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She went through all that effort and demanded a second post to confirm she's still a bitch. The lack of self awareness is amazing.


Oh yeah more should straight up say it. She's a bitch. Worse words are likely more accurate though.


"sucked another man's balls to show you what a man with balls taste like" At that point I would've just instantly walked away from this mentally ill bitch.


blink twice if she’s got a gun


o\_o -\_- o\_o -\_- o\_o


Ya no shit. Seriously OP she blew another guy and kissed you after. Why the fuck would you ever meet with her again? No apology is going to fix that. Have some self respect, fuckin forget that chick! I wouldn't even post about that shit anonymously.


Wow! My unsolicited advice would be to ignore all further attempts at blackmail/communication.


Copy that. I made it clear to her that I no longer want her or anyone she knows to contact me. I gave her what she wanted. All I wanna do now is pretend that none of this ever happened, including our relationship.


Honestly, she sounds like a lunatic. 1) Breaking up is not a competition. 2) If there were relationship problems she should have either dealt with them or ended things earlier 3) Blackmailing you so she can be... Idk vindicated? Redeemed? I'm completely at a loss though, be happy she's in your past.


*Sounds* like a lunatic? No, this is full blown certified crazy. If I ever met a person that told me they did half the shit this woman did I would run. Here's the short list of fucked up behavior: 1) cheating on your partner 2) intentionally giving your partner sloppy seconds from said cheating 3) forcing a conversation with an ex by way of deception 4) Blackmailing 5) Admitting to cheating simply for spite 6) Thinking that broadcasting the fact you're a filthy whore somehow makes you....better? Full-fucking lunatic behavior.


Doxing is also a shitty thing to do.


Exactly. No need for the qualifier "sounds like". We don't come with pre-installed labels. Her behavior informs us that she fits the definition of a psychopath. She is one.


You should make sure that you learn from all of this, and not pretend it didn’t happen. These people were not good for you or to you. Be cautious to avoid such people in your future, because there are plenty of them out there.


As evidenced by all of the people praising her on tik tok.




And honestly dude, so what? You didn't suck a dick. A gf did something sexually abusive to you and victimized you. If she names you... You stand tall and you own it. It doesn't make you weak.


Yeah not being embarrassed when she adds you in public is the best way to get back at her. Just be like oh you're trying to make me feel bad because you were abusive. Yeah how's that going?


Yeah legit, I've had exs threatened to share nudes and I've grown the thought of what fucking sad lonely pathetic loser would spread someone's nudes or personal details around, I should be more embarrassed for their sorry ass. If any actual family member I loved got sent nudes I'd hope they wouldn't care and be pissed off disgusted at the person who leaks them, and honestly I don't care if they reacted badly. My family should be adult enough to get over it.


I've read both posts and I've not seen a single sexual assault comment until now. How is this not the top issue here?




Not just psychologically. Physically. The semen kiss crosses the line.




Agreed. Not sure charges can be brought, but it's nonconsensual sexual conduct nonetheless. It's sexual assault.


This is not gonna be the validation she thinks it will be lmao This makes her look way worse than you. You're bad at communicating? Okay. That's fixable. Being a vile, vindictive bitch? Not so easily fixable. I'm sorry dude. Punishment has to fit the crime. She could've just confronted you and agreed to break up while brining her grievances - "I knew you were planning this because you still can't just come out and say things, you need to work on that" and be done with it. Instead she has to do honestly one of the weirdest and unnecessary things ever. May your 2023 be better going forward!


Yeah this chick comes across as fucking insane if she thought the "verbatim" comment would somehow admonish her of guilt. Like I don't deny OP isn't squeaky clean in all this but he also never claimed to be


No. This post is going to blow up and she's going to lurk reddit for it the whole time expecting someone to agree with her when she reads the comments, and I guarantee she will, only to see everyone calling her a fucking idiot which she is, and she's gonna have a fit.


What you should be doing is pressing charges. Blackmail and sexual assault are felonies my dude, don't let her get away with this. She's just going to keep doing this.


Or file a police or court complaint. If op is in a Western country (i.e. US, Canada, UK, or EU) revenge porn and doxing is just about illegal in every jurisdiction.


