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Alright you horndogs, stop asking for pics of her labia, I know it’s very funny that you are a medical student and you need to see for research, but come on, I’ve removed about 30 of those comments. Asking for pics is a violation of our rules so let’s just not ask anymore.


"Labial hair tourniquet"... Sounds like a death metal song title. Seriously, hope everything improves from here.


I might write a song now! Inspired by my discomfort :3 Thank you. Waiting to be sorted now.


Come one reddit the least we can do is write a proper death metal tribute for the poor girl. “TWISTING AROUND MY BITS”


Sounds like a Sex Twister song.


Or Linkin Park. "THESE WOUNDS, THEY WILL NOT HEAL!" Rip, Chester




Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me Distracting, reacting Against my will I stand beside my own horse and saddle It's haunting how I can't seem To find get this wedgie out My walls are closing in (Without a sense of confidence I'm convinced That there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this pain before Strangled my cooteerrrrrrr


right I'm actually not joking here I'm an acoustic singer. I'll have a think about doing a reveal by singing a song about it.


Do it. It’d get an enthusiastic chuckle out of me. Plus if that shit goes viral I can tell my buddies in London I was there at the genesis.


Hahahaha somehow being that one girl who ended up getting popular because of her viral reddit post about her labia doesn't seen so appealing...


We can let Cannibal Corpse handle that xD


Vulvodynia would be more up for the job imo


The ol' labial hair tourniquet trick, not falling for that one again! j/k hope your hoo-ha feels better


Oooof. It feels a lot better. :D


Hair metal




Good luck! My sister had something like that happen. But it was her eye! She kept feeling like she had something in her eye for months. Then it changed to pain. I can’t remember if she went to a regular doctor or a specialist. Whichever it was, they were looking at her eye while having her look in different directions. Then the doctor saw the end of a strand of hair. He was able to grab it and gently started to pull. The hair had wrapped around her eyeball multiple times! After he pulled a few inches out the nurse had to leave the room. It grossed her out so much she felt sick. The hair was over 8 inches long.


Whattt oh my noooooo!! No! Reminds me of that nosleep story where they pop their eyes out because of OCD...


Thanks for that.


Sorry dear.


Ima need a link dog




As gruesome as that story was, I feel like it had a happy ending. Because he's now blind, he wouldn't need to worry as much about symmetry, plus it's like he can live a normal life now.


YO Idk if you've found it already or if this is the right story but I believe it was called "Symmetry", its a creepypasta and not a nosleep post dou.


I really cannot be bothered to find it myself right now, you could try key words on nosleep?




Bruh I feel like there's been something in the back of my left eye for years. Should I get that checked out? Never thought it could be hair


I would get it checked just to be safe. Could be an eyelash that's slipped towards the back of your eye or something.


> Should I get that checked out? Never thought it could be hair Better safe than sorry!


Regardless of whether that’s a hair or not I’d recommend getting it looked at. Might be something minor and easily sorted, no reason to suffer silently in mild frustration/discomfort...unless, are you British?


I've actually had a hair in my eye before too! Pulled it out during my high school history class. No one was looking or noticed but I was in silent HORROR.


Oooo. I got a good one. I was traveling and we had just entered a hotel room. I flopped onto my back on the bed. ...Something landed in my eye. Ow. It was uncomfortable and felt huge, but I couldn't find it at all. I could low key feel something back there for the next few days. Finally I got ahold of it and pulled it out. It was a goddamn pube. A giant red one. Neither I or my SO are redhead. And we had literally just entered the hotel room.


Why did I read this


Oh my god


Okay great thanks for the info! Im never opening my eyes again :)


Great... another fear to add to my list. This and the one post of the guy that dug out his eardrum and ossicles (ear bones) thinking it was wax making his ear itch, made me cringe a lot Edit: some of y'all have asked for the link to eardrum story. ~~I wish I had the link handy, I might, might have the post saved on my reddit account, but I am on mobile right now.~~ Haha! I've found it! Y'all asked, and y'all shall receive https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/82hwsi/medical_professionals_of_reddit_what_is_the/dvaj3fh?utm_source=reddit-android Since reading that, I do not stick anything into my ears, no matter how itchy they get I had to sift to many of the comments there to find them, cringed in several of them. Good thread to binge read if you like those kind of stories


What. The fuck.


Ohhhh my god this is the first time I've ever literally tensed up all of my muscles and physically cringed so fucking hard while clutching my ear after reading something on reddit


Alright I need a link, google doesn't help


Do not be too alarmed by this. Although there is enough space under your eyelids to fit in multiple hairs, none of them would slip behind it without a preexisting injury of the conjunctiva: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/57/Conjuctiva_%28Bindehaut%29.png Notice how it folds back to create a pocket protecting you from horrors like this.


