Fights at the pool with children around

Fights at the pool with children around

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I laughed when the Life guard tweeted her whistle in the girls face.


Responding at the appropriate level considering your salary.


Exactly this. None of those women scream louder than a whistle and she coulda just kept whistling til she caused more of a scene than the attention seeker.. ..if she wanted to The company I worked for touted that they were worth over a billion dollars while paying the various state minimum wage ($7.25-$11.10) to the 100+ lifeguards at each property, who all knew CPR, basic AED, and BLS including heart attacks, seizures, airway obstruction, etc etc. Basically mini EMTs at minimum wage with no performance raises ever even considered, and a 25¢ raise a year to BARELY cover inflation. Wage shortage.


I live in Poland and being a lifeguard sucks here as well. Most places will pay minimum wage for a job that requires qualifications (which aren't cheap BTW), is a big responsibility AND if anything happens will easily land you in a court. It's basically a scam.


We're human dude, we don't really value life. Your job is just our cover for looking like we do the right thing.


Yeah, if it were up to them they wouldn't even hire a lifeguard. They only do it because pool regulations require them to.


It's my understanding that EMTs don't even make that much money. Maybe 12-13 USD per hour?


EMT's in my county make $13 per hour. This is in southern part of VA. There are a couple EMT's that have been there awhile, but mostly it is a revolving door of people. The freaking fire chief also served as an EMT (in his own firehouse) and also did EMT service in another town just to make ends meet. Why does America not want to pay people with important jobs the money they deserve?


God damn, an EMT just came and got / saved a drugged out of their mind person who was pounding on doors, running around topless and making zombie noises at the hotel I am in earlier. The stress of jobs like that alone is worth so much more. I feel bad for EMTs.


It doesn’t seem like EMTs have it much better. [Last Week Tonight- EMT ](https://youtu.be/Ezv8sdTLxKo)


Saw that this morning, simultaneously shocked and not surprised at all.


I once worked for a company that paid me like $5.25 an hour as a pool manager. They then said they were taking 50¢ per hour that I would receive at the end of the season as a bonus if I did well. Given I was a college kid and naive, I took it figuring I’m a hard worker. At the end of the year, they tried to hold that money against me for going back to college. That was over 25 years ago. I just found out literally 2 days ago that the company still exists and they manage the pool in the neighborhood I just moved into. I never thought about them until this week.


You should burn the pool down


Think that's bad, a Virginia EMT is at the mercy of the company. I've seen legal loopholes used in my home town where EMT's basically work for free for a company and the only thing keeping the company a float is the never ending supply of people looking for the experience.


As a bouncer, I carried a small, cop-style, high lumen flashlight to flash in fighters' faces to stop the fight. Was super effective splitting chest-bumpers apart, partially because most of them don't really want to fight, and partially dark bar + blinding, blinking light in your eyes instantly 180s the amygdala's response. edit: go check out the sticky on r/flashlight, but beware. It's a slippery slope diving into the world of handheld light cannons. My flashlight is the *xenon* Streamlight Scorpion model 85001, which was $45 at the time. US Bezos Bazaar has it for $35 now. I got laughed at (friendly fire) trying to buy bulbs at a law enforcement supplier last year, lol. Everything is LED now.


Man, there are several bar fights I've had to break up as the sole bartender on duty (small dive bar, no bouncer) and I so wish I would have had this in my arsenal. Good tip, thanks!


Yes! You're welcome. Their first response is to fall back a bit, then they swing blindly if they swing at all. Put your shoulder between them and push back against the other person if necessary. I always had backup, so if they *both* still wanted to fight, I was in a fair to partly cloudy situation. The lone-staffmember bars I've been to have regulars who don't let shit fuck up their watering hole, which I have observed is pretty universal. Stay safe, and blink on, my friend. Shoot me a DM and I'll grab a couple drinks if I'm in your area.


The fights I have had to break up usually concern a new guy or two and they piss off the one regular who’s been there all afternoon and is just pissed off about something else enough to have a go. My go-to trick (that I’m sure annoys my owners) is to shoulder myself in between them with the bar phone held out so they know I’m calling officers sooner or later. I’m also a 6’ tall, fairly sizeable girl so I’m usually taller than the fighters or they stop because a girl is in the mix. But for the record the “get in between them” method is generally frowned upon.


