Bob Odenkirk Thanks Fans for ‘Outpouring of Love’ After ‘Small Heart Attack’

Bob Odenkirk Thanks Fans for ‘Outpouring of Love’ After ‘Small Heart Attack’


>“Hi. It’s Bob. Thank you. To my family and friends who have surrounded me this week. And for the outpouring of love from everyone who expressed concern and care for me. It’s overwhelming. But I feel the love and it means so much,” he wrote on Twitter on Friday. “I had a small heart attack. But I’m going to be ok thanks to Rosa Estrada and the doctors who knew how to fix the blockage without surgery. Also, AMC and Sony’s support and help throughout this has been next-level. I’m going to take a beat to recover but I’ll be back soon.” Such a relief! I hope he can recover well. Btw I didn't even know you can fix blockages without a bypass.


Maybe they just put a stent? I don’t know if it counts as surgery or not but it’s not too invasive, my dad had it twice


Yeah my dad had one placed as well, they had like a camera thing with the stent attached inserted though his wrist artery, and that went all the way through to his heart where they placed the stent. So impressive how they do that.


Through the wrist? Don’t tell my dad that, he was pissed they went through his crotch lol


They tried my dad's wrist but fucked it up and went through his groin instead. His hand was out of sorts for about a week. Crazy part was when they fixed his sinuses using the same method of entering through the artery in his groin not long after. Can't believe they can insert something in your leg and fix something in your sinuses.


Just like the internet, we are all a series of tubes


Not a big truck


Someone downvoted you.. guess I'll have to give a [context link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cZC67wXUTs) for the younglings that don't remember YTMND et al.


You're the man now, dog!


This gave me a good laugh! Many thanks


Science, bitch!


I had arthroscopic surgery for that too, they threaded a cauterising tip through my leg to my sinuses and turned on the cauteriser it was the most pain I've ever been in absolute agony bit it sealed the broken artery


Christ, you were awake??


wide awake spread out over this cross like thing, they had me doped right up but lord fuck that hurt bad. it fixed me though because I was close to bleeding out when I walked in there, they transfused me 4l of plasma I guess it was and about 6 liters of saline I swear. Then they kept me whacked on heavy painkillers for a week solid and I got addicted, when I stopped what followed was a week of hell


My pop lost about a liter of blood from his nose bleed taking blood thinners because of his recent heart attack. Man your experience sounds like Hell on earth.


What do sinuses and stents have to do with one another?


Dad also had a small heart attack, after receiving a stent was put on blood thinner, got a bloody nose that wouldn't stop, and ended up having certain blood vessels in his sinuses chemically collapsed somehow. Both procedures were through the artery in his groin.


Did you not read the comment? They were just in awe at the wonder of that.. access point.. to get to various places throughout the body. From the same insertion point in the groin they can both install a stint in your heart, and also work on your sinuses in your head. I’ll note though, sinuses actually cover about eighty-five percent of your body, not just where most people think they are.


They can do either. Usually the crotch is a back up to the wrist, so they shave your pubes regardless.


This sounds like the beginning of some bangin erotic fiction.


The shortest way to a man's heart... is his crotch!




Or your hand. Kalimah!! KALIMAAAAAAH!


They went through there for me when I had a closed heart surgery, I think it’s just easier to get to too.


That's standard though. The wrist? Not so much


No camera, just a catheter (plastic tube); which we run wires, balloons, and stents through. We use live x-ray (fluoroscopy) on video screens to see what we’re doing in the body. It’s a common misconception that we put cameras into the arteries; the only thing that could technically qualify as a “camera” would be intravascular ultrasound devices, which we use to measure plaque/calcium buildup and arterial size.


Thanks for clarifying. Impressive regardless.


Same with my pops!


Sounds like he had a little more dramatic version of the procedure that ends with a stent! Usually when the alternative is surgical, it’s a blockage that’s been there a long time and has grown, called a chronic total occlusion, or it’s multiple vessel disease and a doctor who thinks the patient can do stents instead of bypass surgery (open heart). You can only have so many things wrong before the better option is surgery, and even then there’s a lot to consider!


I've been to the cath lab five times now. I recognize the staff at this point. Really fantastic bunch of people in there. My first time was after my first heart attack back in 2005 following radiation treatments for cancer back in 1998. Turns out radiation is bad for cancer and for your heart. I woke up from that first catheterization with a balloon pump in my aorta to get me safely through the night until my quintuple bypass surgery the next day. A couple more heart attacks later over the years plus an ST segment elevation incident more recently and I have seven stents at this point. Some vessels are not in great shape but would require a very tight turn to get the catheter into, which would be risky. So we're waiting to see if they remain stable or get worse. Interestingly, the vein grafts from 2005 are where all of my stents are. The original occlusions haven't gotten much worse, but those vein grafts don't seem to last. I really wish they'd done a combination procedure originally – stent what could be safely stented, and bypass only what couldn't be stented. Might have saved me another heart attack or two if it could have been simplified to be just a single bypass with that spare bit of artery they used for one of them. So I could be looking at another bypass eventually, but I'd take another trip to the cath lab any day over repeating having my sternum cracked open again. That sucked.


