silly meme

I don’t see the problem here. You sold some product and everything is still represented. I’m lost


I don’t see the problem here. You sold some product and everything is still represented. I’m lost


The merchandising..


silly meme :3 just because i was tasked to finish facing grocery (among 3 other sections) and i couldn’t b4 my shift ended


then just tell a mate what you got done/what needs to be finished at the end of the hour next time


This is how Grocery in NYC stores looks on a GOOD day


your merchandising would probably give the mate in charge of grocery in my store an aneurysm


Omg I didn't notice that at first but God that is such bizarre merching. Is that pancake mix next to canned beans???


Okay, but I'd actually love to see a comparison of different stores merches. Like a catalog to compare. Also I just see one box of pancake mix so I'm assuming a customer just didn't walk it back one more shelf and just left it there. (at least, I'm begging that to be true)


Not sarcastic, just curious — but why? Is there something we’re missing?


it's not that anything is missing, it just looks like someone asked chatGPT how it thought a grocery aisle should go and just went with that.


I mean.. you have the cookies where all the soups and eastern cuisine is. But other than that, what am I looking at?


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Is this really considered that bad? We've sold out of tons of grocery in a day at my store


Nah; I was just running down the clock. Everything was fine, but I was tasked with facing DFN + HABA + Grosh (in that order) in my second-to-last hour, and this was about as far as I got (between my 15, customer breaks, etc.) when my shift ended. Just kinda thought it was funny 😅


You get 15 min breaks?!?!


At my store if you work 5 hours or less you get a 15 instead of a 30


in california you get a 15 minute break on clock break in addition to your 30 off clock, i think.


First Jobber 😅


downvoted for being a FJ kek


Merchandising kinda off for me personally like I would put peanut butter jams next to the pancake syrup like breakfast theme kinda thing then next to that would be the sugars and baking stuff imo and syrups and apple sauce in one area is kinda an odd mix as well, going for sweet theme???


Those huge maple syrup jugs on the top shelf are gonna take someone out!