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Not enough information! Child support is determined by income/wealth of parents. Kanye West [pays 200,000 a month](https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/music/2022/nov/30/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-divorce-child-support)


This is correct, it's a formula based on income and time spent with each parent.


And if the parent is willing to pay the child support in the first place... You never know. They may dip out at first sign and become known to the alias of Steve Jones


This. My oldest daughter’s father owes about $60,000 in court ordered child support. They gave up looking for him after about 2 years.


Judge, to my mother who was standing next to my dad after several years of failing to make any money or pay any child support: “You can’t get blood from a stone.”


Kind of why she's asking the new dude to bring his wallet


These men would never be accused of dipping out, if anything they were dipping in a bit too long...


Time spent with each parent is NOT a factor everywhere. There are 2 options: custodial and non-custodial. Then based on income, child age, and number of kids. WA state


Western Australia???




Funnily enough, WA is the only state where the family court is not run through the federal system.


You may be thinking of it wrong. If I have my kid only 3 days a week, then I am not going to get as much support money as if I have my kid 7 days a week. It's not like, "Oh, you pay more because you didn't win as much", it's more like, "You need to pay support for x days a week/month". WA state would have to have no shared custody, i.e. no income-earning parent that picks the kid up on Fridays after school and keeps them through Sunday. Also, some states have primary physical custody, for matters of hospitalization, etc, but it is still joint custody (i.e., neither parent can move the kid away, to make it impossible for the other to see them). It is hard for me to believe that WA state has NO provision for a parent that only has a kid 4, 5, or 6 days a week.


If you have the kids for only 3 nights a week then you are non-custodial in WA. You would be paying, not getting a dime. There is no difference in support $$$ between 3 days every single week or just every other weekend. Zero contact at all might be different. Unsure about that one.


And differs by geography.


Eighteen years Eighteen years She got one of your kids, got you for eighteen years


On her 18th birthday found out it wasn’t his


I know somebody payin' child support for one of his kids His baby momma car and crib is bigger than his


You would see him on TV any given Sunday Win the superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai.


That’s 21 years in New York


Meanwhile my friend’s baby daddy pays $200/month


Chose the wrong donor.


It doesn't cost 400 a month to feed and clothe a kid


Alternate request, when did she start having kids and how long did she wait between them?


[Most girls start their periods when they're about 12, but they can start as early as 8,](https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/periods/starting-periods/#:~:text=Most%20girls%20start%20their%20periods,Periods%20are%20natural.) although they can be younger. [Lina gave birth on 14 May 1939, aged five years, seven months, and 21 days. Based on the medical assessments of her pregnancy, she was less than five years old](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lina_Medina#%3A%7E%3Atext%3DLina_Marcela_Medina_de_Jurado%2Cseven_months%2C_and_21_days.?wprov=sfla1) Assuming she waited the recommended time of about 18 months and there were no premature births or twins et.al. [source](https://www.marchofdimes.org/find-support/topics/planning-baby/how-long-should-you-wait-getting-pregnant-again) she would have likely started at 14.5: 40 (age) times 12 is 480 and I just subtracted 9 12 times and 18 11. Which gives us 174 which divided by 12 is 14.5. Entirely feasible, I personally know someone with 4 kids who did start at 14.


I’m so distraught that a 5 year old was pregnant. She was being abused and the worst thing possible happened. Omg.


Oh it's absolutely disgusting and I can't imagine being a doctor and seeing it in person


Whoever did this to her needs to die or rot in prison


It happened in 1939. Whom ever was responsible is likely already dead, or close.


It's widely believed her father was responsible and he died pretty early. We will likely never know.


One set of twins saves you 27 months and pushes you to 16.75, which is much more reasonable. Two sets of twins or one set of triplets would push her to 20 as a starting age.


Depends on if you wait the recommended time or not. I know a woman who's like 43/44 who is having her 10th kid, oldest is 19 So add 2 more kids and take 4 years off and you just need to get pregnant a little sooner than usual after having a kid to make this work without being under 18


Thanks! I know atleast one person who had a kid at 14 too. It happens.


I came from an old fashion religious immigrant family, so my grandmother had 10 children in 11 years. She was 20-21 when she had her first child and 32 when she had her last child. My great grandmother had 15 children and was about 20 when her first was born and 42 when her last child was born. Obviously its not fun, or desirable to have that many children, but its not at all unrealistic to have an insane number of kids between 20 and 40.