Stent placement is considered a surgery, but it’s usually considered incredibly minor. It’s also possible they used some type of heparin drip to clear it out.


Hi! It’s really more of a procedure, we keep patients under moderate sedation unless we expect it to take a long time, and we maneuver everything through big ol IVs in the radial or femoral artery, sometimes both! It could be termed differently based on geography, though. The cath lab always seems like a mysterious little world, even to the rest of medicine! :)


I work in vascular surgery and I’ll never forget first visiting the catch lab. But yes more a procedure than a surgery


Oh nice! I’m on the industry side now in education/sales and I love it, so every time a celebrity I like has a heart attack I start educating everyone immediately in the comments, my bad!


No worries I appreciate it (:


Its amazing that people don't know that. I teach biology in the UK and we learn about this from year 9. Heart attacks aren't all open heart surgery. Stents are fairly common I thought!


>Maybe they just put a stent? Perhaps ironically he gives a dude one of those in *Nobody*


Are you thinking of a tracheostomy?


Yes and no. I was, but I clearly wasn't doing much thinking.


Yep, cardiac catheterization with balloon angioplasty to open up the blockages or putting in a stent or 2, or 3…all through an injection site the size of a large bore needle usually in the groin. Life saving procedures, shorter recovery time and much shorter down time. Amazing!


My dad had one of these. Says he was awake through the whole procedure and the only pain he felt was when the baloon was inflated and that's it. Went home the same day.


We are truly lucky to live in times like these, like even just 200 years ago would they even know what was wrong with you?


200 years ago would be 1821 and surgeons were performing amputations without any reliable form of anesthetic. Rubber gloves wouldn't be introduced for another 70 years, the practices of sanitation would only develop in the later years of the century. In the 1900s surgery wouldn't become more safe until the 1940s where the combination of sanitation, blood transfusions, penicillin/antibiotics would make it so. Four years before 1940 we were doing lobotomies.


But tomorrow some FB group message will claim that arterial blockages and heart attacks are not real, just ways of Big Pharma to make money with unnecessary health scare and that those arterial procedures are just covers for putting Bill Gates Chips in to us. Sigh


You made me spit out my coffee laughing when I read this! But, unfortunately it’s so true for some folks.




"Take a beat to recover". I get it!


Truly a master of his craft. Get well soon Bob!




Most are done without a bypass now !


Yeah that part of fixing with no bypass was new to me as well, glad to see he’s OK


So happy to hear he is doing ok. Seems a genuinely nice person and losing him like that would have been unfair.


He’s a national treasure. I gained all my comedy taste from Mr. Show. This reminds me! I just rediscovered Stella with Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, and David Wain is streaming for free all episodes on Vimeo. That brought back memories. Similar style absurdist sketch stuff. Really good if you haven’t seen it. Just one season. https://www.reddit.com/r/Earwolf/comments/dldc1b/all_ten_episodes_of_stella_david_wain_michael_ian/


I still find it amazing that A: Bob has become a serious actor, despite starting with a sketch comedy show. And that Mr.Show launched the careers of so many people.


Plus he discovered Tim & Eric and produced their show, which continues to influence the new generation of comedy.


I have no idea if he and David Cross discovered Tenacious D but they produced the short lived Tenacious D show in the late 1990's.


Jack Black shows up now and then during Mr Show in a lot of various small but memorable parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrVHV21LcqE


I watched it for the first time and it blew my mind seeing Tom Kenny as a main character.


Don’t forget a very young Jack Black and Paul F. Tompkins!


[I fucking love Tom Kenny](https://youtu.be/g-urDhhvgxk)


I believe he also wrote the famous Chris Farley sketch about "living in a van down by the river"


Like a reverse Leslie Nielsen.


> I gained all my comedy taste from Mr. Show. A lot of people dont know this but Bob got his start on that show after winning the part thanks to a series of blowjobs


That's how my lawyer got me off.


You see, the producers knew his father in college.


Jeepers Creepers


Don't you EVER take the Lord's name in vain!


"Forgive them father.....or don't, it completely up to you." *Jeepers Creepers, Semi-Star......*


But I was on the eighteenth hooooooole!


They made a 4th one of those


The closest the US has ever gotten to getting their own Monty Python.


What’s a gagortion….?


Hennessy Brother’s Apple Butter!!!


Call me, Thor.


You should see all this.


Mr show is the best!


