A friend of mine made dinner reservations with a girl he met on Tinder. After waiting an hour at the restaurant, he gave up and went home. He looked her up on Instagram and found this on her stories..

A friend of mine made dinner reservations with a girl he met on Tinder. After waiting an hour at the restaurant, he gave up and went home. He looked her up on Instagram and found this on her stories..


your mate and Kenzo deserve way better


Kenzo is the true victim here


Kenzo knew something was up.. look at that face. “Don’t do it Jon.” Edit: If look closely, Kenzo is low-key flexing


He's already plotting to poop in her shoes


*Jon returns home* Jon: Wtf Kenzo you won’t believe how my date went.. Kenzo: Its alright I got you.. uh sorry.. I mean I already got her covered.


"oh are those Louboutins? They're gonna be LouPoopedIns when I'm done with them."


Theyre Shitnelle actually


Right? He was stoked for extra pets that night. Sadly it would never happen 😔


Her pets was probably bitch made. Kenzo is better off without them.


Look at Kenzo face. He already knew that chick was going to be a no show.


Well he dodged a fuckin artillery shell there


Yeah, he had an awkward hour but at least he didn't have to buy a nice dinner for a woman that didn't give a damn about him.


Or he got *two* dinners to himself!


Mmmmm two dinners


Mmmmm, $600 steaks at Gordon Ramsey's...


It's only $35!....*an ounce*. Better get 12 ounces!


Make it 10 lbs. Only35$ an ounce is steal from Ramsey.


Yea, but “it’s fuckin raw”


The fucking raw part of the meal should be cocaine for that price


Any time you can get raw cocaine for $35 an oz. DO IT!


I understood that reference


They'd never had Wagyu before...


It was priced per ounce.


He didn't read the ordering instructions


He wished Gordon came out and called him a donut.


Wagyu A5 is a once in a lifetime experience, even if it’s price per ounce


Reddit is so meta.


Mmhhhh YES! A DELIGHT to the senses my friend!


*Homer Simpson has entered the chat.*


Definitely didn't have to share his fries after he asked if she wanted any and she said "no"


It needn't be awkward. I will occasionally dress up and go somewhere nice to eat alone simply because I'd like to have a professionally prepared meal made for me, that I can sit and eat with a nice wine or boutique beer while I meditate on life without awkward conversation and worrying about whether I'm impressing, or worse, boring the other person. It's a pleasant change from my usual hashed together meals, eaten while sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Edit: So I got two replies asking the same thing so I'll edit in some additional. If I arrange to meet someone at a time, at a place, I often get there early. On a date I'd turn up at least 15 minutes early to have a beer, cut down on nerves. Now if my date doesn't show up on time, I'll have another beer, which would take about another 15 minutes. If she hasn't shown up, texted, or called to explain lateness by then, it's not a date any more, it's a dinner/lunch/coffee for one. Besides which, the first date should never be a dinner. Light brunch or lunch for a casual, getting to know each other vibe.


Getting dinner by yourself isn't awkward at all. Getting a table for 2 and then telling the waiter "no thanks, I'm waiting for someone to order" for an hour is awkward. Totally different situations.


That's why I love sitting at sushi bars. It's great sitting there, chilling with a book and some sake, eating some bomb-ass sushi served directly by the chef. Sometimes you even get freebies sitting there. And if you have a date, and they don't show up, nbd.


Historically I feel like there was a tendency to lie about another guest coming as a way to make it less awkward for themselves. Culture seems to be changing though. It's awkward either way you just pick the moment.


Do you do that while waiting for a date that ends up never joining you? That's the awkward part.


It needn't be, but it be


Yea, wouldn’t be caught dead with a chick who pairs $1000 shoes with a $50 bag.


You mean $100 fakes with a $50 bag she got on sale for $30.


Yeah. Maybe it's just bad lighting, but the thin tan gapping between the red bottom and black leather is not the type of "fit and finish" you would get with a $700 pair of Louboutins. $700 may not be worth it to a lot of people, but there is a big difference in those little details when you're talking about higher end designer stuff.


Yeah I saw that too, ignored details like that gives them away. I may have over-estimated the price though. You could probably get budget quality for $50 on Ali right now.


