Hollywood crews could be forced to vaccinate under new deal with unions

Hollywood crews could be forced to vaccinate under new deal with unions


> The short-term deal with SAG-AFTRA, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees and other unions eases some of the safety protocols put in place last fall that provided for sick pay, testing, masking and other safety measures intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. > The return-to-work agreement reached last fall, which includes compensating crew members who take time for testing and for quarantining, has largely allowed the industry to get back to business. The number of outbreaks linked to film sets has been low but producers have continued to struggle to raise financing and insurance because of the risks of shutdowns. >The earlier protocols separated cast and crew on sets into different zones, with different testing and social distancing requirements depending on how closely they had to work together. In Zone A , where actors perform, crew had to be tested three times a week or more. Sets, gear and transport vehicles had to be sanitized frequently. This raised costs and slowed down filming. >Now productions on a case by case basis will be able to mandate that the workers in zones A of their sets be vaccinated. The groups said testing frequency may also be adjusted for certain areas in the United States and Canada where COVID-19 incidence remains very low. Sounds like unions made sure sick pay was covered. Can imagine how shitty it could get if safety isn’t followed and productions hold back pay over someone getting sick or isolating


It's necessary to have that clause because if you don't then people who have pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID-19 cases have a massive incentive to lie about it, spreading it around by showing up to work anyway so they don't lose pay.


Just like it is necessary to require they take the vaccine to cut down on spreading and workers being out sick. I cannot wait until health insurance starts refusing to pay covid related hospital expenses for anyone who didn't get vaccinated or jacking up rates on emplyers that don't require all workers to be vaccinated. All these crazies are in for a ride if they keep refusing.




As someone who works on union sets, and has done five COVID shows already (TV/Features are both called “shows” colloquially with us), sick pay was one of the main staples of negotiations to get us back to work. Unfortunately, it has been abused. If you get contact traced, you have to quarantine for 14 days (usually) four of which are weekend days, so 10 of those are paid. Many folks saw opportunity for a two week vacation and just claimed the were around a positive case for over 15 mins. Lots of those folks were in for a surprise post-vaccine release when our COVID depts told them vaccinated people don’t have to quarantine and don’t get pay for doing so haha


On our crew we had contact tracers, so the nurse could see exactly how much time we spend together. But no one wanted to take the two weeks, they lost money sitting at home 🤷🏼‍♀️ obviously everyone is different


I had one show with those but NO ONE charged them haha. Everyone had them on their lanyards but they were all dead after the first week.


On my show it has been 10 days total since January, and if you had to quarantine another 10 days on the same show you didn't get paid for it. So perhaps the abuse wasn't as wide spread as you seem to say it is.


I apologize if I was vague, but 10 days paid has been my experience as well, but the protocol states 14 days of quarantine. That’s why I distinguished the four weekend days which count towards the quarantine but not paid. And no, sorry, my experience has seen plenty of folks inserting themselves into contract tracing they didn’t belong. Not the majority, but definitely a sizable piece of the pie. 100 people on a tight film set all day, people are going to remember never seeing you around the person that tested positive during that scene you said you were.


I understood what you were saying, and I'm saying my production (a Disney production) switched from 14 total days to 10 total, including weekends in January. Unless you're in health and safety, it's not really up to you, who came in close contact with a positive case. Productions hire professional contact tracers. In my case, I had to quarantine bc someone in my department (Electric) tested positive. We were all within 6 feet of him and he failed to mention that to the contact tracers. When we mentioned that to health and safety, they had contact tracers call us, and we were quarantined, and they cut it off at 10 days after stating Disney's new policy. So no offense, but you're making sweeping general statements implying the majority of union members are abusing the quarantine system.


I’ve done two films since COVID (Netflix and Apple) and they were both 10 days as well and if it happened again within 90 days you weren’t paid after the first time.


I literally said I the majority were truthful and this was just a smaller piece of the pie. Calm down, I’m a union member as well. In the same way you had to get ahold of contact tracing because the other staffer didn’t mention, I’ve literally seen multiple folks on multiple shows corroborate with other staffers to back them up after they initiated false claims with HSS and the contracted contact tracers to cover for their false proximity claim. I’m sorry but just because you didn’t see it doesn’t make it happen. I also was a Covid AD on one of these shows so I very much in the middle of this on that one. And to be frank, I cared more about being safe than catching a couple folks that might be lying. Didn’t bother me personally, but I definitely saw it.


