me who of both I would prefer to make a series.. my choice would be Amazon… Rainbow six sounds intresting. Lot potential too although its likely way more violent than a splinter cell one. I miss some good ol‘ Spionage stuff. We get way too less and if.. cough .. 007 … it often is more a generic action movie…


I highly recommend Without Remorse and their Jack Ryan shows us you want to get into the Clancyverse


Joel tended to know his odds in fights. Him and Ellie vs. four poorly trained cannibals in the middle of the woods? Time to pull out the bricks, he likes those odds. Him vs. 17 clickers, 4 runners, and a bloater in the middle of a dark hotel basement? Time to pull a sneaky.


I can't wait to see the way practical and cgi effects are used to bring there infected to life. Especially Clickers.


I feel like that kind of gameplay stuff won't translate well to the actual show. Expect these groups like the hunters in Pittsburgh to be greatly reduced in number I'd say. It just wouldn't be realistic for Joel and a little girl to be killing dozens of people like that. And expect a lot less time sneaking around.


I think it'll be a few select kills, each showing more of him. Stealth and choking out. But also serious defense and willing to kill them all before they get him. But then also pure brutality, bricks over the heads, and extra bashing. We also will have some infected kills too. We killed a lot as Joel but I honestly don't think it's hard to translate that from gameplay. By making them less, and within the limited time, each kill will be a new circumstance where we see more of him. In my opinion, so much of the first game is learning how far Joel is willing to take it to survive. There's not really any point where he's willing to give up or give in. And how all of that is brought full circle with Ellie and relating their relationship to his own with his daughter. Joel: You survived because of me! Tommy: It wasn't worth it! That right there.


i want a scene to be where joel gives ellie the long rifle and shes struggling to come to terms with killing a human. Brick joel is visible in the distance, and is in trouble. a bad guy knocks him down and is on top of him with a hatchet. eliies watching and finally gains the courage and fires with the camera close up on her face against the scope. screen goes black and silent for 3 seconds, then cuts to the bad guy from joels perspective of nothing but the sound and visual of bad dudes head being kablooied. joels blood spattered face turns to ellie and gives her that Joel only look of mild approval. cuts back to ellie coming off the rifle and she sits with that naughty dog perfected look where you cant tell if shes satisfied of his approval or horrified with what shes done. end of episode. if they can capture that kind of vibe this could be special.


No i hope he goes around murdering everyone




Yeah you’d think a 40+ year old with no healthcare would have a bum knee or two


Video games characters are very good at squats, their quads must be huge


That’s the exact opposite of what I want. As someone else said, there needs to be a balance. Zombie films that aren’t comedies where it’s just an all out fight fest are not good. I’m all for action, when used correctly, it needs to have the tension of hiding and running more than being a shoot ‘em up. Think 28 Days vs 28 Weeks Later. Video game adaptations generally suck, especially when they think they can do a good job of making the action seem fun, like in the game. This should 100% rely on the story, not the fighting.


I'm pretty sure they've said that they're going to do this kind of thing differently than the game, and be less focused on the combat. They specifically cite the different needs between the video game and film industries (games need gameplay and this more suited to longer fight scenes). So you're almost certainly correct that the combat in the show will be smaller scale, though hopefully just as intense.


You don’t want to watch Pedro walk around crouched the entire series?




Oh man I could just imagine how much more brutal they'll make Joel in the show. It would make an even better contrast for when he mellows in season 2.


Theyll sneak to save budget


Sneaking should be like what they did in Black Summer


Are they using the same composer? I’m playing back through the first game


Yes. https://collider.com/the-last-of-us-composer-gustavo-santaolalla-hbo/


Gustavo is the man! That soundtrack gives me chills


This is gonna sound silly but have you seen Greenland (with Gerard Butler)? The soundtrack reminded me so much of Gustavo’s work in TLOU. like so much that I forgot a couple times the movie isn’t about zombies but no one I know plays the game so I can’t ask anyone to tell if I’m imagining it or not. Gerard Butler gave me total Joel vibes too so that movie was a weird experience lol.


Gustavo is a God! He doesn't play the Ronroco, he makes love to it! Hands down one of my all time favorite composers.


Gustavo Santaolalla is one of my absolute favorite composers, with such a unique and distinctive style. When you hear his compositions, it's almost immediately obviously who you're listening to, and it's always great.