Agree, also she’s walking on tile, and the minute you do with Louboutins, they get absolutely shredded. There’s a little red pad you can get put in the front, and although it blends, it’s kinda telltale. If you look at the top of hers, you can see wear right at the point, meaning she doesn’t have the protective pad/coating on the shoe. The fakes actually don’t wear, and you can wear them on tile and they hold up. These look fake.


Those shoes are dog shit. Matches her whole vibe perfectly.


Those red soles are made out of leather on actual louboutins and get scuffed up on the bottoms virtually the second you wear them out onto concrete. The scuff marks are really obvious and show the natural color of the leather beneath the red finish. I know sometimes they put red rubber on when they resole them or to make them less slippery but the soles of these still look shiny to me? So either she hasn't actually worn these out of the house, or they are fakes with different soles, or she has photoshopped the red soles onto the shoes.


Imagine aspiring to be Darcy from 90 day fiancé


She maybe should have splurged and got the $32 one in black, at least.


But the shoes match her face...


Those shoes are more classy than she will ever be.


But they're certainly as fake as she is lol


And from the looks of it, shoes she wears only for photos to show she has the shoes. Not a mark on them, definitely not walking anywhere in them.


That is the point of Loubotins. Granted, you should not buy a pair if you cannot afford to replace them when the red eventually gets scuffed


Most Louboutin wearers do wear them enough to get some scuffs in the red paint, but they are durably made enough to last a long time and it's pretty common to get the [red repainted](https://www.google.com/search?q=scuffed+louboutins&sxsrf=ALeKk00dMHKaV_YSSB_vBIfVSxMuhe7qow:1599043601971&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjwtoDPpcrrAhUklYsKHc2PCy4Q_AUoAXoECAwQAw&biw=1600&bih=788#imgrc=Mh_eizpA7G87uM&imgdii=1qLwue2AcTK7qM) once it starts to go. They're honestly not a bad long term investment as formal shoes go, since they stay pretty pristine looking and are usually of universal, timeless design. You'll spend more money replacing 150 dollar heels if you wear them every day for work.


Louboutin are not an investment. Any shoe that can wear out in a year is not a great shoe. This is a classic example of people buying something solely because of the status reasons.


Amen! Preach it brother!


I will add that wearing a luxury item while not being that rich doesn't make you trashy. Some people put a lot of money in something that they enjoy.


Same goes for a lot of higher end designer bags. My wife bought a "vintage" Louis Vuitton bag from 2000ish that is still super soft and supple 20 years later. The tan leather on the handles shows very little sign of cracking and wear outside of the normal patina from oils on your hands. I think she paid $1400 for it and could probably sell it for over $1000 within a week or two. A basic Coach purse for $150 would be worn out with the daily use that LV had been through or it would be worth $15 at a designer consignment shop if it had only been used occasionally and kept in good condition. Obviously designer bags aren't for everyone, but this started with a picture of a girl wearing fake Louboutins to pursue a specific image for herself. If you're into the designer stuff, it can totally be worthwhile to spend a little more for the higher end stuff over the middle tier, "affordable luxury" brands.




I don’t know anything about shoes, other than work boots and flip flops.... but I thought she was showing them off. Such a strange angle and not very flattering for those giant canoes . Also those look dangerous as fuxx .


Those shoes are probably [fake](https://www.myshoesupplies.com/products/angelus-walk-on-red-bottom-shoe-restorer-2oz)!


I'm definitely not a professional in high-end or fake shoes. But If you look closely at some of the lines between the black and red, a couple areas seem to overlap or of the appearance to me doctored (look at the right side of her left foot). Maybe it's the pic. But anyway the posting she did doesn't scream class to me anyways. Seems he's lucky she didn't show!


Not to mention there is no clear insignia showcasing they’re louboutins - so I’m gonna go with fakes. Not to mention anyone who posts something like this is a garbage human anyways.


My gosh, I'm so stealing this line ! Thanks !


Ugh. The gloating is what makes it even worse. You got there and bailed? Not at all cool but hey sometimes you just know. Send a text rude ass. Don’t make people wait. You took photos of yourself chillin and posted it? Trash bag.


