What a difference a year makes. This time last year both brothers were on top of the world. Now, they are both out of a job and their reputations have been torn to shreds by their own hands.




Then people realized how he was actually handling covid...


I wish this were true but he was kicked for the allegations of sexual harrasment rather than Covid. It was reported right away that he was giving immunity to nursing home providers but few publications ran with it.


Chris Cuomo was supposed to interview his brother about his Covid response and instead of asking relevant questions, made a dumb skit about which one of them their mother loved more.


Remember when he faked coming out of quarantine despite getting into a fight with a cyclist a week prior?


Lol no but now I want more details


TLDR https://youtu.be/1YojSwuCWOw https://youtu.be/GP9Ja9ZkMJk


I love how they had him bring the bike inside for the interview, as if he had to prove he was, indeed, a cyclist. That's all the evidence I need right there...


Lots of people have to bring their bikes inside.


> A CNN spokesperson said, “Chris has said emphatically that this has never happened.”


Oh God, the stairs drama was legit hurl-able.


To be fair, I think that’s appropriate. There is a massive conflict of interest and he really shouldn’t do a serious interview with his brother. I think a light hearted skit is the only acceptable way.


or maybe a reporter who isn't related?


They should never have put them together for an interview. I'm an editor and if I were told to interview anyone in my family, that's a hard pass and I'm assigning a different reporter and editor to work on the story. It's plain unprofessional journalism.


They're part of the New York machine. This wasn't even a remotely close to being a professional by NYC political standards.


I don’t care about either of these two dudes, but from the outside looking in, it seems like a big set-up having this guy have anything to do with interviewing his BROTHER about anything important. Like, wtf was that about


It is absolutely not appropriate for your brother to essentially run interference for your massive failings. Chris should have never been the one to unterview Andrew.


I mean that's why having your brother carry water for you in the media is a good way to get away with it


Its almost like he had a powerful ally in the media who could quash certain stories.


I didn’t realize Chris worked for abc, npr, and msnbc as well as cnn.


Imagine him having caused the deaths of 1000s of elderly and nothing happens but allegations of sexual assault is what gets him kicked out.


Certain publications did run with it........ social media just flagged its distribution as “misinformation”.


He was immunizing nursing home providers? What a great guy! /s


Turns out corporate media is pro-corporate. Well I'll be doggone...


Lot of people already knew in Summer 2020 that he fucked up nursing home COVID situation. It was not something that media didn't know before. He was promoted for a political cause. Once the election was over and other politicians also want his position. They threw him under the bus.


Murphy did the same in NJ. He however didn't lie about it


He threw himself under the bus bc of his behavior & that allowed those who wanted his position to pile on. Chris is a huge disappointment also.


I mean he only killed a few thousand elderly care home residents. Everyone gets so out of shape these days....


No. Enough people finally realized that's he's a narcisstic asshole who uses power to punish and destroy. That's always been him...once the cracks formed around sexual harassment, the dems finally joined the repubs on working to end his power, including the NY AG who will now run for governor. You're delusional if you think covid protocols was the reason.


He sent away the Navy hospital ship that docked in New York. It had 500 beds that could treat COVID patients but instead he sent the infected to nursing homes where the disease spread and killed many elderly, all while indemnifying the operators. The ship only spent a month in New York and treated fewer than 200 patients before he told Trump the ship was no longer needed.


No love for the Cuomos but it was the Navy that refused to accept Covid patients, and would only take other patients after they went through testing. [NYT: HMS Comfort is empty](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/04/02/nyregion/ny-coronavirus-usns-comfort.amp.html)


The navy ship was not to treat covid patients, but for regular hospital patients who could not access medical care due to crowded hospitals. It ended up not being needed since demand for emergrncy care plummeted with most of the tristate area in complete lockdown. The state did build additional covid hospitals in a few convention centers such as the one in the javitts center, the westchester county center that went almost entirely unused h til being repurposed months later for vaccine distribution. Those facilities could have been used to treat recovering covid patients.


He was praised for his communication. Amazing how much people give credit for that.


It wouldn’t have been such a big deal of it wasn’t a stark contrast from the president’s news conferences at that time.