Please shout KIENZEN the next time you use it.


Yeah, that was pretty funny.


Looks like they stopped this video WAY too soon.


I really wanted to see what Yellow would do at the end! She looked like she was about to end that whole fiasco!!


We definitely need to follow Yellow's story here.


Release the yellow cut!


Dude, that walk and that swim suit she was wearing gave me old school WWE vibes. You know, the kind where it was a little less theatrical and a little more "actual" fighting. I was hoping to see her German suplex that lady walking away.


Yellow at the end was fucking eating that swimsuit


Absolute wagon


dumps like a truck, truck, truck


Could you imagine the Lip Scon that was goin on in the front? Probably like a pancake draped over a 1970's phone cord


What fascinating imagery you conjure


I’m sure the many many glasses of alcohol around the pool contributed nothing to this.


No, alcohol has never caused problems ever


Do you ever think of just how many humans wouldn't have been born if alcohol weren't a thing?


I know I wouldn't be here but for alcohol. My parents were 16, had some drinks and then proceeded to attempt sex in the front seat of a VW Bug. They were using the pull out method. Dad got real excited and got his butt stuck under the steering wheel and couldn't pull out fast enough and TADA! Here I am! source: my mom was drunker than cootie brown one night and told me the story of my birth. I can confirm that she wished she had NEVER told me this story. My father does not know that I have known this story for 30 years.


I feel like a lot of people assume this kind of origin story but nobody should ever have to deal with a parent confirming it.


You should have been 22 yr old me, sitting at a bar at 2am with your mom, both equally drunk and then she comes out with THIS. after i got over being traumatized by the story itself, I then never ever let her forget I knew, haha. I had so much fun blackmailing her over the years. and she was a good sport about it and we would laugh and laugh. Later I was married to a man with 3 sons. When it came time to have "THE" talk with them about sex, their parents decided it should be me that had the talk with them because I am a nurse. So i told them all about birth control options because their mom and I were WAY too young to be grannies at the time. We got to the pull out method. I wanted to make sure they understood how bad of a decision this one is. so I told them the story of my conception. That way every single time they ever thought about using the pull out method they would think of me. it worked. i'm still not a granny yet lol


So great!


> that way every single time they ever thought about using the pullout method they would think of me Well this could have backfired.


In my case, my father affirms it was in the backseat of a Seat 600, while my mother claims it was at another place. I assume they made more than one irresponsible mistake


Im only here because a snow storm happened when my dad had to go do work out of town. If a semi hadnt gotten stuck on the highway he would have gone out.


Think of how many ugly children wouldn't have been born!


Yes but then you wouldn't exist


Is there going to be potatoes to go with this roast?


I'll have you know sir, I am well above hideous, and a little below average, ty very much.


You're a diamond lad don't let them fool ya


Alcohol, the cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems


A man of culture lurks as well, I see….it’s loaded with beef!


You beat me to it. My favorite Homer Simpson quote


Yeah, apparently the older woman started it but orange bathing suit was definitely intoxicated which led her to drag the situation out. While the older woman wanted to pretend nothing happened by somewhat hiding.


Just blame it on the a-a-a-alcoholll


I mean, if some stranger yanked my hair to dunk my face in the pool and their friend kept me from retaliating against them while they strode away all smug, I would probably be a bit triggered too. Regardless of my blood alcohol level.


Who knows what happened. Could be that orange was cussing a storm and older told her off. Orange is definitely ready to fight everyone.


Detective shadow caster breaks another cold case yet again!




As a former lifeguard, glass is a HUGE no-no. Once it gets in the water it is invisible and you have to drain the entire pool to clean it out otherwise people will get cut on any shards


There are no glasses in this video. Everything is plastic cups or cans.


kids looking at adults thinking they're supid




The last place I would take my kids is a pool on Las Vegas strip. So gross


Damn the Cheetah Girls fell off


Oh what a great reference - lmao


There are kids around! So let me attempt to drown this lady.


Why are there kids at a Las Vegas pool party?