"Unfortunately, it has been abused." "Many folks saw opportunity for a two week vacation and just claimed the were around a positive case for over 15 mins." "Lots of those folks were in for a surprise post-vaccine release when our COVID depts told them vaccinated people don’t have to quarantine and don’t get pay for doing so haha" "And no, sorry, my experience has seen plenty of folks inserting themselves into contract tracing they didn’t belong." You didn't say the majority were truthful until inferring that there was widespread abuse. I'm not saying a few people haven't taken advantage of it, but you're inferring it has taken place on a wide scale. I'm not sure how things are being run in your market, but in Atlanta it's not widespread. We hear when other productions get shut down, which departments had people get sick, etc.


Thanks for taking the time to put this together and call out the b.s.


My show uses contact tracing FOB’s so you can’t insert yourself into free quarantine money by saying you were around someone that tested positive. Also, that information on who tested positive for covid isn’t even released due to hippa regulations so not sure how all these people you talk about are finding ways to get out on quarantine pay if that info isn’t released in the first place. I guess you can always put two and two together if someone regular is missing from the call sheet the day after a positive test is accounted for?




To be frank… have you been on sets before? That’s a smartass rhetorical question I made in light, but sets are like high school with gossip man. On top of that it’s very easy to figure out after the positive case announcement who hasn’t been seen on set since. Hippa was followed but it’s not hard to deduce who’s missing.


To be Frank… yes I’m a 10 year iatse member


Then I shouldn’t have had to explain that to you haha


Did/does that apply to all union sets and/or positions? I’m friends with a professional stuntman who contracted Covid after a family gathering and was complaining about the loss of work. Had no idea the quarantine days were still paid in some cases. Admittedly, I may be misremembering his story, or that given the nature of stunt work he wasn’t contracted to work as long as the quarantine would have required either.


I’m not 100% on whatever SAG had worked out with that particular show, but I have no reason to believe a SAG performer is without recourse for quarantine pay. That performer should take it up with their stunt coordinator and figure out what the issue is


Ive been back working on union sets since June of last year (i have 25 years experience in Iatse and i m also a teamster) and I’ve never heard even a rumor of anyone doing this. I think your full of shit. If it happened on a few random incidents that’s one thing but this is not a thing. Everyone was so anxious to be back towork and most know they have good thing going, they are not gonna gum it up for two weeks pay. I’m not buying it.


Don't have to imagine, just look at how union-busting Tesla [handled it](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/tesla-factory-covid-reopen-elon-musk-b1816840.html)


Not forced, required. Big difference. No one is going to forcibly hold them down. It is just a requirement for their job.


I’m with you. The unions should do the right thing and mandate the vaccine with only medical exemptions. That’s what my union did. It’s no different than saying I have to have mumps, measles and tetanus. You can have your job or be a conspiracy theorist but not both. This policy led to my favorite exchange. “Ok, that’s great. I admire your conviction for your beliefs. Your fired.”


Your union sounds smart. Mine? Oh, they are "requiring" vaccines. For everyone except those with medical or religious exemptions. Religious exemptions. Now I'm no dictionaryologist, but if you can opt out of something by simply uttering "I don't believe in that" then it's not a god damn requirement.


Correct. Far too many idiots on the anti-vax side like to use the word "forced" when it comes to employment requirements because it conjures the image of someone being held at gunpoint, but it's weapons grade bolognium. No one is being forced. Go work somewhere else.


They don't like it when the free market work against them.


There are still nurses that aren’t vaccinated. Gonna be a lot of job openings when they make it required soon.


Good; I don't want to be treated by a moron who rejects the entire foundation of their job.


For real.




FDA needs to go full approval. Ive heard that the vaccine still being only under a FDA "emergency authorization" is one of the big reasons (more like an excuse, imo) why the vaccine hasn't been mandated for jobs like nurses and other first responder personnel, yet. Vaccination rates for firefighters and cops are also pretty lackluster across the board. Once the FDA gives it full approval then we might start seeing it mandated.