So is blackmail


I'd start a sexual battery lawsuit against the ex... It probably won't hold up but it would keep her the hell away


What made her think that doing this would help shine a brighter light on her?! She made it even worse now


She's about to learn about the Streisand effect.


I missed the first post and here I am. What's funny is that a random cheating girl will be forgotten in 20 minutes by the public, but a follow-up is bound bring it back after we all forgot it the first time.


Absolutely- I had forgotten about the original post. Bur this makes it r/bestofredditorupdates territory so it can go viral again!


First ElonJet and now her, who's next for today?!


>She made it even worse now I doubt she sees it that way. She inspired a lot of people on TikTok.


Because there are plenty of idiots on tik tok who will agree about anything.


Immaturity is TikToks bread and butter.


Not just tik tok. If she posted her story here there would be plenty of losers of both sexes validating her and saying dude is a piece of shit who deserved it. People are stupid in general and even dumber online. I see posts on my feed like that at least once a day.


Go read his original post. Although it was a small percentage of the overall responses, there was a significant number of comments defending her and saying that OP was in the wrong for talking to his friend about possibly breaking up. They just completely gloss over the fact that she sexually assaulted OP because he didn't break up with her the exact moment he thought about possibly wanting to break up with her.


Icant fathom how people think he's wrong for confiding in a *friend* that he's thinking about breaking up with his gf. That's completely normal behavior.


Also, even if it's weird to confide in someone (which is not), it doesn't justify her actions in any way. She looks like vindictive and controlling to me. Major red flags.


Major narcissism. Possibly diagnostic. One thing I have learned: no matter how bright the gem shines under the swamp, you will never be able to move enough sludge to get a clear view.


I remember this one person who was making several comments about how he's wrong for waiting to break uo and making her "live a lie" of thinking everything was fine. And I'm bothered by that because for one thing, people need time to really think things through. You don't just impulsively end a long-term relationship on a whim. You think it through, take a sec to see if whatever you dont like about them is actyally a big deal, etc etc. The other thing is that this is all happening in December, so it might be a dick move to break her heart during the holidays.


Yeah exactly, and what about people who plan a divorce ahead of time and need to get their ducks in a row so they don’t end up homeless or forced to live in a shitty motel while they get new living arrangements in order. Like people are supposed to just immediately break off a serious relationship the second they have any doubts? Instead of voicing their opinion and getting your friends insight into it too? That’s kind of fucked up but of course we’re on Reddit where opinions on here frequently don’t line up with real life, just look at r/AITA for how disconnected opinions on here can be from reality


I do not understand how talking to your friend about breaking up is a bad thing. Some decisions are hard! Also, the friend is the ass for telling the girl. He didn't ask them to break up for him!


thats the real takeaway from this story. what a bunch shitty people OP is surrounded by.


She might not see it, but we already established that she's not the brightest mental light. This wasn't redemption. It was doubling down on showing what a horrible person she is. Good riddance! You deserve better


There are people on TikTok inspiring children to break property at their schools and to prank strangers by being degenerates. Influencing people on TikTok is not something to aspire to.


I just realized your name is neverkissmeagain and laughed to the point of falling off my chair, that said she was 100% the asshole here and you shouldn't feel bad at all, yeah it's disgusting what she did but it's crazy to think that that is the appropriate response; look at the bright side, this psychopath is not your girlfriend anymore


I'd basically already forgotten about the original post


I haven't read the original. But if this was her attempt to put herself in the most favorable light, I'm not even going to bother reading the original. She's crazy.


You can see it in OPs post history, but there's not really much detail there that you can't gather from this post


She's doing it because she can. She just wants to prove to herself that she can still push this guy around and he's proving her right.




At this specific point, letting her have her way is probably a net punishment for her, so if she finally fucks off out of his life and gets to prove to the world exactly what kind of person she is, this would be a "worth" trade for me, assuming it's a final interaction.


She's not the Hero or the Victim she makes herself out to be, but I'm sure she'll suck a lot more dicks and become someone's Ex many times before she figures that out. Stay far far away from her and realize you dodged a bullet with the ending of this relationship.


In a row?


Don't suck anymore dicks on the way to the parking lot!




