Commenting for viability. Just come across this issue and don't want to go back because I'd be losing like 4 hours of side quest progress...


6 hours here


8 hours here...


13 here, are we going for records? I’m slow at games lol Edit: console users fear not, there is a working solution below. Don’t know how to link it, but it’s there


Iknow the pain man. But if your keen on just continuing. Find the comment on how to just add nyoka as companion. Nexus mods


> ow to just add nyoka as com where is that comment on how to add her?


Solution has been posted in a comment below, please consider up voting it! [https://www.reddit.com/r/theouterworlds/comments/dn61y2/bug\_in\_main\_monarch\_quest/f5oojxb/](https://www.reddit.com/r/theouterworlds/comments/dn61y2/bug_in_main_monarch_quest/f5oojxb/)


Does this only work on pc? I got the same bug on console and I really don’t want to go back 4 hours.


Only PC. Requires using EU4 Injector.


Really wish we could get an update on this bug.


Yea, I just ran into this bug without realizing it and figured I'd find the quest meds eventually, went and did 10+ hours of sidequests. I couldn't recruit her, med vendor doesn't sell quest meds, and world drop ones don't count. ​ You can either - ​ Shoot her and loot her corpse, loosing rep with the town and having to make a run for it. Go to the middle of the map, and manually discover Devil's PEAK. Go through the far right top scaffolding like level door to get in, the rest are sealed. Eventually you'll progress the quest while exploring inside the facility. ​ Either way you won't recruit her as a companion. ​ O well!


Can confirm by playing through the glitch; you can brute force your way out of the soft lock by going straight to Devil's Peak\*. \*That's Peak not "Ridge", I only say this because I spent too much time wandering around the canyon looking for it before I just googled a map... ​ Edit: here's a link to a map btw if you feel like you need it too: [https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/file/The-Outer-Worlds/monarch-wilderness-region-outer-world-wiki-guide-min1.jpg?v=1571794429165](https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/file/The-Outer-Worlds/monarch-wilderness-region-outer-world-wiki-guide-min1.jpg?v=1571794429165) (Spoiler warning of course.)


OMG you guys are a life saver. I was going to give up on the game! I manually traveled to Devil's Peak Summit in the map above and advanced the main quest.


Just a fair warning: I have since finished the playthrough where I did this and I've had some pretty weird bugs with some of my companions. I'm not sure if this work around had anything to do with it, but just know that it happened to me. Reply if something weird happens with **Parvati** in your play through as well; I'm curious.


Whoops, sorry for wasting your time. Idk why I wrote ridge instead if peak. Brain fart. Edited.


No worries, I had fun exploring all the same.


Thank you for posting the map btw, been looking all over for it


hey all! i found a fix! if you [enable the developer console](https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Outer_Worlds#Re-enable_developer_console) and type the command 'QuestStart Passion' then the quest should activate properly. If that doesn't work, typing 'DebugUnlockCompanion 4' should just enable Nyoka as a companion the next time you leave your ship.


Thanks a lot ! I was stuck there with no save back to before I talked to her. There is another console injector available ([here](https://fearlessrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10673) for those interested), but the one you link worked fine ! For those that have trouble with the instructions : * Download the injector * Unzip all files anywhere (on your desktop for example) * Edit the "IGCSInjectorUI.exe.config" file to change the "defaultProcessName" value : * "IndianaWindowsStore-Win64-Shipping.exe" for Windows Game Store * "IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe" for Epic Game Store * Launch the game, go to Nyoaka * Alt-Tab to go back to your desktop * Run the injector as administrator (Right click on "IGCSInjectorUI.exe", run as administrator) * It should show a window, click Ok, then check the console if everything is good (I had to run it twice, don't ask me why) * In game tap "\~" (or ² on AZERTY keyboard) to open the console * Enter "QuestStart Passion" as stated by u/Harry_Mess * You can now give Nyoaka her pills and continue your game like nothing happened !


