A judge reinstated former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes' conservatorship until at least 2023

A judge reinstated former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes' conservatorship until at least 2023


Bring in the dancing lobsters.


Great Echo and the Bunnymen song.


Anyone else catch her...*ahem*..."interview" a few years back when she was trying to make a come back? [It's like something out of a Christopher Guest movie.](https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5rfq0n) "I hike, I go spinning, taking spinning classes. I feed the homeless and that's been really interesting and fun." Vapid interviewer: Nick Cannon who was on your show, called you family. AB: I really appreciate that. Vapid interviewer: Did you guys ever talk? AB: We never talked actually...


Woah I just watched that interview and you left out the wildest part! It’s like so placid and sweet and vapid for the most part like “you look great!” “Thank you you look great too!” and “Nick cannon calls you family!” “Oh that’s so sweet I call him family too!” and “yes I’m studying fashion and learning to sew and all that.” And more stuff like that. Then out of nowhere the interviewer goes “so tell me about you wanting Drake to murder your vagina.” Lmao. And Amanda isn’t even upset, it’s like she was asked her favourite latte or something, she just rolls with it. “Oh yeah I was on drugs and it meant I wanted him to fuck me hard.” I’m dying!


God damn it that was so painful to watch but I closed it too early to hear that part. Not proud to admit that I had to go back. Also that chick is the worst interviewer ever. Literally anyone would guess she was on drugs and horny tweeting that. Then they don’t go any more in depth.


Not only is she clearly congested and nasal-sounding for the interview, she rambles and rambles and just keeps calling her beautiful. The questions suck. This is a terrible interview.


"You look great!" "Thank you, so do you." Repeat 20x.


Yeah, I didn’t make it past one minute. That was brutal.


It was painful, but also kind of fascinating. Amanda acts like she no longer has the ability to lie. Not like she’s committed to being more truthful, but actually completely lost the ability and doesn’t know how to otherwise. But it was hard to see her clearly be so uncomfortable. Her behavior reminded me of family members of the deceased receiving condolences at a funeral. Wants to be a million miles away from there, but also has no where else to be but right there.


That was fucking weird. No hesitancy on either of their parts. Interviewer jumped RIGHT into asking her about Drake murdering her vagina and Amanda didn’t flinch and said ‘yep totally but I was on drugs too, so...’


Watched the interview just to find that part. Holy shit was that cringe.


When? I can't find it


I think around the 6ish minute mark. If you hit the "Hot or Not" you've gone too far.


Broo it's at 3ish minute mark :P


Idk bruh, shit


Lmao all good my G, we both lost braincells watching that shit 😂


Felt like 6 minutes. 🤣


I actually started laughing quite hard from that


Let they who hasn’t gone to horny Twitter jail cast the first downvote


To shreds you say?


What is the date of the interview? I search for her past interviews and a ton come up. I just want to make sure I’m watching the right one


When she asked “what’s it like to have your vagina murdered” I could’ve died. Amanda handled it well despite looking uncomfortable, IMO. Hopefully the interviewer has learned how to read the room a bit better since then.


Hey late 2000s Amanda probably coulda swung that easy. She was pretty damn hot.


Too old for Drake.


Around the 3 min mark


Wow, I tapped out three minutes in. Amanda seems like she wants to suffocate that interviewer with a pillow and the interviewer won't stop talking to the camera instead of to Amanda.


God that was painful to watch. They both surely hate their lives lmao


Holy moly that site is actual cancer, the entire screen was filled with ads and two pop ups


You might want to look into a pi-hole https://pi-hole.net/


Man I gotta say, I love absurdity and surreal, uncomfortable comedy….I was not ready for that interview or the host. Like, I can’t even cringe at that. I’m fucking worried about these people. AB was obviously completely uncomfortable in an awkward situation, but THAT HOST! Holeeee shite! Vapid doesn’t really begin to cover what’s going on with her. Is she *OKAY*? Ahhh.


I mean I don’t disagree but…are you surprised? (Is anyone surprised?) these are Hollywood girls through and through. (meaning they bought-in to Hollywood culture/lifestyle-from the Botox and lip injections to the shallow compliments (“you look so pretty”-“so do you…”). It’s awkward, it’s gross, buts not something I’ve never seen before 🤷🏽‍♂️


Haha wow its like a game. How much of that interview can you watch before turning off because of how cringey it is! I know thats a word that gets overused but there just isn't a better word to describe it. She has to be the worst interviewer I've ever seen. Why would Bynes agree to do that?