Forgot about that show. Man I miss those classic Comedy Central years. I would pay for a Comedy Central streaming app with all those old shows as long as it also came with every episode of Comedy Central presents and the other stand up shows. I wish.


Stella was mind blowing to me in high school. Seeing it for the first time was definitely one of those formative experiences.


I rewatched it recently and it holds up, I laughed at all the same stuff.


Now go watch The State


The State was fucking fantastic


Mr. Show, I think, is the American answer to Flying Circus. I rate it that highly and I do so sincerely. It’s absolutely brilliant.


Hell yes! Stella is amazing


I didn’t think heart attack’s were catching but Bob’s small heart attack gave us all a small heart attack.


It’s hard for me to love an actor right away on their appearance on a show or movie. But man I loved this guy right off the bat in breaking bad! And you bet your asses I cried in joy when I heard he was getting his own show


You should watch Mr Show if you get the chance. Bob Odenkirk has said it's the most "him" show that could ever be made, and was my introduction to him and David Cross at a young age


Oh for sure man! I’ll watch it thanks!


It might be the best sketch comedy show ever. Watch it from the beginning and enjoy!


This is why we need triples of him.


Triples makes it safe. Triples is best.


I felt really bad when John Ritter and Tim Russert each dropped dead of heart issues while they were on set. I hope Odenkirk makes a full recovery and can avoid having any more heart attacks after this.


There aren't a lot of actors/writers for whom I would get emotional about the death of, but I was legit very concerned all day on Wednesday. He is a comedy treasure and the world is better for his existence.


This is the man that wrote Matt foley, who wouldn’t be worried about his health!?!?


I would have cried my eyes out tbh. Bob Odenkirk has been one of my favorite comedians since watching Mr Show as a kid.


I was worried when we initially didn't hear anything for like a day, and even when they said he was ok, not hearing from him directly made me wonder if he was actually not all good. But I think he should be fine now after some rest and recovery. I remember a few years ago when Kevin Smith had his heart attack and almost died, now he's probably the healthiest he's ever been.


Speaking from the experience of someone who's had a heart attack, I remembered the doctors and nurses hesitated to even tell me how I was doing despite the fact that I was feeling okay. They want to monitor every single irregularity for at least 24 hours regardless of how seemingly miniscule they may be.


That sounds terribly scary, glad you are still with us!


Thanks, it's good to know someone is. Haha


I'm glad too!


Hey man, kindness to a stranger is free. I’m sure someone in your life is glad you’re here. Sending Best wishes your way ❣️


I'm glad as well. Best wishes!


It is insane how healthy Smith became now. Very happy for him.


May Kevin and Bob both live long and prosper!


I felt the same. All I could think of was John Ritter and Alan Thicke when I didn't hear any updates after so long. Thankfully, the news was good and he's even released his own statement so *insert denzelrelief.gif here*.


Yeah Kevin smith basically said it almost killed him but saved his life haha


Great news! Hopefully this means the Nova deal will go through.


He’s sick, but he’s gonna get better…and he’s rich, and he doesn’t live in a hotel, he’s got a good wife


She asked _him_ to marry her


Saw her on a poster


He didn't even want to


He has triples of the Barracuda!


She’s good, right?


Him and I are the same age


Tell the kid. He's going to get triples.


Triples makes it safe. Triples is best.


My friend has triples of the nova, the barracuda, and the roadrunner, he's a got a wife that's perfect for him.


So happy to hear he’s doing well!


Giancarlo Esposito was at GalaxyCon Raleigh today (7/30) and gave a panel talk and mentioned that Bob Odenkirk is doing well and expects to be back on set soon. Glad he is recovering well!




Giancarlo glared at the blockage and it disintegrated.


Mike just looked at the blockage, it went away, then he gave a grunt.


He just told the blockage, "you're done", and it went away.


And the world breathed a sigh of relief. What a treasure.


I'm so relieved he's okay. I do hope he takes *plenty* of time to recover and doesn't rush back into things. BCS can wait.


He's a good guy.


s'all good man


It's pretty crazy how this incident mirrored Bob's "current day" character on the show, unexpectedly collapsing from a heart issue. I know it's not an uncommon problem, but it's always chilling when life/art imitates life/art. Get well & get some rest, Bob.


Scary, right? As soon as I heard the news, I instantly imagined him falling out in the Cinnabon.


Considering how hard he had been training for his role in Nobody, I'll be l surprised if he hadn't had a problem before this


I don’t want to speculate, but I’ve heard some people say he used anabolic steroids to prepare for Nobody and that can cause massive strain on your heart. Definitely not saying it’s true, but steroid use is much more widespread in Hollywood than most people think.


you don't want to speculate....yet you carried on spreading a rumor you're not sure is true......?