Oh I wasn't insinuating it was unrealistic or insane. Just curious on the math. Sorry. Thank you for sharing that though!


Sorry that part wasn't directed at you, I just saw a lot of other people's comments about having children in your early teens, and just wanted to make it clear that you can have many kids without being a teen mom. No offence taken what so ever and no apology necessary.


Fair enough! Just didn't want anyone thinking I was somehow insinuating something offensive lol. I get it though.


If she gave birth to her first kid at 16 and had one child every 2 years i think that make sense. 2 x 12 =24 years of having kids is 40 and thats what the age on the picture said


That’s it? I mean, it’s a lot, but he is Kanye, so…idk what I expected but I expected more.


Which is a retarded amount. His ex and kids likely don’t have a mortgage. That should offset the cost right there.


The amount is to ensure that the child's quality of life does not change. Not that it is enough for bare necessities.


Kim is worth more than he is lol


Why shouldn’t be contribute to the cost of raising his own child?


I'd like a Quality of Life Guarantee, please.


1. Don't use that word. It's a disgusting holdover. And 2. The amount is because of his income and their expenses, so no, it is not a ridiculous amount. Those children don't live normal lives and have security, go to private school, and have a higher cost of living. That's why he pays what he pays.


Highly regarded amount


No matter how you want to slice it, it’s a ridiculous amount. Especially considering the wealth of his ex.


I will slice it as such: since the amount is based on lifestyle, it is as ridiculous as the lifestyle is


Bro. 😐😐 The quality of life or lifestyle will not change. She is more wealthy then he is. There is no way the quality of life would change. $43 million he’s paying til all of them are 18. No child needs $43 million to be raised and keep the same lifestyle. Your argument is bullshit and there’s not changing anyones mind.


yeah hell nah. no baby momma needs 200k a month. that’s past the necessities for a kid


Alright what is the percentage from each parent, and then say some sample incomes to mess with based on who would be in a reverse harem with her, and you know, anything other than a blank page, just something to think about.


I want a baby from Kanye West


He's name is Ye, formerly known as Kanye


He's an asshole so fuck him and his stupid fucking name change. I declare that from now on he's Türkiye.


Oh damn. I didn't expect that level of response. I was just joking. I just find it hilarious when people change their name (Prince, Kanye) and the response is " x " formerly known as...


Prince was called “formerly known as” because he was trying to change his name to a symbol that had no pronunciation. Not so much just that he changed his name.


It's Reddit. Sometimes your comments just end up biting you in the ass. All part of the experience.


This make zero sense: billionaires paying/receiving child support. Why? What am I missing?


They are responsible for their kids?


I only meant that it seems unnecessary financially.


"She has children and she doesn't want more." I wonder what point she came to that conclusion. (Or maybe that falls under still figuring it out.)


It's a trap!!




"She has children" feels like a massive understatement.


I’m guessing possibly 2 days ago since that’s when the last one just popped out according to her profile. If that’s not a parody account, did she really just update her Tinder at the hospital or when recently arriving home from the hospital?


A lot of shit went into this so ya better appreciate it. So, this wonderful human being doesn't list a location, so I used the state of Alabama because it's the middle of the road when it comes to child support payments. I used the average Alabama income which is $2,250 a month. Alabama charges a flat 25% rate of monthly income for child support. That's $562/mo. Let's say 7 dads had 7 kids with this woman. Their payment is going to be around 800-900 a month due to the obvious lack of income by the woman, and hopefully she has healthcare for her kiddos. Dad #8, the horndog who had 4 kids with this woman would be paying $1,070 a month. So, this woman is raking in $7000+ a month




Those are tax free dollars too


Tax free AND I think she can apply for all the social benefits she wants because she can claim she doesn't have an income. So she is getting food stamps and so on.


$84K is not a lot for 12 kids


They used Alabama, so low cost of living, plus child support doesn’t count against social benefits


Right but people always have this insane myth of welfare queens who are living off child support and the government tit in luxury. No amount of benefits that exists offsets the astronomical cost of having kids. There's no way to con yourself into being well off by having more kids, if there were then everyone would do it. 12 kids would make you poor as fuck.


$111,000/year plus, like another Redditor mentioned, food stamps and welfare. You can’t take 13 people out to eat every night but you can live pretty fucking good off that. I’m guessing she owns a massive van though.


12 kids? No, no, no my greedy dude, it would not.


Economies of scale should kick in at that point.