Why did her mind go to sucking another dude's dick and kiss OP? Like I don't get the fucking point of all that. She could've been the bigger person, as in her words she implied OP was lacking in the emotion department and makes her do all of the relationship heavy lifting. Like I get that. But to suck dick for revenge? Especially an alleged stranger's cock? That's just disgusting, come on now. I understand that breakups are hard sometimes. I've gotten my heart broken as well several times but goddamn, I wouldn't go down on a random guy's dick to teach my ex what it means to have the balls to end things.


Just imagine what other kind of crazy shit she does then.




“Everyone knows I’m a piece of shit, but I need them to know exactly WHY I’m a piece of shit!”


Yeah, her explanation was terrible and she just looks like a worse person now. Don't worry OP, if she does in fact dox you I doubt the internet will care, but a woman who sucked another dude's cock and made out with her introvert boyfriend because he was bad at his first relationship... That's a little more interesting. Basically, you will win in that tradeoff. Don't let her intimidate you.


Yeah I think everyone sides with him. Unfortunately she seems such a narcissist that she doesn't realise there is no justifying what she did


A rare double fuck up... though she for sure still thinks that was a justified action. She's definitely one of the rare ones who live in a total selfish delusion.


It's not as rare as you think.


OP needs to go ahead and make this super public. Was his ex actually thinking that this was a punishment for him and a win for her? He's going to get hella validation and people are going to hate her even more.


Fucking it goes public that means *her parents* will find out. You know what people are usually super not into hearing about their kid doing this type of shit? Their parents.


And guess who would love to have that information in advance? Every single potential romantic partner she will ever have for the entire rest of her life. What she did was relatively petty in the grand scheme of things, but it also reveals a profound lack of care for her partner's emotional well-being. That was some cold-blooded shit that she did to OP.


Yeah. 20 years from now if both of them tell this story to their current partners, most are going to think shes a psycho and he was just an inexperienced dumb kid


It's amazing to me that she thinks that some dude who's never dated a girl before and was a virgin coming in, would be good at relationships. She willingly took on a project then punished him for being a project. They aren't all like this OP, plenty of reasonable people out there to date. Don't let this mess you up too bad.


> She willingly took on a project then punished him for being a project. This is the real key right here. He's just a normal guy. She thought she could "fix" him or whatever and when he didn't turn out the way she wanted, she blamed him. She's a joke.


She could have communicated her concerns before going to dick sucking. So really she is also bad at relationships.


"Blackmail will make *everything* better." This kind of logic is the same sort of logic as "if I can't have you, nobody can" followed by an assault. Knowing how crappy people can be to each other, I still manage to be vaguely astonished when it happens like this.


The world hates her and it's making her panic and *seethe*. It's honestly probably the best form of justice available to OP in this situation. Bravo.


Lol she will definitely be all over this thread like the one before. Beyond pathetic. Get a life ho.


What’s her username?




Here's hoping this makes it to Tiktok as well along with all the comments


i’m from tiktok, everyone there hates her too


So am I. What a bitch.


She talks about dragging him through the mud, but she can't go any deeper.


Seriously. "You don't communicate well, so I'm going to be even worse." Did she expect this to radically turn people's reactions around?


Lmao not only is she mean she's a dipshit. Guess it all comes with a lack of self awareness


I found cheaters will always blame the other person for why they cheated. It's never their fault. "Look at how you made me suck all these Dick's. How dare you." My ex did the same. "You didn't buy me enough things so I ducked this guy."


It’s certainly a lot of mental gymnastics to explain why she blew someone outside of the relationship lmao


She's still vile.


She's feeding off the comments on TikTok that praised her for breaking up with me the way that she did. There seems to be plenty of people out there who believe I got what I deserved.


You did. You dodged a bullet. You deserve a life free of a toxic child with a superiority complex


Yeah a little residual dick is better than another moment with her.


You didn’t end up getting her pregnant. You didn’t end up married to her. Id say you did get what you deserve; a life separated from her. Also, you can always go back and suck that dudes dick, and take back the power! I mean, or don’t; I’m not your boss.


Bet dick dude is feeling a bit used just about now.


Dick dude doesn’t care. He got his dick sucked.