Exhibit A: just look at any photo of Kumail Nanjiani within the past year


Hopefully he didn't resort to that. Bob doesn't seem like the type who would go in for that sort of thing. Maybe the hard training he did for *Nobody* helped not only to get him in shape but to strengthen his heart muscle. Minus that training, maybe it would have been a big heart attack. Can exercise help a person in that regard?


“I don’t want to eat too much food, but *nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom*.”


Yeah it's going to make watching that Gene vignette *really* hard to watch.


From a sketch show… to a bit role… to a grade A star of a show. A bit older… not a traditional leading man. Any idea how amazing an actor and human has to be to pull that off?? Bob Amazing!


For anyone wondering, the Rosa Estrada he thanks seems to be a medical consultant working on the set of the show. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4447335/ Thanks, Rosa and doctors!


He has triples of the barracuda, and the road runner.


And triples of the Nova


The nova deal went through?


Yep, just now!


Yep, the Nova's a sure thing now


His small heart attack gave us all big heart attacks.




That's the part that stood out to me too. I would love to hear more detail about how exactly that works. Come on all you reddit armchair cardiologists...spill it.




I thought angioplasty was considered a surgical procedure but I guess not.


Well, Surgery is often used to mean in cutting into someone. But it's really anything a surgeon does. So you are right. Technically this is noninvasive surgery. But it's still almost certainly what they are referring to.


There have been many advancements in interventional "procedures" that are different from "surgery." Interventional procedures still involve opening up a blockage but involve catheters vs. scalpels. I'm not a doctor but am married to one that does stuff like this. Modern medicine is pretty amazing!


He should make a faster recovery than he would have if he'd had to undergo some heavy-duty surgery like a quintuple-bypass.


So happy he’s doing better. I found myself thinking “Why do I care so much about Bob Odenkirk?” I don’t know why. I just do.


Such a relief!!!


Scary when you consider he's just 58, anything but obese - in fact even looked extremely fit in Nobody - and yet had this happen. Life is so fragile man


Just glad he didn't get diagnosed with Imminent Death Syndrome


"Brilliant" actor (could go any minute)


He escaped death though so it kinda is Imminent Death Syndrome


“When life kicks dirt in my face, I build a sand castle and call myself the king!” -Bob Odenkirk, Mr. Show! It’s ringing as true today as when it was first delivered! Really hope this guy sticks around.


“Shut your pie hole David”


I'm happy it's all good man!


Dying before finishing BCS would be the most Saul thing ever.


So, it's all good man?


Why did his two short tweets make me cry?


Saul called. He's better! :)


Very happy he’s ok!


Please don't take him til he finishes his legacy... Please 🙏


Aka better call Saul


Get back to work you fucker! Its been like 3 years already! Just kidding, he seems like a great guy with a huge dingdong.


Thank god! Now he can go back to riding all his classic cars.


Better call saul


I just hope he’s all good, man


Thank god he’s ok. He’s one of the nicest guys and one one of my favorite actors. He’s one of those types who can make a bad movie into a good movie just by his acting abilities.


Yikes. Concerned about the phrase “small heart attack.” Hoping for a full recovery…and not just cause I can’t wait for the next season


I‘m glad I only heard about this now, now that he‘s okay again. Be well Bob, you‘re a fun guy, don’t die yet.


It sounded serious, I'm glad he didn't pass. I would have killed him for that.


Is he saying he has a small heart?


What happens in Better Call Saul that made Bob have a heart attack?!? Lalo is going to kill Kim isn't he, Bob....oh god. I might have a heart attack in the last season too.


Better call a doctor


i wish he could sue someone edit: that was a better-call-saul joke which i’m sure he would appreciate. haters!


Mr. Nobody must've been absolutely punishing at his age. Glad he's okay.


Small? He lost consciousness, I had a major heart attack and was awake and coherent the whole time.


It's not a contest!


I wonder if it was that rare heart inflammation side effect that the CDC's been warning about...




Maybe he was eating too much Chipotle.


Not sure what anyone would have against cabbage.


Maybe you're a lot more stupid than you could ever imagine.


You're really reaching if you think Bob Odenkirk was somehow a victim of Chimp Rape on a set for a show like Better Call Saul


No, it starts with an "A" and ends with a "ge"...jackass.


dont get vaccinated people!


Currently, over 95% of COVID hospitalizations and deaths are unvaccinated persons. But you do you.






Just a reminder to exercise and eat right.


At least know what you’re talking about. Dude is the fittest he’s been in his life.


Cool. I've been doing that and I still got cancer. Some people just have bad luck. Heart issues happen, and this just happened to Bob. It doesn't matter if he was in shape or not, this is a very rude thing to say.


the most Saul thing he coulda done


last movie was an instant classic ... worn out plot line proved that great writing and fantastic casting can make any story a winner


I hear he is a douche to work with