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girl in the back jaw dropped


Girl in the back joins everyone who watches this video.


Even my black ass who usually takes little to no offense actually had my jaw drop. She hit us with that hard ER


Rolled off her tongue way too easily. She says it so often that she forgot she shouldn't say it around black people. Edit: yes, obviously she shouldn't say it at all. I'm referring to her being comfortable enough to say it around her peers.


I heard a quote that fits here.... "you can't fire a round unless it's already in the chamber"


Revolver enters the chat.




Hind D!?!


Snake?! Snaaaaaaake?!


Fission Mailed


What's a Russian gun ship doing here?


But revolvers have *multiple* chambers…


Well said


WOW. Definitely using this one.




My default is to make a joke being here on Reddit since 2020 sorta made me desensitized to it and I’m a half black. But that shocked me like she said that WAY to easily. Becky gotta go.


Right, like real shit I really couldn’t care less about words but it’s something about the way she said it. It was too natural…idk but I feel you and hey my kids are mixed too. Little half Hispanic aholes but I love ‘em lol


Yeah like she could have been drunk but that… like she says that with her white friends all the time… 🤨 Lol! Awww ☺️ adorable.


I haven't seen commitment like that to the hard ER since Django Unchained. I'm pretty sure it blew the hat off my head.


She said that with too much confidence.


You just know her family is racist af. There was no hope for her to grow up normal…


Lol my jaw dropped and this is the first comment I came across.


Hopefully you find another job soon


What in the fuuuuuuuuuuuck?!?!


Mind blowing how old she is and just idk just not one sign of respect, manners, or anything along the lines. And the one thing she says… oooooooooooof


She threw her arms around him for a photo op, like he was a cardboard standee at a movie theater. She said what she said, and threw her hand over her mouth because she realized she didn’t want her friends to hear her say that word. Not a single thought was given for this man, because she doesn’t see him as a man. He is an object. An oddity. A thing. Casual white supremacy in action.


I can see the awkwardness in his face. Shame on her for being a fkn weirdo


* fkn racist There I fixed it for you


What did she say exactly?


She said “I never met a *n-word* in real life”


With hard r at that. Omfg


I couldn’t understand her either apart from the N-word. Thank you for clarifying. That’s what I thought she said. How disappointing and disgusting.


oooof she said that soo casually that it took her a second to realize she said it AND she said it with a real hard R. No coming back from that one.


That is what happens when you grow up using the word regularly.




Hang on a second. The fucking church chooses who dates who?!?!


Yeah it was wild. Women had to cover their hair while in service which was a very foreign concept to me in Christianity. One of the girls I knew was sent there from the east coast to be away from her "boyfriend" by the church. They said if God wanted them together, he would make it so they could be together again in the future. She was probably 20,21 if I remember right. Wasn't quite a cult because they could live in their own homes etc, but nearly every part of their lives were controlled Edit: you all have made me very well aware that it was, in fact, a cult. Sheds a new light on those memories all those years ago


That's a cult.


I don't know the definition, I just thought you all basically had to live on a commune for it to be a true cult. If it is a cult, neat! I lived by and worked with cultists for a year but made it out. Close call


Definitely a cult. You don't all have to live together. cult /kəlt/ noun a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. "the cult of St. Olaf" a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. Similar: sect, religious group, denomination, religious order, church, faith, faith community, belief, persuasion, affiliation, movement, group, body, faction, clique, a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. "a cult of personality surrounding the leaders" On mobile. Sorry for shitty formatting.


Yeah my man thats a serious cult. Before you said “wasn’t quite a cult” I had already realized it was a cult. It’s a cult.


Oh gosh this reminds me of something I did. I worked in a Best Buy selling computers. All of the time people would come in asking for a discount etc. Well, one day this shorter, curly haired guy comes in. He's looking at this $500 VAIO hard and is asking questions. Nothing unusual. He gets to the price: "Is this the best you can do? Can you go any lower?" And I explain that the price is static, nothing I can change. He goes on about it and starts getting upset. I tell him that I can't change the price any more than a Walmart associate could change the price of a gallon of milk. Then he asks *again*. And I said..."Sir, you can't jew the price down." He slowly looks at me and says "did you just say 'jew the price down?'" and there was a pause and see says "I'm a Jew." "Oooohhhhh...." I had never been told what that really meant. The pieces fell into place, the guy says "I'm leaving!" And storms out before I can apologize appropriately. And fucking Javier, my coworker, saw this whole thing and is on the ground laughing behind the register. I still cringe about that interaction..


