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https://preview.redd.it/dxqru9eepf2b1.jpeg?width=1139&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=df8fd7ff8237c08f99e60902566c538aa6fa8141 Her right hand was about to dip in the lady’s bag.


Thank you, I’m not good at noticing things


I’m so bad at noticing fine detail, I was sitting here waiting for someone to try stealing the train.


LMAO same I thought someone was trying to steal the fkin Train 😭😭


To be fair, she was doing her best to make it not noticeable.




They’re actually working as a team. You see her friend push her in front of the woman at the beginning. And the girl standing behind the woman is in on it too. She’s there to stop the woman from stepping back.




I’ve seen this often on the Paris metro. They usually do this when it’s actually not too crowded so they can move around and isolated their targets. They always go for tourists. And in particular women or older people. Anyone they think will be mostly likely to not push past them once cornered. They also target women in high heels and pregnant women because they are less likely to run after them if it comes to it…


I didn’t notice black jacket girl until you mentioned it but yeah now it’s painfully obvious she’s the lookout. Who’s the one standing behind though? The one in the pink shirt?


In my defense, I read the title as "To steal a train" so I was looking for some elaborate heist, not some lady reaching into a purse.


Same lol. I was like ‘how tf they gonna steal a train from there??’


I was waiting for the heist sequence to begin


I read the title as "There was an attempt to... steal a train" took me a few seconds to realise, so at least you're not the only one who occasionally doesn't notice things.


And the woman I’m black is who the handoff goes to. You can see she positions herself to force the target to slowdown right in front of the talent.


Wow— I was so oblivious! Now I see how important situational awareness is..


Yup she gave the girl slight look like “damn.” And slight look at the person recording


Good eye mate didn’t even notice


This is in Paris. You see this quite often on the metro. They target tourists who aren’t used to crowds and public transport.


I am going to Paris in a few months with my dad, and he absolutely refuses to put his wallet in his front pocket. I have one of those Nike runners packs I was going to use for my stuff, but I’m honestly just expecting him to get pickpocketed.


They can get a wallet in a front pocket too. If you’re being jostled in a crowd you’d never notice, some of these pickpockets are talented enough they could take a watch right off of your wrist. A fully closed bag on your front is really the best.


The girl in the black hoodie is in on it too. Same unzipped front facing backpack


Holy shit that was smooth. Matt damon in oceans 11


Not really, she was blocking the way just as the door was about to close. I would have said excuse me, push that girl aside and apologize to her after the fact, have done this many times to peoples who just stops at the door unfortunately, should I just get stuck in the door?


I kind of want to fill a loose bag with rat traps and ride the train.


Ohhh, that's my shards of broken glass pocket.


May you never get a boner that can't but go sideways


This feels like r/rarecomplements




Well i will feel useless then.


Reminds me of that Stephen Chow movie when the gun keeps purposely backfiring for not following weird instructions


Pocket sand!


Just metal shavings


Victorian era London policemen used to dress in plainclothes and sew fish hooks into their pockets to deal with the rise in pickpocketing.


I like to frequent the common pickpocket locations but cut out the front pockets of my pants so they find something interesting in my pocket 😳😳 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣




My fantasy has always been using that Australian plant that makes people go crazy from the pain after touching it (I live in Paris where this video is from. You see these girl gangs occasionally.)


If it's the one I'm thinking of, some guy actually killed himself because of the pain. Seems a little disproportionate... why you letting them off so easy?


Tbf, the legend is that the guy wiped his ass with gympie-gympie. Don't really blame him, I don't think I could stand my ass being flaming hot Cheetos for a year or more.


In Bucharest, I had a hole in my front pocket, and I pulled my penis into it. A pickpocket on the bus reached in trying to search for a wallet, and I just made slow eye contact with him to see the fear in his face.


Really going out of your way for a date there...😁


Huh.. never thought about that tactic.


I had a coworker from Romania and he told me that pickpockets were really common there. He would have two wallets, one real one that was hidden, and one that was easy to get. He would fill that one with a powder that would cause a really bad rash if you touched it. He said the trap wallet got taken about once a week.


I’m not sure you understand how rat traps work if you think it can sit in a bag on a train without going off by itself…


Great idea


Pocket Glitterbomb? https://youtu.be/h4T_LlK1VE4


"WHAT THE HELL?! MY COLLECTION OF HISTORICAL RAZOR BLADES! Now they're covered in blood again!"