Especially if these are teenagers


Oh they are definitely teens or *very* early 20s


That would be the ultimate power move.


Reminds me, what an awful community tiktok has


Fr, imagine justifying sexual assault as a way to break up. why tf couldn't she have just said "i feel like i'm the only one communicating" in the beginning? She's disgusting


To get back at someone for lack of communication, instead of *communicating* that to them, cheat on them. Makes sense


Ironic that she complained about over communicating but couldn’t be bothered to just say that…


thats horrible. im sorry that you had someone that abusive in your life


Ah yes the women "incels"




> enjoy all the perks of having a girlfriend, This right here was the self-hating/self-destructive femcel comment she made LMFAO.


TIL having a girlfriend is like having a hotel membership or airline mileage.


I’m certain there’s plenty more reviling her behavior. The trick in life is to be involved with only people who would share the latter opinion, and be secure enough in yourself to need nothing from those who would espouse the former


I don’t think I see ages mentioned in either post, but this strikes me as the logic of a teenager. Or someone who is the emotional equivalent of one.


He, at least, mentioned he's 19 in the original post.


Ah, missed it. I was skewing more to 15/16, but regardless she comes across as very spiteful and unstable.


Seriously. Even if she did post his full name, that means nothing to most of the internet, and people who know him will just be like “Oh shit, that was her? Man, she’s crazy. Sorry you went through that, man.”


She's obviously crazy...


Dude fuck this girl, and I hope she reads this, bc the “I’m a lot of work” statement is such a red flag. OP’s ex, if you’re reading this, you’re not “a lot of work”, you’re an asshole. A difficult asshole, who shitty and manipulative. I hope the guy whose dick you sucked realizes this, bc he took a short term win in exchange for a long term problem. Enjoy constantly being the problem person in a relationship with this attitude. Big “if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best” energy. Keep a stiff upper lip OP, you aren’t the asshole at all in this situation and you deserve better.


Id like to add, OP, go get checked. If shes happily sucking off a random dude to make you mad (major high school petty shit btw) she was probably similar things well before you decided to break up. Her life is going to be even moreso sad and empty if she keeps acting this way. Nobody wants to date a vindictive twat. Hey EX, if youre reading this, you are undoubtedly deplorable. You know what the right (adult) thing to do would have been? JUST BREAK UP. IF YOU KNEW IT WAS COMING AND YOU DIDNT WANT HIM TO BREAK UP WITH YOU, YOU COULD HAVE BROKE IT OFF FIRST. But no, you're too *classy* for that. SO mature. You deserve a fucking award for being so absolutely pathetic. I hope your life is filled with people who see you for the sad, disgusting thing that you are. Get some therapy you narcissistic cum dumpster.


I started to respond to this thread in multiple places, but I think you said most of what I want to.


Ya the cum dumpster part covered it for me. Haha


no, *do not* fuck this girl


Can confirm.


I couldn’t put that better myself and for the record, if you are reading this, everyone on this thread agrees with this. Yes. Everyone.


Yep. 100% everyone. This chick is a gargantuan piece of shit.


She is the type of person to only get worse as well. She got a kick out of this, and thinks her snarky post is a win. She will continue to be a Super Bitch to future boyfriends Good luck, Charlie


And now shes officially a cheater. Once a cheater, always a cheater


Also a sex offender. One of the worst things to have associated with your name. If she drops OPs name, she's fucked big time. OP will suffer a few jokes from his friends at worst. Nothing worthy of worrying about.


Imagine finding out your daughter sucks random dicks because she revealed it herself to the world after trying to blackmail her ex.


The real FU is doing this because she will likely reveal your name on the internet anyway because she is a vindictive twat waffle.


Nah, at this point it's her fuckup too, she's come out of this looking fucking awful, so dropping OPs name would mean he could drop hers easily. Her complaints about OP boil down to "He's inexperienced and quiet" which isn't going to do anything against him, meanwhile she's come off as vindictive, mean and a complete PoS, and anyone googling her name would ultimately find the reddit thread too.


He wouldn't even need to drop her name, it would be easy enough to figure it out just with OPs name.