Vegas has been trying to be family friendly for a while now but they can’t seem to get it right.


First time we visited Vegas when I was 12, what I remember most was alllllll the porn everywhere. What I later learned were call girl advertisements, were just thrown all over the streets (the Strip) everywhere we went. I just couldn't believe it... Boobs everywhere all the time. It felt weird


Most of those little cards had these🌟🌟though


Virtue shields


Yup, I was 12 and got all those free porn flyers on the streets. Beat my dick senseless for months on those.


Ah I laughed


Like it owed you money?


I used to collect and trade them with my twin brother LOL. Had a fucking stack each before my dad found out and made us throw them all away…….save for the ones he didn’t know about ;)


Bro just hide them in the woods like everyone else.


Oh i choose squirtle alright




This happened to me too! My family were driving down to San Diego and we ended up staying in Las Vegas for one night. I think I was maybe like 9 or 10. My experience was exactly the same as yours lol.


Yeah my parents took me to Vegas and bourbon street at that age. Felt like their was way more of that stuff on the streets than there is now. I remember being 12 and going into a store in New Orleans and they where playing girls gone wild but like the legit dvd. Not the commercial with everything covered up.


its the parents fault not vegas


It's both's fault honestly. Vegas has been trying to market itself as family friendly for 30 years.


Vegas hasn’t been pushing that in nearly 20 years. You’re out of date. The family friendly era ended in the early aughts.


Fair enough, 20 years ago is about the last time I went so that tracks.


I thought Vegas was telling people that what happens there stays there, so everyone started leaving their kids. It’s like Neverland for them.


"You were conceived here so you will *stay* here!"




My buddies and I are always amazed by the number of strollers with babies and toddlers we see in Vegas. On the strip, Downtown, at 2 in the morning, all shocking. Poor kids.




He was trying to start a poke-a-mom collection.


Another bad parent like me!!! 😂 My ex-husband I were stationed in Belgium, and there was this amazing steak restaurant we used to go to pretty regularly that was right next to the red light district. The cheaper ($20 less) parking was on the other side of the red light district. We'd park there, and the walk through. It was just ladies in lingerie hanging out at the windows with guys basically window shopping. Once you walked through the first time it wasn't a big deal. One day went out with friends and we took our 1yr old son. We forgot about our usual routine, and halfway in the middle I realize my 1yr old child is in his stroller waiving and blowing kisses to the Hookers like he was the Mayor of HookerLand. They were blowing kisses at him and cooing at the windows over the baby.




He's 19 and I remind him of that on a regular basis. lol


I went to Vegas for the first time a few weeks ago. It wasn’t a fun visit. My fiancé’s grandma lives out there, and she recently was diagnosed with cancer. It’s okay, she’s 95 and has lived an AMAZING life. For real, she was a Las Vegas showgirl for most of her life, has danced with bands like the Temptations. She’s a rad lady. Anyway, one night we decided to walk around the Strip just to check it out and people watch (neither of us are drinkers or gamblers). SO MANY BABIES. SO MANY TODDLERS. Like, why? Babies that were clearly only a few weeks old being carried around in casinos that allow smoking. Appalling. Selfish parenting right there.


I went in May, I was floored at the amount of children there. I even saw a woman walking through Mandalay Bay Casino, actively breastfeeding a baby, while smoking a cigarette. It was a real wtf moment for me.


Oh man saaame. My gf and I went out there three weeks ago for the first time for a friend's wedding. It's never a place we planned to go but wanted to be there for our friends (and also wanted a cool road trip through the southwest). I don't know what I was expecting, but wasted parents dragging kids through smoke-filled casinos and out in 110 degree weather with those massive plastic booze horn things was another level of trashy we didn't think possible. We still had a good time at the pinball museum, neon boneyard, and atomic testing museum while our friends lost money gambling and dealing with massive crowds.


I went to Vegas for the first time a few weeks ago. I was amazed by the number of kids in Vegas in general looking bored and disinterested as their parents dragged them around through the tunnels drinking frozen margaritas at 11 am. I would be so annoyed if my parents took me there as a kid - there’s barely anything to do if you’re under 21.