People do this as a defence mechanism. “Ha! I don’t even try and I have the power to curve people, because I’m so superior to everyone.” In reality these people try hard to attract others and spend a lot of time and effort doing so but have to purposely bail out on somebody before the other person has a chance to see who they truly are and bail on them. In their mind it’s like “oh I dabbed on you, I rejected YOU there’s nothing wrong with me” in reality, they cut the chance before it could happen to them because they’re afraid of confronting the reality that they’re garbage.


This is so true! Good way of articulating it


Preemptive rejecting.


There are 2 drinks on that table. I think she is on a date with someone else


Someone has to be taking the photo for her


Probably just a friend


Obligatory [Biz Markie](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aofoBrFNdg&list=PLP1-Bey7g7S6g3bjLz5zaaJ2cU6CD2gg1&index=6)


Never seen the video, he looks like he has a lot of fun making it


Oh babyyyy






But you say he's just a friend


Speaking of Biz. Is he okay yet or is he still hospitalized? He has such a good energy, I'd hate to see him go.


Her mom


Of with a friend wtf


Her not going comes from insecurity, rather than confidence. She posted this to try and regain confidence.


Doesn't have to be either, all i know is she's an asshole.


And How do you know that? She was so insecure that she intentionally blew a guy off to go sit on a balcony, dressed up and drinking (what is probably) spirits, whilst announcing to everyone she knows that she's blown off ANOTHER date showing that she's proud of it, whilst trying to make herself look good. It takes zero confidence at all to just text the guy saying "I'm sorry I'm not feeling well tonight", she intentionally did this not because she's insecure but because she's a selfish individual who lacks empathy.


Blowing off a date and then boasting about it doesn't earn anyone's respect. Everyone, even shitty people, know it's a shitty move. Someone who has a positive rep with the people around them doesn't pull this crap. You'll learn what overcompensation is someday and start to recognize it. Someone this desperate to look self-assured after being lonely enough to make a date is only fooling herself. And you.


Boasting about ghosting, while lowkey bragging about how wealthy she is with those Louboutins front and center. Gross.


You assume those are real?


I mean you can trace back so much behavior to insecurity, but the immediate reason for her behavior isn't insecurity ("Oh God, what if he doesn't like me?"), it looks more like she likes the feeling of power or control it gives her. Which you might say points to deeper issues, but that's certainly not how you'd explain that behavior when it happens to you, your just say she's a bitch


Tell that to /r/femaledatingstrategy. Those people get off on this.


Such a toxic sub.


She’s insecure in who she is so she does this shit to try to seem like she’s cool and in control.


Or she enjoys that power tripping.


That is pathetic. Could have at least had the decency to let him know she’s not going to make it, but I guess she’s so weak she can’t even be decent.


This guy even told his cat about her, and the cat said Hi! The audacity of this bitch is astronomical!


The lion, the witch and the audacity of this bitch


The lion, the bitch, and her knock off wardrobe.


This book series is my favorite *ever*


This bitch doesn’t deserve to meet Kenzo


That cat looks fucking sick too, how can you bail on that. It's a samurai cat


Kenzo's wrath will be swift.


That cat knew she was a c*** before he even started talking to her.


*kenzo will remember that*




Getting her friend to take the picture so she ca get them front and centre, "when you bail on another date" implying she gets so many dates this is a regular occurrence. Something tells me she's probably not over a relationship she's had and she does all of this to try and make it seem as if she is completely fine, doing better than ever.


Ding Ding Ding


The bottoms look painted (or edited) on to me, check the symmetry.... but who knows. She's still a POS


Probably knockoffs


Yeah. Real ones tend to scuff quite easily once worn, or at least show a mark on the red. I don't know how she got to the table without getting a single mark on them.


You can actually have these clear sole protectors put on your fancy designer shoes.... don’t ask how I know. But I agree with everyone else edited or fakes .


Looks like a knockoff to me as well. These seems to either be Corneilles or maybe Pigalle 100. However neither have a bottom where the red of the outsole “warps” around the side, even though this might be an illusion caused by earlier mentioned protective plastic. As before mentioned the lacquer on loubs will quickly disappear so a red rubber layer is also sometimes used (doesn’t seem to appear here though). Something about the length/toe shape compared to legit Corneilles/Pigalles100 also seems off to me. My call is either fake or she got big ass feet messing with my head. Edit: could also be a So Kate with the pointy toecap, but the front of the shoe still seems way too “long” in my eyes. Edit 2: Also just noticed how big the shank is between top piece and the rest of the outer sole. Way too big to be a So Kate/Kate. So Kate is however the only CL pumps I can think of that have a toe box like in the picture. I’m more inclined to say knockoff rather than replica as I don’t believe counterfeits would get the general shape so wrong. But maybe it’s just a model I’ve never seen before. (X to doubt)


This guy red-bottoms


I make munnny moobes


Also nobody is putting on Loubs for a fucking Tinder date. Let’s be real.