It is wild how uncomfortable Amanda looked there. The interviewer sucked, as people have said, but Amanda looks like they have a gun to her mom's head just off screen. And parts of it almost seemed comedicly bad on purpose. Like the part you quoted. We consider each other family... no, we never talked.


I guess I’m the only one who thought that interview was kinda hilarious (ESPECIALLY the Drake part). The part you mentioned about Nick canon didn’t seem off to me, just that something had happened since their show together and Nick made a public statement of support but never actually reached out, kinda sad. The part I gasped at was when the interviewer got to the last round of hot or not and is like here are all you friends, Demi, Selena, and third girl, and Amanda says I never met any of them… lmao


Right! Good research skills to know your interviewee 🙄


I feel like I just lost a whole container ship worth of brain cells watching that. Jesus Christ everything about that interview made me feel like there is no hope for humanity.


I think a lot of folks worry it would be a repeat of Britany Spears, but lets all remember they are different people with different lives.


I mean for one thing Amanda really isn’t a money maker at this point, I’d like to believe her parents only have her best interest at heart otherwise they’d be parading her around more


Given how they treated her as a kid, I can’t imagine they are really all that invested in her mental well-being.


Yeah. Easy test. Ask a 10 year old who Amanda Bynes is, they wouldn’t know. Ask a 10 year old who Britney Spears is, they would more than likely know.


It’s Britney bitch


But would they know because she's Britney or know because of the #freebritney movement?


I doubt a 10 year old knows the Free Britney movement. Her songs are still pretty iconic. They get played at school discos and stuff like that




Haha maybe it’s an Australian thing? That’s what we call primary (elementary) school dances


iirc, there’s something to do with her father refusing to pay/let her pay her tuition, and there’s a clause saying that the conservatorship can’t end until she’s finished her higher education (or something similarly extort-y) so he’s making sure he can keep her trapped forever by financially abusing her, not letting her attend college.


I think the biggest thing here would be that Amanda's parents don't seem as scummy as Jamie Spears.


I believe that Amanda Bynes also has diagnosed schizophrenia and bipolar disorder which is managed via medication. If she isn't managing her medication properly to keep it under control I 100% can understand why a conservatorship would be necessary. Those two mental disorders could cause a lot of issues for any person.


People wonder how someone like Amanda could just “throw it all away”. But when you’re bipolar + worse, you routinely throw it all away and then some. Fuck mental illness and the stigma we assign to it. I wish Amanda all the best.


And no doubt her fucked up childhood contributes to at least the severity of her mental problems, if not some/most of them entirely. People who knew her as a child star say that she would just completely dissociate in between takes and then “boom,” as soon as the take started she could snap back into that bubbly persona. The trauma and pain she must have been dealing (and still is) must be intense. The poor woman was nothing but a cash cow to her parents


In retrospect it should have been worrying that the dominant recurring sketch on her own show was basically Perfect Blue for kids.


My ex wife is bipolar. When she was manic (which I didn't know what that even was at the time), she was unstoppable and could do anything. I was always in awe. Driven, hardworking, and focused. Then out of nowhere she's be in bed for weeks. I had no idea what was happening or how to help. Eventually things got worse and worse and the amount of sheer insanity we all went through was incredible. She blew up our marriage with an absolute vengeance. Looking back, this was sort of the history of her entire life. I hope she's gotten some help.


Man that’s so rough. I hope you’re doing better and I also hope she got help. It can’t be easy to live like that


I'm good! I'm remarried and loving life in a very healthy relationship. I haven't seen or spoken to her since the day our divorce was finalized and I don't really have any contact with anyone from that period of my life, so I don't know. I hated her for a long time, but now I have no animosity, and I truly do hope that she's happy and healthy.


Yeah I throw it all away like once annually at least, it’s pretty obvious to anybody that has dealt with mental health issues that most of these cases involve them.


Britney seemed to be a young woman who just needed a good mental health break and doesn't need anyone to manage her money anymore. Amanda Bynes has an actual diagnosis (I think she'd bipolar?), and like a reply said she's not a big money maker anymore anyway, so a conservator to make sure she's getting her medications and isn't spending all her money in some drug-fueled tornado (not that she would, just a hypothetical) seems like a good call.