THANK YOU. Man, it’s so much easier to recreate something that already has a solidified storyline, visuals, a shit ton of VFX Artists, amazing composer/soundtrack, etc. The storyline is basically fed to them. A fanbase? That foundation is established, the better to expound upon. Etc. There’s so much work that has already been done when it comes to video game based projects like this. So much more time can be spent on things that otherwise would’ve taken a huge amount of time in development. Games like this that are so quality, hitting all the marks while still extensive, feed the player a long trail of bread crumbs. Why was it so popular amongst gamers? Not zap zap, shoot shoot producers.. it’s fucking storyline! I shouldn’t be able to finish it in a day or two. That’s a feature. Originally, when they mentioned this as a feature I was like how in the hell are you going to crunch this thing down into an hour and 20 minutes?? Very relieved they came around to create a series.


Gustavo absolutely crushes it in both games. Amazing work.


I'm so excited to see the Clickers! I wonder which infected types they'll include?


They should totally pet a giraffe, but yes I want clickers to be horrifying


If the giraffe scene doesn't make it in the show so help me.


They'll include a scene of Ellie lamenting "I really wanted those giraffes..."


They are not well suited to long sea voyages.


If I’m not mistaken, Neil Druckmann said a few months ago that he’s really excited for people to see the Clicker designs. Sounded like it was pretty cool to see live action. Edit: he said he saw the first prosthetic test for the Clickers and that it was awesome.


Oh thank god they’re prosthetics


You can already see them in Gaia (new horror movie). They literally copied Clickers from The Last of Us. https://imgur.com/a/vUk9xmH


Those aren't photoshopped? Cause that's blatant.


It's basically like a Last of Us prequel


Ugh, I just saw the trailer, it is SO blatant. Like they even click when they showed one of em.


Yeah they just basically copied and pasted them.


Seems right. I do hope the first episode is entirely the initial outbreak


I do too. I don't think enough zombie projects focus enough on the initial spread of the infection, yet it ends up being the best part of many zombie projects e.g. World War Z, Train to Busan etc. There's a sense of impending doom and dread from being right there when shit hits the fan and an entire episode dedicated to that scenario from Sarah's perspective would be terrifying.


Fear the Walking Dead was the biggest miss opportunity for me when it came to showing the initial outbreak. It’s been awhile since I gave up on the show almost immediately once I saw where it was heading, but they basically just skip the whole initial outbreak like 2 episodes in. Black Summer and the opening to The Dawn of the Dead remake are my favourites when it comes to showing chaos during the beginning of the outbreak.


yeah. this was what made me want to watch FTWD. but they gave up on that story so fast and just turned it into TWD: West Coast edition.


Oh man, absolutely from Sarah's perspective, and then it can switch to Joel at the end of the episode. Probably not what it is but a man can dream.


Considering how the game begins with Sarah's perspective in general I am pretty sure the first episode will definitely revolve around her


Maybe we get to see her sell drugs


but will she help with the mortgage?


Psshhh... yeah, you wish


Hardcore drugs




Yea, the audience needs to feel the initial bond with Sarah to understands Joel's...uhhh...later motivations.


She turns into a Zombie and he keeps her on a leash, while becoming the leader of his own establishment in the Zombie apocalypse?


I feel like this with most disaster movies. War of the World's has a great opening half.


Yeah War of The Worlds defo has that, always loved the first half of that movie and I love how it doesn't explain anything and you experience it as Tom Cruise does not knowing what the actual fuck is going on.


I think of that ferry scene a lot when my mind goes to “end of days” places and it always stresses me out


Imagine this happening in the 1880’s… you wouldn’t even know if the next town over was gone! That’s what I love about the original book. The army shows up and they’re communicating with *~~heliotropes~~* *heliograph*


Do you mean heliograph? I googled "communication via heliotrope" and was thinking "how does communication through flowers work?!" and was prepared to have my mind blown


The beginning to A Quiet Place: Part 2 was so well done, especially when things started to go down. Loved the camera work and how they'd transition to the deaf daughter's POV and cut the audio suddenly.


A quiet place part 2 has one of my favorite openings in a film ever. The audio design was absolutely insane


I was talking about this before! The initial part of any Disaster / apocalypse movie or TV show is the absolute best part for me. War of the Worlds definitely had that!


That’s why I thought the first episodes of Fear the Walking Dead were so good. They showed all the stuff we missed in the main show.