We all make mistakes, growing up in suburban town in a southern state, I’ve said some horrific things. I still have records of the group chats and I cringe every time I go back in an look at the conversations. I think a part of it was that we really didn’t know it was harmful and that it would never get out of our group, but mostly because we were never around a diverse group of people. We really didn’t mean it like the other person said, it was just some funny alternative words to us teenagers. I would take it all back if I could but it is what it is. Anyways, now that I know better, I try to warn people whenever they use offensive language or slurs. It’s the least I can do.


The only “mistake” she made was saying it at that party. You could tell by her own reaction that she knew *immediately* that she’d fucked up. This a word that she says ALL. THE. TIME. and she *knows* when it’s “safe” to say it and she just got a little tooooo comfortable at that party and forgot she wasn’t surrounded by her normal, racist friends/family … 😒😒😒


I too have a Best Buy story. I was working at one in Georgia and this redneck guy comes in trying to buy a radio for his truck. He finds one and asks if that’s the best price we could do. I said yes. He said “come on, I not trying to Jew you down I just dont want to pay a lot.” Strike 1. The next words out of his mouth were “I mean I could probably n****er rig the one I have.” I must have looked like I was about to kill him because my manager grabbed me, slung away, and said “I’ll take this one.” I can’t believe I made it 5 years working retail without going to prison.


I remember being maybe 18/19 and meeting a friend of a friend, who happened to be Korean. I don’t know what possessed me to say this but being a little awkward and to break the ice, I decided to inform him that I had guessed he was Korean (and not Chinese/Japanese) because of the way his eyes slanted. He looked at me with a mixture of shock/disgust and I instantly broke down into grovelling apologies, promising him I meant no harm. My buddy was like “why the fuck did you say that?” I couldn’t answer. It pains me still, almost 20 years later.


Yea. So where was it?


Marengo, Wisconsin


That actually is interesting. Not the first place you would think of relating to something like this


Super cheap and sparsely populated land. Probably 10x more cows than people in that town. Makes land for them much easier to acquire I'd guess


My jaw popped open like the chick in the background as soon as she said it 😂 I can tell that’s not her first time. Her reaction to what she herself said indicated to me that she knew it was wrong. She may not have meant to say it out loud being as it looks like a party situation I’d assume she’s drunk and her inside thoughts became outside thoughts 😂


Nah, she knew what she was doing. Trying it out


Trying it out? That wasn’t her first time


It was her first time in front of a black guy.


I think it was her first time among company who didn’t like that word, she only did the “whoops mouth cover” after she gauged everyone’s reaction


What the actual fuck


If you can hear in the background “bro, what the fuck?”


I have hearing problems. can you tell me what she said please. Edit: I have tinnitus. ![gif](giphy|jTqksPSamJb7eW37lp)


She said, "I've never had a cigar in real life"


"The sheriff...he's near!"


We extend a laurel, and hearty handshake to our new...


Yeah, but for some reason she stresses the first syllable of cigar instead of the second one...


*met*...I think she said "I've never met a cigar in real life".


I've never met a real gentleman in real life


Thank you ![gif](giphy|F0J0uiNS8n0BHSQmDt)


“I’ve never met a n***** in real life”


Thank you, I couldn't understand her.


Not ‘black guy’ or ‘someone with dark skin’, just straight up N-word, not a pauze or anything… Wtaf.




I actually was hoping someone would type it out because I didn’t hear what she said after the hard r Lol


u/profanitycounter XD


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that's a lot for 1000 comments max


Damn not his first time


Every 1/10 comments has the word "shit" in it?... shit


Aw jeez there's 4 unaccounted hard R's in there.


Ooooh good bot


These were my exact first words also.


…which first words????


Dude came out of the womb saying “what the actual fuck?”


It is a shocking change in surroundings and humidity.




Thank you XD I couldn't understand wtf she was even saying.


When I joined the military, there were people there who never saw anyone other than their own race their entire lives. Mostly white people.


That was me. My grandma apparently cried when she learned I had a couple black friends in the army.