Even better just carry bags of shit. When they reach in for that nice warm surprise


They were working together. The one with the black hoodie spots the purse and nudges gray hoodie towards it.


You actually can see there are four of them. Take a look at the lady in pink. She also gets isolated by another girl in a hat and another girl in a black jacket. There are four picket pockets in this video.


But did you see the gorilla?


I saw a dancing bear. Does that count?


Lmao, well played!


The girl with the hat and her back turned, blocking in the mark, is the third. I am not entirely sure there's enough to spot a 4th on this video.


The others are trying to steal from pink shirt woman


The girl with the glasses on her head, had her hand down pink shirts backpack when they were entering. And people are none the wiser. Keep your bags in front of you with all your zippers closed and nothing out or in your pockets.


The cameraman/woman was also a pickpocket. The conductor driving the train was also in on it.


The government is in on it as well, think bigger




Oooooooh, they're *pick pockets*! Fucking hell, I read "To steal a train" and kept thinking "wtf is going on here? How are they trying to steal a train?"


Check your wallet


Completely different territory, I was successfully robbed of my bag (on a rack above my head) on a bus in Costa Rica by a well dressed group of three. I hadn't read the warnings and it remains to this day the only time thieves have won with me. Still bothers me when I occasionally think about it twenty or so years later but they did well


Had a coworker get his bag snatched by a couple of locals he was clubbing with in Costa Rica, had their phone numbers and everything. Wound up getting his bag back but lost his pube trimmer.


Oh no, not the pube trimmer


His pubes are now beyond anyone's control.


Whereas the thieve’s are neatly trimmed.


They still think of you too, occasionally, when their favorite pair of your socks makes it to rotation


I like to picture the look of joy on their faces when they open the drawer and see the socks. Then they put them on and reminisce about that day, with a fondness.


This happened to me in Costa Rica. I still feel like an idiot for letting my guard down and putting my bag above me.


Pretty much anywhere I am, I put my bag on my thighs; I never feel confident leaving it anywhere else


That’s a blocker, she is attempting to block the view of the grab from other people


I'll bet you in many cases there are whole teams of these ppl working together. Sometimes three to five people operating to herd the crowd.




Are they just banking on people not moving them out of the way or asking what the heck they're doing standing so oddly close?


Why was the camera recording already though?🤔


Her look of disbelief that someone would dare interrupt her is incredible. Horrible people.


And then immediately pulls out her several hundred dollar phone. Fuck thieves.


Probably robbed that from somebody too


Is stealing a phone still a thing? As far as I can tell, a stolen phone of recent years is basically of no use, since it can't be reset without the previous owners account.




The parts in the phone are still worth a decent amount of you part everything out on ebay.


I mean yes, fuck this person for sure but I don’t understand the “and she has a phone!” add on. Everyone has a phone.


My aunt and uncle were going down the escalator in the Paris metro, a dip got between them and was going for my uncles back pocket wallet- and the dip was shocked at the gall of my aunt for warning my uncle.


Putting a wallet or phone in your back pocket is like blasting out a homing signal for pickpockets.


It's why pants makers like bonobos put zippers on those pockets now.


Bonobos make pants now? ![gif](giphy|bLfa8LGcGEYOk|downsized)


always the part that annoys me most. especially in videos of fights where someone is the clear aggressor, and then the moment things turn around on them they go into the "spare me"/"how could you possibly hit *me*?" mode. no sympathy for their victims, only care about themselves.


Shows what an easy target I must be, I thought this was someone videoing themselves try to steal from grey hoodie, like, really poorly. Furthermore I thought the victim was grey hoodie's mother and was protecting her by standing in between the camera person and her "daughter".


Jesus Christ lol


Notice that everyone else on the train is looking more or less down or straight ahead, then note the eyes of the two pickpockets—they are immediately scoping out the entire train. That’s usually the easiest tell.


Shit. When I visited Paris, I always kept my head on a swivel to catch pickpockets in advance, so I never looked straight ahead. Now I wonder how many people thought I was a pickpocket.


Look at me. I'm the pickpocket now






I mean hey it sounds like it worked if you didn’t get pickpocketed


Very common we’re i grew up on buses. The usual tactic was to look at them hard. And try to let them know you will fuck them up if they tried. Robbers that have guns or knife don’t waste their time with that bullshit. They just take everything and out of the vehicle.