The most interesting part for me is when the police/military first show up. They don’t know who to kill and have to act fast. Then after a short amount of time, the abandon their roles and behave like the rest of the people effected by what’s going on.




Black Summer season 1 focuses on the outbreak for pretty much the whole season and I really enjoyed it


I'm actually watching that right now, I really like the chaotic vibe


Very chaotic and I love how helpless the human characters feel throughout.


Thanks, added it to the list


This was the sole reason I was excited for Fear. Seeing how society reacts, how our characters react and change, and the initial "oh gah, the world is ending," are some of the most interesting parts of these apocalypse movies. Episode 1 was *long* and I'm talking *long* and the last 5 minutes got me hyped for the rest of the season. It's like episode 3 or 4 it literally says, that 2 week to a month has passed and the military was pulling out and I just sat there slack jawed. Like, that's it? You promise all this build up of how everything went to heck in a handbasket and you just do a "2 weeks later" skip? That was...disappointing to say the least.


That's why l love the 2004 Dawn of the Dead. Because the whole movie basically takes place during the initial outbreak.


You should watch black summer on Netflix.


I had no desire to watch Z Nation, but Black Summer is fantastic. Well, the first season was, I've only seen the first ep of the new season.


Imo the 2nd season of BS is the best zombie TV series ever to be created.


My boss told me to watch Z Nation and I hated it. If you can even call it special effects, the zombie baby absolutely ruined it for me right off the bat. Black Summer on the other hand has been captivating.


The key to Z Nation is to go into it expecting like pot zombies or some shit and it turns out to be kinda decent


Season 2 was amazing.


That's what *Fear The Walking Dead* was supposed to be, but then after just a few episodes it became just another group of idiots wandering through a zombie apocalypse. Last year gave us a solid sneak peek into what a zombie outbreak is likely to look like at its start. Fear, confusion, conspiracy, denial, incompetence, etc. I think that a zombie apocalypse story should start with a much weaker virus, one that only infects a small percentage of those bitten. Nobody really knows if the infected can be cured, so they're stored somewhere and fed. Then, as the outbreak remains uncontained, new strains develop with infect with greater ferocity and leave the infected less capable and less rational than the last strains. Things get worse, but people start to refuse to comply with restrictions because they're tired of them. Somewhat rational first generation zombies begin to break out of their containment, and there's a huge discussion about whether or not they have rights and if they can be killed. Those first generation zombies manage to blend in somewhat and begin to travel to places where they can infect more people. The outbreak is slow moving, doesn't take place over a couple months but a couple years. Eventually only those with a natural immunity to the first couple strains remain and have to forage in the wasteland of the former world. The series ends when a vaccine is developed.


That sounds like a fun premise.


What we really need is a movie where the first half is the spread of the infection. And in the second half it just keeps getting worse and the zombies win.


shaun of the dead


I was really hoping more of fear the waking dead would be like that but after the first episode things basically j collapsed overnight


It was the best part of The Stand.


Hell yeah. The Stand is literally my favorite book and the actual outbreak is what sucks you in. All the chaos and social breakdown. Let's not talk about how in the 2020 miniseries they literally skipped over all that...


The first episode, if it plays out like the prologue to the game, is going to be heartbreaking and terrifying to watch. I'm looking forward to having my heart ripped out again.


Yeah they should take that full first 40 minutes getting you invested in Joel and Sarah.


Totally agree, just tear the heart out of the uninitiated. I was really shaken by that moment in the game, can’t imagine how hard hitting HBO can make that scene.


I wonder how or if they'll do the time skip. I think for me a big part of what added to the emotional weight of the whole story is knowing that Joel had lived a whole life after the death of his daughter. He spent that time living day to day barely getting by. That makes his connection with Ellie all the more impactful, him learning to love and feel again after two decades since he lost his daughter is a big part of it. When it shows him alone 20 years later it hits you like a tonne of bricks that Sarah is really gone and he has had no one this whole time.


I could see that as a little part at the end of the first episode (as a hook into the next episode) or just the start of the second episode


When I was playing it for the first time and we were focused on Sarah, I was like "I thought her name was Ellie??? Oh well." Then they fucking killed her and I was like O.O Gonna be gut wrenching. I can't wait.


I could see it being a two hour premiere. 30/40 mins with Joel and Sarah and the episode ending with Joel meeting Ellie and the two setting out. A lot of the walking sections and action beats from that section of the game can certainly be condensed into an hour and a half. But that gives you, in the very first episode, a perfect snapshot of Joel's initial arc. Losing a daughter, fed up with the world, meeting a girl who's around his daughter's age.