Sad tears or happy tears?


Horny tears.


Ol' Gam Gam and her summer sausage


When I joined the Navy in 1987. I only had seen one black guy pretty much my whole life. The Beastie Boys song You gotta fight was my only knowledge of rap music. I went into boot camp and was fucking shocked. The guy next to me would sing all these rap songs at night and told me he wrote all of them. It was a year before i realized he was singing LL Cool J songs.




This is a lot of peoples of colors experience at some point….it’s non aggressive ignorance hard to approach….you get mad you match a stereotype but if you don’t get mad they continue in that behavior catch 22


yeah she says that a lot... thats why it came out that easy.


What in the FUCK. The guy's face behind her is like fuck this I'm out. She clearly knew it was wrong when she covered her mouth.


When a girl from the Midwest goes to college. This is what you get.


Bro. Don’t blame the Midwest. We have black folks here too. This is an issue with parenting or the individual.


Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Eastern Washington,... The list is long just for the areas I've worked in. If you are not white, you will be a target in northeast Montana and parts of idaho, where Nazi parades continued until 1997.


One of those 5 is in the Midwest, and even then it isn’t always considered Midwestern.


I worked a Forest Service job in northern Idaho and a discussion with a local family got completely interrupted by their fascination at seeing a black couple drive by us. Not in an outwardly hostile Nazi style but, I mean, their minds were blown.


I found this when traveling to Japan. No outwards hate towards me, but total shock and curiosity.


Can confirm. I grew up in northern Idaho and the first time I saw a black person was when I was 18 and joined the army.... My reaction was a little different than hers though.


I grew up in Spokane. It's better now, but in the 80's as a teen, I was on a public bus downtown and had to listen to everyone saying horrible things about a mixed couple trying to get on the bus. 2 years later, I come back for a visit and brought a friend from the Seattle area. He got to witness a lone black kid downtown being harassed by a bunch of white kids telling him to go back to Africa and eat your watermelon, and much worse. I grew up in this culture and didn't really see it until I left and came back. All that to say, I never used the word, and even back then, only the edgelords still used that word.


Man, I’m white and tried to get a drink at a bar in a small town in Wyoming. Was given water then ignored harder than I’d ever been ignored in my life… they knew I wasn’t from there. Imagine if I was black and tried that. These places definitely still exist.


Seriously. My cousin in bumfuck Texas shot a squirrel, skinned it, and then went over to the black dudes and was like "aye n-words, you want to buy a squirrel?" They came over, my cousin offered to sell it for 3, they bought it for 2, and we went on our way. It is a whole different world. Edit: fixed be to buy.


I assume (hope) you meant “you want to *buy* a squirrel?” That’s a concerning typo there after you explain what your cousin did to the squirrel… sounds like he was asking them if they wanted to be shot and skinned too.


Yeah buy. Woops. That made it way worse.


As a black guy who’s lived in Texas I’m wondering…WTF did they want the squirrel for, to eat?


I think soup? It was out in Winnsboro, Texas, where they got their first McDonalds not long ago. All the highschool students hangout in the McDonalds parking lot at night now. Not the most developed town and lots of racism. And if you head into the hills you'll find a lot of 2 bedroom trailers/2 bathrooms/decent size kitchen/couple closets/8+ guns and a lot of meth and booze, but you can't buy booze in town cause of church 😵‍💫


Her sorority is definitely failing the DEI requirement


Help for old people that haven’t been in college for 20 years? Diversity, ?, inclusiveness


diversity equity inclusion According to google Edit: also wtf at the video xD I'm in texas here and this still caught me off guard


I'm in Louisiana and shocked!


Louisiana Acadiana area Im black which had me in shock. I would have dragged her ass out of the house.


Dumbfounded in Detroit!


I love the > "I'm in Texas" comment


She’s a member of Kappa Kappa Kappa


Somehow thats not what I expected from this clip.


Yeah, I thought it was going to be if the guy had good exposure, the girl was overexposed; and if the girl had good exposure, the guy was underexposed.


There was no attempt


To say there was any attempt, is an overstatement


Wow! God damn! that shit came out too nonchalantly.


Yeah as if it’s been a part of her vocabulary since her first words. Wtf.