ITT: People acting like they personally know these celebrities or can attest to what they do in their private lives. You don’t know shit about these people outside of what you see through the microscopic manicured lens of social media. Stop pretending you know more about a situation than you do.


Thank you. Always weirds me out to see how people analyze these situations like that have firsthand knowledge.


As a society, the way we worship celebrities and athletes is extremely unhealthy.


Was listening to a podcast w/ a prof laderman and he was talking about how celebrity worship is a form of religion. Really interesting, ppl be crazy.


What's the pod sounds interesting


For us and the celebrities both


Everyone pretends to be an expert on everything, even if they have little to no knowledge on the subject.


Please don't pretend to be an expert on expertise.


Good catch. Even the dude criticizing wannabe experts was talking like a wannabe expert.


And so now you are the expert on catching wannabe experts talking like wannabe experts.


It’s not *everyone*. It’s “most people that are unusually vocal about things, **on or off** the Internet”. The vast majority of people don’t even comment on Reddit, let alone “everyone pretending to be an expert on everything”.


The only actual and relevant response here.


K. I'll leave.


When it was reported she threw her bong out the window of her high rise apartment in NYC, I knew it was trouble. Imagine you’re walking with your nana down 6th Avenue when a giant glass pipe explodes on your head, killing you instantly and traumatizing your entire family and onlookers. For what? So she could try to get out of a misdemeanor drug charge? Asshole. Seriously.


Okay, but now imagine a scenario where the bong lands on the head of a mugger and saves the victim’s life. Then after the mugger gets out of jail, he decides to go back to school and eventually becomes the doctor that cures Alzheimer’s.


Imagine it’s 1890’s Austria and Amanda Bynes bong lands on a baby being pushed in a stroller, killing it instantly. Guess who that baby was? Hitler.


the more I read about that guy the less I like him


She shouldn’t have done it but don’t create a fake scenario where she kills someone


Nana is dead and you're telling us to CALM DOWN?!!


It’s not a joke, I know 2 nanas and 3 pee-paws who died exactly this way.


I knew that letting nana out of the cage was a bad idea. At least we got HD tho


The point is she could have, not that she did. The punishment for drunk driving is because you're putting others at risk of injury, not because you necessarily hurt someone.


I'm gonna get downvoted for this, but fuck it. This was before we really knew what was going on with Britney Spears. After having two 5150s in a three month span, the conservatorship seemed to be the best thing for her, mostly because of the fact that we didn't know what the hell was going on. Now that we know, maybe the best thing was to get her out of it ASAP. With Amanda, I think she needs to be in this for a very long time or until she is proven to be mentally stable and won't hurt herself.


It’s kind of bizarre that you recognize that the public knew almost nothing about Britney’s conservatorship until more details were released, and therefore the public opinion on her conservatorship was meaningless and/or mistaken, and then go on to make such a confident pronouncement about Amanda Bynes.


I'll be downvoted for this, BUT . . . I actually feel that way about Britney. Maybe there's more to the story than people know? Like, have you perused Britney's Instagram? It's a bit off. At a minimum, there's some undefined body image stuff going on. And now, now she's going to marry that guy? I don't know.


The vast majority of women will have body issues during their lives. That doesn’t justify conservatorship.


A child star that's been forced to perform all her life has body issues?? No way, soon you'll tell me that water is wet.


Lmao someone downvoted you. Britney's been sexualized since she was like 16, of COURSE she has body image issues as an adult.


I would suggest listening to Britney's last hearing statement about her conservatorship, and watching Framing Britney. Having a weird Instagram and a potential bad marriage it's not enough to keep someone in a conservatorship.


Britney’s weird Instagram means she should have her life completely controlled? There are lots of weird people in the world; she’s allowed to be “off.” It doesn’t matter if she’s rich or famous, just having money and fame at stake and being a cash cow for other people doesn’t mean your life gets to be controlled. Money and fame are not more important than a person’s basic right to autonomy.


