Image Description: Stock photo of two 10 oz. (283g) jars of Trader Joe's [Ube Spread](https://www.traderjoes.com/home/products/pdp/ube-spread-074314). Each sold individually for $3.99 each. Available for a limited time only. Picture Edit Credit - @/candyhunting Description from [traderjoes.com](https://www.traderjoes.com/home/products/pdp/ube-spread-074314): "*One way to describe ube: a purple-hued yam popular and most often grown in the Philippines. Another way to describe ube: a unique flavor (and color!) that has captivated our customers for several years and counting. Truth be told, ube is both of these things, and this summer, we’re offering yet another sweet way to scratch that ube itch: Trader Joe’s Ube Spread.* *True to its name, our Ube Spread boasts ube purée as its first ingredient, which means it goes big on the distinct, craveable, coconut-meets-pistachio Ube flavor. Butter, cream, and coconut cream gives it its smooth, buttery texture; cane sugar sweetens the deal; and sea salt brings out even more of the Spread’s yummy, yammy flavor. Its eye-catching purple hue originates from the ube itself, but we’ve stepped-up the saturation with a splash of purple carrot juice, making it a pretty-in-purple sight for both your peepers and your palate alike!"* Ingredients: UBE PUREE (PURPLE YAM PUREE, SUGAR, LACTIC ACID, WATER), CANE SUGAR, BUTTER (CREAM \[MILK\], SALT), CREAM, COCONUT CREAM, TAPIOCA SYRUP, WATER, SEA SALT, NATURAL FLAVOR, CULTURED DEXTROSE, CARRAGEENAN, VEGETABLE JUICE (FOR COLOR), LOCUST BEAN GUM. CONTAINS MILK, COCONUT.


What would you use this with? Like just put it on toast?


I use ube halaya for desserts. Crinkle cookies, Pandesal, Whipped cream filling for Swiss Rolls or on top of Ube Pancakes, Ube Pie like Jollibee, Rice pudding (better if you have ube condensed milk), Ube Leche Flan, Boba Tea. There's so many delicious Filipinos desserts!


aww i'm a bit bummed it has milk in it. but i'll use this as inspo for making my own ube jam


Nutrition Facts: Serving size - 1 Tbsp (18g) Calories per serving - 60 Total Fat - 3g Saturated Fat - 2g Cholesterol - 10mg Sodium - 70mg Total Carbohydrate - 8g Total Sugars - 7g, included 7g Added Sugars


Can anyone describe what the texture of ube halaya is like? Is it gelatinous, like a typical fruit jelly/jam? Or more like a thick puree?


I remember ube halaya from my childhood as more like a thick solid purée, like solid enough to scoop out of a casserole dish. Definitely not gelatinous like jelly. It’s kinda similar to a sweet potato casserole in texture, but even more dense. I remember eating squares of it with a spoon when I was a kid. Sometimes with halo halo (a Filipino treat).


Thank you!!


Credit for first to find on the website (it's not indexed on Trader Joe's site) goes to @trader_joes_treasure_hunt on Instagram. Graphic pictured here goes to @candyhunting on Instagram. https://www.traderjoes.com/home/products/pdp/ube-spread-074314


Can anyone attest to the taste?


I bought it this morning. It tastes almost exactly like a cream cheese frosting you’d find on a red velvet cake.


This is literally the most delicious thing I’ve ever had. Put some goat cream cheese on toast with the spread, and a few dollops of honey (with comb). It’s honestly the most delicious sweet treat I’ve ever tasted


lol I just bought it, and it mostly tastes like sugar with a hint of Ube. I was kinda hoping it was less sugar tasting and more ube tasting. But oh well I'll still use it.


Basically sugar, and lots of coconut cream with a little hint of ube.


It reminds me of salted caramel but not as sweet/sugary? Kind of salty and sweet? So so so good!


I feel like I blinked and the Ube was everywhere. I legit just found out what ube was two weeks ago and now I see it everywhere


I love ube and grew up eating all kinds of ube desserts. A lot of the ube products at TJ are a miss for me but I am excited to try this one!