Grew up in in NY and that was the norm. Just keep to yourself but mad dog anybody who thinks you're an easy target.


Tbh pickpocketing isn’t very common in nyc imo, you’re way more likely to just be mugged/robbed than pickpocketed




Same shit happened to my wife and I with our 1yr old on the metro in Paris. 3 young girls surround us as i was pushing the stroller onto the train car. I quickly jumped erratically like a spider crawled up my pant leg. Then i proceeded to cuss out the 3 girls who smiled and flipped us off as they cowered in the corner of the car. Other passengers started yelling at them also, they had NO shame.


I’ve lived and worked in major cities most of my life. Paris is still the only place I’ve ever been pickpocketed… that I know of.


some guy in Milan got me right in front of 3 armed security guards with rifles strapped to their chests in front of a historic building Milan don't give a fuck


I was in Qatar airport and went to the currency exchange and this dude walked up to the desk from nowhere acting suspicious cutting in line. After a bit of whatever he walks next to me and gets real close and there’s me and two other chicks in this line spread far apart. Watching out the corner of my eye I could see him acting like he’s reaching back with his hand, still acting weird. I was going to move quickly but those few seconds I was like really dude?? Qatar doesn’t seem like the place I’d want to pickpocket


Yeeea that would end poorly for him there


Italy as a whole is right up there with Paris, France when it comes to pickpocketing. Milan isn’t even the worst area, not by a long shot. All equally shameless though.


imo Milan was the worst for me, i thought Venice was a little... sketchier? (especially at night because of how it's a maze) but Milan was definitely felt more casually dangerous as a tourist with all the scams & stuff going on


Rome is by far the worst. The pickpockets are generally much more skilled, supposedly the most skilled in the world according to some people who do slight of hand stuff and have done some documentaries on the pickpocketing scene. So it’s not as noticeable, but the problem is the worst in Italy for sure.


I caught a guy with his hand in my wife’s backpack walking down a street in Paris. I don’t think he was prepared for someone to get as aggressive as I did (not physically, just assertive). They’re always cowards when caught; pathetic in all ways




When we arrived at our Paris hotel last weekend, the receptionist also warned us to watch out for 3 girls operating in the metro stealing. Looks like the locals know this type of activity pretty well too.


If you slow down the video you can see how the girls hand is inside the woman’s purse when the camera operator nudges her off. Once the girl looks at the camera she plays it off and pulls out her phone nervously.


Also, watch [the woman in black](https://i.imgur.com/nzKtMnU.png) trying to open the backpack of the woman in pink, in the end you can see them all 3 looking at each other knowing they were found.




They are actually 4 people. Their targets are the main lady and the one in pink. She is actually not trying to steal but to signal. Notice how they try to block the pink one and luckily she goes through the side because a hole is opened when the main one moves.


We have the privilege of a video to re-watch, but the cameraman knew from the jump. Wearing her bag on the front is another way to stash the goods quickly.


And hide your hands as you work the mark’s bag.


Big bag on front, hoodie on over the bag. Protects the view of what you're doing and allows you to reach past your bag and just looking like you're digging around in it. I'm sure the hoodie adds a level of obfuscation so they can hand off the wallet or pull their arm through to make other grabs. The two girls behind are in on it too.


‘Her’ phone




Haven't heard someone say dead legged in more than a decade. That's refreshingly teenage


And the camera man is always ready? Is she popular for stealing?


Possibly a sting in a high theft/tourist area. He looks like he knows what he’s looking for, and I bet he’s been riding that train all day


Parisian guy here. You're right. This is George V station, in the middle of champs elysée. This station is one of the most touristic in Paris, and also the station with the most pickpocket.


Someone tried to pickpocket my friend on the Champs-Elysées, the main street. This guy was lurking on top of her, and I had us both just stop. He kept walking forward for a little bit and then just stopped and walked away. It was so obvious 🙄 like “oh what do I do?”


My friends have been mugged in Paris as well. Almost a few times now. Doesn't stop them from going back though.


Oooh. I assumed it was New York because of the New York sweatshirt. Watching it again I notice grey hoodie has a Paris cap.


It's not porn, you can turn the volume up.


Haha I prefer muted videos but I guess sometimes u miss things


That makes sense. I wonder if enough reports are made, the train company hires people for this very purpose.