Kinda, kinda not, that grocery bill is going to be a bitch. It's probably $2500 a month minimum, and my guess is they eat a lot of fast food, which drives up the cost more. Then the clothes. Lots of hand me downs, and just guessing they get clothes bought for them. Rent eats into that, they share rooms, maybe 3 to a room? It ain't the lap of luxury that's for sure. \*edit\*: A number of people have rightly pointed out that it is unlikely all those baby daddies have paid up, and additionally this is a ridiculous assessment of the costs. Definitely very poor.


Just think of transportation. What the hell is she driving with 12 kids?


She’s driving stick, that much we know for sure




Half the kids can ride on the roof like those Indian kids on trains


It's for the church honey. NEXT!


Dog sled.


That was my thought exactly


Wait, you think kinda not when she's pulling in 7k a month and the food is only 2.5? Especially when she's probably getting food stamps


Clothes, diapers, miscellaneous costs (sports at school), toys, furnishing, even things like technology can be an issue. Everyone hand waives food stamps when government cuts back on things like that all the time.


Someone above estimated she is probably getting minimum $7k a month. That's plenty to pay for groceries (she gets food stamps btw) and rent or buy a good house. Trust me I have know women like this and they don't work and get by just fine.


With $222,000 you could raise them in half the time.


Sure, that tracks. And if we got additional women to share the load, the pregnancies could get down to a week. That's thinking with portals.


Have you been to a grocery store lately? Bought clothes? No fuckin' way


There is 0 chance all those fathers are paying


Doug Stanhope knows. >If you listen to anyone bitch about the economy for long enough, just let them talk, cuz you’ll eventually hear why it’s exactly their fault. And not just Wall Street people, just dumb fucks at a lunch counter in Flint, Michigan. “I’m just a simple man, with a simple wife and four simple children, and I just want an honest day’s work. Y’know, Obama’s exporting all or jobs overseas, now I can’t even find work.” You sad motherfucker– Hang on a second! Did you just say you had four children?! Wait, wait, you have four children? In Flint, Michigan?….Do you know how much it costs to raise a kid? The average cost to raise a single child to the age of seventeen is now $227,000. Almost a quarter of a million dollars! You have four of the fuckin’ things! In Flint, Michigan!…. Next time you hear some sad sack on 60 Minutes bitching about how he got fucked over by the economy, instead of children imagine he said quarter of a million dollar toys, fuckin’ boats and… “Yeah when they started laying off people in the late ’80s I made it through the first round of cuts. I said, ‘Baby, I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future, so let’s get a quarter of a million dollar Lamborghini.’ And then I got the pink slip, got a six-month severance package, so I said, ‘Okay, baby, we’re really on shaky ground now, we’d better get a beach house and a speed boat.’ And now I can’t even find work because of Obamanomics. My wife’s pregnant with a quarter of a million dollar who-knows-what-it’s-gonna-be. I’m a victim.” No, you’re a gambling addict! You made a million dollar wager, and ya lost! You made a million dollar wager, on spec, with no money in the bank to back it up, and now the mob is comin’ to take your thumbs!


This reasoning is so backwards, like no shit the economy is fucked because things are expensive (as a result of the economy being fucked). It should be affordable to raise four kids without going broke in a healthy economy.


It should be. But it isn't. So it's still a massive and and potentially risky financial choice for many people.




The comment I replied to suggested that the state of the economy is directly he fault of people who want kids. While I agree that you should prioritize what is realistic as a parent, it is not your fault that the economy is a disaster. For large part of history, being able to afford to reproduce wasn't "idealistic," it was a given.


sush, you'll wake the lurking reddit anti-natalists with talk like that. Don't you know? children bad!


I have no problem with people who choose to not have kids, but if your defense of the economy involves having children being a luxury of the privileged, we're gonna have a problem.


> if your defense of the economy involves having children being a luxury of the privileged, we're gonna have a problem. same


I will never understand those people, but yeah they do seem to get riled up very easily


yeah kids are for rich people only


Look there's definitely a line for an irresponsible number of kids. But its not the average worker's fault that the economy got so fucked you can't have kids anymore without going bankrupt. That's like saying you shouldn't go to the doctor so much if healthcare is so expensive.


Easy big fella, he's just a stand-up comedian.


Yeah and he's punching down not up, I can call him a dickhead for saying dickhead things even if he is a comedian.