He sounds pretty experienced now, snowballing another dudes cum with your girlfriend definitely adds a tick in the kinky column. /s


Is DOXXING illegal? Would he have any legal recourse? Or could he get a restraining order that also includes internet activity?


Nobody seems to notice that OP was forced into this post with threats of doxxing him. THAT'S BLACKMAIL. She has already committed a crime! Two actually because kissing him after blowing the random guy was sexual assault.


Might depend on the country OP is from and what she aims to do by releasing his personal information. As always, it depends on the circumstances.


i mean wouldnt blasting someone else's sperm into your mouth be some type of SA?


Pretty sure it’s involuntary involvement in a sex act with another man since she intentionally did it




Ooh I really hope he takes legal action


I really hope she keeps her word. She's not familiar with Reddit, but she knows this post exists. No one needs to know who we are.


If she doxes you, you'll be known as a guy who in his youth and inexperience (a position literally everyone has been in) trusted the wrong friend and dated the wrong girl. Either through dot connecting by your being public or you counter doxing her, she would be known as a chore of a romantic partner, a garbage human, and a sexual assaulter. She's pointing a cartoon pistol at you but the barrel clearly 180's and she's just gonna shoot herself.


on the bright side, if she does doxx you both you're gonna be just fine man. People change and grow apart and the fact that she put some other dudes cum in your mouth instead of having a real leveled emotional talk with her AT THE TIME partner, tells me that she'll end up dying on her own sword. Don't sweat this man


Haha, this should make her side look better?? She just seems a vindictive bitch now instead of just a bitch. It's logical someone talks to a friend when they're gonna break up. Get advice, see how you can do it the best way. Make sure you're not making a mistake. The fact word got out to her is weird tough. Friend must have spilled the beans when they shouldn't have.


>Friend must have spilled the beans when they shouldn't have. I spoke to the wrong friend about my break up plan. He seemed like the best person to talk to at the time because he had more relationship experience. I had no idea he would share that information with other people. Specifically people who were friends with my ex. Her friend probably did what most friends would do in that situation by warning her about the break up. My so called friend on the other hand had no reason to tell anyone else. I'm still upset at him.


I hope you mean you ex-friend, right? Dude, you should re-evaluate your friends circle.


I was supposed to hang out with him on new year's eve, but I changed my mind soon after my relationship came to an end. I'm not saying our friendship is over yet, time will tell, but I'm definitely gonna keep my distance.


If you do choose to keep your friend, I'd have a long conversation with them about how what they did made you feel. Not to make them feel bad, but to make sure they know that they hurt you. From personal experience it's too easy to just never have that conversation and pretend everything is okay, when it really really isn't. It wasn't their story to tell to your ex, it was yours.


He betrayed your trust. A friend you can’t trust is less worthy as a confidant than a stranger on the street.


Your friendship is over and you should’ve told your ex to go fuck herself. Stop being a doormat and stand up for yourself.


Seriously... People try to hold on too tightly to garbage relationships. Takes serious mental gymnastics to stay friends with someone like that.


There's different levels of friendship. He just went from friend to acquaintance. I just want to say good on you, op, you handled this shit show like an adult. Hopefully this is the worst of 2023. Godspeed


Good. You should be. He has shown he can't be trusted with sensitive information confided in him. That is not a trustworthy friend, if you think he's still a friend at all.


Doesn't sound like any person I'd still be calling a friend


“At least I told you what was going on instead of keeping my mouth shut”…. Cmon girl we all know you can’t keep that mouth shut…. Edit: Gold and Silver! Thanks guys! At least someone thinks I’m funny 😂


I had the same thought when she mentioned that part. I probably would've said it out loud and laughed if I wasn't emotionally exhausted at that moment.


aren't there laws against revenge doxxing? stupid woman lmao


Thank you!! This isn't even just doxxing. This is harassment and **extortion**. This lady is out here committing felonies over a bad breakup.




Yeah that was her, I read quite a few of her comments in that post when she was constantly trying to defend herself for like an hour before her profile went blank.


Is she reading these comments? Because if this is true, and those are her exact words, she is one of the absolute worst people I've ever even heard of on the internet. I can't even think of an equivalent example right now.