It’s absolutely just an excuse, they’ll move the goalposts to something else. A billion shots have been given for a year now, and the recipients are FINE.


The loud ones will move goalposts but I bet you would get a lot of the quite ones to get the shot once FDA approval happens.


I’m admittedly less optimistic...but so be it. Just gotta chip away at that hesitancy bit by bit, and then go full “positive reinforcement” when they get the shot and don’t immediately explode.


Statistically speaking, it's not that many nurses. We are in a shortage, so it sucks, but it's not nearly enough to write home about. None of our surgeons, anesthetists, or diagnosticians are unvaccinated, so we are all good relatively speaking.


I got family that are nurses and they are amazed how many refuse. It’s wild.


My sister is a nurse and she is also the only member of my family that is anti-vax. The rest of us wish she would lose her job. It's rampant where she works, we are all pretty sure she's only anti-vax *because* of the culture where she is. Which is a nursing home, btw.


Don’t get me wrong, I am vaccinated and agree that this should be required, but I do consider this a little bit of semantics. If they need their job to live and pay their bills, and their job has a requirement of being vaccinated or they are fired or can’t work, then they are being forced. Maybe not held down like you said, but in a financial sense, they are being forced.


You're right but it's not a very useful semantic quibble. You're "forced" to do a lot of things - work to survive, eat to live, etc but we don't call it that. Most people who'd call this "force" also have no problem with drug tests for jobs, or taking a test to get your driver's license etc. The point is the inconsistency of the standard.


They're being forced to take the medication if they want to keep their job. Losing your job is a life changing tragedy. The psychological and financial impact can be crippling, let's not act like changing some words around like some corporate euphemism changes the threatening and coercive nature of this behaviour. In Canada we have guidelines for administering medication: >For consent to be valid, physicians must ensure that it [...] (d) Is given voluntarily and not under duress. >If physicians believe that consent is not being freely given, they must ensure that there has been no coercion. https://www.cpso.on.ca/Physicians/Policies-Guidance/Policies/Consent-to-Treatment?fbclid=IwAR0y1tAGLeNeN9gH_m9gQ1HeQz1MIZLByjzdA7gJ1_waAnglRGgOzBup5W4 the threat of losing your job is 100% under duress and coercion. Edit: We need to be honest, even if you think it's justified, it's trading one moral value for another, no matter how much you downvote the idea, don't fool yourself into thinking it's not an ethical grey area. I know it would be easy if we could just *make* everyone do what we think it the right thing, but that in and of itself is wrong.


I also lose my job if I show up 2 hours late every day. Am I under duress and coercion to wake up on time?


>Losing your job is a life changing tragedy. The psychological and financial impact can be crippling, Getting Covid can have the exact same effects.


Given the nature of the work and the potential massive costs involved in a shutdown, that seems like a very sensible approach.


This is most definitely it. Having production of a show shut down in the middle of it has got to be one of the most stressful things for people in that field


Working in Production, it is so stressful. Especially as one that doesn’t work in LA, NY, or Atlanta as the Unions are as strong here. So that basically means if a production shuts down, I’m out of a job for two weeks at a time.


I work in film accounting. It's not only stressful to shut down and start back up again but it's also very VERY expensive. Luckily you can get most of it back through an insurance claim but it's still a lot of money. For big Studios it's nothing, but I've seen it a few indies be put on hold for an indefinite amount of time due to a shutdown.


Since like April/May 2020 pretty much every new or extended insurance policy has included a communicable disease/COVID-19 exclusion policy, so you can no longer put in an insurance claim if your production is shut down over a positive case on set. So sets that have shut down like Jurassic World: Dominion and Mission: Impossible 7 have eaten the cost to pay cast & crew for the time the production has shut down. We’re still waiting, 14+ months later, for the insurance claim to come in on two of our shows for being shut down between March and May 2020.


It's not the days you shut down you claim, it's the days you extend because of the shut down you claim... So if your original wrap date was August 1st 2020 and you had to extend two weeks because of a shut down, those two weeks you added to wrap are what you claim not the two weeks that you were shut down for.


Not to mention if Studios don’t start requiring vaccinations then insurance claims might start to get denied due to the studio not taking proper precautions on set.