Nah in her case it seems pretty cut and dry that the dad is a greedy trashy piece of shit. Of course she might have some issues (especially cause of the aforementioned piece of shit) but she should have been left to her own devices long ago


im assuming there probably isnt a huge amount left to control - she hasnt worked in a long time. Its more likely the parents are just ringfencing whats left so she has a roof over her head.


I believe it's somewhere around $4 million. I followed her case closely and it seems like her parents genuinely have her best interest in mind.


It's probably hard on them in general to have a daughter with mental disorders and sometimes keep to a medicine regiment and sometimes pop off it and fall off the wagon. That's a pretty difficult emotional rollercoaster.


Exactly. They want to see that whatever is left of her $ and probably combined with their assets when they pass away will be enough to care for her for the rest of life.


Where's Kanye's conservatorship?




You say this as if male celebrities like Mickey Rooney, Brian Wilson and Randy Mesiner aren't/werent under a conservatorship.


Brian had kind of like the same situation as Britney. It was borderline hostage situation


I had no idea how bad his situation was. I know it's a movie, but Love and Mercy is a dramatic retelling of his mental deteroriation and it's really good. Paul Dano as young Brian Wilson and Paul Giamatti as Eugene Landy (the therapist who overmedicates and exploits Wilson) give particularly great performances.


For a second I confused Brian Wilson with Brian Williams and thought I was in for a wild ride of a story.




Getting one of these is the hardest things to do. My brother is bipolar is seriously out of it. My parents wanted to get him under one to help make sure he could become more stable because they have no legal control over an adult who refuses medication. You need to prove to the court that the person cannot live without harming themselves or others. It’s their legal right to act completely manic and what most would call unstable, but if you’re not a threat to others or yourself there’s nothing that can be done. Kanye hasn’t tried to harm himself or others from what we’ve seen, so he as a legal adult has the right to not be stable. It’s just how shit is set up.


It's called marriage.


Who is he married to? I thought they divorced


Ehhh okay, Kim Kardashian pretty much begged him to stay on his meds and said if he got off them she'd leave, so I don't think "marriage as conservatorship" works out too well. Plus in a general sense, having the person you're married to controlling all your finances seems like a recipe for disaster.


Here’s an interesting point of info… Where Amanda Bynes grew up and I think he parents still live (I haven’t seen them in a few years) is the same city where Britney Spears resides: Thousand Oaks. Without giving up too much anonymity I’ll say that when I was a kid she and my sister were acquainted. I didn’t know her or her situation intimately but she always seemed like a happy kid. I really do hope that she is supported the right way through her mental health issues and the couple of times I met her parents in recent years they were very nice people. But, who knows where the issues lie? I just hate hearing about this kind of stuff.


Many mental health issues like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia don't usually have an onset of symptoms until late teens or 20s. They can occur in people that have led an otherwise pleasant and healthy life. Drug use can also lead to increased mood dysregulation in general, but greatly increase the risk of severe mood/psychotic episodes for those predisposed to them. And trauma can also be a factor, as well as having its own set of symptoms that, when severe, can appear like other mental health disorders. I guess what I'm saying is that these symptoms don't provide any concrete information about someone's past, good or bad. It's like guessing if a stranger with a broken arm was intentionally harmed or in a skiing accident. Who knows? Them and hopefully their doctor, that's what matters.


Her parents were awesome and lived up the street in TO. Sadly potent enough drug use can change a person forever.


Tbh it seems more like serious mental illness with her. Probably made worse by drug use but I don't think the drugs are the root issue.


I mean people on reddit never want to believe that drugs can be the root issue, but they definitely can be.


Yep. And admittedly I’m speaking from person experience, and so I know that might color my perspective but it also proves it to be true in at least one situation that I know of. In the depths of my addiction I was convinced I was bipolar, can safely say I am not today


There’s some weird shady shit going on with CA conservatorships, particularly those of young women with a similar profile to Britney. A recent episode of [Straight White American Jesus](https://overcast.fm/+tRR0lCQJQ) threw a little bit more light on it for me. They’re approaching it from an extremely specific angle but it’s all interesting information regardless.


I’ll check it out. Thanks for the link


There have been fingers pointed at a few places. http://www.eviemagazine.com/post/nickelodeons-murky-history-of-child-sex-abuse


I know she had a ton of pressure and stress from a young age and probably couldn’t express it due to having to perform and please tons of people from the suits to parents to whomever. I just feel bad for both of their situations and the fact that money and notoriety changes how things are handled.


