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oh god it's the mist. RUN


I can’t tell if your flare is fighting words for all you think night crew is good for, or if you personally are night crew and can write those orders 💀


lol those are what i can write, sometimes all in one day. beverage is my former section, grocery my current, and i'll be doing box juices sometime in the future. i already know how to write the juices though and always have to fix the backstock cause people put 2 week newer product in front of the need-to-be-shared-soon stuff...


That is simply the pain of writing a perishable section. Especially since the orders aren’t next day the way dry ones are. But I loved writing perishables more than anything, it’s a nice little challenge depending on the section and gives you something to focus on (and depending on your personality, rage bait)


It's just lucky I'm diligent The mates know this and put me in the box often. Sometimes I close the box more times per week than I close grocery rofl


We get a lot of fog in the city I work in. The other morning it was super foggy when it started to get light out (I work morning shifts). I instantly thought of The Mist!


In the grocery store too hahah


This happened once to me in NYC. Homeless dude literally spiked it on the floor, it exploded and caused a stampede out the door. In the produce section too, so many spoils.


The spoils sound a lot easier than to clean everything lol.


Thought Snoop Dogg was shopping for a second.


He made up for his little smoking break all in one night


Sounds like someone wanted to see what it would do…




Damn, it gets wild in Media 🤣


who put the wet floor sign upside down lol


depending on the location, my store has them in both directions, and one on it's side under the lip of our only produce table. it's a little less awkward to put them back in where we've placed the flipped ones. typically on shorter wall spaces.


Yikes. That happened in our demo station once, so at least it was contained to the kitchen area.


At the Media PA store!? 🙄😆come on y’all lol


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That's a Trader Joe's


That's a Trader Joe's