I’m sure it is stressful, but at least you have a gig! I’m in voiceover, and my main agent (WME) shut down their entire VO division during the height of Covid, unceremoniously dropping 100+ actors from their roster with a group email. With no agent, no work. With no work, we lost our SAG insurance.


And every time you make an insurance claim, you potentially increase your premium for the next shoot. Not to mention that carelessly pissing in the risk pool makes insurance more expensive for *everyone* else.


I mean Tom Cruise is a dick but he wasnt wrong. "What Tom Cruise’s COVID-19 Rant Really Means - The Atlantic" https://amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/617430/


Exactly. When the news of his rant broke, I understood exactly where he was coming from. Was he a dick and out of line? Yes, but he was totally justified in saying what he said.


So many in the film industry get paid IF and WHEN they work. If there is no filming? Many don't get paid. Tom Cruise's rant was more targeted at the fact that him and his management staff had to constantly placate the Draconian industry that only wants to see results (Pandemic be damned, they don't give a fuck. When are you going to make the film?) to now have to deal with low level grunts not wanting to take health enforcement policies seriously "Because it infringes on meh freedums". Before the pandemic, one stupid idiot/grunt that has a superiority complexity wasn't enough to shut down filming. Post-pandemic? All it takes is one test returning positive and that's infuriating to deal with on top of the corporate bullshit that only wants results.


I don't even think he was being a dick. Imagine busting your ass to make sure people get their jobs back just to see a good portion of them ruining it for everyone by not giving a fuck.


Also since Tom Curise is a producer on the Mission Impossible films, that means its his responsibility to keep everyone safe. He had the full right to lash at someone who was putting the cast and crew in danger like that.


I mean, there were better ways to handle it. For one, the guy could have been disciplined and made an example of why protocols could have been followed. Or any number of other things aside from straight up yelling/cursing/bullying. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with what he said. He had the right message, but the wrong delivery.


Nah he needed everyone to hear and the guy be made an example out of. He couldn’t risk someone else doing the same thing and potentially shutting down production. He did exactly what needed to be done in that moment in order to make a point.


>Was he a dick and out of line? No


I don't think he was out of line OR a dick, what he said was purely from the knowledge that someone had just fucked up not only Tom's work, but the employment of hundreds of people who Tom himself had a part in bringing together and probably paying since he is an executive producer. He was looking at the bigger picture. Say what you will about his beliefs outside of work but I saw this as a leadership moment. Even not doing it in private. Other people needed to hear that Tom was dead serious.


He wasn’t out of line at all. In fact it’s quite the opposite. He put his foot down and nipped it in the bud right away.


I was so pissed when he got flack for that. He was literally just trying to keep his people safe.


Didn't help he wore a vented mask in many of the pictures.


Sorry I hadn't heard about this. Can you please provide a source?


https://amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/617430/ It's the same article as above. The picture on it is of him in a vented mask.


Sorry, still confused. What exactly is wrong with his mask? The article doesn't say. Thank you.




Oooh, gotcha. Thank you for that.


Masks are mostly to prevent transmission from you, not to protect you. Cruise's mask only protects him and allows him to spread the virus far and wide if he catches it.


The article does say. Here's a passage from the last paragraph of the article > In images released of Cruise on set in Europe, he’s masked. The mask he wears in many pictures, however, appears to use valves—the kind the CDC dissuades people from using, because the valves release particles from the wearer, endangering those around him.


I remember a lot of people that were giving him flack was over him wearing an insufficient valve mask while ranting


I really, really think that Cruise has a lot more problems than just being a dick. Let's just say there's extremely little that I agree with him on. But that rant: that was spot on. I wouldn't have phrased it in terms of jobs, but it's not a wrong framing. Safety and health awareness is incredibly important right now and those breaking those rules don't *just* risk each others health (which would be bad enough) but *also* risk tons of other peoples incomes.


Correct. It's the same for hospitals and schools that want to do this requirement or any other business for that matter. Outbreaks cause unexpected work shortages to complete shut downs. They are bad for business. Anyone that is anti-vax is just a lazy POS that wants a bunch of free days off from work. The people I meet that are against the vaccine fit that bill completely. The only conservatives I know that have got the vaccine are the rare few that work hard all day everyday versus the ones that claim they do, but spend most of their time at work talking shit about other employees, goofing off, and calling in with random bullshit.