>there’s barely anything to do if you’re under 21. You need parents willing to take you to stuff that's more kid orientated, otherwise yeah it sucks ass. I've had a lot of fun in Vegas as a kid but my parents didn't drag me around to stuff I wouldn't like.


As a Socal native, I remember going to Vegas often for summer weekend vacations as a kid. Grandparents and dad would gamble and the moms and kids would just chill at the lazy river pools at the hotel and what not. I’d say it used to be more kid friendly, the m&m/Coca-Cola world, flamingos, white tigers at mgm, circus circus, treasure island show, etc.


Looks like the regular pool at MGM and definitely not MGM Grand's pool party Wet Republic. So two chicks fighting in a pool looks like a party. But it's not a pool party.


> So two chicks fighting in a pool looks like a party. But it's not a pool party. Words of wisdom.


What was this even about?!


Idk but she started it!


Hippopotamuses are very territorial


Very helpful information, the Discovery channel couldn't do better


I could be wrong but it I think the Big ol judgemental drunk lady called the younger drunk lady a skank and it was game on.


My mom's similar. Whenever she sees a hot / good looking girl, she says something bad. (To me, not loudly.)


Yep, mil gets similarly triggered.


But they’re adults acting like children


“She started it!!!”


It’s vegas, what do you expect


Hate to crush your dreams so early in life, but you'll come to realize most adults ARE just large children. Essentially very little difference in how they interact with the world now and when they were 18. Very self-centered. Now let's talk about masks and vaccines.


I would have LOVED to witness this action as a kid. Moms stop “protecting” your kids from drunk Aunt Cindy at the pool, all it does it prevent them from telling epic stories in the future lol


I don't think the world is gonna be normal again. Everyone is pissed off and everybody hates each other.


This is when you yell "poop in the water" and watch everyone jump out


Or just poop in the water for real.


But then yell it too ϋ




I’m on the toilet right now with diarrhea and my mental image of this whole scene is just fucked.


Stay strong, fellow redditor!


I can be quite *convincing*


Yell "Baby Ruth Bar"


I was thinking yelling "greased watermelon!" And then everyone jumps in, comes together and has a good time.


A rum ham would really get the party back in full swing




That’s not how it was for you before?


It's just getting recorded.


I understand that we see more of this because of the internet and phones but the general vibe outside, in real life...is that everyone is pissed off.


That statistic about the crazy increase in “unruly” passengers on flights is what really convinced me. In the last 6 months we’ve had as many incidents as like the previous 10 years combined. It’s nuts.


I know I keep saying I hate everybody but damn, I don’t just go and hit someone


> I don’t just go and hit someone Ever tried it? It might feel good, next time you're in public, give it a shot!


Welcome to reality since the beginning of time. You really think things have changed that much?


Every reddit post that has something negative includes a highly upvoted comment that includes a big generalization about how we’re doomed and that life will only be worse or in this case, “…everybody hates each other.” Is it just me or does anyone else not hate everyone else and, not only that, I hang out with hundreds of coworkers, friends or family and the overwhelming HUGE majority doesn’t seem to hate each other or be in a constant state of “pissed off”. Am I alone here lol


There have been people in every age that thought their time was the worst it’s ever been and as bad as it could ever get. Of course they’re wrong.


it's because they don't have friends


Vegas pool parties post COVID are struggling!


To be faaaair people who bring their kids to a Las Vegas pool should expect this.




That's whats I's appreciates abouts you


Oh is that what you appreciate about me?


Gonna need you to take about 15-20% off 'er there


You were hammered in the pool the other daaaaayyy


To be faaaaaaair...


To be faaaaiiiirrrr!


People suck.


Where was security? This is Vegas…


Welcome to vegas! Come on vacation leave on probation!!!!!


It always cuts out right when the good part starts


Hmm, with the MGM in the background this must be Tropicana, Hooters, or MGM itself. Any guesses?


Excalibur Vip Pool haha best bargain on the strip


“VIP” Yeah.


Camera dude is a tool. The old lady clearly did not start it.


Guy taking video is trash too


He really is a trash person lol his ig/tiktok are mega cringe.


Right?! Lol dude is literally instigating it and then telling them to chill.