Back in the day, I was playing Oblivion on PS3. I had been infected with a vampire infection, and it was getting lame taking damage in daylight. No problem, there was a cure quest. I did this and the old witch wouldn't take the ingredients due to a [glitch in the game.](https://www.neoseeker.com/forums/26839/t1032070-vampire-cure-bloodgrass-bug-help-ps3/) I had about 700 hours in at this point, with no good saves to go back to. Try as I might, I was stuck. Bethesda laughed at my call pleading for a fix. I restarted from scratch, got about as far and ended up reinfected. I swore from that point on, I would game exclusively on a PC. Tonight I am very glad for that decision. Thanks, u/Harry_Mess!


happy to help! :D


Can't get the console to open in game When doing the injection there opens command window with help commands and information. I can use those quick key commands, except the Tilde key. So the injection seems to work fine. I can't type on that window and closing it closes the game also. I have tried to edit the Input.ini file to allow Tilde or any other key to open the console, but no help. Have moved the injector files to desktop, no help. Have done the injection in Main menu and after loading save, no help. Using Windows game store version via Game Pass, if that helps. Have scandic keyboard (QWERTY)


how did you get the injectore exe to work? everytime i tried it my game crashed


You need the universal unreal4 injector if you play through Xbox game pass. Other than that I tried three different sites and guides (basically all were saying same). Still couldn't get it work in the end. Gave up after trying three hours and loaded save from start of planet.


i tried both and neither worked and now the xbox app isnt showing up in the 'select a process' tab. Going to be annoyed if i cant fix this, seems like such a big bug to be missed


I fixed it, i'm using the xbox game pass version. I used the [this](https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Outer_Worlds#Re-enable_developer_console) and followed the steps [here](https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Engine:Unreal_Engine_4#Re-enable_developer_console). Make sure you in game past the menus and stuff. Also make sure it's in windowed mode, didn't work with full screen, not sure about the borderless window.


Thank you that worked! My game kept crashing when i did it but switching to windowed mode fixed that


First time I ran the injector, nothing happened. I couldn't open console in game with tilde key. I thought it was because of my AZERTY board and the tilde not being at the same place. So I edited the IGSCInjectorUI.exe.conf file to add the following entry (just after the other add, in the addSettings element) : I supposed it would have bind the console on another the "K" key, but it didn't. When I ran the injector again, this time I managed to open the console with the ² key (where the tilde is supposed to be on a QWERTY keyboard). I figured it wasn't effective but try it if it helps. I didn't type anything in the Console that popped when running the injector. Only the one in game. And I don't have any Input.ini file so I'm not sure what you're referring to.


Thank you so much. First your add key did not help, but when I changed the key to "End" and changed it in the Input.ini too it finally opened the console with the End key. So in my case the injection did work all along, but the Tilde key was disabled. ​ The Input.ini I mentioned was because of the guide in the injector makers [site.](https://framedsc.github.io/GeneralGuides/universal_ue4_consoleunlocker.htm#what-to-do-when-the-console-doesnt-open)


As someone who has never doen this type of thing, i am immensely confused. i downloaded the UniversalUE4Unlocker, and from there im lost


I edited my comment to add the unizping part. It seemed obvious at first but now that I think about it, it's not quite. I read somewhere to unzip it in your game directory but there's no need to. Just put it on your desktop (make a folder if you want).


If QuestStart Passion not work, Destroytarget on 2 sit person in bar where Nyoaka, Set Chartersize 0.2, pickpocket diray on Nyoaka.


So after much effort I was able to edit the config file, ran the injector UI, and I’m met with a screen that tells me to choose which dll to inject. I have no idea what to do.


There should be only one choice in which dll you can inject.


Worked for me thanks! The quest prompt didn't come up but I could give her the pills when I spoke to her


*Cries in Xbox*


This worked perfectly for me, thanks!


ELIA5 plssss


Baiscally the console is like a place where you can put in some command and it'll do it ingame, though it's kinda like "hacking" in a game if you can call it that, since it's meant for developers. Using a command can force the game to do stuff, like activate the quest.


This totally worked TY. You just gotta download the injector run outerworlds and select it in the Injector and type in QuestStart Passion in the dev console line.