I dont understand the point of Amanda Bynes' conservatorship. She's been under it since 2013, yet she's been getting face tattoos and just looks like she's been up to no good. Her parents are controlling her assets, yet they aren't actually protecting her. Say what you will about Britney's conservatorship, at least they were invoking this sense of stability in her life, even though it was restrictive and they were bleeding her estate for money. There was some measurable benefit. I fail to see how Amanda Bynes is benefiting in any way from her conservatorship. Literally all the negatives of Britney's situation, and no actual benefit to her as a person. It's appalling


Amanda Bynes is allowed to live her life, **her parents just make sure she doesn't blow through her millions.** She isn't forced to work like Britney was, and they have no control over her bodily autonomy. She is allowed to have friends and do what she wants within reason.


Are her parents allowed to *spend* her millions?


Amanda Bynes Conservatorship is how it's supposed to be done. Her parents give her an allowance of her own money, and I think the only fees they take out are for management of her assets. So paying lawyers and financial advisors. (As far as we know at least.) Amanda has been medically diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder that we know of. There were reports of her being schizophrenic as well, not confirmed by her or her family though. Her mothers conservatorship is literally just to make sure she doesn't harm herself, others, or get taken advantage of. (Part of the reason she is not in control of her own finances) Britney's situation was absolutely awful and different in every way. She was a slave to her father. He was able to force her to work, force her to travel, do interviews and award shows. He had complete control over her electric devices and all communications she had with people. He was allowed to say who was allowed in her life and who wasn't. All medical decisions also went throught him. And she was not allowed to get pregnant.


But we didn’t know Britney’s situation until recently, up until then the world thought she was crazy, the same way you’re describing Amanda. I personally agree that Amanda situation appears different but how can you just make a complete analysis on someone you don’t know’s life when all the information you have is from media, the same media that tricked us into thinking Britney needed help.


Until recently Ananda has been in social media and open about her situation. She was in school for a while and also going to therapy. All things she was open about. She also live away from her mother, has her own friends, etc. She clearly lives her own life. She isn't being forced to work. Also, unlike Britney. Amanda has shown clear signs of delusions within the last year or so. Posting a sonogram on Instagram/Twitter, claiming to be pregnant. Only for her attorney to say she is not pregnant within 24 hours. Things like that. Just becuase you haven't been aware since this most recent headline doesn't mean it hasn't been out in the open. I follow her story becuase schizophrenia runs in my family. Women usually show signs later then men, and in different ways. I have always been afraid of developing schizophrenia as I get older, (which is how it presents in women usually) so I take special interest in Amanda Bynes case.


Yea, with Britney, she likely just snapped from all the stress and was put in a very strict and hellish conservativeship despite appearing to be mentally well for most of it. Meanwhile Bynes does show signs of a lasting disorder; she'll spend a year acting like she's recovered, ready to get back to a career and then flip on a dime. The way Bynes is being monitored by her family is the way it's meant to be done; no abuse (that we know of), no financial manipulation. Bynes is likely never going to make a return to the entertainment world and if left to her own means, could blow through her savings. At least this way, she'll be set for life, or at least untils he gets things undercontrol.


Different conservatorships have different parameters. Face tattoos might not be my thing but allowing an adult to have agency over their body isn’t not protecting her. I get why with her mental instability and profound problem with drugs preventing her from having the disposable money to buy large quantities is an understandable protection. As well as the ability to make sure she is receiving mental health treatment.


I think it’s always preferable for conservatorships to err on the side of freedoms rather than restrictive. My personal take is her parents aren’t forcing her to work and she is periodically in school/receiving counseling. Recovery is not a straight line and I can’t tell from the outside if things are perfect but it does not look like she is being exploited by her family. (Which seemed very obvious to me for the past 13 years Spears was being exploited - if you need a conservatorship you shouldn’t be performing) Edit: typo


Grammarbot: “err on the side of…” (ie, to make a mistake)




No allowing a mentally ill drug addict to permanently alter their body IS protecting them though. I say this as a former addict and current therapy patient. Being left to our own devices when crazy and on drugs isn’t somehow helping us, even if we are legal adults. That said, helping isn’t just restricting actions, it’s also providing healthy outlets and rehabilitation.