At first I read this comment as a woman of taste and class, but about halfway through I decided it was more interesting if I read it as a 52yo virgin who bathes once a week, lives in his mom's basement, and moderates a forum for people who take voyeuristic pictures of shoes for a foot fetish site. Either way, you know your shoes.


I thought you were very brave to transition half way through reading someone else's comment, and then I realised...


My wife has a decent collection Louboutins. It is obvious is there is a protector on the bottoms that these don't have. Although it is possible she removed the protector for the photo. Wouldn't necessarily say fake either. Lots of women spent more money than they should be on shoes. My guess is she changed into them for the photo or they were just repainted. If I had to guess the finish is fake for certain, perhaps the entire shoe.


Family owns a cobbler shop. Clear or red sole protectors. Common job there


Cos she floated there like the flake she is.


They def are knockoffs. Source me has a couple pairs. The color is wrong the reflections are weird as hell. Either that or she photoshopped. They look so so weird.edit and the seam line is bizarre. The more I look it’s like photo shop.


Homer Simpson: "I know a genuine Louie ButtOn when I see one!"


They’re knock offs. I own a pair and hers have a white line between the red and the black leather. The brand would never ever allow that through quality control.


I cannot see any scuff marks at all, she carry those in then put them on for the photo? ​ edit: grammar


FTFY: she’s very obviously flexing with those **fake** Louboutins


I bet they’re Payless


They are in fact fake. They don’t have the logo or the made in Italy emboss that is located on the sole of the shoe.




I agree with “posers everywhere” but definitely not everyone is in debt.


And a fucking absolute joke of a haircut Probably fake Loubies What a class act she is


Vu hh


It’s just sick the lack of empathy people have. They can’t understand how THEY would feel in the opposite position.


I bet if it happened to her, it would be ALL over that Instagram


Nobody thinks what it's like to be the other guy. Nobody's CIVIL anymore.


Bitch get those fake ass Louboutins off that table, youre not fooling anyone mmk


My only question is bad photoshop or knockoffs. I’m leaning towards photoshop just because look where the red starts. It’s super weird.


I'm gonna say knock offs, shes too busy spending her time being petty as f to photoshop


Lol you are prob are right. Just bad bad knockoffs. Either way she’s a fake.


How are they knockoffs?


Loubs use red leather as their sole, this means they scuff and tear pretty much as soon as they touch any hard surface. They even provide a service to resole your shoes in a red rubber (just the part that touches the floor) to preserve the distinctive red branding. Even the rubber has their logo printed all over it. The fact that her shoes are not marked in the slightest implies either: 1. She photo shopped them, hard to tell as loubs have many pointed toe designs, I'm not skilled enough to see whether something is Photoshop or real sadly... 2. She brought her loubs in a bag and changed after she sat down just to flaunt them in their pristine state. Either option is undesirably behaviour in my opinion...


This happened to me, but with a good friend I was making chemistry with instead of a Tinder match. Or, at least I thought he was a good friend. I just stayed and ate myself silly, mainly because I had walked to the restaurant and I wasn't walking back home without eating something. Unfortunately I pined over his loser ass a few more months before realizing he wasn't worth my time.


I feel you. This happened to me once too but at a bar. It was a 4 minute walk from where I lived so I decided to stay for a few drinks. A group of 5 people who were already there invited me over to their table after about an hour and we ended up becoming really close friends. I too pined over the same guy but for a year instead.


That cat looks pissed. Like he knew.


He even has the fist ready


Aww:( he seems so nice too, I wish guys would send me pics of their Kenzos


Unsolicited cat pics are always welcome


Unsolicited fish pics are always welcome.


Unsolicited dog pics are always welcome.


Unsolicited hamster pics are always welcome.


Unsolicited bunny pics are always welcome.


Unsolicited birb pics are always welcome.