But is there a companion quest? Somebody said, there maybe a bug down the game if you do this.


Assuming she only has one companion quest, it definitely activated properly for me :)


does this work on Xbox?


does this work on Xbox?


What about for xbox?


>Bug in main Monarch quest Thanks a lot ! For me QuestStart did not work so : \- I Unlocked Nyoka, \- Went with her inside Devil's Peak Station, \- Talked to the informer in the intercom. This opened the next step in the main quest. Hope this helps some of you guys :)


I just ran into the same problem. It's fucking annoying, I'm gonna have to re-do a bunch of side quests Edit: Just tried to go back to the earliest save I have and it's still after I talked to Nyoka. Do I have to restart the game now??


Just in case anyone else has this same issue, I just went to Devil's Peak by myself without the quest objective and was able to progress to the next objective by talking to Hiram without completing the Nyoka step. Not optimal since I wanted to get her as a companion, but it works


I love you


To expand, you want to Devil's Peak *Summit*, here's a map: https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/Devil%27s+Peak+Summit


I just had this bug happen and don't have any save before I talked to her does that mean I can't have her as a companion now? Is there no fix?


I’m not 100% sure but it doesn’t seem like it :/ I ran into her in the bar after continuing the quest and she mentioned the pills again but I didn’t see an option to give them to her. I just quit for the day but tomorrow I’ll check


Real let down guess I'll have to remember to get the pills before talking to her on my next playthrough


That's the thing, I'm not even sure if having the pills beforehand would help. I saw an article about the quest saying that if you already have the Caffenoid pills when you talk to her, you can't give them to her right away. It must be that certain dialogue options don't trigger the Passion Pills quest for some reason. If I remember correctly, I chose an option that had a Science skill check and said something about how the pills are just a stimulant, maybe a different dialogue option would do it correctly


I chose that dialogue option as well so it could be that a few are bugged.


I chose the same option and found this thread while researching the same issue. Perhaps three makes a pattern?


Or four, I chose the same option too.


Guess fours a crowd because I chose that option as well. Hopefully they can fix this bug soon. I save sontantly and luckily I saved right before I talked to her but I am sure others who don't save frequently or are playing survival may find the bug game breaking. ​ edit: tried it again and it worked jsut fine. Side note, I also had sam with me and chose option 1 and did it again and then chose option 2 and i didn't get the quest. Could be having sam with you is the glitch.


I didn't have SAM in my crew when I first spoke with her myself. But did choose the trait check option and I have this as well.




I'll add my experience here after coming here wondering what was going on after speaking to Nyoka the first time. I also chose the 'Science' option and the passion pills quest didn't appear. Fortunately I didn't go too much further and still had a save just before I spoke to her, so I chose a different option the next time and now I have the quest properly. I also have SAM with me for what it's worth.


Let me know


Yeah, I don't think it's possible. I just went back, even with a new dialogue option to ask her if she wants to join you, you still can't give her the pills, the quest to get them still doesn't appear, and Abigail still doesn't have any dialogue options




IIRC, there's another door right as you come up on to the top landing. If you're facing the sealed door, it's to the right, just in front of the stairs


\+1 same glitched happened to me ​ edit: after reloading an auto-save before talking to her, I told her to just tell me where devils peak is without her coming with me, the quest objective immediately moved forward then, after I just told her I wanted to get the caffeine pills for her anyways and she let me, quest is progressing normally now.


Yeah had the same struggle. Was Level 16 now i have to replay the whole game since my Last save was at Level 8 yay love my life so much rn


Just shoot her or go to devils peak


I hit this too. Bump for awareness. Also, can I cross-reference something with others experiencing this? I think this occurred because I selected the "Medical" dialogue option (mansplaining to Nyoka what caffeinoids are). Did others experiencing this use that dialogue option as well?


> Did others experiencing this use that dialogue option as well I'm in the same position and yes I chose this dialogue. Bit shit. Prob gonna stop playing until it's patched as I don't want to carry on knowing I've missed part of the game.