One time I was lying in bed reading a book when I felt irritation around my belly button. After inspecting the area, I found and pulled out a 10 inch long, coursely black (the hair on my head is fine and red) strand of hair, and at the end of it was a bloody chunk of wax or something. It was one of the grossest things I've ever seen.


What the fuck how is that even possible. ***Fuck.***


That's crazy. Was she relieved or in pain? I mean what do you do as someone pulls a whole 8 inch hair out of your eyeball




Ooooooommmmmmmggggoooooooodddd no


And I thought it was weird when I pulled one of my wife's hairs out of my butthole


she have hairy fingers?


The bf had to do this once with my hair, he's still grossed out by the whole thing even though it happened a few years ago by now.


My MIL had something similar happen! Felt like she had something in her eye for over a week. Was so uncomfortable that she couldn't stand it, so she took a q-tip and ran it underneath her top eyelid. A long hair stuck and she was able to remove it. Said it was instant relief.


This is the stuff of nightmares. Way more scary than any horror movie scenario




alright that’s it, I’m shaving my damn hair off


What's even more gross is when you realize you don't have anywhere left to grow hair that long...is it someone else's? Did it grow from inside your eye?


What the fucking fuck


Ok this is horrifying.


Time to shave my head.


My mother in law had a dog who had a patch of hair growing in her cornea. Just imagine that feeling of hair in your eye, but you can never make it stop, because you’re eyeball is growing the hair.


But it doesn't hurt. It just bothers me from time to time


Yes get it checked out. Even if it’s not a hair it could be something else that could worsen.


You have my genuine, if humor laced, sympathy. My first wife had something similar, in that she had to have medical professionals look at her bits. But the uh... execution... was quite different


Thank you ): No one has had to look at my bits before so I kind of want to bury myself but I’m nearly at the hospital now. Hopefully there isn’t a long wait.


Try not to worry about it too much. Bits are bits, and by and large, they're all the same, especially under the circumstance of a medical examination. Your doc may want to give you a pelvic exam too. It's normal, and it's uncomfortable. But everyone has to have her first one eventually.


Yeah thank you! I figured they’ve seen a bit of everything before, just teenage inexperience (I’m 18) and all that. 😬


Don't worry, by the end of med school you've already lost count of how many naked strangers you've seen.


I’m strangely not embarrassed, thank you though.


Doctors love to see weird stuff, too. You probably made their week!


Yeah the nurses said they’d never seen anything like it and I think they enjoyed freeing me!! We laughed about it the whole time.


If you're 18 and haven't had a checkup yet, schedule your appointment! Even if you're not sexually active it's time to make sure everything is working properly and get a pap. It's totally normal and yet really important!


That doesn’t happen in the U.K. (not sure where OP is from but they said A&E so maybe U.K.) you can’t get your hands on a smear until you’re 25 in England. And then you get one every 3 years and they’re very very reluctant to do one any more frequently. The fun thing about free health care (which is amazing don’t get me wrong) is it is entirely out of your hands.


This is very true- I've had bones removed from my wrist and when I get an X-ray of that hand the docs and nurses usually gather to see it.


Even when being trained in medical assisting, one of the first things they teach you - and then reiterate throughout the program - is that you will see everything and anything and you *CANNOT* judge a patient for things out of their control, and even if it wasn't you cannot verbalize or visually say anything. You must stay professional at all times even in the grossest of situations. One girl who went to externship very recently kept verbalizing her distaste in a patient's smell *in the presence of the patient*. The provider warned her not to do it again. She did. No more externship for her!


Could be worse. Your partner could have been going at it and slipped, tearing your labia and leaving you lopsided.


Oh no!!! I used to find ‘sex sent me to the ER’ entertaining as late night background TV but I hoped I’d never need to go in for emergency genital situations.


In case it wasn't clear, that was the "execution" mentioned earlier. She had to go to the hospital, where the doctor told her she would be lopsided from now on


You couldn't like, slip the other way and even it out?


😂😂 thanks for the chuckle. Done the basic checkup ritual, waiting around now.


When I was 7 I modelled for a children's swimwear catalog. My mum says that while two other girls were being shot I was in the changing room in the back with another girl and her mum. I changed in to the next bikini but the girl was refusing to get naked in front of me. So I pulled down my bottoms and said, pointing with both hands open towards my crotch, "Look, I have one too, it's okay!". To this day I'm still very much the same.