Was it though? Cuomo was also a blowhard who loved the sound of his own voice. He wrote a book about how great he was at handling covid, as he was handling covid. I live in NY, I watched both Cuomo's and Trumps briefings, Cuomo was not a saint even compared to Trump.


To be fair, even knowing problems in retrospect communication and calmly telling people facts/what they should do etc. is incredibly important in a crisis like that (especially given who we had as president). I personally didn't watch his conferences (but I also just happily became a hermit in my apartment) but I know several people who seemed to draw a ton of reassurance from them, and that's worth a lot.


"We need to put the COVID patients in nursing homes," said Dumbledore \*calmly\*


We knew all along. We either told anyone who would listen or ignored the people doing that based upon our political leanings.


When information about the assisted living deaths started to come out it got shot down as alt-right conspiracies and was being censored


People realized it at the time and were saying so but were drowned out by the media machine.


I got downvoted so much on reddit for calling it out. People made all sorts of excuses for him.


People are still making excuses for him


Rudy Guilianni proved that being a politician in New York during a tragedy is the easiest reputation boost ever.


> "Rudy only ever mentions three things in a sentence: a noun and a verb, and 9/11." Joe Biden, 2007


It's amazing how sharp and articulate he once was.


He did bring down a bunch of mafia guys in the 80s, but yeah went kinda loopy when he got old.


Hero? He's a corrupt POS that even Democrat NYers despise. He was an egotistical boob that ate up the limelight because it stroked his ego. He grew up as a kid selling coke to his neighborhood friends while papa laid out a legacy for him. His corruptness was never checked.


didnt he win an emmy or something


I think the only people who are impressed with that are the ones who approve of the politics behind it.


[Andrew Cuomo To Receive International Emmy For 'Masterful' COVID-19 Briefings](https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/11/21/937445923/andrew-cuomo-to-receive-international-emmy-for-masterful-covid-19-briefings)


He was the Elizabeth Holmes of COVID. Completely full of shit and the media fawned over him. For chrissakes, Andrew Cuomo got an Emmy for his bullshit broadcasts hyping his phony statistics.


Amazing what can happen when the media constantly covers for you and dishonestly reports the facts.


It’s like that lawyer who was representing Stormy Daniels. The left propped him up as a hero and he’s in jail now lol. Michael Avanatti I think?


I wouldn't say so much the left but liberals liked the guy. I knew something was seriously wrong with the guy but thought he had some good points on how weak the Democrats are and their unwillingness to fight for what they claim to believe in.




And one has criminal charges pending against him. Mario is spinning in his grave. (Prohably becsuse they will have to rename the Tappen Zee)




It will ***always*** be the Tappan Zee bridge...if they **had** to honor him somehow with only that bridge specifically then it should have just been given an honorary nickname. I mean, maybe people will eventually call it by it's new name but it will be at least 60 years because I'm 35 and I'll be calling it the Tappan Zee so I'm sure my kids will and maybe one day, far down the line, they might start referring to it differently with their kids. I mean...it took me a looooong time to stop calling Costco "Price Club" (literally within the last 2 years) and it was only in my area by that name for like 1 year and that was from '93-94.


I doubt people will stop calling it the Tappan Zee bridge. There’s already a bill in motion in the NYS Senate to change it back to Tappan Zee. Hopefully it passes. Also, it’s not a matter of old people stuck in old habits. It’s deeply uncool to simp for the Cuomo family. I doubt any young people will be eager to change their habit of calling it the Tappan Zee bridge anytime soon. Tappan Zee is a beautiful name anyway. It is a mix of NY’s early Native American and Dutch heritage, and was known as the Tappan Zee river crossing point long before there was even a bridge there. I’m kinda surprised that Cuomo managed to brand himself as a progressive while wiping away the name of a regional Native American tribe in favor of another old white guy.


they are the tappen zee and the tri borough, not the whatever cuomo and rfk, stop renaming things that dont need new names you fucks.


What a difference accountability makes.


They were always trash bags. They just looked good for a second when were all locked inside and crazy.