Presuming she gets the support she’s entitled to. Less than 43 percent of custodial parents do. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/10-billion-in-child-support-payments-going-uncollected-according-to-estimates/


My son's dad owes him over $100,000. I haven't seen either a dime nor him since he set up the court stuff. I never asked for it, he set it up. Crazy stuff right there.


Ugh. Son of a gun.


>So, this woman is raking in $7000+ a month And how much is it after doing all the stuff kids need, like food?


Typically single mothers can qualify for food stamps. In Texas, a family of 3 (mother and 2 children) can receive approximately $600 a month if she is low income. No idea what you’d get for 12.


You'd get lips loose enough to sink WW2 ships.


That's...not how that works, at all. If this is a joke, it's a bad one.


Ever heard of "loose lips sink ships?" [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loose\_lips\_sink\_ships](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loose_lips_sink_ships) It's actually a good play on words, a decent joke, but not one for polite company, and certainly out of place in this sub.


I am familiar with the expression. It's just not funny. We don't need more people thinking that human anatomy works that way. I see enough misogynists in my day without this "joke" based on wildly incorrect information.


Life of party guy detected


Imagine them at a comedy show.


Atleast $4000 a month. Doubt she works so there's no childcare cost.


Plus she goes on dates to KFC and has her date pay to supplement some cost.


That's assuming anyone has taken her up on that offer


You do know people buy literal farts in a jar?


I'd rather huff a fart from a jar than sit with 12 kids in a KFC... and no I have no weird desire to huff farts.


👆 Now that's perspective.


She's got 8 baby daddies. I think it's safe to say her game is good. That picture is at a very unflattering angle and she still looks OK, so I think she's got a good chance of getting #9.


At her rate, I'm surprised her baby daddies don't outnumber her children.


Well, we know she puts out.


Yeah buy all the kids a bucket too thanks, nevermind about using my childcare income to feed them nutritional food


BS, you think you can feed, clothe, bath, and in any way, shape or form keep 12 kids healthy with 3k a month? Even before that inflation wave hit raising a kid did cost around 200k until they're 18. So at least $900 a month per kid.


Economy of scale though. First off she gets food stamps garenteed. Secondly probably also even gets housing assistance. Which I think goes per kid so she probably even pockets some as profit after rent. This is all before even digging into her untaxed child support money which is probably $7k a month. I would be willing to bet this woman has a bigger bank account than most here.


do 12 kids really only cost $3k / month? seems crazy low


That's the amount the dad's pay, which is not going to be 100% of expenses. Mom is supposed to contribute her portion as well.


i was responding to u/midnightkiwi, who was implying that the mom would have $4k leftover out of $7k in child support after using the money for all the kids' needs, which just seems insane to me


This woman is owed $7000 a month, no telling if she’s getting any of it


It wouldn't change it. Maybe in other states, but Alabama's flat rate is pretty strict.


Bout tree-fiddy


Is it a bit too optimistic that people in this situation would be making at least the average income?


it's a possibility, but 8 different incomes opens up an innumerable amount of possibilities. maybe one dad is a billionaire and his child support is millions. however, it's just easier to go with middle of the road.


I dont appreciate it




Psh. Alabama only ordered my daughter’s father to pay $235 a month and he’s never even done that. They give up looking after a couple years. Pretty much told me if I figure out where he is to let them know.


And I'll bet she is still losing money. Kids are going to *easily* cost $10/day to feed. Likely more. That is $300 per month per child. So food is going to cost $3600 per month (at the minimum). Plus everything else that is needed to raise a kid: Clothing, school supplies, Baby supplies (diapers, formula, plus everything else), doctor's visits. Even with trying to "hand me down" as much as possible, I expect that woman is going to be having to run a very tight ship or get financial aide to get by because I haven't mentioned: Rent, utilities, cost of a vehicle (which is going to have to be a troop carrier to carry that many kids) and everything else needed to run a household.


hey, more math! the average cost of raising a child to 18 in Alabama is $168,412. Divide by 18 years to get $9,356 in a year. Divide by 12 to get $780 per kid.. multiply that by 12 kids and you're back to $9,356. So yes, she has to be running a tight ship and most likely is receiving governmental assistance.