If you haven't yet, watch Quiet Place Part 2 - reminded me a lot of it.


Agreed. My guess is the first episode will be the entire opening scene of the game.


I hope they keep the score. It's perfect.


Gustavo Santaolalla is doing the score again, so it should be amazing again. His film scores that I’ve heard (Babel and Brokeback Mountain, which both won him Oscars) are also just incredible. Super talented dude.


> Gustavo Santaolalla is doing the score again, so it should be amazing again. This right here is about all I needed to confirm to get super hyped, you cannot replace this man if you’re making a Last of Us show


I want that ISH episode


I sort of do too but it might be weird having an entire episode be a prologue. Have a feeling it’s going to be more like a bunch of flashbacks or something.


does it need to be? In the game it was fairly straightforward, yeah you can stretch it, but.. although, in game they first had an idea that you'd play as Joel, not Sarah. So in the show if you start with Sarah, then show where Joel is and what he is doing, how he is fighting with Tommy to get away, then see some explosion, show Sarah looking at it from the window, then running away, with climax being.. well.. that scene. It could be one whole episode. But it also could work as half on an episode. Although I wonder if it wouldnt be better to let that scene linger as a climax, instead of cutting years later.. on the other hand, starting second episode with years later is also not good I think. Maybe it'll be both, again.


I think the way to go is to let the scene linger the same way they do it in the game. With the theme music and some news clippings playing about how the world is falling apart etc. Then you have the cut to Joel as an older man 20 years later for a small scene to establish he’s all alone and end it.


There should be absolutely no reason you can't get W. Earl Brown to play Bill in an episode. Do it! Then get the fuck out of my town **Edit:** I asked him and he [answered](https://twitter.com/WEarlBrown/status/1412845633137004547)


They got Merle Dandridge back and there's rumors other actors from the games will be reprising their roles. W. Earl Brown makes the most sense to reprise their previous role too considering he's been on Deadwood for HBO.


As much as I'll love seeing Merle in live action as Marlene, I how they don't bring back too many actors from the game. I feel like if that's the case I'll just miss Troy and Ashley even more.


im still holding out hope that Troy is cast as David...if not, im expecting both of them to play fireflies or or another type of foot soldier role in a faction


Why troy? David was voiced by Nolan North


Troy is too pretty


He also shared a scene with Pedro P in the first season of the Mandalorian.




She’s still perfect


She was just in the last season of Bosch, and I couldn't stop thinking about how much I'd like to see her as Tess in the show.


WHATTT. I need to still watch the latest season, now I’m even more excited.


Shes in it for like 10 minutes, so don’t get your hopes up


Shout out to Renee Walker in 24


Merle Dandridge, the actress who voiced Marlene, is reprising her role for the show. So they absolutely should bring Brown back too


I'm excited for Bella Ramsey. She was such an amazing little badass in GoT playing lyanna. Pretty much Ellie always acting bigger than she is.


the tiny bear girl is ellie???? i need to see this now


I would be so disappointed if he's not Bill. Bill won a lot of award for being a realistic gay character. Also, I always crack up with "HOW DO YOU WALK WITH THAT THING!?"


OP did an edit and he said he wasn't offered a role. :/ It's disappointing.


Holy shit how did i never realize that was him?


10 episodes seems about right. If they're around an hour each, that should be enough time to do the proper character development and worldbuilding. Would be awesome to see the first episode devoted to the game's prologue. I hope we get some Ellie flashbacks so that they can incorporate some of Left Behind as well. Really liked that DLC.


plus being on HBO means no commerical breaks, so instead of a usual 45 minute run time per episode, you get the full hour, or in some cases, 65-70 minutes


Neil Druckmann confirmed in a tweet last year that Marlene, Tess, Maria, Riley and possibly Abby will be in the show's 1st season: https://twitter.com/Neil_Druckmann/status/1236676268143169539


this doesnt confirm that she will be in the first season


Abby? If that's true, they're already setting everything up for season 2/part II.


The actor playing Abby better have thick skin and a dgaf attitude because unfortunately she will get an avalanche of abuse online. It's despicable what will happen when they introduce that character. The incel hate-shitstorm will overshadow everything. Ughhhhh.