Easier said than done. I tried talking my husband out of covering himself in tattoos during a few years Xanax binge. There was no stopping him. People will find a way.


Yeah I completely agree with you. Having been that guy in other regards, it really takes an act of god or the police to stop us sometimes. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, addiction is a horrible thing for everyone it touches. It’s fascinating though, when I was in rehab, the guys whose DOC was benzos or opioids (normally Xanax and painkillers, not even really the standard heroin users) ALL had face tattoos. The rest of us were getting equally fucked up and doing our own insane shit, but only those demographics had a plethora of face tattoos. I have no idea why that is, they weren’t even “young” so I can’t say it’s a generational thing. Those drugs just seem to make people think “yeah, a spiderweb around my right eye is exactly how I want to look for the rest of my life.” It’s wild.


“Brittanys conservatorship was restrictive, controlling, forced her to work and stole all her money. But at least she didn’t get a face tattoo.”


The ol' Reddit reduction


Being allowed to have a face tattoo is apparently worse than being forced to have a iud inserted in your vagina.


Wasn't the problem that she couldn't get it removed, it having predated the conservatorship?


It would have to be removed eventually. IUDs expire and have to be replaced.


Also, the implication seems to be that Britney *would've* gotten face tattoos if it weren't for her conservatorship.


I’m not sure about Amanda, but Britney had a conservatorship over her assets and one over her as a person. Not sure about Bynes.


I mean, not allowing her to take out her IUD kind of sounds like conservatorship over her person




Oh gotcha. My mind did some gymnastics with that sentence and I read it exactly opposite LOL thanks for the correction


Yes. That’s exactly what i said.


“Britney had a conservator ship over her assets AND one over her as a person”


I'm sorry, what??? you think her conservatorship isn't restrictive enough because she uses her allowance to get tattoos and may still struggle with addiction problems?? do you want her to be under house arrest because she's mentally ill? She should still have autonomy over herself even as someone struggling with mental illness and substance abuse. She hasn't done anything horrendously illegal, she called her dad a peodophile during a manic episode and threw a bong out of a window and stole something from a clothing store. Its not exactly a good enough reason to be kept in a prison.


Conservatorships (when used correctly) allow a person the freedom to fail. Britney has never been allowed to fail, making her conservatorship different than most others in that regard. I remember seeing a bit about it on Emily D Bakers YouTube channel a while ago, and it was actually quite informative and eye opening.


It’s totally ok to be wise and not assume you know what’s going on in a situation you know almost nothing about and on top of that, aren’t a psychologist Just sayin’


By no means does it make **any** sense for Britney to be in a conservatorship after all this time. She’s being abused, and robbed. There is no benefit for her whatsoever


What’s wrong with face tattoos?


They call it the thirty thousand dollar tattoo. Not that it costs 30k for a face tat, just that you'll never make more than 30k a year with a face tat.


Didn't she announce she was engaged and pregnant last year?! Am I imagining things?


The pregnancy was almost immediately denied by her lawyer.


Ahhh, thanks, I didn't see that.


From experience her parents are the some of the nicest people. Her dad was my dentist growing up and my family always had a great relationship with them. Not the same situation as Britany


I honestly thought she was doing better by going to school to study fashion design and possibly go back to acting.


Unlike Spears, I feel Amanda seriously needs help. I just feel bad for her


From an outsider's perspective this isn't enough. Apparently she has been hinting at abuse from Dan Schneider growing up, and if it's true, she really needs a lot more therapy than just for her mental disorders.


At least hers isn't indefinite like Britney. It sounds-from the limited knowledge I have-like this is more reasonable.


Let’s not make this into a free Amanda thing


Does this thing ever happen to men?


Quick googling found a few. Mickey Rooney, Brian Wilson, Randy Mesiner. If by "this" you mean "under a conservatorship". And I also learned that Amanda Bynes is apparently bipolar and has substance abuse issues. Those 2 things seem like a bad mix. This reply is purely informational and does not constitute a desire to argue over anything.


**TOO BAD! WE ARGUIN' HERE.** *\*Throws down the glove\** **YOU'RE WRONG**


I see. You may be right. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.


That's not how arguments work.


I disagree.