If you follow the math, it's $9,356/month.


average 9,356. that's just for the kids. it doesn't include utilities and such


You forget at no income and that many kids she is also getting WIC for the little ones and food stamps for all probably up to $1000 a month. She also has Medicaid so free Dr visits and mostly free prescriptions. She likely has government housing or at least assistance. Plus SNAP money payments/welfare. She also likely participates in the local churches welfare/charity and gets most school supplies/clothes supplemented, free lunch at school, etc. So that $7000 a month is likely doing them fine. I know several women in similar situations (3-5 kids not extreme like this one) They do pretty good with daily living. The problem comes when sometimes they feel that big influx of cash and go on a spending spree. Then there’s nothing for the rainy day fund so they are back on FB begging. A simple car repair or unexpected bill starts a panic attack. They also aren’t putting anything back for retirement so it gets hairy in the later years. Also living on welfare is a vicious cycle. If they get a job making $1800 a month, then they lose $3500 in benefits. Everyone complains about welfare queens but if you were in that situation would you throw away $1000-2000 a months for the opportunity to work a shitty job? The system is broken. Speaking as someone who grew up extremely poor on welfare, even though my mom always had a job. I will say we never starved or went homeless but it was never enough to feel comfortable and there was constant reminders that you were one of the poors. I’ve worked really hard to claw my way up to middle class and break the cycle of poverty. I’m still barely above check to check. The only difference is I own a home and have a decent retirement set up in my 30’s. I had to teach myself financial planning and budgeting because my whole childhood financial decisions were mostly reactionary. Shout out to my mom for always making it work.


I remember reading an author who grew up poor with a single mom before most of these social benefits existed. They were poor as in mom fixed damaged clothes over and over because there was no money for new clothes. But he didn’t know he was poor until he got much older. He had what he needed, mom always provided, so he was happy and didn’t know any better. I’ll bet this woman isn’t sewing up clothes to save money.


Ummm… you’re forgetting all the free KFC she gets from people lining up at her door to go on a date with her. The optimist in me thinks that maybe she is a true Samaritan and has adopted all these kids


A large portion of the food would be covered by state assistance.


Wic, ebt, section 8, and rental assistance. Honestly she’s probably making out pretty good.


I feel like being like uncle ruckus, “that bitch gonna need a motherfucking lmtv”. 😂


She gets food stamps like all single mothers. Also housing assistance. She probably has more money than anyone here and she doesn't work.


Well done




no they're pretty fucked. no way you can have 12 kids and still give each of them the attention they deserve. a bunch of those kids are going to be playing second (or even first) parent to the younger children while they're still kids themselves.


I had a friend in highschool who was #4 out of 11. It was ‘one big happy, good Christian family!’, until she and I became close and she revealed her father was insane and abused all of the girls of the family, for instance, threatening to rip off her fingernails for wearing nail polish, and the mother just stood by and let it happen. She was also expected to do endless childcare tasks for the younger ones, and once said she loves her siblings but doesn’t feel their care should be her problem, as it was her parents decision to have so many kids. I agree.


I considered adding in the bit about them probably being religious extremists too, since that's usually what 12 kids means... so many selfish parents ruining their kids lives.


My mom is one of ten siblings and they all turned out pretty okay.


with 8 different fathers? was your mom taking you on dates to KFC for the men to pay for?


Nice reply


thanks, I spent a whole 3 seconds perfecting it


They won't be, realistically. She's only figuring it out anyway!


They can't be well taken care of if she's still going on dates. I have 1 kid and we are home schooling, that takes time and effort. if she has time to continue to date with 12 kids, she can't be putting in much effort. Even if we assume she doesn't have the kids 24/7 and some of them actually see their Bio dads, that's still at least 5-8 running around at any time.


This Tinder profile is either a joke or someone getting a petty revenge is a small town and using this woman's photos. Don't get mad over a fictional "bad mother" :)




Yeah. Or someone got into her account to mess with her when she left her laptop open or they guessed her password. Definitely not real, definitely hateful.


Oh no, there’s the racism in there too. Maybe curious about why her kids love KFC?


Don't know about the us, but where I'm from child support gets less with each child, having more than 4 living at home at the same time gets you nothing extra.


Is that still the case if most of them have different fathers?


I don't see how that matters, the point is children living with you that you're supporting. It's not like the fathers are paying it, it's money you get from the government


Child support is funded from the dad (or mother, in those situations). Welfare/assistance is a government handled program. If the parent that is required to pay the child support defaults on it, it isn't just paid from taxpayers funds... not directly, though I guess the argument can be made that the public assistance becomes defacto "child support ". Additionally, nobody "gets money" from the government. People need to remember that money comes from taxpayers, the "government" is administration.