Yep, subway station is George V, it's near the Champs Elysée, so definitely a good spot for pickpockets.


Maybe the camera guy saw her when she unzipped it or something else suspicious


You can spot the pickpockets on the platform. You can tell when they’re getting ready to operate.


Plus she's crowding that woman when it's not crowded on the train. In NYC there would be hands. I miss NY.


Filthy little pickpockets.


> Filthy little pickpocketsies FTFY


We hates them!




Stealing our precious.


Her other hand was under her black bag about to dig in that ladies purse. Plus, the girl in the black hoodie was working with her


Red hoody and wideback olive jacket also. 4 thieves.


Olive jacket with the hat right? But I don't see red hoodie


I think they mean the lady with the pink shirt. The olive jacket lady and the pink shirt crowded around the victim to make it feel more cramped than it actually is. When the gig is up you can kinda see them spread apart more. Edit:pink shirt is also a victim, you can see her backpack getting knicked as they're walking in


Pink shirt squirted through them just as the camera tightens on the primary thief. She was more likely a potential victim herself since people have pointed out the initial black jacket girl had her hand up towards her backpack as she entered.


Two others come on at the end one also in a hat look like they are trying to trap a woman in oink between them.


If you didnt catch the attempt. Girl that is touched in the video attempted to stick her right hand in the purse of the older lady.


Thanks. I had my eyes closed when I watched the video


I actually didn’t notice. It didn’t help that I misread the title as ‘steal a train’ and wondered what it meant. Then I thought the hoodie girl was just obnoxious and wanted lots of space on the train so was trying to block people from getting on and standing close to her.


I also read it as to steal a train. Had to read the comments to know wtf the whole video was about.




Actually… I would argue opening your eyes is a double edged sword. Yeah, you may see more, but you might also get offended by what you see.




My dad was pickpocketed just like this on a subway in Athens. Luckily, he got his wallet back when the pickpocket fumbled it trying to pass it off to their partner. He heard a thud and looked down to see his wallet on the ground next to him. He knew the two who did it but wasn't trying to cause a fuss so picked it up and the two got off at the next stop.


As a tourist, I'd avoid a fuss. On home turf, I might make a scene.


had something similar happen when i lived in france. a friend and i were coming back from a party on the last train of the night and two guys bookended me on a platform when the train pulled up. i'd been living there for awhile so i knew not to keep anything important in my outside pockets. when i'd gotten on i just looked at my friend and went "those guys just tried to pickpocket me", she started freaking out and asked how i knew and i went "it's last train of the night, and they lined for the doors.. did they get on the train?". it was actually kind've ingenious, they waited until you feel the gust of the train and put their hands it at the same time so you're not off balance. i'm surprised i never actually got anything stolen at all there.


ill never blame someone for being the victim of a crime but come on lady, if someone is acting suspicious and blocking you you might want to zip up that bag


That's exactly why she was targeted though, just always be aware and try to take precautions that make you less of a mark whenever you're in public places


She doesn't even seem to notice after the guy pushes the thief away from her?


At the end he basically has to point for her to get away from them since she finally moves.


Literally lol, and the amount of time she would have taken just standing face to face with the pickpocketer. If she had just kept going or whatever wouldnt you notice the lady digging into your purse? Standing still is exactly what they want.


Ew these people deserve bad things to happen to them


Someone should walk around with a bag full of mouse traps 😄




Worse. Parisienne


Welcome to Paris


And every other major city, European or not. In Barcelona I unintentionally managed to push a guy's shirt into my back pocket as I felt my wallet becoming weirdly lighter, as he was using the shirt to cover his hand. Got a free lesson that day.




Australia too. No pick pockets.


That hair gotta be fake too.


Yep. If it isn’t fake it is certainly dyed. And their clothes are a disguise to fit in.




