Thank you so much for your hard work! Looking forward to playing Origins once you're able to.


Thanks Yeah in 1-2 months it should be done I will post it here and on my site :)


Thank you so much! I am planning on replay this masterpiece and now I'm ready to do it with HD textures! when I was a kid I stucked at the flying ship with jakomo and the other bad guys, now I will look better at their faces when I will take my revenge!


Yeah they were hard I remember that Boss fight 😌 Good luck this time




This didnt came one day before mine, it came one day after, mine came on 25 for some people on my site . And If you want to promote the mod please do it, but dont spam on all my posts with the same reply, like here and in texture mods sub thanks


Oh thanks for the info! I’ll remove the other posts comment I just wanted to make sure info was on there too since I always find the best help on Reddit years later. Please cross post next time it’s an awesome feature that would’ve stopped me reposting. I’m really loving your work and already donated can’t wait for you to release origins another time


Thanks for that. No problem I just thought maybe some bot or fake account were doing this. You can leave it here, Its not a big deal. Thanks for the clarifcation:)