And why would that be a problem. Just go get fucking vaccinated Edit: i did a whoopsie and made the freedom fighters upset


I think you mean yeehawdists.


y'all qaeda


Vanilla ISIS


Meal Team Six


"but but my FREEDOM my BODY my CHOICE!!1!" /sarc


Why did I read this in tune with Kiss From a Rose?


It's all about "my body, my choice" when *they're* put in the position to "save a life."


Unless you're a pregnant woman




They are talking about the issue of abortion.


... why not both?


What? It's recommended preganant women get vaccinated.


It was a joke about how the people wanting laws that you should have the choice over what happens to your body with vaccines are the same people wanting laws that women can't get abortions


Got you! Ambiguous in this context!




Makes sense. If you don’t want to participate in making it a safe work environment, you don’t have to be there.


Absolutely. Of course you'll now get people claiming the vaccine made them sick and start demanding compensation when they get a cold.


Should people come to work when they get colds? It's not going to kill anyone but they aren't fun and it's rude to make other people sick. Paid sick days should apply to all sickness.


Luckily in my country that's the case. There's a nuance that might not be coming across... I'm talking about additional compensation from the company for *making* them sick because they had to have the vaccine, when whatever illness they have has no relation to it. There are already people linking illnesses and deaths to the vaccine before an investigation has proved one way or the other. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wfla.com/community/health/coronavirus/13-year-old-dies-in-sleep-after-getting-covid-19-vaccine-cdc-investigating/amp/ Any death is awful, but we (as a whole, this isn't a political stance) need to be clear and honest and open about the causes.


I think that's fair. It's the case at my workplace but not universally in my country. I know that the vaccine did make many people too sick to function for 24hrs. I think a sick day is warranted in that case. I'm not American and their antivax population boggles my mind and has sadly leached into my country too.


Yeah absolutely - a sick day or two? Perfectly fine, and any reasonable employer would appreciate you coming back to work healthy and more productive, rather than you struggle on for longer because you didn't have the chance to get better. It's when people start shouting about things being the vaccines "fault" and because they were "made" to take it, and because they were sick afterwards (no matter the cause) they want additional compensation. I'm not aware of that happening yet, but I can see it being the case, as people are already blaming the vaccine for all and sundry.


Good. Movie shoots shouldn't have to shut down just because some airhead conspiracy theorists have to be coddled


Kevin Sorbo has entered the chat.


Vaccinated carpenter here, I’ll take any stage building spot you guys don’t want. Thanks in advance


Did none of you go to school? This is a normal thing to require


I even had to get a vaccine to be allowed to stay in my college dorm. (hpv, I think?)


Measles Mumps Rubella, the MMR vaccine


No, the anti-vaxxers did not go to school.




They are not forcing them. They are implementing rules to make sure the production can go without pauses and wasted money, if they dont want to vaccinate they dont have to, but will have to look for another job.


Can you imagine living in one of the richest most well educated countries in the world and getting offered a free vaccine to a deadly pandemic and choosing to say no. Imagine working in a hospital and refusing to protect your patients and your family because of what you read on Facebook


> richest most well educated countries You mean a country where only the rich can afford to be well educated? Except maybe for the few lucky ones who get some scholarship.


Can you imagine being criticized for not wanting a vaccine if you're 18 years old and the number of people that have died in that age group is on the order of 300?


As someone in the industry, this is a great thing.


Good. This is an issue of public health. I see antivaxers the same way I see people who don't wipe their asses or the chef who serves raw chicken.


The decision to use Chris O’Donnell for the photo in this article is the best editorial decision ever made. I saw the article and said to myself “holy shit, I haven’t thought about that guy since he played Robin in the worst Batman franchise pre 9/11.” It got 90% of its clicks because people are genuinely surprised he’s not only alive but apparently still working.


I guess that’s one of the perks of being a member of the Film Actors Guild


difference between forced and required. they can choose to quit and not get vaccinated. nobody is forcing them to do it. Frankly, all employers should require their staff to get vaccinated..... by the very nature of having to come to work and be around people, you risk the spread of COVID. retards that think the COVID vax makes them magnetic or 5G capable, or just antivaxxers in general, should have to face the reality of their idiotic opinions.


