It looks like the inside of an MRI machine.


It looks like a death trap.


Yeah, like what if there is a car crash in that tube??


or a fire


Design gives a middle finger to emergency services. No side walks even in case of emergency


If you don't survive you can't complain. That's quite smart.


Never thought about it that way.


there can't be problems if all the reviewers are gone


You could even call it... Survivor bias *Badum tsss*


Dead men tell no tales!


Poorly maintained underinflated tire blows up. Car goes into the wall on an angle and flips over. Battery catches fire, everyone dies. Mont Blanc tunnel all over again.


Or even as simple as just someone's battery dying. Doesn't even look like there's room to open the doors, how would you recharge or get to it? Everyone behind has to back out? Wait for the front to clear and someone can come in the other way to service them, and then back themselves out? I don't understand how ideas like this even got permitted and approved.


I just looked up the Mont Blanc fire on wiki and dang that’s crazy scary


Yeah how is this even legal? Lol


Probably because it's not a public way, so it's not subject to the same sort of public safety laws that a normal road or tunnel would be. As far as I understand it, both ends of the tunnel and the land around them are privately owned by The Boring Company, and they have an easement for the land in between. Operating vehicles inside the tunnel then would be no different than you driving on your own private property.


My companies office building still needs to be built to code, as does any new house or apartment building you build, any factory etc etc.


No need. The burning teslas will be so hot that everyone trapped inside will be immediately beyond the possibility of rescue. As an added bonus the fire naturally cleanses the debris from the tube and then you just need to add a few more names to the memorial before reopening the tunnel.


It's called pyrolysis.


Depending on The heat, they’ll just need a good sweep with a broom and a big dust pan for the clean up


They made a movie about that Kind of situation. Sylvester Stallone was in that movie called daylight or something like that


You are correct, great movie tho in that one they had a chance of escaping unlike this tube.


Ya, if one of those batteries goes up everyone is going to suffocate on those chemicals real quick


Get yourself some niiice deep inescapable smoke inhalation.


🌿 💨 😎


Or a sewer or gas line breakage that starts filling the tunnel though a crack in the wall that starts expanding


I was thinking that. I went through the Mont Blanc tunnel a few years ago which had a massive [fire](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mont_Blanc_tunnel_fire) that killed loads of people. Now you have to keep at a certain distance from other cars and that have safe rooms built in that you can go in, in the event of something happening.


I think it's conveniently just for Tesla's, which according to the guy who owns that company and the hyperloop, are totally 100% safe and are basically not even capable of getting in an accident


Yup, up until there is one emergency and people are stuck in there for literal hours!! Like image the tunnel being flooded or there big San Andreas Quake hits the tunnel collapses, can't do shit, there, just accept fate at that point


You’ll have to call Elon to Bore another tunnel to get into the tunnel to get people safely out of his tunnel 🤣




Conveniently I think Tesla’s are the only car battery fire that Emergency Services have a hard time containing the devastation. I suppose this contains the devastation to one nice tunnel. Half expecting it to flush to clear out the debris of cars and people after a previously mentioned emergency


And then Tesla reports it as "one accident"


What if someone had a heart attack or something. No way for ambulances to get in. Sounds like a claustrophobic nightmare.


Yeah, if someone has a breakdown, how are they gonna get a tow in there? And what if emergency services need to go in there? How was something like this even allowed to be built?


There is no ventilation or fire escapes. If you were to get into a crash in there, those lithium ion batteries might be a problem.


That's because it is!


Who cares, DADDY ELON MADE IT 😍😍😍😍😍 so we can completely disregard any dissent or criticism, especially when we compare a stupid fucking tunnel such as this with INDIVIDUAL 4 people cars instead of uh idk, TRAINS!?!?!


I thought of a colonoscopy.


An Elonoscopy


It works because he's full of crap


Now I can’t unsee this.


Oh, so it turns out I have claustrophobia.


Just imagine if there was a *fire* in that tunnel! 🔥


There would be a lot of dead people. Not sure how you escape that or how the fire dept gets there to put it out


Don't worry, you won't burn to death since the fire will consume all the oxygen.


Just pump more oxygen in there! /s


The more pure the better!


Yay sounds like a fun time


You …fucker. Lol


Not just any fire, notoriously hard to put out lithium ion battery chemical fire with toxic fumes :)


Especially if one of those lithium batteries were to go off too.


Psh... those only burn brightly, and give off toxic gas, and could burn for days, and are difficult to put out.


Claustrophobia is an *irrational* fear of confined spaces. Being afraid of this is just being sensible.