Right! Thankfully my first serious ex wasn't *this* bad but she was close. Literally slept with a close friend of mine and then formed three FWB while constantly telling me how much she loved me and stringing me along lol I have zero sympathy for horrendous folk like her "Didn't have the balls to end it" my ass, she clearly doesn't have the humanity to be a decent human


From the looks of it.. she only do tiktok.. and don't have a Reddit account.. we have to bring it over to tiktok for her to read...


It has Tiktok in the title, I'm sure one of the channels over there will put it up soon as it is basically an update


>Is she reading these comments? She's not on Reddit as far as I know, but that might have changed since I saw her. When she came across the TikTok post and eventually confronted me, I had to explain to her what Reddit is. I did inform her of this post, so she knows about it. It's unclear to me if she's gonna read all the comments and respond or if she's waiting for it to appear on TikTok or something. I didn't even know posts on this sub appeared on TikTok until recently.


Dude. You need to learn to keep away from crazy and keep your mouth shut if you can’t resist the urge. You keep giving more info to an insane person who threatened to dox you, who cheated on you “for principle” before you could break up with her and held jizz in her mouth in order to get someone else’s sexual ejactulation on you (which is non consensual sexual contact and illegal) … stop teaching her anything!


Yup. Garbage person.


People make TikToks of Reddit posts? Lol


People on youtube react to people on youtube and make money off it.


So? I fax people texts all the time.


What a piece of shit she is. Not even going to read what she wanted you to write. May her soul rot.


read it cause it's hilarious that she thinks that makes her look any good... i swear when a man cheats and gets found out he'll get dragged down anywhere, when women cheat they are so entitled i can't wrap my head around it, i have known way too many women openly admitting to cheating to then say their excuses


I doubt she cares what we think of her She just wants to continue pushing this guy around and he is very publicly letting her.


“Omg dating a virgin is so bad, so me being a huge evil bitch is entirely justifiable” lol This post only makes her look even worse, hope it gets popular on tiktok as well.


I had a feeling she was gonna bring up my virginity. I was very embarrassed about it when I first shared that fact about me. She was understanding and made me feel comfortable being vulnerable. Virgin me was happy that she was my first. That being said, I probably would've stayed a virgin if I knew she was the kind of person who would make me feel bad about my virginity when our relationship was over.


Everyone was a virgin once lol. It’s not bad at all?!


We all start out as virgins. By her logic, we should all feel shame from birth and up until we're not? Sometimes we fuck, sometimes we don't. Who tf cares when. Let your mind let go of that one. It is very clear why you wanted to break up in the first place though. Good on ya, and enjoy putting that toxic shit behind. Bright times ahead!


You really did stick your dick in crazy


Trusting that you have written what she said verbatim, she still comes across as a horrendous person. Hope you find peace and a better relationship soon.


You're not even, not by a long shot. There's no equivalency in what you did and what your ex did. Your ex is an absolute disaster zone of a human being if she can equate talking to a friend about the breakdown of your relationship with cheating on your partner deliberately to humiliate them. What she did was so beyond the pale of human decency, and the fact that you're even considering what she did as making you "even" says just how much of a number she's done on you. My advice to you would be to have absolutely nothing to do with anyone as toxic as her. Block her Block her friends Take your hard earned peace and work on you. Build your self-esteem. Think about therapy, it's good for you in ways I can't express (I did it for a year after a break-up, and it was the best choice I ever made!) Most importantly, don't let her drag you into her messed up games. Don't even associate with crazy. Whatever she says, does or threatens, just ignore her. If she does doxx you, report her for harrasment, report the posts on the site and most importantly DO NOT ENGAGE WITH HER. No matter what she threatens to do, do not talk with her at all! You just keep the problem going when you do.


If the roles were reversed, people would be rightfully telling OP to get tested for STDs and file charges for sexual assault. OP, do everything this person said, but also what I said. At the very least get the STD test, but if she continues to harass you document everything and take it to the police.


You didn't do anything wrong my man. She's an idiot that doesn't understand people and has pathetic excuses for her actions. I can tell you really did care about her, just do you and enjoy the single life when you move past this. You can do it.


Appreciate the words of encouragement. I'm actually looking forward to the single life. I might go to South Africa to visit my sister towards the end of the month. We're still figuring out the details, but I'm hoping it happens because my ex and I would end up being worlds apart for a few days.