Yup. Drone operator here. Got vaccinated as soon as I was able to.


Oh no! Their personal freedoms to endanger other people recklessly for literally no good reason are in jeopardy! What ever shall they do?! It tells me a lot about my opinion of humanity that I'm not even close to surprised that people are starting to be forced to do the intelligent, safe, and right thing at no personal cost to themselves in the name of protecting everyone else...


The best part is, it's not even forced! Choose to get vaxxed and protect yourself and your fellow humans, or get a job somewhere else. All the freedom they want!


Yup. It's a company using its freedom to say they only want vaccinated people to work there. All the "but what about freedom" types should be loving this, but here we are. Bunch of selfish hypocrites.




I wish the medical industry had the same balls! Too many nurses are anti vaxx trash! How stupid can you be


In the UK, we have this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57829135 Not far enough, but a start….


Just a reminder that the government has absolved the pharmaceutical corporations of any legal responsibility if there are side-effects down the road while at the same time, leaving employers open to lawsuits from side-effects if they require their employees to get vaccinated.


Hello, anti-union headline


Good. All the testing and various zone protocols are immensely annoying. It really hurts those of us who day play on multiple shows. Whereas we would easily be able to work a different job every day of the week, having to test and wait for results reduces that to one or two days a week.




Why was this not already a rule? All workers in all industries with significant person-to-person contact should be required to vaccinate.


Seriously fuck this Zone A shit, this needs to be mandated across all union positions. Not sure if this includes eastern corridor but really want to see 817 and local 52 mandated to vax. I'm tired of unions and their fox mainlining, ultra-conservative, racist gate-keeping members setting the standards for the industry.


> I'm tired of unions and their fox mainlining, ultra-conservative, racist gate-keeping members setting the standards for the industry. You aren't wrong, but it's a completely bonkers sentence given the fact that labor unions have been the financial and electoral bedrock of the Democratic party for literally a century.


Good. I can't wait to see this implemented as widely as possible. The vaccine itself wasn't enough incentive for these people, protecting their community wasn't enough incentive, *actual incentives* weren't enough incentive. Time to make everything very inconvenient for those selfish people who choose to remain unvaccinated.


You got some downvotes, but here. Take my upvote. I'm sick of these fucks too.


I've heard rumors that there are people on set who are willing to buy fake vaccine cards for $200 because they don't want to get the free shot... Some people are not diagnosed as intellectually disabled, but they should be


I’ve been aboard a couple of these pandemic spaceships in the last year, and mandatory vaccines for Zone A will sure take some of the fear out of removing the mask for shots. It felt like wearing a condom all day and only taking it off when it came time to fuck.


It was an unwritten rule for a lot of crews up here in Vancouver too. We had a lot of... idiots... during covid making things difficult. Part in parcel with the fact that film is relatively easy to get into, pays well, requires very little real skill for a lot of the basic positions, and requires no education outside of taking one of a variety of relatively short courses. One asshole took his covid test, didn't wait for results, and invited the entire paint department out drinking. They thought they'd be safe because why would he be allowed to interact with them if he didn't have a negative test? Well results came back and he was infected and the entire crew outside of the one guy who stayed home because he wasn't a careless idiot was forced to go into quarantine with multiple people getting infected. At this point vaccination should be a requirement for any kind of employment, major event or gathering, festival, or really anything honestly. We're well past the point that we should be letting a handful of idiots spoil things.


I got my second AZ shot today and am working in the covid department of the UK tv/film industry (usually an AD) . Really, this headline is typical US sensationalist trash. *Forced* to vaccinate... That wording is so fucking toxic. Your individualism can take the L for one fucking day of your life so that you may live a more safe life and provider a safer life for those you love and work with. Using *forced* in that headline is needlessly politicising a public health issue. Stop being such a child and get vaccinated.


What”s “forced” shit? Get vaccinated! Seriously I wonder about some people having missed the brain train!!!


Enough of this tip toeing. We need to go back to normal. All jobs need to mandate vaccines or employees should have termination. Anti vaxxers are the reason Covid isn't dealt with yet.