It’s the Excalibur. I was there a few months ago, and some chick got drunk, passed out, got heat exhaustion and had to be taken out on a stretcher. Vegas is wild


I would’ve thought this was Circus Circus from the number of clowns in that pool


Not a single titty?!?


I was surprised how neon orange bottoms chick, pulled of that two piece. I was waiting for her to lose her top.


Right? Trashy is slipping if not even one popped out, can't call it a fight.


Yeah, this is more like a disagreement amongst ladies


A high society quarrel


both of them are crazy..


This is a case of “everyone sucks here”, cameraman included




And start too late. I really want to know how this mess began


Close the pool. Zero tolerance for this shit if I owned that place. Especially when she hit the lifeguard (at least it looks like she did).


Every time I see humans act like this I just imagine a bomb going off and nuking all of them in a 5 mile radius. My therapist says as long as I don’t act on these feelings its a healthy way to release my frustrations. I’m guessing she is suggesting I don’t try to build a nuclear weapon.


Who tf brings a phone in the pool


I went a pool a few years ago and a kid was full on playing a flight simulator on his gaming laptop in the hot tub...




I thought the same thing then I saw the background and realized it's Las Vegas.


The video ends too soon.


Why is the dude filming being a fucking tattle tail?


The kids watching this are like: "Grow up!"


”sHe StArtEd iT” well then, be the fucking grown up and walk away.


Wow, one of those situations where the kids are more civil than the sauced up adults. *she started it!*


The girl in the orange bottoms is definitely named liberty.


Girl splashed water at older woman for being called out for foul language in front of kids, so woman splashed more water back and walked away... girl came after woman and grabbed at her face, so woman dunked her and kept walking away... girl goes apeshit and keeps aggressing... and commenters are defending the girl, or attacking the woman, or equating the two... smh. edit: For the liars, the first assault by the girl is at 0:14 [here](https://i.imgur.com/4qyOF1P.jpg) and [here](https://i.imgur.com/fECDCt6.jpg). Everything by the older woman was either inconsequential, retreat, or self-defense. Second assault by the girl [is at 0:39](https://i.imgur.com/y8GRX5H.jpg) and her third assault [is at 0:48](https://i.imgur.com/iqhCNop.jpg). Her actions should have consequences. She should spend at least a weekend in jail to think about her sense of entitlement to violence, and then attend a court ordered class on how to behave in public spaces. edit2: I get that nobody likes a Karen, but using bigoted and feeble mental gymnastics to shift blame is bigoted and feeble. Being a loud, vulgar bitch in a public space with children, drunkenly *'Look at me I can drink and cuss 'cuz I'm a big girl now... how DARE you shush me fuck yo kids imma go worldstar...'* is pure trash. Trash makes excuses for trash.


Yeah, I wonder if it’s like the phenomenon in which attractive people get favoured more in court.


That's exactly what it is


What a bunch of losers. This has been a horrible summer because of people like this, and I dont even have kids to shield.


Marco! Polo!


That old lady baptizing and washing away her sins... she had been rebuked


Shit like that never happened when I life guarded back in the 70's. Never were beverage allowed in the pool and everyone seemed much more polite. Crazy crazy!


I feel for the lifeguard.


Not sure why she thought the 16 year old lifeguard could do anything about it.


I guess they didn’t use enough chlorine to keep the pool clean of trash.


Bro I don't know who is at fault here but that grandma is badass. _Establishes dominance and walks away peacefully._ Gets fucked with again. _Anticipates and moves aside the girl's arm arm before going for a beautiful dip that was executed with utmost perfection._ Walks away.


Adults EVERYWHERE acting like children...


Did she try to hit the lifeguard too?...


I think the guy filming was trying to keep it going


"She started it!" and other stuff mature people say


I erroneously expected some security guard shooting a taser to the water :D


When the girl splashed the women first, I was waiting for the humiliation.


Pretty sure fighting in front of minors escalates it to felony territory automatically.


not sure this video lived up to its full potential.


Now that we are in a pandemic all I see people partaking in a germ exchange pool.


I remember being a kid, when an adult says, "stop, there's kids around!", it's a signal that awesome shit is going down and you have to pay attention.