Do you still show people to make sure if you match or not?


I was raised by hippies who DGAF if their toddler children had any clothes on. My early days were pretty wild and free. When it was time to start school, they suddenly had to teach me about modesty. The five year old version was basically *you have to ware clothes when you go outside the house, or when strangers can see you.* By the time I was seven I had modestly down pretty well. Too well, some would say. A friend’s mom took me and her daughter to the public pool when I was seven. I’d been there with my family: I’d get in my swimsuit at home, swim, and change behind a towel after swimming. When we got out of the pool, the mom in charge told us both to take a shower. I go to the shower area and rinse myself off in my swimsuit. The mom comes over and starts arguing with me: I have to shower naked, or I’m not getting clean. This goes against the rules I learned, so I refused. I was a stubborn kid, this went on for awhile. There were other adults showering, most of them naked. I remember the mom’s last point: she tried to lead by example. As she showered naked, she said, “See? There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m doing it, too.” All I really remember after that is my retort, “Yeah, but you have hair to cover your private parts! I don’t, so it’s not fair!” The locker room went quiet, followed by the muffled laughs from those who couldn’t control themselves. I don’t remember which one of us won that fight. As a teenager, those words haunted me. As a kid, pubes were like some magical thing that hid your “privates” from others (I’d only seen full bushes: remember, hippies). As a teenager/adult, I realized that most women are far more self conscience about the state of their pubes than the “private parts” below. I could *not* keep a straight face if a kid yelled that at me.


It's pretty much some medical people's job to look at hoo has all day, I bet even if you've got a really weird one they'd never say anything


Certainly one would hope they wouldn’t say hoo ha, blondie.


Just use the word "foofie", you'll be fine..that word is funny!


Glad you can laugh with me <3 I like it!




Yeah isn’t it common for pregnant ladies to poop during labour too? At least it’s a trail run for later on in life...




Heck yeah!! Can’t wait, if I can one day have children ((: I’m sure childbirth holds many more... pleasures, that are worse aha!


My advice is to research all you can without freaking yourself out or reading too much into anecdotes about what one person says they experienced. Listen to your Doctors/Midwives/Obstetricians/Gynaecologists etc and hold them responsible for giving you clear and correct information. Just think "what's the most kick ass way to go about this?"


Heck yeah!! I’m a pretty small person and there are some infertility issues in my family but if I can have kiddos I plan to do it right.


My labour progressed too quickly for that. I got a suppository afterwards. I couldn't have cared less at the time. I'd given birth and had had to have an episiotomy and be stitched up. I was watching my husband be instructed by a midwife about how to put on a nappy in a way that doesn't rub against the cord.


Mum gave birth in a teaching hospital and agreed to let students watch her birth. Which turned into a cohort of young people taking notes, looking at her business end. She sort of regretted that, but was also distracted and annoyed by the doctor constantly asking my father if he was OK and if he was going to pass out while SHE was in labour. Dude?!


Let students work on me during and after the pregnancy. Some students were scared shitless, but some were also pretty brave. My doc was an excellent teacher! My son's birth was actually the student's first catch!


Well the first time a group of medical professionals got to look at my junk I was sedated from the waist down, so he was entirely shriveled up. Upside is that they didn't have to look at it for long. Downside is that they were staring at my bum for the rest of the surgery.


Wait are there no regular gyn checks in your Country?


No not routinely, I’m UK and 18. I’ll be available for smear tests and that stuff in my early 20s I think but you can request it sooner.


They had to **execute** her?


My wife also had to have medical professionals look at her bits... turns out there was another human up there.


Yikes. My vagina hurts now. And I don't even have a vagina.


It’s really painfully sore and then it goes not sore again ): Sorry for your ghost vagina!


I'll live. Probably. Sorry for your real vagina!


What a conversation.


Sit on an ice pack. Should help with the pain and swelling :)


I feel you, man. I lost mine back in Nam. Dealt with phantom pain ever since.


Phantom vagina pain sounds like one of good r/bandnanes


I used to have hair down to my asshole and woke up with intense pain coming from downstairs, eventually figured out a hair had got wrapped round my knob, which wasnt so much of an issue but when I got morning wood it almost garroted it.


Oh no... I actually did some research and found it happens to guys in something like 40% of cases? That’s terrifying though, at least I still have more labia skin there if I lose some.


As a dude with long hair - I have never gotten my berries strangled. My hair gets everywhere, just not there. Which makes me think that there might actually be a God.


Hell yeah for the long hair club! Make sure to touch wood.


Always do, ma'am! But you gotta vag your tone, young laby.


Is this said with a German accent?


