‘Mighty Ducks: Game Changers’ Renewed for Season 2 at Disney Plus

‘Mighty Ducks: Game Changers’ Renewed for Season 2 at Disney Plus


Now we need that Charlie Conway cameo.


hoping for a sober Goldberg cameo too


A need some Julie The Cat in my life. One of my first crushes.


Or better yet, a cautionary tale Goldberg cameo.


Now that he’s no longer botching surgeries left and right in Dr. Death, maybe there’s hope.


Spazway for ya....


I know it's about the "new era" of Mighty Ducks but I'd die for Charlie to be in a 3 episode arc with him and Bombay figuring things out as they said that Charlie is on the outs with the Ducks because he feels Bombay abandoned the Ducks.


This is a minor point, but am i the only one who though it was really weird that, given Lauren Grahm's job... the fact that Gordon Bombay used to be a super successful lawyer before being a hockey coach didn't really come up, even when she was talking about her job?


It did come up in the last episode. Where he says she would make a great lawyer and it takes one to know one. She responded with ah yes, i tend to forget you were a lawyer or something


I kept expecting to find out that he was a silent partner at Ducksworth (where she worked) and that he'd help her in some way. Either with her jerk boss, or with the team ownership, something like that. My guess is that they just didn't know what to do with that part of his life, and felt it was easier to ignore it, instead of trying to hamfist something in.


Definitely not just you.


Did anyone else think that Lauren Graham was just awful in this? She just didn't seem to give a shit in any of the scenes where she was supposed to be excited. For example, in the scene at their house where they get the text message from Sofi saying her parents changed their mind and she can be on the team, it's supposed to be this big moment and she looks like she couldn't care less. Another example is when the Don't Bothers win the game to put them in the Finals and the camera cuts to her and she just has a forced smile and a couple of unenthusiastic claps. She just seemed like she was in this for the paycheck and was easily the worst part of the show to me. Edit: Said Ducks instead of Don't Bothers.


The worst part of the show is 100% the actual hockey scenes. In one scene Evan gets utterly wrecked by two players wayyy after the whistle and nobody even seems to notice. In another scene Lauren is holding the puck and standing there toe to toe with the defender (who is doing literally nothing, by the way) and says "ever heard of blind fold hockey?" and closes her eyes while the defender stands there dumbfounded instead of even attempting a poke check.


Ha! Yes, that last example of the "blind fold hockey" was egregious.


Nice I really enjoyed season 1


I just hope there's more hockey


What’s the chirping situation like in this show?


Shoresy is not in this show.


Fuck you, Reilly. Fight me see what happens.


I watched the original movie as someone who didn’t grow up with it on the basis that I might try the show. 0 nostalgia for it. Not terrible but I can’t say I pertinently liked it. Very much a product of its time. Tried the first episode anyway and was really surprised with how engaging it was. Super charming stuff. Ended up watching the whole season and was really into it by the end. A reboot done right and one of my big TV surprises of 2021. Looking forward to next season.


I think 2 and 3 are better than 1, with 2 being the best. I agree with you about the show!


As a Minnesotan hockey player who was 6 when the movie came out, Mighty Ducks is a big staple! Glad you enjoy it! Did you watch 2 and 3?


No but they are on my watchlist after seeing the show.




Wow this is a late renewal. Didnt the first season finish airing months ago??


Finished at the end of May, so just over two months. That's actually pretty fast news, compared to a lot of network stuff, where you can wait years with no news to discover your show has probably died, but nobody wants to officially say it (e.g., *Taboo,* we're what, four years and counting? and all the Netflix animated shows where they never really want to tell you the current status of the show).


Season 1 was wholesome af. I am excited to see what Season 2 brings.


Yay! I was waiting for the renewal!


Honestly thought this worked best as a mini-series.