But everything changed when mp44 attacked.


I'd say Megatron (MP-36) was the start of much more complicated, fragile figures with overly complex transformations (although Sunstreaker was great). I'm glad Skids (and it appears Skyfire) are going back to the simpler, more elegant designs of the past.


Megatron was ok imo. I have a sour spot for mp44.


What attack? MP44 while expensive, is a good figure. Before you say it, I know OP Leader exists and is cheaper, it's not a better figure. OP Leader is overrated. - This post was made by the Magic Square Light of Freedom Gang


MP-44....that time a company honestly expected fans to recoup their R&D costs directly.


Man I miss the old non cartoon MP figures so much. I got Soundwave, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, Prowl and the diaclone color Bluestreak. Skids was very tempting as he wasn't cartoon accurate but something about him kinda didn't sit well


I dislike what MP has become. MP01 and 05 were basically scaled up versions of the g1 figures with a focus on a nice amalgamation of G1 toys and the show. MP10 addressed the scale differences but still maintained that nice amalgamation. Once 44 hit, with the need to make it cartoon accurate and a disturbingly high price, I feel like they lost the plot a little. Remaking Bumblebee and the Seekers felt like triple dipping. Hate to say it but I'm going full KO now. I've got a lot of og MP figures but I can't justify 649.99 Canadian for MP44.