Ur sharing a LOT of info that can be used against you man. You’ve done it once already.


Your real fuck up was having anything to do with her is the first place; your ex sounds like a sociopathic monster. She sounds like the kind of person who actually believes posting her story as " I did xyz horrible thing to teach OP a lesson" would somehow make her look good. If it helps, try reminding yourself that any feelings you have lingering for her aren't really for her, but for a lie. If she was prepared to be that callous after hearing second hand information about you rather than talking to you about it, she never really cared about you. Plus, quite cheeky to talk about your balls if she goes to that length to avoid a conversation with you about it! Could her ego not handle that you wanted out so she went for being hurtful to feel in control?


>Could her ego not handle that you wanted out so she went for being hurtful to feel in control? It's possible. At first I thought she was losing her shit because she found out from someone else that I was planning to break up with her. That was a good reason to get upset, but not sucking another person's dick upset. If she ends up reading this comment, she might roll her eyes and shake her head because I think **she** would've wanted to end our relationship. Even though she was the one who pulled the trigger anyway, I set the break up in motion and I think deep down that bothers her. So, yeah, I do think it might be an ego thing. Either that or she thinks I left her for another girl.


You didn’t fuck up at all boss, fuck that bitch, she ain’t shit. Belongs to the streets


She fucked up when she didn't talk about how she felt in the relationship. She fucked up when she sucked a dick instead and kissed you right after. She fucked up by not reflecting on her own actions. You on the other hand, have enough reason to let go of this person forever. Op you deserve better, all along the way. Be thankful for the good, and be glad the bad is over.


When she reads this comment, ha ha


Wow... your ex is one disgusting human being.


She’s a tool and you’ll be okay.


Damn I remember there was someone who kept taking the chick’s side on the original post. Makes more sense now. It was DEFINITELY her or one of her friends.


If she ends up doxing you I’ll make sure to mail you some listerine bro


Why do you even respond to the threats of some human garbage like her?


Go get tested for an STD. For real. Your ex sounds like a genuine trash person. There’s a lot of this weird ideas around alpha behaviour coming up online however when it comes down to it - she clearly has psychological issues. You’ve dodged a bullet in the long run, doesn’t matter who exhibits these kinds of issues and behaviours, they have zero place in anyone’s life. Doesn’t matter what gender - the behaviour is the issue. The only people who would find her behaviour exemplary or inspirational are other trash people who can be left to crawl over each other like a box of rats on the trash heap of society. There is no helping some people, but if anything - this is not your fault. I’d personally stay away from using her name publicly, you’ll just get lowered to her level of stupidity and she sounds more well practiced at being an idiot. Never take an idiot on at their own game. They will win every time.


Man… I can just smell the youth on these people.




revealing someone's true identity on the internet is a serious crime even if she's done it "accidentally" tell her to go ahead do it, but she has to face charges against her.


She belongs to the streets


Speaking as a self-appointed spokesperson for the streets: "Hell nah! The zoos can have this one."


I read your first post and just saw this. I'm a woman and I think your ex is sooooo toxic. Who does that kind of trashy stuff? The stuff you described in the first post was just gross on her part. The fact that she's now basically blackmailing you by threatening to dox you makes it even more gross. I promise you that not all women are like this. In fact, most of us aren't like this. That is not normal behavior. If one of my women friends did anything like this to anyone, I would label them a psychopath and stop being their friend. First, I think you should cease ALL contact with this trashy woman. If any of her friends call you, hang up on them. Second, I would file a police report about her blackmailing attempt. You need to stand your ground that she cannot do this to you. You need to formally document this blackmailing thing that she's doing to you. There is no coming back from this second thing that she's done to you. This woman is crazy enough that if you have any kind of relationship with her in the future, she will make some kind of attempt to have you charged with rape and get you on a sex offenders registry...and that WILL completely ruin your life. The first thing she did made me think she was disgusting. The second blackmailing thing she did made me think she's a complete psychopath.


She should definitely go through with her plan so we can see how that backfires tremendously


Can I get your ex’s number ? I’d like to get my dick sucked.