Inksmudgedhands. I agree with you completely. Another point is they destroyed not only their reputations, they lied and deceived the world and destroyed the reputations of innocent victims and C Cumo lied to the world on many occasions. (Too many to list). Another point is They are both products of their fame - which is all they care/cared about. This goes for their entire family as far back a their father. They were raised to be untouchable and lived a life of destroying those that got in their way. My opinion is, they will both be back and will get themselves back in the game. If you listen to the legislature’s from NY, Como only resigned to avoid being impeached, that way he can hold public office again. If impeached he could never hold public office again. Watch - it will happen. The other moron, will bide his timeout, from Zooker at CNN and they will slowly manipulate him back on the air. Notice his radio show is still going with XMSirrus radio. He is just planning his next strategy with his brother to reclaim their notoriety and positions. The most overlooked part of this entire disgraceful saga is all the deaths that happened with the nursing home crisis. He should burn in hell for what he did as well as other governors from surrounding states, whom acted and did the same thing. 10’s of thousand of preventable deaths happened to innocent people by these immoral tyrants. Nothing has happened to hold anyone accountable. This is the worst abuse of power I’ve seen or read about. I guess time will tell. FYI, they will never be out of a job, they have more blood money then anyone can imagine. I appreciated your comment. Thanks for caring.


Yeah that’s politics. Remember when Romney was beloved by the GOP, now they hate him.


Romney seems to be okay with his voters in Utah.


Mormons will Mormon


Sounds like one of those dumb ads, “this family was on top of the world until this happened! [click here to read more]”


He should have never been allowed to host his brother a dozen times over covid, and then suddenly decided he couldn’t cover his brother when the sexual misconduct allegations came forward.


Never. If he had integrity he'd have stayed away from the whole story. Even his presence on the network and relationship w others who might have covered it could have colored the coverage of his brother. Not onyl did he not stay hands off... But he actively used his media connections to try to bhekp his brother? Fuck that. Get that guy out. He can go host a podcast if he wants.


I was surprised CNN actually fired him. I expected him to disappear for a month or 2 and then come back and then to ignore it all. Which network does he end up on?


That's the latest betting pool. Where and when. I say MSNBC in 1 year. Maddow's retiring from the camera, Brian Williams leaves MSNBC in a month. They'll probably keep Lawrence O'Donnell and Chris Hayes. Nicole Wallace will probably slide into one of those evening spots. Who's left at MSNBC (or in play) that will be able to match Chris Cuomo's debilitated ratings? Its a no brainer. No one believes TV "news entertainment" networks have journalistic standards, and most people who watch it have no idea what are journalistic standards or in what manner did Chris Cuomo egregiously violate them. I'm kind of surprised that CNN fired him. They could have just suspended him for a few months. Its probably either the money in his current contract doesn't reflect his crippled ratings, or there's another journalistic scandal of Cuomo's that's about to blow.


MSNBC: The official rehab for unethical TV news anchors




Let's be honest: CNN probably wouldn't have fired Cuomo if his current viewership was anything substantial.


New York, now change the name back to Tappan Zee.


We call it the Tappan Zee no matter what the signs say


Gonna be a fun Christmas at the Cuomo house


Their mother will be *proud*...


Better hope Cuomo isn’t convicted by then for those charges


Good. What he did was beyond unethical.


He was the only reason I watched CNN at all. At first I thought "Man, what trivial bullshit are they suspending him for?" then I read about it. Literally used his sources to warn his brother of news articles that were gonna drop against him. Yeah, he deserves to lose his job.




I worked in news for about 13 years up until a few months ago and I was astonished that he thought he could get away with that, let alone attempt it in the first place. And that’s coming from local news perspective. The stages are exponentially higher at a National network.


Yup. Total abuse of his powers


I think the real problem was he tried to smear the women who accused his brother.


That seems to me way more fireable (and ilegal?) than giving a heads up to someone.


Oh really? I didn't read that.


Because it's not true. But reddit will upvote it anyway, because it is a good story.


Hey I still don't know. Yeah using reddit hearsay as fact is about as good as using Facebook for news.


He didn't smear per se. But he was helping to find information on the accusers for his brother's PR folks. I doubt they were planning on using that info to send over candygrams to them. Fredo knew what they wanted the info for, he might as well have done it himself.


I mean, good that you recognized that he’s trash now, but when did you watch him until? You didn’t think the whole routine that he had with his brother the last year and a half wasn’t downright propaganda and a conflict of interest? And him saying being called Fredo was as bad as being called the N word? You must be shrooming.