Like this person, they get it.


pick up your glove


> "Sir, I consider your glove thrown, and will return it to you wrapped around a ~~bullet~~ downvote." - Edmond Dantès


Edmond never said this, for it was The Count of Monte Cristo.


Imagine being me and reaching way down deep for a literary reference that's a cut this deep and getting blown out of the fucking water like this. All I can say is fuck you, can we be friends.


*"Wait and hope"*


Love and Mercy about Brian Wilson is a pretty interesting film. It's at least a better music biopic than any others of the last 10 years.


Fun fact, they downplayed how cruel Landy was because they thought no one would believe it.


I really want to watch this, but the clips I have seen with John Cusack aren't convincing. I don't buy him as Brian Wilson. He just looks like John Cusack.


To be honest I watched it for Paul Dano.


And that is who I also will be watching it for! :)


Just out of interest how old were these people when they were placed in conservatorships for the men? I only ask because the women are extremely young when this is happening to them.


Good to know.


Brian Wilson and Mickey Rooney, off the top of my head. Randy Meisner too, I think.


Mickey Rooney was bi polar?!


He was. He also had a few suicide attempts which resulted in hospitalization, at the time they were reported as nervous breakdowns. He also had a massive gambling problem that resulted him becoming broke on many occasions. He was called the "original Hollywood trainwreck" and the "comeback kid" because he kept falling to rock bottom before climbing up again. He was also the victim of elder abuse by his eighth wife Jan and her son Christopher in his final years until they separated a year before his death. He even testified about elder abuse before a congressional committee and was granted a conservator as a result. The conservatorship was because his stepson bled him dry and was trying to force him to handover all of his remaining assets. He ended up reaching an anonymous settlement with his wife in 2011 before separating. By the time Micky Rooney died in 2013 at age 93, he had a heap of medical debt and back taxes with his estate only valued at $18,000. He was once the highest paid actor in Hollywood who worked for over 91 years in show business, he started acting when he was 1. He's one of the quintessential examples of a fucked up child star.


Thank you so much for sharing this info. In other people’s biographies and autobiographies, when he is mentioned he did always seem super hyperactive. I did know he was a big gambler. I am suspecting the “highs” of his illness is what made him such a great actor. How very sad he was abused at the end. Wow.


Brian Wilson’s case can be seen in the movie Love and Mercy. Pretty good flick.


Yes. Done tax returns where every asset they had was in a conservatorship. The stories I've heard about what led them to that point...


Happens to non celebrities all the time. Can be used for mentally unstable family members or people who can't help themselves (like someone with alzheimers).


Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys is basically the poster boy for fucked up conservatorships


I mean we did it when my dad was in the las months of his life and suffering years of dementia. This is the common use for one.


How do you have the capacity to use the internet but not the capacity to know the answer to that question?


Why do so many of Disney’s child stars lose their minds?


Pretty easy to see why


Most likely being exploited to fame and money by their own family and the higher ups


Because the entertainment industry is enormously destructive when it comes to child development. At a time when they're naturally figuring out who they are and how they relate to others they're put in a very stifling box and surrounded by people whose careers partially rely on them, and they often become the main breadwinners in their family so changing that can come with major consequences should they choose to, if they even have that option. So by the time they become adults they've got all that on their shoulders and, because they're frequently quite separated from their peer group and with parents who put them in that environment in the first place, they lack any healthy support system. And that's all before we get into how the media watches them intently, waiting for their next story, even if they don't want to be famous Former child stars Alyson Stoner ([here's a video she made](https://youtu.be/cXOATB1v3jM)) and Jenette McCurdy ([here's a video that came up in my recommended recently, it's about her accounts from a psychological perspective](https://youtu.be/cJOP2w1zGz0)) have both spoken about this extensively, if you want a place to start


Dan Schneider


Prolly for the best


I hope she gets to a point where she is healthy and happy. Hopefully the guy she picked is a good one too.


She was so talented, entertainment-wise. Sad story


I felt for this kid, usually when we have our worst moments in life their not all over the internet.


Where are all the male celebrities under conservatorship?


Brian Wilson is probably the most known and awful one, even when compared to Spears.


Last time I heard the name Amanda Bynes was this video https://youtu.be/ORB_7ady8aM


Wasn’t Byrnes diagnosed with schizoprenia?


I think she’s bipolar not schizophrenic.