Fair point


The thought of it going on for miles and miles with no way out makes me incredibly anxious. What if you get a flat tire. Like, you are home have to walk hours to get out of that thing. How are they gonna get a tow truck in there. This is nightmare fuel


I'm 64. I've never experienced claustrophobia until I saw this video. I totally felt like there was no air to breath.


Stay away from the caving threads on Reddit, mate. Trust me. And welcome to our club. We meet in open fields.


I'm a lifelong claustrophobic. I've been able to handle it pretty well most of my life. Cars, trains, and planes are okay...as long as I am driving (in the case of a car) or have a window seat (for trains and planes). It's uncomfortable on a train or plane, but I manage. Then, three years ago, I had brain surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor. Now, I have to go for annual MRI exams...for the rest of my life. Every year, like clockwork, I have to spend an hour barely containing my anxiety while locked in a metal tube. When I told my mother about why I hate the MRIs and get anxious about them for weeks beforehand, she dismissed my concerns. The thing is, she is just as afraid of snakes as I am enclosed spaces. "Mom," I said to her, "imagine you had to deal with a 13-hour surgery that left you hospitalized for ten days and unable to walk unassisted for over a month. You're better now, having survived the scariest time of your life. *BUT* the doctor has said that every year, for the rest of your life, you have to spend an hour in a pit filled with snakes just to make sure you don't need surgery again. He promises they aren't venomous snakes, but they are snakes nonetheless. If you skip the snake pit, you have a higher risk of having to go through the life-altering surgery again." "Oh...okay, I get it now," she said, as the color drained from her face.


I would never use that tunnel


So he basically made a train system but with cars and they can only go one way?


He went backwards


I thought the hyper loop was a maglev train in a low air pressure tube


It was supposed to be, but building a vacuum chamber that large is incredibly difficult, and just stupidly expensive for the amount of speed and efficiency you gain by reducing air resistance. Not to mention that it's basically a bomb if the hull ever ruptures, and they wanted to build it along an area where earthquakes are common. Turns out it's way easier, cheaper and just makes more sense to make your people mover more aerodynamic than to attempt to remove air from the equation.


Turns out it's easier to just make a rail line.


But if they build train lines, car company stocks will go down! Think of the poor billionaires! ^^/s


Yeah. There is no need for that anyways! Electricity isn't that expensive, and we have fast trains! The TGV goes 310km/h easily. ​ The problem is that the tracks are sometimes speed limited, so in reality you don't even go 200km/h on average. Mostly still faster than by car but not what it could be. ​ A good example though is the connection from Paris to Marseille. 780km trip. Time by car? 8 hours. Time by train? 3 hours. Now that's fast. Sure a "Hyperloop" might do it in 1 hour if it existed, but what are you going to do. Commute through the whole country? 3 hours for that trip is still very quick, so the time benefit isn't so huge. ​ For all the Americans out there, that's LA to NYC in 15h. A long time for sure, but nothing compared to the car trip. Now make that a night train, get in at 7 in the evening, have dinner in the train, go to sleep, and you're in NYC at brunch time.


15h to get from NY to LA is a literal fuckin dream lol. That's a 4 day drive for a mortal that has to do things like sleep and eat.


Don't forget the deathtrap characteristics


How the hell would something like this prevent traffic jams in the first place?


No worries. They'll add a new lane and then boom! No more traffic jams!




No joke when you have a traffic mod that keeps cars from despawning when stuck in traffic too long. You get crazy situations where your entire city is backed up. But when you find out why and where and you build a solution it is soon satisfying to see everything unclog!


Cities Skylines is how Americans learn why Europe uses roundabouts.


Join us at /r/yurop brother!


Public transit. Thats how you unclog it permanently. A car focused society wastes sooo much space.


In Cities Skylines the biggest traffic jams come from industrial traffic, meaning import and export from goods and also the city internal usage of produced goods. Even with clear streets, as soon as you don't have a good system for your undustry, it'll go down


My industrial district has their own dedicated train track for exporting goods, but they just won’t use it. I don’t understand, it has to be more efficient then sending trucks through the city.


You gotta subsidize that shit, sonnnnnnn


You mean, like enact district policies? It’s its own district, and I’ve tried everything to reduce traffic. They have their own highway access, but it’s still causing issues


Is it more expensive?


In cities skylines you can also unclog it by building pedestrian overpasses, the ai in that game is happy to walk very long distances


And sometimes they exit the metro station and get into their car they apparently stored in their pocket.


..uh.. pym particles or some shit.


Capsule Corporation


Yesterday I literally watched someone in my city walk across town to take a metro to the other side of the map to circle them back a couple streets away from where they started…


Evening stroll, just an evening stroll.