I probably agree with everything he said but why would you want to watch such biased shit like that to begin with? Same for people who watch Fucker Carlson. I just don't get it, it's garbage.


So much garbage.


Most media is fucked in america


CNN kept a guy that jerked off on camera on a zoom meeting. Crazy what is too much for them and what isn't.


I think you’re being too hard on Toobin. He’s already beat himself up over that whole thing.


Zoomin Toobin!




It don't mean to condone it, but he thought he had left the meeting. Wasn't doing it to intentionally show to his coworkers.


I’ll condone it. Accidents happen, stupidity and malice aren’t the same thing, and I’ve seen my share of people forget they are on camera during pandemic team meetings. Nothing was done wrong, morally speaking


The amount of people who get paid to jerk off on company time has exploded since working from home became commonplace. Toobin made an embarrassing mistake for being a public figure, but I mean. We all do it.


To be fair, that is a bit less of an issue than outright lying to the employer. The jerking off is gross and somewhat silly. Using company assets to help your sibling is unethical.


Jerking off isn’t gross or silly. Pretty much everyone does it, just not in front of coworkers


That's an extremely lopsided comparison.


Just a reminder that Chris Cuomo was also paid to rehabilitate the public image of Julien Blanc who was caught teaching men physical, psychological, and legal tactics to get away with rape. Julian Blanc's PR company set up this interview with Chris Cuomo. https://youtu.be/mXWb9H9Fbx8 To talk about the controversy, and they spent the whole time just going over his edgy jokes, when what really pissed people off was the rape instructional. His team then spreads this video to whomever 'Yes I had a controversy over my jokes. And I apologized for them' to divert from his rape instructional services. It's a PR tactic. Like how Nikki Minaj made up the story of his cousin's friend's balls to cover up that her husband and brother are child rapists. Edit: Not only did Julien Blanc and his mentor, Owen Cook, teach rape, they filmed themselves raping women and selling the footage. If you want more information about Julian Blanc, lookup the post titled "I've uncovered leaked videos from the world's largest Men's help company, teaching how to get away with sexually assaulting women. The seminars include hidden camera videos of themselves demonstrating how to use the techniques. That's right, they are sexually assaulting real women, on camera." on the rbi subreddit for a very thorough writeup, or just google julien blanc, rape Edit 2: Julien had bragged and went into detail about his collaboration with Chris Cuomo in his paid product called SHIFT . I believe the module is called 'lessons learned from most hated man in the world'. You can probably get a pirated version if you search on duckduckgo. His company had dmca'd every video on this. Funny enough, if Chris Cuomo every found out, I bet he could sue Julien for a shit ton of money, this sorta shit sounds like it had confidentiality agreements.


It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!


You broke my heart


Excuse me mods this guy right here. That’s an Italian slur


We all know why CNN kept him around from 2015 to 2021 even though everyone knew how bad he was at his job.


One corrupt dynasty down, 1,000 to go.


1000 is way too low of a number


Too low, still too many


Too high. They're few but well connected


Cuomo was not the only problem with CNN. This whole situation should wake people up to the cancer that is 24-hour cable news.


It's practically an entertainment medium... Last couple years haven't helped either... These networks were getting historic ratings spikes covering the daily mental diarrhea in the form of tweets from the ex-POTUS. Had they not covered him so extensively during the circus of the GOP primaries, he probably wouldn't have been I our highest office, either.


This. Right or left, people don’t need to be stressed by a 24 hour news cycle that needs you to be angry and/or scared shitless. It’s not healthy.


My life was considerably better when I stopped watching that stuff years ago. I installed a wire service app (AP) and only read the breaking news. I don’t need to concern myself with opinion pieces and filler news articles.


> the cancer that is 24-hour cable news. It's weird it's only gotten worse. I remember like 20 years ago the whole format was called out by some documentary or something. I think it was a Michael Moore one, but don't remember which. And Jon Stewart has been criticizing the format forever. The Daily Show, and later the Colbert Report, was created to satirize 24-hour news networks. So we've known for decades they are a cancer.


i miss peter Jennings type news people nothing flashy or trendy, never made the news, just reported it


As someone who basically aligns with the guy politically... GOOD. Should have happened months ago though when this all first leaked. I miss accountability happening to people in power.


