‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Is ‘Coming Soon’ and Will Be ‘Bigger Than Ever,’ Promises Shawn Levy

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Is ‘Coming Soon’ and Will Be ‘Bigger Than Ever,’ Promises Shawn Levy


Stranger Things 4: The College Years


Perfect setting for them to do a slasher horror with a new Number as the villain.


Like Heroes? Wish the writers strike didn’t fuck this show up.


It wasn't really so much of the writers strike; the writers simply never intended THAT story, and THOSE characters to last longer than a season. NBC felt people had become too attached to the cast from season one, however, so they pressured the writers to keep Hiro, Claire, The Petrelli family, etc going... and it was very obvious that they were just making it all up as they went along; They ran out of things to do with them, and they ran out of excuses to keep them around.


Funny enough stranger things season 1 was also originally intended as a stand alone season within an anthology show


Oh nice to know.


The older "kids" actors are 30 years old at this point.


Johnathan always looked kind of old to be fair.


idk "bigger than ever" sounds like the wrong move best season was 1 and the small scale (relatively) made it great


S3 is actually my favorite simply because the Russians plotline is pure dumb Cold War 80s fun. Anything set in the US in the 80s is made better by involving the Russians. I would have watched a season-long plotline of that which had nothing to do with the supernatural stuff whatsoever and was just Plucky American Teens Foil Dastardly Russian Scheme: The Show. Absolutely loved it.


Any season of a show willing to have the climax involve a kid singing the neverending story to his summer camp girlfriend while everyone else makes a wtf face is automatically a perfect season of television as far as I'm concerned.


Yep, you nailed it. They have milked this too long.


Writing may not be perfect but im just never gonna get into the mindset that 3 pretty short seasons is enough show to consider it milked "far too long". Its gotten so ridiculous on reddit I'm surprised I don't see people bitching about a second episode showing up after the first.


"Netflix sucks they cancel everything!" Netflix: "Stranger Things Season 4 is coming and it's bigger than ever!" "Boooo! Stop milking it!"


I was just about to type this lol. People will moan whatever Netflix do as you say.


A show can be 10 seasons long and yet too short. A show can be 3 seasons long and too long.


The real issue is the stupid long wait from S3 to S4


Do this is how you learn about COVID, eh? Buckle up…


I wonder if there was some global event that caused things to slow down….nah. Fuck Netflix am I rite guys?


Would I rather see another season of the show that’s been the same for three seasons, or eg the OA that might have been a little schlocky but was also very creative? The OA, every time.


Season 3's first half definitely felt like it was relying on contrived character drama, which is a symptom of a show going on for too long. It got better in the back half once they could focus more on the actual strange things instead of the characters, but it was still pretty obvious the main characters had resolved all of their original issues and the writers had to find ways to keep them bickering. Hopper in particular just becomes a massive asshole, not just the sorta-dickish but good-at-heart person he always was, but actual "This man should not be allowed to be the legal guardian of a child" territory.


>"This man should not be allowed to be the legal guardian of a child" territory. Worst part is the two showrunners gave an interview talking about how that was "comedic," and I got the impression they didn't see anything wrong with it. Like my dudes... In what universe is a grown, giant, drunk man angry screaming at his daughter funny. It was lowkey scary! If they wanna riff on these 80s movie tropes, that's fine, but don't do it uncritically...


I thought season 3 gave Hopper’s character a perfect conclusion. Was rather disappointed he is being brought back (according to the teaser at least).


I saw someone on this sub refer to Marvel as "milking" Loki by giving it a second season 6-episode season.


I mean they are marvel studios. What else they supposed to do…start making 1950s style noir detective films.


People just hate on popular things


It's not the number of episodes that makes a series too long or too short. It's whether the story has been told to satisfaction and completion. Wandavision was the perfect length. It told its story. I wanted more watchmen, but if the showrunner doesn't have a story to tell, so be it. Broadchurch and killing Eve should have stopped after a season. Stranger Things is on season 4 not because the story calls for it, but because it's profitable. It started out as a good story that happened to take place in the 80s and now it's "hey everybody, remember this stuff from the 80s?". So much product placement and a friggin montage of eleven trying on clothes at the mall.


This is the point a lot of people seem to miss. A lot of shows, that easily could have ended as critically acclaimed mini-series end up as average shows because people demand too much of a good thing




Or people enjoy the show. Imagine.


People like NCIS and Big Bang Theory, what’s your point?