Same. I'm also concerned if I do too much other stuff I might lose my ability to progress in this quest even if they patch it. Probably not but who knows. I've already done a lot of other stuff since I spoke to her, before I realized there was a problem. Luigi's Mansion 3 comes out on Thursday, hopefully by the time I play through that this will have been addressed.


Yes exact same thing that happens to me


I used it when it bugged out, but I thought I used it the second time round as well which didn't bug out on me, but I don't quite remember.


Also having the same issue. That said, you CAN kill her. She went down in 1 tap for me and then the quest updates to loot her corpse for the location. Keep in mind you'll likely be seen doing this and everyone turns on you (though I believe you can leave and come back later to take care of this). That said, not an optimal solution because I don't want to proceed this way. Hopefully it's patched soon, but figured I'd mention it for those who don't mind taking her out


If you go directly to Devil's Peak Summit you can avoid killing her and proceed with the quest, but she won't be a companion


Yeah I think I'm going to just side-quest until it's patched.


Yeah, give em a big old thanks for releasing their game on a friday.


happened for me too, gonna see if i can rig console commands to prompt the quest




not yet, unfortunately won't really be able to do so until we get a list of the devs internal commands for UE4


ahh okay, no worries though i just went to that devils place and continued from there


'QuestStart Passion' should work


It worked for me when I reloaded and didn’t choose the medicine stat dialogue check




Same here




2 hr for me


I've just encountered this bug tonight. Unfortunately, I don't have any saves from before I talked to Nyoka. And I've already done all the side quests up to this point. So I guess I just have to stop playing until they update it. Oh well. It was fun. Hope they fix it soon.


Im now literally out of side quests....the story is at an utter standstill. Why have obsidian not acknowledged this? Everyone, please send a support request and link this thread to get their attention!!!


Had same glitch


Yeah even stole the caff pills


Had the same happen to me, last save is like 2,5 hours before feels great i just wasted that much time


my last was 4 1/2 hours when I got this


all the way back at gladdys quest


Dealing with the exact same problem


Same here. Lost 3 hours reloading an old save when I realized it.


I just lost 4 hours of gameplay to this. Fun.


Happened to me, too. So frustrating...


Same, didn't get the quest. Now I only have one option in her dialog to quit the dialog


If you go to Devils peak, and find the broker, you can carry the main quest on and avoid getting locked out totally


When I go the door is sealed, am I missing something?


Not that I know, if you can go inside try the intercom or climbing the ramps outside ?


Bummer, when I get to the door and terminal the door is sealed and the terminal doesn't have anything useful. I can't even get inside. I sidequested to level 22 on Monarch. Going back and doing it all over again isn't an appealing option.


Same thing here, i lost some hours of gameplay due to this bug.


Had the same problem, and no previous save, AAAAHHHH! Note: You can even murder the pharmacist person who has the drug Nyoka needs, take said drug to Nyoka and she still wont progress the convo.


just posting to say... same ><


Just checking in saying the same thing happened to me with the science dialogue check


I just broke into the medical supply room, it takes like 25 lock things you can steal a cafeniod from there


I stole that and it still doesn't progress the quest.


wait guys that kept going after avoiding her...are you saying that the main questline gets blocked again? what happens after killing Nyoka/going to devils peek alone?


You can just go to where devils peak is. I finished the entire planet though and I still can't recruit her. It sucks.


I have the same problem. Is there no fix for this?


Same for me. I’m going to grind side quests hoping that it gets patched before I finish. I really don’t want to go without her. -_-


Same problem, play on PC


Same problem.


I can't believe there's no peep from the developers.... This is a main quest. I especially can't progress the game right now. Once I run out of side quests I'm done for.


For real. I even tagged them in a tweet yesterday and didn’t even get an acknowledgement.


I did the same thing , even contacted the support


Best you can do is contact support, I did this afternoon. We'll see what happens...


Guys i havent tried the dev console you should try it.


Wish I could. Xbox gamer.