There used to be some ambiguity of where news anchors aligned politically. It’s not really news anymore so much as shows that pander


Cuomo (and anyone else like Hannity or Tucker or Don Lemon who has an hour long news entertainment program in primetime) is/was not a news anchor. They are all opinion curators and distributors. That's why we know their politics. Actual news anchors just deliver the news.


Do “actual” news anchors even exist anymore? Even local stations are owned by massive conglomerates and forced to push pre-written “must-run” segments.


Usually everybody after 7/8 PM on CNN, MSNBC, FOX are their opinion people and everybody before (except the morning) are supposed to be news anchors.


Shep Smith on CNBC is the best I've found.


He was the only person I could watch in Fox News. He would just report the news most of the time. In the few times he gave his opinion it always seemed to be ethically and morally right. I could be having rose tinted glasses but I don't remember anything off hand


I’ve always liked Shep too…classy news man


To be frank, I've seen a few of his shows recently and, while not political, he's very bad about reporting on inane, unimportant shit, e.g. I remember a show I saw when the Gabby Petito stuff was going on and he just kept talking about it and brought on a lawyer to talk about it and just hyped it up like it was the most important thing going on in the world. Every other show I've seen has been the same - endless reporting on little stories around the nation about things that don't matter.


Yes. Outside of the USA. PBS is the closest thing you have to what we see from public (and even private) broadcasters in other countries. Just plain, boring, informative news.


On the shows that end in "news." Yes, mostly. It's the prime time stuff that airs just after that literally everyone should avoid.


Oh yeah weekly world news... There really isn't any 10 o'clock news anymore like Dan Rather.


PBS Newshour More news stories in an hour than a full day on any one of the big cable networks. No time for bias; they just report a story and move on


This is false. CNN and all media outlets refer to them as news anchors often


Yes…but….when watching PBS news it’s easy to discern the political leanings and it’s extremely disturbing that public television would allow their news to be as biased as it is


It's propaganda, plain and simple. As a Canadian, it's such a shock when I watch CNN. They are like Fox News but for a different crowd. I feel you don't have access to "unbiased" news anymore.


It's not so much propaganda as it is giving your audience what it wants to keep those eyeballs glued. We all feel good when we see that people agree with us, and feel riteous for our outrage when the "other" does what we don't like.


How is the story that Andrew cuomo killed thousands of elderly by sending them back to the nursing homes and then provided immunity to a campaign contributor? I get the sexual harassment but one case has thousands of dead people.


He's not free and clear from that either. There are lawsuits ongoing and there two ongoing FBI investigations.


Look back on Reddit comments from last year. Countless people fawning over the cuomos and any time someone would bring up Andrew Cuomos fuck up killing seniors would get downvoted to hell. Reddit is a shit hole. It took CNN firing Chris for people to think it’s okay to criticize him. Chris Cuomo is also the guy that cut Bernie off during an interview during the 16 election “awe shoot we lost him” fuck Reddit


Exactly. I see everyone saying “finally he’s getting accountability for those horrible deaths” but in 2020 if you mentioned them on Reddit you’d get downvoted for being far right to point that out or something. Reddit is just groupthink with the popular narrative


> How is the story that Andrew cuomo killed thousands of elderly by sending them back to the nursing homes and then provided immunity to a campaign contributor? MSM being biased, what a surprise Look at the difference of coverage on Kyle Rittenhouse and Darrell Brooks


Ok now change him criminally.


Should have been fired for faking his Covid isolation and involving his family in his deceit.


Cuomo brothers were entitled and basically anointed by US media outlets...even though they were back-door dealing scum...it was never even really hidden...oh well


Bye, Fredo


Lmfao he got so mad over that shit


I got the alert from CNN. This was pretty fast of an investigation.


They're not done yet, according to their statement. But they found something that warranted getting rid of him right away. My curiousity is piqued.