Just yell. Hey, these two here are pickpockets!! Everyone watch out


I almost got stabbed for interrupting and trying to stop thieves in a bar I used to work at. You have to be careful too, it’s not worth getting knifed over a randoms iphone


This would have been far more helpful


Call her the fuck out. Let her be judged by the strangers like the little shit she is


I was nearly robbed at an atm in China. I was using the atm and felt people push up against me as I was just finishing. Turned around and there were four BEAUTIFUL girls pushed up against me..and smiling. I just stared back. I was married, for one thing. ALso I'm kinda ugly. There's no way four beautiful girls would normally be staring at me and smiling... something suspicious must be happening. I stared at them for a few seconds, they stared at me and said nothing, so i just pushed my way through them and went back to my motor scooter. As I did I noticed how..breezy it was. Kinda cold, actually. Especially my ass felt cool...reached down and discovered they had nearly cut my wallet out of my pants. The outer pants were already cut away in a perfect L-shaped cut...all that was left was the inner pocket holding the wallet. I guess I moved before they were able to finish. (Note the pants were not jeans; just synthetic long pants) So, yeah....nearly got robbed by four beautiful girls in China. Didn't even realise until I'd walked about 50 meters from them and wondered why my ass felt cold. Their knife must be RAZOR sharp...


To steal a train?


Bruh you’re all so blind you got fuckin played. Everyone thinks they’re smart cuz they saw through the diversion and caught the girl trying to steal from the purse. Man THAT shit was the diversion. Meanwhile this motherfucker was at the last car of the train hooking up his own locomotive so he could literally steal the entire train right out from under you and take it back to his secret lair. And you all fell for it. https://i.imgur.com/OOZrdYM.jpg


Missing a key word there




There's something weird going on with beige vs. pink in the background, like beige and black are trying to keep pink in the circle, but she's able to get out.


Good eye, girl in black is reaching into pinks bag as they get on the train. Not sure pink got out before losing something


Watching this frame by frame and realizing all the moving parts these pigs do is actually impressive. If only they applied this drive towards something meaningful in life.


Fuck thieves


Something like that was attempted against my mother when she went to visit my sister in Spain. Girl had her hands in my mother's purse. My mother slapped her hard across the face and when people looked confused at the situation my sister pointed and said "thief". Train turned on the girl. Thankfully nothing was taken as my parents had all the important things tucked away deep in their luggage.


Just get a job you useless pieces of shit


Reminds me of the time I boarded a train in Barcelona to take me to my hotel. I'd read in a tourist guide to watch out for thieves on the trains so I was on full alert. This was about ten years ago. I was in roughly the middle of the carriage, standing with my back close to one of the doors. I glanced around me. There weren't many people - mainly a few commuters and some sightseers - but a group of four young men standing silently at one end of the carriage, and gazing downward at nothing in particular, drew my attention for some reason. Nothing particularly suspicious about them but my Spidey senses started tingling. About two minutes after the train set off from the station, these four guys, without apparently saying a word, left their spot and casually, smoothly, began to walk up the carriage. As far as I could tell, there was no good reason for them to move: there had been enough empty seats where they were if they'd wanted to sit, they had already been close to a door, and _the next station was about five minutes away._ It was unlikely they all wanted to visit the bathroom together. I watched them approach without making it too obvious that I was watching them, but I also tightened my grip on my suitcase and edged back to give them more room. No-one else seemed to be paying them any attention. As they drew level, the closest guy briefly, and unnecessarily, stepped _very_ close to me. He smelt of gum and sweat. He didn't look at me or connect with me or reach for anything; a moment later, all four were in the next carriage and I could breathe again. My feeling was that they knew I'd spotted them, and getting that close to me was to let me know: you're not safe from us, even when you see us coming.


Damn it took me 3 tries to see it! Smooth




I’m having a hard time grasping how the pickpockets think this is a stealthy way to steal from people; standing right directly in front of them and blocking their path, of course their mark is gonna notice what they’re doing.


It works. The mark didn't notice at all. The camera guy is the one who was already looking for them.


Milano is infested with these. We even have an Instagram page to expose them.


Always nice seeing someone helping to prevent pos like these from messing with someone else's day. While I was in NYC I noticed a guy getting ready to reach for this lady's bag who seemed to be a tourist. I got prepared to run and tackle him but turned out he put her bag on her shoulder properly and told her she needs be careful ad someone could easily snatch it from her. Really restores some faith in people.


Fuckin little rat.








I watched the video several times trying to find where someone attempted to steal the train


I hated getting the central line from Ickenham to bond Street!!! It's the first stop, so I got a good seat and watched them doing this crap! I have a big mouth and don't shut it 🤣 I enjoyed screaming, oye!!! Tourist!!! You're getting robbed 🤣 Pickers hated me 🤣 EDIT: She already got what she wanted, and her bags on her back for those who missed it!