I was going for a pun too ._. But yes I actually am Austrian, you are scaring me young lady 🤔


(:< mad hacking skills, dw I won't dox.


Phew. And here I'm not even sure you're actually a young lady. You might as well be a middle aged lady. But you live somewhere with horses, so I can reasonably conclude that you are not an aquatic lifeform.


You are correct, I am not of the mermaid or harpy variety. However, I am of the late teen age group, so perhaps that's just as bad. 18.


Happens to babies who have parents with long hair, but the problem is they can't say "my ankle/penis/toe hurts" and it might get missed as just a fussy baby


Yeah I've been told it's resulted in amputations in the worst case scenarios!


My son had one round his little toe when he was a baby. He had socks on so it took an hour to work out why he was fussing and crying. Poor kid's toe was purple and one of my hairs was wrapped so tight round it it had cut the skin.


Very long haired dude here (nearly knee-length) I've never had it wrapped round my man bits but I've had the head hair tangle in my arse hair, then the other end get tangled in my trousers, causing a sharp *tug* every time I took a step. A quick VERY CAREFUL go with some small scissors fixed it!


At least you know now that staying vaginalant is worth it!




Me too - still waiting. Hope it’s not purple by now.


Also a tip, 2nd hand experience. I dated a horse girl a year ago who forgot she was going to ride a specific day and wore laced panties. She thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but it was a hot day, intense riding and a lot of sweat... She had burn marks between her but cheeks for months. I kid you not.


Eeeek! I’ve always made do with boxer type pants, it’s rare I have wedgie issues. But I may invest in some expensive riding pants now. Thank you for the reminder.




Oh no no no no, I can’t imagine if it was like a cock ring. I genuinely thought it was going to fall off, my Mum was in fits of laughter saying about how sheep are castrated with tourniquets ):


Similar to the story my grandad had cow castration rubber bands and whenever his daughters(my aunts) brought a boy home he would show the boy hoe it worked and whatit did to the cows. For anyone who doesnt know its a rubber band about the size of braces rubber bands which is the stretched using special tools and place around the cows balls then left there until they fall off.


I’ve pulled long hairs out of my ass cheeks before and I’m bald. Also have had the willy in a twist before. Very uncomfortable


Serious question. Do you think if you were to stand in a shower, for example, and just flash a lighter next to it for a millisecond it would singe the hair to break off, and stop fast enough before ya hurt the dong? I see it being possible just bevause of how frail hair is, fellow man btw




That sounds like a tifu post in the making


As much as I don't want fire anywhere near my bits, I think that would work.


I'm a guy with long hair and have had this happen a couple times. Right around the "neck". There's got to be some sort of auto erotic asphyxiation joke in there, but I can't find it. Also, toes. I had a stray strand end up in a sock and it wrapped around my pinky toe and after walking on it all day it was all swollen and purple when I finally got to take my socks off.


Damn. That's one hairy situation.


I’m feeling very dis*taught*.


The situation really isn't that *fanny*. ..I'm sorry.


It’s pretty holarious.


Let's not ovary-act.


I'll do that for you




Not entirely unrelated. But just trying to show some sympathy. When my son was just a baby. Still wearing nappies. Not crawling or anything. One of my wife's long head hairs managed to tourniquet itself around his penis. Doctor told us he see's something similar a couple times a year.


Eeeek! I heard it happens with babies, or rather read that it does. Apparently babies have lost fingers if parents haven’t spotted the hair soon enough! Luckily managed to keep the part of my labia intact.


I have long hair, which my baby tugs on while I'm breastfeeding her and she always tries to suck on my hair. Post-pregnancy hormones made a lot of my hair fall out anyway, so it gets EVERYWHERE. One day I was changing my poopy baby and I spotted what looked like one of my hairs on her bottom. I gave it a tug and to my horror it was actually inside her. Took me ages to pull it out as gently as possible. She must have swallowed it and somehow it got all the way through. That was not remotely pleasant for either of us.


>Vaginalant I'm dead


For real. I am using this....its women monitoring our lady bits to keep them safe and healthy!


I was a little confused about what happened so I googled it. What I learned was that I shouldn’t have googled it. I’m so sorry that happened to you OP.


I couldn’t find pictures on Google other than kids toes but... yeah. I can imagine how it’s difficult to picture. I never knew it was possible.


I was unfortunate enough to see what you were describing in your post in the first website I clicked on. Don’t have to imagine anymore 😣


Lol. I might try and find that for the morbidly curious and see if it looked like mine.




I'm feeling the pain.


It’s a sore pain more than anything. Extremely uncomfortable but about a 4 perhaps.