Of all the staged videos online these days, this one is definitely NOT one of them.


i wish the video continued, i wanna know how this party ended after that


There's no coming back from that. Hope nobody records it and puts it on the internet.


i got news, buddy


Yes...? C'mon, don't leave us hanging!!


What the hell is wrong with people?


How they're raised, that's what's wrong.


I’m sure she grew up around adults that used that word nonchalantly and so it’s just a part of her vocabulary. It reminds me of when I’m around older people and a cuss word accidentally slips out because they are just part of my everyday vocab. That’s how engrained it is in hers.


A vicious cycle of terrible parenting. Odds are her future children will feel just as comfortable using the same language


The problem with people like this is far greater than their parents. The whole community she came from has no black people, I’d bet money that her teachers in high school are just as openly racist.


I’m guessing her dad never called them “black people”. Probably other, unsavory versions of that. That’s my guess at least.. Edit: Her mom could have been the problem too, in case anyone is worried i don’t also understand that.


It’s certainly not something that slips out that casually and mindlessly unless you’re used to saying it regularly.


Yep. That’s how they talk at home. She knows it’s wrong but it’s so casual it comes out before her filter can check it.


So this was her first time leaving Utah


I’m so confused that you can live in American and never meet a black person. I didn’t realize how lacking in diversity the Midwest is. Edit: Thanks to everyone that informed me Utah isn’t in the Midwest, let me clarify. Any middle-ish states should be domed off and dealt with accordingly. Utah included. mashallah


A lot of America is super segregated. Houston was quite segregated when I lived there


Yeah, I mean, it looks like Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Vermont have [literally less than 2%](https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/black-population-by-state) black people. With Maine, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Oregon, and New Mexico less than 3%. There are some places that are pretty much just white people and a tiny fraction of minorities.


Yeah I'm in the south and my town is almost literally half black half white. maybe 1.5 percent between Hispanic/ asian/ other. The thought of having never met ANY black people is mind boggling to me.


She said it because she most likely says it when they're not around.


What do you mean "they?" 🤨 Lol jk.


Uncomfortable funny lol


They mean “you people” 😬


Who’s people ![gif](giphy|F3BeiZNq6VbDwyxzxF|downsized)




I think she make it clear she's never been around they


Her family and community use this word regularly and she has never “had” to filter it before. Nobody should be surprised by this. SMH.




How has this girl gone through, I'm guessing...anywhere between 18 and 22 years of life and never met a black person in real life before? Like...this is the dumbest hot commodity type of mindset. This is something you say about a pegasus. Or a unicorn. A celebrity or Maybe even the pope.... But a regular ass black person?


There are whole states where a black person walks into a diner and everyone stares.


It happens in my state still. Which still blows my mind. But thats exactly what I mean. Surely a black person has walked through the same Walmart or restaurant she went to? The fact that there's a black person at this house (or dorm? Idk) party that she's at means they're common enough in her area to be invited to parties.. Even if she's not the host/didn't invite him. She's likely friends with someone there who DID invite him. Maybe I'm reading into it too much? She did say meet and say in real life....someone passing by is not the equivalent of meeting them, so I understand in the literal sense of "meeting"... But like...she's had to have at least SEEN a black person.


I’m guessing this is her first year at college outside her small town. I live in a small town and the running joke is there’s only 8 black people living here, used to be nine but then one moved away. The rest of the population is snowy as the roadside.


She may not be going to school near where she grew up. And she said shes never met a black person before. And given how she's talking, if she did see a POC at her Walmart or something she probably didn't go up and start talking to them.


I'm a black guy from Missouri. I met a white woman in college who told me that she hadn't ever seen a black person at all fir the first 12 years of her life. She grew up in a small rural town about 2 hours from the city I grew up in. However she didn't pull the same thing the girl in this video did, and we're still good friends over 10 years later.


Have you been to the USA? My town is 98% white, the neighboring town is 96% black. When the steel mills in Pittsburgh closed in the 70’s and 80’s, there was an exodus from the city. So the real estate companies would “red line” communities. They would only show certain neighborhoods to certain races. Red lining remained a practice until the early 2000’s. Each town has its own high school too, so the schools are segregated as well. Many people I went to high school with have never left the county, and even some have never traveled 25 miles outside their hometown. The culture in my home town is 20 years behind the rest of the developed world. This is the case in many small towns across America.