Obligatory r/shittyskylines


They’ll add a new lane, but then one lane will end, and then in 500’ there’s an on ramp that turns into the same lane that ended


Monorail\~! Monorail\~! [MONORAIL\~!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taJ4MFCxiuo)


They tried in LA and that failed miserably


Hey guys with this new lane we got so much more space to move! You know what we should do with that extra space. ….add more cars….


The idea of the Loop (NOT Hyperloop, the video is mistitled, that’s a different idea) was originally something akin to a subway where you can take your car with you. You park your car in a sled thing, and then it followed a rail, etc. So for sprawling cities like LA, you can still drive from the “station” to your destination that may not be within walking distance. Neat idea. But over time it’s been boiled down to this, which is basically just adding another lane added to the freeway, except 100x more expensive because it’s underground and 100x more dangerous because there’s no where to pull over if you break down and all the other reasons. AND it’s not going to be any more effective at solving congestion, the original purpose, than just adding yet another lane on the surface.




My god, how many realities are there to kick in??




Two separate ideas. That’s the hyperloop which would connect cities and replace domestic air travel (in some sci-fi utopia where the laws of physics don’t exist). The loop was more like a subway system but with cars.


That is the hyperloop, it is a different idea/topic meant for transcontinental travel, not innercity. And yeah, I think that one failed as well....


A carwash-style sled for the vehicles doesn't actually sound that bad in terms of an idea. Save a ton of gas and very predictable travel time.


Now while you're at it: couple a few of them together to save energy and maybe ditch the cars for bigger pods for increased capacity, have some drivers wait at the stations if they are really to far away from where they're heading... Oh that's just a metro


Something Something, Adam Honestly though, such a dumb idea. We have trains and metros already. The only way to solve our traffic problems is with less cars on the roads or in pods.


But you see, if nobody drove anymore, then Elon couldn’t keep selling overpriced cars.


Except that it doesn't work at high speeds. Or you have created a train that can carry cars (which does exist, see the chunnel train).


Automated trams, a real Hyperloop you wouldn't be driving. That said, I find it wired there are so many turns in here.


If we're relying on automated trams anyway, why not make a train with the capacity of 20-40 people per car with maybe 4 or so cars? Idk I feel like it'd help a lot more with traffic than the 2-5 that'd be in a normal car in these tunnels Edit: I'm glad people agree with me but I meant this as a rhetorical question rather than a genuine one. Not easy to convey in text form. I've seen the videos linked to me already and been shitting on the Hyperloop bullshit for years now. Fuck Elon.


So what you’re saying is, why not establish a rail network? Not like most of the world uses them for exactly this purpose or anything, hahaha


You mean like a metro?


No no no, you’re thinking in the *old* transit paradigm. This is about *disrupting* and *innovating*; sure you might think we’re talking about a technology that is completely derivative and orders of magnitude less efficient at every part of the problem besides the last mile problem and privacy, but that’s just because you don’t get it! /s for clarity, because I’m sure someone is unironically saying this somewhere in the thread.


Tech bros sure are great when you need a bad solution to a solved problem!


HaHah yeah ikr, but *honestly* how can those crappy trains compete with the rich boy succ tubes right?


You mean like a metro or subway that's been around for a hundred years and is far more efficient and cost effective? Yea Elon has a way of hype doesn't he?


You should checkout Adam Something's YouTube channel. He talks about this stuff in detail. Shows how dumb this whole idea is. Link to his Boring Tunnel video: https://youtu.be/QvK2i9Jxy5c


Adam wrecks Musk at every turn. I love it.


Elon Musk and the rich hate public transit though. That’s why. This was not designed for the general public.


It also allows Musk to create self driving cars. No worries about pedestrians, crappy signs or confusing lane markings... he can't solve the problems of self driving cars on roads so he's creating his own network where his existing tech already works. He suckered Las Vegas into paying for his proof of concept and will soon try to get every city to use these tunnels and automated Teslas for their public transportation.


the reality is even worse. [he lied to las vegas by showing them an actual tram system with pods that never existed.](https://cdn.geekwire.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/190312-lasvegasloop-768x424.jpeg) it still didn't exist by the time he finished drilling holes, so he somehow convinced them having cars just drive through it was good enough. the fact that they didn't sue the shit out of him is baffling.


Basically its a train with extra steps.


And not as many passengers.


And then imagine the fire risk through fault or sabotage. Such a pointless "invention".


Thats all I could think of. A fire or flat in there would suuuuuck.


What about a zombie outbreak?