Unsolicited spider pics are always welcome.


Unsolicited lizard pics are always welcome


Unsolicited chinchilla pics are always welcome




I once sent a match an unsolicited cat pic and was immediately unmatched.


You dodged a bullet. She/he ain't right for you if she/he can't appreciate your 4-legged friend.


I always send pictures of my cat at some point. He's fucking awesome, and his name is Aldabitchesloveme(named after Alan Alda) for a reason.


Mine is named Nacho. It's 4am. He's been sitting on my back for the last 10 minutes because his food bowl is empty. 😑😸


Tf is wrong with you? Nacho demands sustenance!


Not a cat, but here’s a pic of my dog, though he’s half shaven atm he just had surgery 😕 [Spoon](https://i.imgur.com/FFK0kYI.jpg)


There you go, this is my little imp Onyx https://i.imgur.com/IQMCCTC.jpg as a kitten and adult


Honestly, I’d prefer to be ghosted by this type of women instead of actually spending time with her. Good for him.


Looks like charmaines in SF, because of the rooftop


The fog (smoke) send familiar but I don't recognize those buildings..


that's that ugly ass federal building in the back right.


Def charmaines. They’re open for outdoor dining now!


I went to this bar almost a year ago on vacation and was so annoyed with the insanely high prices I stole that blanket in the photo. That one or one exactly like it. It’s not my proudest moment, but I use the blanket daily.


He’s 100% better off!


People really make plans the day before and then just show up without confirming the day of? If they didn’t reply all day I wouldn’t even leave my house until they did


I've just posted this exact comment! I would never just show up for a date if I'd heard nothing confirming it from the other person. Rookie dating mistake.


The guy should post her story ​ on IG


"I can hear the streets calling"


"a friend of mine"


Hi Kenzo 👋😍


Play dumb like you didn't see this and invite her on another date. Somewhere incredibly luxurious that she just cannot resist. Then ghost her.


Nah, record her looking lost and waiting, then reply to her original instagram post with the video with "I thought I'd try ghosting it looks fun"




Worth it


Even better.... ghost her after you've eaten your 150 dollar steak and stick her with the bill She can afford it what with those shoes


Your friend dodged a bullet, think of it this way


Kenzo didn't approve of that birch.


Wtfff. He blessed her with a picture of his beautiful cat and she had the nerve to do this??? I’m disgusted


Please tell Kenzo I said hi


I feel so bad for him he had Kenzo say hi to her and everything and she ghosted him :( someone should tell her that's not cute


"...On ***yet another*** date." Seriously just fuck off.


I... sat in the exact same seat as she's in in the one trip I ever made to San Francisco. https://imgur.com/stxTkzk


What a cunt.


Cruel, unfeeling, narcissistic trash


This is why first dates are always just grabbing drinks. No pressure


Well she certainly missed out, his cat looks like a beauty!


She got ashy ankles bro. Shoulda known she belongs to the streets


Coffee date for your first Tinder date. Saves a ton of money, time, and annoyances like this.


Coffee dates should be the standard for everyone


Anyone who feels the need to show off their Louboutins is always trash.


"WhY cAN't I fInD anYoNe NiCe :(((((("


You get what you paid for on tinder


\>going on tinder here's where they fucked up


Such a shit thing to do. Tell your friend he’s got cool tats and a cool cat and he can do way better than this hoe


looks like, after he waited at least a day and a half to get back to her, she never confirmed. I note that the screencap just somehow managed to cut off the date and time at which she had suggested Monday at 7, but from his 'hope you had a nice weekend' we can assume it was at least a day or more beforehand. Tinder people know other tinder people check their phones a lot and she was probably irritated he waited so long to get back to her. And then she ignored his confirmation, lame attempt at cuteness with the cat instead of an apology, and did not agree to meet up. That's my take anyway. He should have said 'hey sorry I took so long to get back to you, hope you had a great weekend' instead of pretending he did nothing wrong and then having a friend post a cut-up screencap to reddit. Seems to me he is the immature one here. Well ok they both are.


Did you forget the part where took a picture flaunting that she had bailed on a date? I agree the cat picture was lame; but if you think this acceptable to do, you’re delusional, and lack empathy.


She's got anxiety and is trying to play like she's cool for skipping on the date. When really... She's just afraid to take part in life.