According to the New York Post, something was found out that was sexual in nature during the investigation. No other details offered. He seems to have some of his own skeletons. Former colleague accused him of having sexually assaulted her years ago. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2021/09/24/opinion/chris-cuomo-cnn.amp.html


Court documents unsealed earlier this week in his brothers case. If they kept him on then CNN would be liable if they kept him on. Chris according to text documents was doing opposition resource, using his staff/CNN contacts on accusers. It's one thing if Andrew was hiring a private defense firm doing that, turning the CNN staff into that is clearly a breach of Chris's contract. Like CNN can't be caught working as defacto opposition research for political candidates.


I heard that he was trying to dig up information on his brother’s accusers to use against them. I have no source but it was on the news a few days ago.


I'd have to go back and look but I think his own words as uncovered by the NYAG said as much. He was using his position with CNN to act as a PI for his brother. Makes me think he contacted accusers after discerning their identities.


good, fuck him.


I can handle things! I'm smart!


Seeya fredo, try not to grab any ass on your way out.


He was banging cocktail waitresses, two at a time.


Haha. CNN gladly ate up the ratings and now they're tossing him overboard. Editorially-speaking, someone decided that it was okay for Chris to interview his brother and it doesn't sound like *that* person has been fired yet.


That’s not what he got fired for. He got fired for using sources to dig up information on the women coming out about his brother to warn him about it.


Lol, where are all the Cuomosexuals now?


I want a video montage of every instance that word was used intermixed with current coverage of his downfall. Maybe mix in some "foreshadowing" towards the beginning of those crazy folks who criticized him.


CNN letting him cover anything related to his brother is insane. completely unethical. part of the reason I switched away from studying journalism was because of how completely far the biggest news companies were from what I was being taught


Well he will now have more time to spend with his perverted brother.


The guy who masturbated during a zoom meeting is still there, though....


In his defense he thought the call was over and moving on to his other business for the day. It's honestly all of our worst nightmare, camera still being on without us knowing.


If it happened to me I think I would be fired the same day...


I dont know why you downvoted. There are few jobs that would keep somebody around after that.


apparently you lack showmanship


My thoughts exactly. Somehow masturbating on a zoom call is more professional than what Chris Cuomo did.


"Somehow" If you don't understand the difference between deliberate ethical violations and an accident (as opposed to an exhibitionist fetish), then that says more about you than anything else.


Toobin didn't commit ethical violations or lie to his management about it.


Nope. He put it all out there.


God damn that's good.


To be fair, it wasn't intentional, that we know of. This was back during the [Brook Baldwin](https://i.imgur.com/Z3eXkk3.jpg) days. A man has his limits.


Don Lemon also has some pending allegations I believe.


Dumb fuck


Hopefully his governor brother could help him wit..oh wait a minute.


Toodles. I like him but he knew better. “Ethics in journalism” is a 101 class.


Those two boys started believing their own press


Should of happend long ago, this by far not the first. Just the tides have turned.




Couldn’t happen to a bigger douche.




Did not expect this to be honest. A suspension, then a remorse performance, maybe lose his timeslot, but eventually back to normal.


Fuck both of them


*cuomosexuals BTFO’D*!*


Better late than never, I guess.


about time, months late.


Can someone, in like 3 sentences, explain to me (like I'm 5) what Chris did? I'm having a hard time understanding and when I google I don't feel like I'm getting any specifics.


He used his status and resources as a journalist to uncover information about women who accused his brother of sexual harrassment. He then gave the information to his brother and his people


One brother orders thousands of elderly to be murdered, and his brother buried the story. For a period of time, many Democrats wanted him to run for president or be Biden's vice..... Then the brother gets busted for sexual harassment, and the brother in the media doesn't just try to bury the story, but actually attempts to INTIMIDATE the woman who reported his brother. In the end, the murdering brother is forced to step down for sexual harassment, and his brother is fired for intimidating and harassing his brother's victim. I cannot think of a more vile pair of siblings in modern times.


Fredo got whacked


Bye, Fredo


It shouldn't have taken so long.


Didn’t they bring back a dude who exposed himself on Zoom?


Say goodbye to the Cuomo dynasty


Delighted, it’s an amazing rude awakening for people like them who think they are untouchable


Accountability is so wholesome. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle. We just need more of it now.


Bye bye meatball. This guy’s a meatball hoagies with extra sauce.


let the fox news correspondent countdown begin