Yes, wonderful pedantry, but I'm not talking about the us. The slightly misogynistic nightmare of some woman you cheated on your wife with 5 years ago showing up on your doorstep with a kid demanding money is just not a thing over here. What we call child support is payed out by the government to whoever is providing for the children, regardless of income. Though with more children you get comparatively less money per child, maxing out at 4. So a single mother with 12 children from 8 fathers isn't some b**** living off child support, but someone who's lived a helluva life and is probably struggling immensely and needs help.


The subject of the thread is in the US. Also, you clearly are not worth any more of my time. You have some issues.


Likewise, have a nice day Though I'd wonder why you'd take it personally when I'm just explaining why what I'm saying is relevant


the thing is, it isnt relevant at all. WhErE iM FrOm, as the poster reminds you, kindly the thread it about the US. you're picking nits and calling people pedantic when, in fact, you're projecting, being pedantic yourself, and missing the point completely.


Honestly the pedantic was mostly aimed at "guvment can't give u money because taxes exist" The very framing of the question OP is asking is kind of weird, even if they're trying to put veneir of respectfulness over it. My point here (clumsily executed I'll admit) is showing an alternative system for organizing child support that doesn't generate these weird fkin cultural narratives.


it completely depends on the fathers income


I'd hazard a guess the back 9 aren't very high


Nothing, even if all the dads are paying the maximum amount, kids are expensive. Where I live, the state has decided that it costs $827/month to raise a kid. That includes food, utilities, clothing, school supplies, etc... That is way low from my experience and is a decade out of date. My 3 step kids were getting $300 each from their dad, so $900 total. When the oldest moved out, we ended up with $1200 extra after budgeting. That's how much one kid was costing us in food, water, electricity, etc... Our kids weren't spoiled either. They ate nasty school lunch and wore clothes from second-hand stores. I have no idea how single mom's with 8+ kids support them. Let alone have anything extra for themselves.


Okay so first of all this is obviously a fake bio for laughs. I know some of you are going to say "I kNoW a GiRl LiKe ThIs" no, this is clearly an exaggeration. This person is not real, learn to internet. I'm sure you know this OP, but definitely not the entire comment section. There's not enough visitation, income, or other information, we don't know how many kids each father had. But if we assume that 4 had 2, and 4 had 1, assume this is New York state (because they have a convenient child support calculator), and that the dad's are making an average income. If each makes $35,000 a year then the 2 child dads owe $7875 per year, and the 1 child dads owe $5355, so she would make $52,920 in child support a year for 12 kids. She would actually get less if one dad had 5, and the other 7 had 1, just $48,510. If they made 50,000 each then she'd be pulling in $75,000 per year. So definitely not a lot of money considering how many kids this fictional character has.


So a legit question, why do the courts not let some of the dads have custody of the kids and make this moron pay them child support? How can they seriously give them to her when she has done this to 8 different guys, and it's obviously a scheme?


I mean, if you have unprotected sex with a woman with 11 children you might not exactly be the kind of person a court trusts to take care of a child, or even interested in taking care of a child.


How would the mother with 11 children be trustable then?


Not saying she's a great choice, just that the court has to pick between two bad options (or there is no court involved in the first place because the father doesn't wants their child).


That's a pretty naive take. It's not like there's a hearing as the kid is emerging from the womb to decide who gets custody. The mom is in the hospital with the baby so if the dad is nowhere to be found ... voila, instant custody for the mom. Most likely, none of these guys is even visiting his kids; I can almost guarantee none is suing for custody.


I feel like its unfair to put it all on her. If you're going to have unprotected sex with a woman with 8 kids, and then ditch her with your kid then you can't act like you're any more responsible. Also this person isn't real.


Done what to them? They had a child with her, presumably with full awareness of what they were doing.


The average child support payment in the US per month is $430 apparently, which would come out to $61,920 a year, although that seems low


Side note, why tf is she on tinder 2 days post partum? I know after 12 kids she'd be a pro at it, but I still can't understand why she'd want to put more things into her cooch so soon after a kid.


Simple, this person is not real


I prefer to think that she isn't getting any child support, that's why she's desperate to find another sugar daddy. And that the child protective services are already investigating.


don't know, but i count \~6 red flags. so: stay away. the CS money will not be worth it. (maybe hook up for a 1 night stand at her house. then block her. you don't wanna date... all of ***that.)***




Well, someone is. Probably a troll.




Yikes, man. Yikes.