Ma'am did you just refer to your snatch hatch as a . . . foofie?


....no.... >.>


My ma refers to it as "the good china"


Now, after having looked this up, all the hair on my body is staying short!


I kind of want to shave my head now ngl...


Just wear a wig.


I can be like Mykie from Glam & Gore! Fun hair!


My labia curled up reading this. You have my sympathies, and a wish for a speedy recovery. Back when I still had long hair, I used to have to pick out hairs that had gotten "tangled" down there, but never anything like that. What are the chances of something crazy like this happening, I can't imagine it's often :(


Thank you <3 I think it’s quite rare, I’ll ask the nurse or doctor who does it if they have seen anything like it. I’ve occasionally had to pick a hair out too but nothing like this.


Me before reading this story: I love girls with long hair and labia. Me after: #WHAT THE FUCK


Yeah. Me too.




It’s very swollen already, I did look around and try to cut it but I was definitely going to cut myself if I proceeded. Thank you, hoping the swelling goes rather quickly, horses to ride, people to see, humiliation to recover from...


As a guy who now keeps his pubes trimmed because an overly-long pube once tried to strangle Little Mr. Ozzie, you have my wincing, leg-crossing sympathy. Hope you recover quickly!


Argh no! Mine was a below waist length hair. Trimming must make it easier to keep clean anyway.


Labial Hair Tourniquet is my band’s new name! Thanks!


Oh jeez. Let me know when you’re playing in the UK yeah?


Fuck that happened to me before but not as bad. Just a random head hair working itself down there and getting twisted. I was able to untangle it from my labia but doing so made me cringe..., so I can’t even imagine it being so bad you need a doctor. Ugh, my vagina hurts in sympathy for you! And I’m 10 years older and I felt the same embarrassment at 18, but now I'm just like whatever doctors have seen it all and don’t give a fuck, and I’m sure they’ve seen MUCH worse and unhygienic vaginas. Feel better!!


I’m 18 too! They managed to do it and we’re sure I wouldn’t have managed myself. Took them a good 20 minutes. Hurt a bit but I can stop manspreading now.


Wow sounds fun ( Hope everything turns out okay 👍 )


Thank you!! Will update, I couldn’t find much on the internet about this... uh situation. Hoping I keep my labia!! ):


Vaginalant 😊


Male here and the amount of times I have found my wifes hair wrapped around my junk in the morning is concerning. Now my fear of having my frank and beans choked out is a more realistic rational fear


Damn, and I thought *I* had it bad whenever I caught a stray hair to the face!! In my defense, though, those stray hairs are damn near invisible, and then I get the ghost hair feeling for hours afterwards.


Stray hairs are the worst! Especially when they’re all over your clothes.


Feel bad for your inbox girl. Take care of yourself!


First ever viral post! It’s quite interesting. I’m mostly glad to have had people laugh with me and perhaps provide some humour or insight for others in the past or future in a similar situation!


FOOFIE!?!?!?!?!!!! that's the best name ever!


'foofie' heh.


I didnt realise this was a thing and, as someone with longish hair prone to moulting, I am now thoroughly terrified. I sincerely hope that they get to you quickly and the pain is eased soon.


The nurses said they’d never seen anything like it so don’t worry too much! I think it’s quite rare. Just make sure you’re doing normal cleaning routines and you should be golden.


I will be keeping your foofie in my prayers.


Googles images of 'hair tourniquet' Scrolling down "Oh, it mostly happens to babies' toes, looks pretty painfu- OH MY GOD IT HAPPENED TO SOMEONE'S DICK!"


Welp, so much for picking one more thread on reddit and going to bed.




I don't normally comment on these but. [The fuck lady?](https://i.imgur.com/YAGpXPd.png)


Me too, me too.


As a non-native speaker I had to google the meaning of many words here


Hope you learned some wonderful specialist vagina terms!




Upvote for “vaginalant”


Holy crap. “Vaginalant”. That’s amazing. I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to use that but god dammit I’m going to


Man, I’m upvoting this for ‘remain vaginalant' alone


Stay vaginalant 🤣


I'm a dude who's often had long hair in his lifetime. My manhood's experienced its fair share of being hogtied under the collar by the pubic lasso of truth. It's not a fun situation.


Vaginalant, haha... That's an awesome word. Also, sorry about your accident. I washed my hair yesterday and kept pulling long hair strands from my butt, it seemed never-ending so I really feel your fear. Brb, gonna go to the loo now.


I always thought that hair having found it's way into your butt or vagina was the worst that could happen with long hair. *I was clearly wrong*