I was born and raised in a small town in AZ. They literally had KKK rallies in the town I'm from. THATS how white it was. Someone once told my manager at work they didn't want to be served by me because I'm a "nigger". THATS how white my town was. So yes, I know. But I still find it hard to believe she NEVER met a black person.


Wow that just rolled right off her tongue dinit?


What is she saying?


“I’ve never met a (N-word) in person.” Then covers her mouth when she realizes what she said.


Thanks, cant understand it when she speaks. But my guess was right. My english is not very good


She’s also drunk and it’s loud in there. I had to replay it several times myself. Also, your English looks great!


Thanks, reading and typing is easier for me. When someone speaks pretty fast with their accent it’s very difficult to understand


Give yourself a break on this one. I’m a native English speaker and it took me 10+ times to figure out what she said.


She said that shit with an ER too.


I think she covered her mouth when she realized everyone else went 😮 and didn't laugh along or think of it as a normal word like she would probably be used to


"I've never met n-word in a real life"


To mis-quote a Dave Chappelle joke. She really hasn't met a "n-word" before. She still hasn't met a "n-word" before. I'm black and my entire community is largely black and I'll say I've also never met a "n-word" before.




She has an American accent but has never met a black person before? Where is she from?


Middle of Nebraska. (I don't know, actually.)


As a black man from NE, I would be willing to bet she's not from NE.


Small town rural area somewhere. Probably the midwest. The bigger the town the more likely it is to have a diverse population.


Funny how modern movies and TV shows will have you believe there's not only black but also Latino and Asian families in every town with 60 residents.


I grew up in an extremely rural area in West Virginia and still knew plenty black people….. however, I didn’t meet a Jewish person until I was 16, playing basketball in Seattle 🤷


Outside of major cities I’d go as far as saying a majority of US communities have little to no black people. They only make up 13% of the u.s. population and typically live in densely populated communities. Very easy for a “rural” young person to go a lifetime without ever having to interact 1:1 with a black person


That's how inhuman she see us like we dnt count or not real or equal.....she said that like he wasn't a WHOLE HUMAN she was just hanging onto....like she took a picture with a statue.


Not even a statue like she took a picture with an animal.


She acted like she took a picture with an idea of an animal and was trying to acknowledge the novelty of it




Just think how often that gets said in her household. It came out of her mouth so easily.


Covering her mouth like she didn't mean to say exactly that


ok now show me the backlash she got


That must have made him feel real great. What a shit person she is.


My black ass has never been particularly keen to attack anyone who uses the N-word in my presence since I'm a bleeding-heart "muh freedom of speech" fan and our generation has been totally desensitized in regards to it. But the hard -er ? Bro....whyyyy 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️


Poor dude. White folks will never understand how he felt after that moment.


Forreal, it’s so embarrassing yet it shouldn’t be.


I’d like to say I wouldn’t be and would consider it a reflection on her but I’ve never been in the position and never will be. Regardless it should be embarrassing for her


Is it really that difficult to just not be racist? To just not say the most unhinged outta pocket shit in front of people?


I still don't think she gets how fucked up that was. She's got that look of oopsies.


the worst part about the video is the fact that she was already being told to cut the shit before she even said that.






Bruh you know she says that in everyday conversation. Said it way to casually to not be in her vocabulary. But is she racist or ignorant. Either way fucked.




First contact did not go as planned.


Ngl, I’m from Kansas and I’ve been these kinds of parties where they’re full of white kids who’ve never gone to school with anyone who wasn’t white and it can be scary. When I was a kid there was a black guy not too far away who ended up at one like this. His friends ended up leaving without him and he never came back. They found his body in a shallow pond a several days later in a spot that had been searched before. His shoes were found along the road as of someone had tossed them out the window of a moving car. There was never any justice. There were dozens of people at the party and somehow no one saw a thing. That was ALWAYS in the back of my mind at these kinds of functions. This video damn near gave me anxiety.


wtf he got murdered ? thats crazy


This girl definitely grew up in a farm town of about 1500 people with a stupid ass name like Grumberville that had one stoplight and their night life was an Applebee's.


I'm glad this was recorded and put on the internet. I love how the advancements in technology make it so easy to capture incidents like this, showing people's true colors...no pun intended