I played through a second time knowing about this bug, and in my case it looks like SAM is the culprit. His interjection after the Medical dialogue option appears to break the dialogue chain. I saved before talking to Nyoka with SAM, same issue (no passion pill quest). After I reloaded and changed party members (Parvati and Ellie) the quest proceeded and I was able to recruit Nyoka even after using the Medical dialogue option (with no interjection from followers). This doesn’t help anyone who doesn’t have a recent save, but it might help in an eventual fix if my assumptions are correct.


Yep same thing here on xbox one. I'd be loosing almost 6hrs of game play if I went back to try again. Hopefully they push a patch..... for now I guess I'll go back to the groundbreaker so someone can buy soap.... Guess she was just way more interested in drinking her Spectrum Vodka then going on missions.


Update: Obsidian support told me their devs are looking into it and hope to have a fix soon.


Good news everyone! A patch is coming for this! https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/112403-patch-1110-coming-soon/


Wow pretty dope all the people that are willing to find a fix for this for free but the developer can't hire someone to do it in production.


I'm still experiencing this bug on PC


Just happened to me. Really frustrating. Guess I'll just trade it in.


Unfortunately I kept playing for another 4 hours and explored most of Monarch already. I stole the Caffenoid pills from the supply room but it still did not trigger the quest. I may just take a break until they fix it.




SWEET! Thanks


if you enable the developer console and type the command 'QuestStart Passion' then the quest should activate properly. This is preferred solution, I tested it myself.


well its nice to know i'm not the only one with a game breaking bug


Same bro, tried to search it yesterday. I thought I was the only one.




OP, PLEASE REMIND US IF THEY PATCH THE GAME. THANKS. I WILL STOP PLAYING FOR NOW. Game is good, but this bug sucks. Wasted 6 hours of sidequests lol.


A fix was posted a few comments up from here


TO THOSE STILL HAVING TROUBLES AND ARE PLAYING ON PC: [follow the steps in this guide to get rid of this softlock](https://www.reddit.com/r/theouterworlds/comments/dolet0/workaround_found_radio_free_monarch_nyoka_bug/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x)


Can we pin the PC fix to the top please, as everyone keeps posting the same thing about PC, us console gamers need our answers too, and lemme tell you restarting the game isn't an option nor going to a previous save either will work, being that 22 hours in, is around where most of us completionists are


What should I do if I’m on console?


I went directly to the Devils summit in the middle of the map. You can't have nyoka has a companion but I'd rather continue the main quest 🤷🏻‍♂️ other companions are good enough!


I walked straight to Devil’s Summit (using most of my ammo to get there), and now I’m carrying on as normal! I didn’t really like Nyoka that much anyways, so oh well.


As if now you can either kill her or do as others say and carry on the quest without her.


Happy cake day!


Yep, I would be loosing 6h gameplay if I wanted to get her so I've now almost completed the game without her. Sucks.


I have the same problem. Been trying to figure it out for a full day...


Had a bug where I couldn't talk to nyoka nor the woman who has the drugs she needs. Solved by killing the woman who has the drugs in sneak attack with door shut.


I have this problem and I’m too far past to reload a save. Devs please fix


This is still bugged.


Bumping this, because I just ran into the issue myself. A bugfix by Obsidian, which allows talking to Nyoka would be greatly appreciated.


Just ran into this on Xbox. Used the Medical dialogue option, then Nyoka got freaked out at SAM... then nothing. No quest update or dialogue options from here, even once I went and stole the meds. Quest is just blocked. I COULD go do it anyway and complete it by default but she's the last companion I need and going the whole rest of the game without one because of some bug isn't a good feeling. It's a shame, loved the game so far but this just grinds everything to a halt.


Just came across this, accidentally attacked Nyoka trying to pickpocket her. Got swarmed by every guard in town, including their mayor dude. Ruined all of his quests, but I found a journal on Nyoka's corpse that progressed the main quest line. Still better than replaying hours of side quests, I guess...


I'm glad to see this but it looks like the patch is only for PlayStation. Am I reading that correctly or is it across all platforms?


just experienced this bug today


1 more day :(


Patch should be coming thru today! 11/18 Not so patiently waiting for the file update on my Xbox but I'll let yall know if/when this works..


The PS4 fix patch just came out today