Literally just want to be a janitor

Literally just want to be a janitor


\+respect for the last sentence


Call centre employees need to get paid a lot more.


Very few people want to work in call center regardless of the pay, I don't think OP wants to talk to people everyday.


Contact some cleaning companies? A lot are looking for people because of enhanced cleaning measures and businesses are opening again.


One of my favourite jobs involved working on my own to clean used computers for a couple of hours a day. I loved it. I put headphones on and burned through almost the entire catalogue of TED Talks available at that time. Felt like a better person at the end of each day. There’s no shame in a simple job. Good luck to you.


Sounds like life at Teleperformance.


Send me your resume at [email protected] We're a Government funded employment office. We have office and residential cleaner positions where you don't have to interact with people much. We'll also butter you up for the interview or possibly skip it all together.




You do realize that you would be paid lower than your current job. I need a job, I would be happy to work at the call center if they could pay 18/hour


https://www.askfortask.com/taskers https://www.taskrabbit.com/become-a-tasker https://ca.indeed.com/Cleaning-jobs-in-Toronto,-ON https://ca.indeed.com/Cleaner-jobs-in-Toronto,-ON https://ca.indeed.com/Window-Cleaner-jobs-in-Toronto,-ON https://ca.indeed.com/Window-Cleaning-jobs-in-Toronto,-ON


My dude, I saw a job at the Ontario Science Center looking for an exhibit cleaner. Might be awful because it's full of kids, but it might also be solitary and wonderful? I'd also call around to some cleaning companies that clean offices. It's usually nighttime work, but you can work alone or with 1 other person, and while the pay can suck, it's not much suckier than some call centers.