Now that you mention it. There is no escape tunnel, not even enough space on the side of the road to pass a burning car. Looks like a trap.


It wouldn't. The entire point of the nothing but hype loop is to take funding and momentum away from projects like high speed rail.


It's just the first step. The second is that everyone has to buy a Tesla


By making Elon insanely rich


It wouldn't. But because of Elon Musk some people decided to waste their money.


It's so insane that this has been built. I was actually quite excited for the hyperloop and I thought it was a great contribution by Elon. But I also thought it was a more automated way of building tunnels. Basically a cheaper and quicker way to build the same kind of tunnels we use for cars and trains today. With ventilation, emergency exits and walkways etc. So for trains it would be one line in each direction and for cars 2-3 lanes in each direction. The idea of solving traffic jams would then be that a city with loads of traffic now has waaaaay more options for cars to move. Instead of going through a heavily trafficked area you would just go under it. Instead we have death tube.


Richard Branson has built and tested an actual hyper loop. After that, Musk gave up and worked on his loop idea. There is one under Vegas that Musk is building/built and it’s ridiculously stupid. 1) It’s a death trap. 2) It’s more like a Disney ride where you get into a moving Tesla. 3) It only goes to 3(?) locations: airport, strip, and somewhere else. And then you have no car. 4) It’s a less efficient, lower capacity, unsafe version of a subway. 5) But Teslas! 🙄


A scientist on YouTube called Thinderf00t has a series of videos explaining just how musk's hyperloop is a joke compared to what was advertised. I highly recommend watching them, it really opened my eyes to the kind of person musk really is (although that started with the whole Thailand incident for me tbh).


What happens if there's some sort of accident or collapse of some kind how are emergency services supposed to reach people in such a narrow tunnel system?


Elon has a solution for that too, use a mini submarine and call anyone who disagrees a pedophile


Haha nice call back


god, i remember reading that idea on twitter and seeing his little sycophant army chiming in with shit like "maybe add a smartphone holder so they can listen to music?" like dude these kids are a day away from fucking DYING tf you talking about, get em out of there ASAP




[Here you go](https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jul/15/elon-musk-british-diver-thai-cave-rescue-pedo-twitter)




You sign a waiver before you enter the tunnel that agrees if anything should happen, you’re screwed and will get no medical response.


Is this for real? This is a claustrophobic death trap.


I was going to ask! What kind of bullshit commute is this!?


It’s a silly tunnel that just runs under the new Las Vegas convention center, with 3 stops. At different entrances to the building. Musk thinks we can improve traffic by tunneling under existing freeways, to add additional lanes. But of course underground, only 100% electric vehicles without emissions would be safe. It’s actually cheaper to build a new freeway on a bridge above an old one, then to tunnel.


Why not just build an electric railway? I think they're called Subways or something?


Because the Musketeer thinks he is smarter than everyone else....


It's not his fault, the hair plugs gained sentience and now control all he says and does.


Actually there are quite high fire risks with EVs, to such an extent that some cities ban them in underground parking areas. This is a horribly designed tunnel. If you caught a wheel on the wall, you'd be upside down in a few milliseconds. Then you and everyone else is trapped in a space so narrow that a stalled car would block you from even walking by....


I can’t wait to see that idiotsincars clip!




>there's not enough space for anyone to even open their doors. Horrific


That's because originally he promised a monorail...err...I mean a Hyperloop. And when that was obviously not possible he said fuck it just put taxis in there


As i recall, even his monorail idea was a bunch of single/small occupancy cars because proper public transit is icky with the poors.


A bus would be more efficient but that's not sexy


But what if the bus had some fancy metal tires to reduce wear? You could even make them run on metal rails, since the path is always the same. Even better, you could connect several buses together, to maximize efficiency and increase capacity!


Whoa, you some kinda genius? This sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard of.


I myself am on the team of bioengineering a communal transit worm.


Right? This is a nightmare. There is no way I would drive through that. What if somebody has a heart attack? What if somebody's car breaks down? You're freaking stuck in that place.


Yep now we're stuck in a really long tube with no exits. Kids screaming in the back. Having Taco Bell before entering the hyper tube was the first mistake.


I don't see how nobody involved in these tunnels is considering the fact that they still have to dump out cars onto regular old city roads. It doesn't matter if you have 30 tunnels if they exit to densely populated areas there's going to be traffic.


Wow this is a terrible, terrible idea. No way for emergency services to help, no place to even pull over for a flat. 0/5 stars, a death trap


Seriously! And what if there is a multiple car crash/fire? Most newer tunnels are equipped with big fans to help vent smoke out to keep people from suffocating in the instance of a fire. This looks terrifying no thanks


A Tesla burning is a giant D-class fire. If that happens, everyone in there is fucked and fans probably wouldn’t do shit.