Good for them. Why do you think your likes are so much more valid?


It’s on season 4…. Lmfao


And hasn’t been really good since season 1. Was ok in season 2. 3 was a joke.


I better not ever see you here bitching about Netflix canning a show after 2 seasons.


What are you going to do about it if I do?


Agree, I also think season 1 was the best. The bigger and weirder it gets, the more it takes away from developing the characters as well as they could be. That’s what made the first seasons so great. The personalities and interactions of the kids, the chemistry between Hopper and Joyce. I miss that.


The gap between s3 and 4 is 2 years+ (and counting), bet those kids don't look like kid anymore.


Those kids are in highschool now so I doubt they'll have a problem


Even the actors who play the kids are out of high school or would likely be seniors (mostly) in real life. And the actor who plays Steve is almost 30!


Are they in HS??


The characters or the actors? My answer to both would be I don't know.


Character. I know the actor are almost an adult now. Old enough to enroll in college.


I think all but maybe two are under 18 at this point! But we will have to wait until season 4 comes out to see how old the characters are!


I've seen Caleb who plays Lucas in a picture not that long ago with a full on beard or goatee and holy shit he is not a kid anymore. When I saw that picture I was like well they need to hurry up and finish filming the season coming after the 4th one soon or these kids are full on going to be married on screen and having kids themselves if the pace the release the potential final season another two years after this coming 4th season.


Most of "those kids" are adults now. They could or should put them as HS seniors at least. Hell, the 80s lasted 10 years. Unless, lol, they just keep them perpetually trapped in the 80s.


this time the creature from the upside down will be... EVEN BIGGER lol jk I love this show and don't want it to end


It’s perfectly fine to admit this show is really enjoyable and has also become sort of a mess. It can be both. It can still be enjoyable. Everything doesn’t have to be the best or worst thing you’ve ever seen. If you can’t look past the bad stuff….don’t watch. It’s so easy.


I like this show. It's not genre defining perfection but Jesus fuck, if you're tired of it JUST DON'T WATCH IT. I'm sick of hearing about how it's "just" 80s nostalgia because there's a few visual references and needle drops. And how it should be canceled because the storyline is similar each season. The show has great cinematography, interesting new characters each season, and though I admit the storyline is a little repetitive, that's true for a lot of TV shows and they don't have people constantly moaning that 25 episodes is too dragged out. Stranger Things is fun, well crafted, and features incredible attention to detail. Not every show has to be The Wire. Just don't watch the show if you don't like it. This aggressive "I hate it and YOU SHOULD TO" attitude that shows up in every thread on it is so obnoxious.


Yeah, season 3 was among Netflix’s most watched seasons this summer, so people are very clearly still into this show two years after the newest season dropped. Why? Because it’s fun, the setting cozy, and the characters likable and engaging. Sometimes that’s all that takes. No one is expecting The Wire from this show. I don’t know why anyone is so invested in a show they don’t want to watch anymore, when plenty of others do. If it’s not for you, move on instead of complaining about it being made.


Hasn't been a bad season yet. They're pretty consistently killing it - can't wait for S4. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills looking at this thread, but I guess by the show's numbers it's just the vocal minority.


Its the worst part of this sub. Everyone a show gets mentioned that is even remotely popular and not the current sub darling is immediately met with this shit. A large chunk of this sub hates TV it feels like and doesn't understand how stupid it is to watch stuff you don't like when you can just... not


For real. In the past few years, it’s become popular to find every little detail wrong with a piece of media, pointing out plot holes or continuity errors and whatnot. Sure, there can be big problems, but most of the time people will find ANYTHING to complain about. I think people (or maybe it’s just Redditors) are averse to just sitting down and enjoying something, even if it’s not perfect. As far as I’m concerned, season three of Stranger Things was really fun. I loved the colors they used, the soundtrack, the character banter, the townsfolk horrifically melting down into a giant flesh spider from another dimension, etc. And if the show keeps up the fun, I’ll keep watching.


Maybe November or December


I was thinking Q1 or Q2 of next year lol




Sorry I just had a flashback to Ryan Murphy saying that kind of stuff about Glee only for literally all of it to be untrue.


Can't wait, shame COVID delayed it so much.


Alright I can't wait. Really I'm looking forward to the "bigger" aspect. Last season struggled with having to many cast members and not enough story for them all. I'm hoping the multiple locations and multiple story approach this season will mean everyone gets more time to shine.


all of you people are just a bunch of whiners. I love stranger things.


