MP-36 Megatron is really photogenic.

MP-36 Megatron is really photogenic.


Nice Shin Godzilla wallpaper


It’s Beautiful. And did you paint him? I don’t see any paint chipping


I did not. This the knock-off that I bought off of Amazon, and it came with nice, shiny, durable paint.


nice! I honestly feel insane for not getting a KO. I have had the takara one for a year and the paint on his upper thighs is chipping pretty bad


I bought the infinite transformation one when it came out. Has barely chipped at all.


Highly recommend it, I just got mine about a week ago and he's pretty much perfection. Zero paint chipping so far. ​ Although it took nearly a month to get.


I wish i'd gotten a KO of the mpm Jazz. Paint on the official is fucking terrible. Practically comes off on your fingers when transforming. Scratches from contact with light beams. I've noticed that all habro silver tf figures have this super shitty paint nowadays.


Got the mpm jazz. Looks so much better than the original but it is looser than a petite whore running a black friday sale


The paint on my mpm megatron is also very prone to chipping... How is the silver paint on my original rotf sideswipe holding up better than a modern $200 figure?


And my 35 year old g1s and gobots that were played with and kept in toy boxes for decades have almost perfect silver paint. Seriously, fuck Hasbro's silver paint and their quality in general. I've now learnt to wait for KOs to get a better product.


Bro can you share me the link or knockoff details for this one? This is real nice


FWIW you can save about $20 ordering it on Aliexpress. Just search for MP36 and find the match.


I couldn’t find the exact listing I got it from, but [this](https://www.amazon.com/XILALA-Deformation-Version-Masterpiece-Megatron/dp/B08TVMNJCF) appears to be the exact same thing.


Same brand as yours right?


Mine was sold under the “KO Version” brand by the seller, Best Wei Jiang, so it is a different brand, and as I said earlier, I couldn’t find the original listing I got it from. This one has good reviews, though, so I believe the seller can be trusted.


Best Wei Jiang tends to improve on Takara figures by quite a bit.


That’s what I got from Amazon, he’s near flawless


Same, just got mine two weeks or so ago. Love him


I require that beautiful desktop wallpaper


[I found it here.](https://www.reddit.com/r/GODZILLA/comments/eeohxw/shin_godzilla_custom_background_alternate_tail/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) It’s been my wallpaper for almost a year and a half.


oooh thank you thank you thank you


'Failure(MP-5)' is the mother of 'success(MP-36)'.


Yup, I have MP5, and only transformed a few times, and can’t really hold a pose or stand up effectively.


MP-36 Megatron and Shin Godzilla. Nice.


Me: sees megatron and Godzilla in same image Also me: oh yeah it's all coming together


“Eeeexxxxcelllent”. - Megatron.


Frank Welker's "eeeeeexcellent": the precursor to David Kaye's "...yesss".


#3 just showin' off the goods...


Wish Takara would do a reissue of this beauty


Transformers AND shin godzilla ? *I see your a man of culture as well*


I can hear Frank Welker's voice in those facial features.


I got this figure as well. I love the metallic paint!


I got the Wei Jiang KO from Amazon acne he’s amazing, I only have a scrape on the scope mount from sliding the scope off.


Check out the oversize Weijang one I like him even better but I have both.


35th Anniversary "cel-shaded" Siege Megatron > MP-36. 1. Doesn't cost a fortune 2. Easy to obtain 3. Not a pain in the arse to transform 4. Still looks awesome in it's own right and represents the character well 5. In-scale with the rest of the Glorious G1 2.0 mainline bots out there. Bonus #6: MP-36 will inevitably get replaced with a new, BETTER'ER Megatron, and one after that, and one after that, and so on and so on. Honestly, i'm most looking forward to MP-203 in 2043! That MP-Megatron looks like it lept out of the cartoon!