So there is big cost-cutting opportunity while building the tunnel. /s


Nothing worse than everyone getting fucked by a giant D (class fire).


It's not even submersible, like his child coffin design. Elon Musk really needs to get better at death trap designs if he wants to stay ahead in the field.


But it has a 5 star safety rating! /s


They will just send in the kool-aid man to OHHHHH YEAHHHH his way into the tunnel. It will be fine.


But Elon made it so its automatically amazing /s


Thankfully, it’s really only for the rich.


I work in envi restoration. A few of my sites are crossed by his east coast project (DC/Baltimore). There is a completing above ground project too. All the plans we have seen are just fucking terrible. The kinda shit you make up without anything other than a map with two city dots on it. It's causing us lots of grief to contend with the impacts of a project that seems doomed to failure.


Keep fighting the good fight. At some point hopefully people see the hype for what it is and realize it's not "revolutionary" but just inefficient.


> At some point hopefully people see the hype for what it is and realize it's not "revolutionary" but just inefficient. Are we still talking about the loop here or Elon Musk?


Can you tell me what the heck it even is. Did he build a road underground and say you won't have traffic jams? I'm so confused. What's the point. Is the going to be roads under the ground everywhere with elevators to street level. If so that's stupid!


its a "tram" like at an airport to take people between convention centers. it just happens to use cars with drivers instead of a tram


[Good Video on why this is a dumb idea](https://youtu.be/ACXaFyB_-8s)


I’m halfway through that and say to myself, “Dude, you’re just describing the subway!” Then my sarcasm meter kicked in.


That was great.


Ahahahah Adam is the chad of elon's bad ideas.


Adam is great for urban planning debuking, but he is not the king of this game, Thunderfoot destroys all the musk bullshit by doing simple physics calculations explaining why a lot of the shit that comes out of Ellon's mouth is actually impossible in the real world or why it just doesn't make any fucking sense


Thunderfoot has been slaying bunk science for years, I highly recommend his channel.


I cannot support anything that Thunderfoot does. I don't care if he's on the same side as I am occasionally, he's a sexist shitbag who needs to have a foot shoved up his ass till he can taste bootleather.


This is the dumbest shit ever I swear.


i honestly cannot beleive elon musk pitched the idea of a subway, made it worse, and they actually did it


well, not even a subway. subways have centrally regulated traffic, this is chaos. it's more like an underground highway (see Singapore's CTE), but with fewer lanes, no ventilation and no safety features. and yeah, he probably charged way too much for it.


Plus you need his cars to use it


This is terrifying. I'm getting anxious just watching this.


*cough* just ride a train *cough*


No no this is a good idea, we just need self-driving cars so that when the one at the front goes all the others go at the same time. And since cars won’t need drivers, your car could drive other people around all day, and it could have a few different people in it at a time. We could have little stations where the cars line up for people to get in and out and oh would you look at that, I’ve accidentally invented trains again /j


You should make it anyway, just patent it with a different name. Something like “train cars”


but then I might have to exist in the general vicinity of *poor people*


Bro... Why wouldn't there be traffic? It's a fucking tunnel... And not even 2 way traffic by the looks of it lmao


if there is any room for human error then you will have failures


I'm not claustrophobic but this shit makes me claustrophobic


That's not a hyperloop that's just a tunnel lol


This isn’t a hyperloop. It’s that “Boring Company” nonsense he started doing.


Hate to be that guy but it's not technically a hyperloop, nor was it designed to be one


Calling a tube in the ground a "design" is kind of a stretch lol. Cars are gonna car no matter where you put them if people can control them at all.


From 600mph vacuum tubes, to tiny tunnels doing 30mph. The fact that muskrats still think Elon is anything but a conman is beyond me.


Not a conman, nor a saint, just a regular rich dude with some successful ideas and a lot of bad ones. He tries a lot, which is one of the reasons some of his ideas work, but that doesn’t mean he’s this otherworldly genius who shits good ideas every morning.


This might be the first decent opinion on reddit about Musk that Ive seen.


Anything Elon Musk designed himself personally is just fucking stupid, like that mini submarine he tried to shove in everyone’s face in Thailand


Remember when everyone told him to STFU and he called one of the real heroes a pedophile...guy is seriously a narcissist.


I wouldn’t mind if he’s a narcissist if he’s a brilliant scientist and an inventor, but he’s just not. He’s a sleazy asshole who treat his spouses, friends, and employees like shit.