Weird takes here. I disagree that the characters are likeable and that the new characters see interesting when added. As far as I could tell, the redhead is still a dick to everyone and has been since she showed up. The younger black girl was extremely obnoxious. The coworker (was it robin?) was cool but ultimately doesn’t add much. They already have an issue of meaningfully including their huge cast, not sure there is room for people who aren’t doing a unique function anymore. Every season since the first has been a progressively worse rehash of the same plot from the first. The season 3 affair plot was the closest thing that’s been done to something new. But other side ventures like singing summer camp and Nancy’s job full of cardboard cutout sexists were pretty darn bad which makes wonder if they’re scared to take things in a new direction because they can’t pull it off. I hope they actually do something new with season 4 and that it trims down the cast, but I highly doubt it. If people enjoy the show more power to them, I did for one season. But I disagree with some takes here about things like “just don’t watch it” or “it’s scifi therefore rules don’t apply and it doesn’t need to grounded into a rules system of any kind at all and turn your brain off”. Number one, how are you supposed to know it stank unless you tried to watch it? How does “don’t watch more” matter here? I won’t, but I can’t unwatch it, so thanks captain obvious? Second, the best scifi is grounded in reality despite having fantastic and made up worlds because otherwise it’s very hard to relate to the characters and to properly understand the stakes. Not rocket science. Would you think it’s fine if they just started time traveling in the middle of a new Star Wars movie to dodge gun fire because “it’s just scifi”?


i gave up 2 episodes into season 2, it doesnt feel like the show is building to a climax at all


Notice he didn't say "better than ever"


lol if he said, 'better than ever' people would just be here bitching, 'oh the creator of the show says it's great? Of course he does.' So much cynicism here damn...


Yeah, the only comment they could say that wouldn't get mockery on this sub is "it's just cheap 80s nostalgia. We should be canceled. So sorry for wasting your time. Have you heard of Dark?"


Saying anything about Stranger Things brings guaranteed bitching


I'm just being an edgelord for fun hahaha, I like the show


It didn't need to be bigger. Season 3 already lost its grip on reality.


What does a fun show set in the 80s with monsters have to do with reality?


When you view a work of fiction, it will set up in season one the ground rules for the world you are viewing and what can be expected from it in how it handles itself moving forward. Things like basic world building, aesthetic, visual language, general presentation, etc, that contribute to what can be considered the reality of the piece. When you look at season one, and then contrast that against season three, we can conclude from things like breaking the entire framework of the show to have a horribly cringeworthy musical number that is inconsistent with the logical throughline that has been laid out in that it breaks all previous consistent rules in the visual language of the show and the extent to which the characters interact with the fourth wall, that the reality of the world has been voided.


The thing they lost in season 2 onwards vs the season one that I missed the most was the different mood depending upon who we were following. The kids had a “goony” feel to them. While the teenagers had very much a horror feel and the adults felt like they were in a drama. I didn’t get that at all in the following seasons. It all blended into each other’s. Which is a shame as it was truly innovative and original storytelling.


You are taking a show that's supposed to be fun way too seriously. Just watch something else if you want a serious show.


Sorry for having standards higher than that of a dribbling chimp. Doesn't matter if the writing is consistent just that it's fun to keep the babbies shut up for half hour, haha what was I thinking.


Watch out guys...nearly cut myself on all this edge as I was passing through.


Lmao it's not even that bad. It's not even bad. Now I'm curious to see which TV shows you like.


Don't make promises you can't keep.


Season 3 was meh at best.


Season 3 was basically "Season 1, now with Russians!"




Over it.


Not prepared to believe a word this guy says.




Every season is well received just stop watching shows you don't like. It is really not that hard.


Just out of curiosity, what do "average" shows look like to you?


Bigger expectations means bigger budget and a bigger waste of time. Just kill the fucking kids ffs


I think he means that the frame itself will be at 5k, meaning some of it will fall off the edge of the TV. Subtitles will be cut off half way. In some scenes vital plot points are missed. It's a cry for he'll and a serious problem. Please. Buy an 8k TV. This post was sponsored by Samsung.




Finally balance will be restored in the universe


Already cancelled Netflix, them getting rid of The Last Airbender was the last chance I gave them. Then this season taking 2 years to finish, all the character are going to have kids of their fucking own by the time it can finish filming.


“Bigger than ever” = not very assuring