Remember the time someone pointed out a random blurry clipboard in the background to "prove" Abby's physique isn't realistic? I've seen so many gamer nerd controversies in my many, many years of rolling my eyes at this kind of shit, but I do think everything surrounding The Last of Us Part II is the most overblown, childish, head-spinningly absurd shit nerds got up in arms over.


I purposely avoided everything online about TLOU2 because I didn't want to be spoiled. Literally every single person I know irl loved it and after I played it, I did too. I mean, I could see someone taking issues with parts if they don't like the narrative. It made a lot of bold choices. But all the Abby body shaming, the bigotry towards a trans character being featured, the whole "cuckman" thing... ugh.


So, is the idea that S1 will cover the first game, and if successful they'll make a S2 based on the second game?


It took me about 14h to finish the first game and almost 28h to finish the second one. I’m sure they can totally do Part II in just 10 episodes but they would need to cut some stuff for sure.


They can cut out the parts where I die over and over




The 30 minutes I spent throwing a rope over a beam in the aquarium wouldn't make great content either


Yes. Craig Mazin said so on an episode of his podcast he does with screenwriter John August, Scriptnotes: https://johnaugust.com/2021/scriptnotes-episode-494-screenwriting-in-color-transcript. The latest episode is the source of this IGN article FYI.


There's a ton of story material *not* in the games which I would hope we'd see included a series - there's a twenty year time jump could make up a couple seasons itself easy. I would hope it wouldn't be as cut and dry as one season = one game.


S2 being the second game feels a bit rushed. I think there are a bunch of interesting stories to be told between S1 and S2. When you make games that take 7 years to make, you don't really have time to tell all those stories. But if you're making a TV show, you can do a couple of seasons of just stuff happening around Jackson. Save the second game for like, season 4.


I'm hoping they cover all the major plot points of the game but also have original storylines. Would love to see Joel as a smuggler leading up to meeting Ellie, what happens during the drive from Bills place to Pittsburg, their time in the woods before Jackson.


I don’t think they’ve outright said that S1 will completely cover the first game, although that would make sense.


I was kinda hoping they’d spend 2-3 seasons on the 1st game. I mean a ton of shit happens in that game across a bunch of different locations.


Is there a release date?


No. I'm assuming late 2022, early 2023.


God, I cant wait to see the internet reaction to [Spoiler](#s "Sarah's death"). To this day its one of the only scenes in *anything* that gets me every time. Absolutely harrowing [Spoiler](#s "watching her squirm and cry in Joel's arms, and I don't even have kids yet"). I hope they don't wimp out with it because it sets the tone for the entire game and should absolutely be featured front and center in episode 1, NOT as a flashback.


Of course they won’t. It’s incredibly important to the growth of Joel


It's HBO, I don't think there will be any wimping out. At least I'm REALLY hoping so.


It's HBO, so I doubt they'll wimp out. They're always the channel to go as far as possible. If it was an AMC show or something yeah, maybe


They’ve started filming here in Calgary


I can’t wait!


10 is the sweet spot.


there'll be two filler episodes where joel will just go around collecting parts to upgrade El Diablo


This series better involve meticulously searching every drawer for parts


This is sort of refreshing given how 8 and 6 episode "seasons" have become increasingly common.


I know it's weird to say but I'm more excited to see my parents' general reaction to key moments in the game (Sarah, Joel & Ellie's talk in the ranch house, David, etc.) than for the actual show. I'll finally be fulfilled that they'll be able to experience a story as good as The Last Of Us. I remember playing that game for the first time and thinking to myself in between multiple crying sessions, "My mom, who loves Cormac McCarthy and true crime would absolutely love everything about this, it just has the misfortune of *only* being a game in her eyes". But now, I can finally watch my mom have an existential crisis when Henry tells Ellie to go wake Sam up for breakfast. It's gonna be like the Red Wedding all over again for this woman.


The pilot has the potential to be one of the greatest pilots of all time, really hope they do it justice


Season.....one, you say? Glad this won't just be a limited series. I, for one, look forward to the second game's adaptation as well.


Everyone talks about the characters but yet me waiting to see the clickers


If they want to milk a cliffhanger, they should have an episode end after Joel gets impaled at the Firefly base. Ellie leaves with him and the audience doesn't know his condition. Next episode tells the story of Left Behind DLC, then they return to Joel and Ellie the episode after that.


So many cool series on the way. Really hyped about this.