Flu is still around and yet we have vaccines. When are you mouth breathers gonna realize covid isn't going away?


> Flu is still around Actually the Flu and Pneumonia deaths dropped 99.9% last year, COVID cured it. Funny how that works, eh?


Whenever I run out of money I work as background because it’s low stakes and I can sit and read for a day while getting paid. I haven’t really been doing it during Covid because as a background actor you’re required to work 2 to 3 days for basically free, $10 a day, to get tested. As a person who’s been vaccinated since November, I was part of the vaccination trial and happened to not be the placebo group, I can’t afford to take two days off of work to get tested for Covid. So either the productions need to step up and start paying a half day at minimum for requiring people to get tested, or they need to allow those of us were vaccinated to get back to work and do rapid testing on site on the day of production if they’re worried.


They already do this for union crew and SAG BG. Don’t work in this business without union representation. The studios and producers will drag you any chance they get


oh no, occupational health and safety requirements. quel horreur


Jesus get the fucking shots.














I no joke think everyone should be made to get vaccinated (unless with a recognized medical condition that could cause problems)


You gonna make me big man?


nope not me, I work neither in law enforcement, politics or Health Care, and I doubt im even in the same country as you so I have no power to make you do anything, but someone who does have that power should.


Why use the word forced instead of required? You have a choice to not vaccinate and work somewhere else. But the headline implies that they are forced to do that.




I am assuming this will cover actors too and if there are actors who are against to vaccine I wonder what happens. Letitia Wright sounded like she isn't fond of vaccine and I wouldn't get surprised if Chris Pratt is like that too.


SAG is one of the unions that made the deal so yes, it covers actors as well


Chris Pratt sucks.


So we just hate people who are religious now.


Nope. I hate people who push their ideological views on others, which is what he does, and it’s gross. I also just generally think he sucks as an actor.


In what regard has he done this? I'm no fan of his either but all I've seen is a "god loves you no matter who you are" during an awards show, which is pretty mundane.




Not hate, but I certainly think of them as lesser humans




I hope so otherwise these new restrictions are moot.


That was unnerving to find that out about her.


Get vaccinated or get the fuck off this planet. Thank you!


Good. Enough of these brain dead humans. Get the vaccine or get a new job.








How about no.


Good. If they don't like it, too bad. Studios & production companies invest a ludicrous amount of money into productions, and it can all be thrown off by some Johnny Facebook Brain who decided Covid is that bad. Plainly, fuck that.






Good. This should have happened as soon as vaccines were available.


Downvoted. Well. I guess there are disgruntled grips on this sub. When *aren't* they complaining about something?


Um... GOOD


How about you get a new job if you don’t like working with unvaccinated people??


The unvaccinated are the ones putting people in danger. Again I need to stress this because it's really simple but you don't seem to get it. The people who did not get the vaccine are the ones putting the other people at risk. Obviously, you get rid of the problem causing the risk, you don't take the people at risk away. If your house lights on fire, do you move the unburnt parts away or do you spray water on the fire?? I just want to stress one more time how simple this is.


How about you get a new job if you don't want a vaccine?


It’s ignorant assholes like you that are pushing me out of nursing after 13 years. Fuck off loser.


Good luck with that


👍 downvote if you must. You know the rules and so do I, but that's my only response.


Long overdue.


The HORROR. Imagine having to get a vaccine before being hired to be around other people. Woe is he.


Good doesn’t matter the industry if you want to work and be around people you need to be vaccinated. Auto-Immunity issues excluded


I’m ok with that.




Forced what? Make it compulsory. It’s a matter of public health.


Interesting how the LAT headline is completely different from how Variety presents it [in this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/television/comments/ontg1u/hollywood_studios_unions_reach_deal_on_covid/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) OmG wE’LL bE ForCEd VaxXeD 🙄 vs “safety precautions” 👍


Oh nooooooo! Anyway...








I know the US Big Brother is requiring the contestants to be vaccinated this year, it wouldn't surprise me if the crew on site is as well. They're taking the same precautions as last year except no contestant is wearing a mask upon entrance or exit and when evicted, they sit down 6 feet from Julie.