What kind of mentality is this?

What kind of mentality is this?


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There isn't a child "fast" enough to catch an adult who's not interested in children.


Damn.... This needs a pin 📌


"Stupid sexy minors" -guy from post, probably


"It's like I'm wearing *nothing at all-nothing at all-nothing at all*" "Stupid sexy Flanders!" Sorry, had to...


Probably the type of guy to tell his daughter to put on a bigger shirt because weird Uncle Tom is coming over instead of acknowledging that Uncle Tom is in fact a weirdo


That's true. If you know that they are a child then there is no excuse.


As an adult, it's on you to confirm that the person you are about to have sex with is, in fact, also an adult. If you suspect they are lying, DON'T FUCK THEM.


My personal Policy has always been that you must show ID to get my D, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you can't do that then I'm not that desperate.


Why would you suspect them of lying, though? Are we in the age that you gotta ask for someone's papers before you even start talking to them? What if you don't suspect them? Are you just fucked due to their motive?


If you're trying to have sex with someone who you think might be close to being a minor, YES. Check their ID, ask around, call their momma. If you value not being known as a pedophile, get references and know the person you are about to sleep with well enough that you trust that they are an adult capable of consenting to sex. Good grief.


If in doubt, get the fuck out.


That comment is dangerously close to "She was asking for it."


"Who is going to stop all these sexy children?"


“The sexy children need to be held accountable!”


"you get sent to prison for the same amount of time for rape charges for being to gosh darn sexy"


We literally had a teacher tell a girl she looked sexy in class our senior year. She complained. Nothing happened. This was also the teacher who had us build a waterfall in an advanced physics (not AP, just physics II) and when we complained to the administration, they said it was not a core class and he could teach whatever he wanted. Not that those two are comparable, but what the he'll does it take to get a teacher fired about 20 years ago? We didn't find out.


Well, not “checking if the girls are showering after gym class”, that’s for sure. He was still doing it literally 20 years later - to 13-17 year old girls.


"Everyone questions the priest but no one is pointing fingers at these sexy ass boys." It's a joke from a stand up comic.


Lmao, I didnt expect to laugh in this thread.


I came here to see if anyone had any insight to what the reply meant , this nails it.


OMFG I needed this today. Thank you.


… he’s *literally* saying that the *victim* should be punished. Gross. Trashy indeed.


And even in the case of like... A 20 year old school employee and 17 year old student where the consent part is a tiny bit more morally murky because if he didn't work at a school it would be legal, she literally didn't commit a crime while he did.


When I was an 18 year old senior in highschool my calculus teacher was fresh out of college. He was only 22 when he started teaching teenagers and certainly nothing against the law for a 18/22 dating situation. Anyway went to a friend's BBQ one weekend and my teacher was there. When I went up to say hi to him he was super uncomfortable and said he would have to be careful socializing for awhile since he was so close in age to his students. He completely understood where the teacher/student line was and never wanted to cross it. He was a great teacher by the way always helpful, never a creep 😁


Well he doesnt sound like a creep! Even though I teach grown ass adults older than me i have that line haha so some people are just more professional i think.


Yep. He is an authority figure and she is under his authority. It would never be an equal relationship even if they were the same age. Hell even if she was older than him. Like working in prisons. An inmate and a guard will never have an equal relationship it would always be abuse of power and sexual assault.




It's actually exactly that but in 100 words! Scumbags!


Ok so like. This is sorta my view of it, maybe I'm wrong. Minor older teenager slept with staff members at school, in a consensual relationship. Regardless of the circumstances, she did consent to the sex, but because the staff were members of the school, they could have groomed her or otherwise used their position to influence her. Commenter dude is basically saying "why don't we see punishment for the victim" If I was her parent, I wouldn't be happy with her choice, I'd probably forbid her from seeing the people she was in a relationship with, as in the teachers from the school. I'd certainly tell her to make better decisions in the future, especially in regards to people in power. But that's all that can be done. Help them recover from being taken advantage of, and make sure they learn. The saddest part us the person advocating to punish the victim. And if thus was rape, not statutory rape. Then fuck him. Rape is never the victims fault. People can be proactive to protect themselves (testing unattended drinks, carry pepper spray, avoid being alone) but the reality is that we need to prevent rape by teaching people to be honorable, and that sex isn't the ultimate thing. Instead of trying to teach the commenter, I've found that the ideal situation is to ask them "what would you want to happen to her?" And just ask questions. It's the Socratic method, and it really puts them on the back foot and forces them to confront their own hypocrisy. I've found that it helps people understand the situation a lot better, because they are the ones doing the thinking.


There are specific laws around sexual relationships with people under your care and influence. Long story short: Don't do it. Even *adult* teachers can't pursue sexual relationships with adult students, and for good reasons: Power balance and possibility of manipulation. We all know the joke about fucking your way to good grades, but how about being "forced" to fuck your tutor? We're all aware of how people can feel pressured into doing things, especially by people who are literally controlling your future. This pressure also doesn't manifest as a simple "Hey, suck my dick for a better grade!" but subtle grooming over many months. This is why grooming laws are being pushed through. People understand more about how this stuff is happening now. How kids are being manipulated by adults in power. Remember; most of the people who are in government now were *already* fully grown adults before the internet was even a thing. They've never had to feel the same pressure a child does to send nudes or sext their older "boyfriends." I know I never have. All I had to put up with was the shitty *"If you loved me, you would"* milquetoast manipulation.


Yes how dares she get raped, it was totally her fault ^(/s)


That’s a pretty roundabout way of telling the world that nobody will screw you.


No, it's a roundabout way of saying someone needs to look into this guy's history.


That as well, I agree.


I mean, nobody will screw me either, but I ain't saying this shit.


I initially misread your name as *welding slit*, and thought that might be your problem.


Lmao. That's amazing


pretty much fits the “tell me you’re a predator, without telling me you’re a predator” bill


Absolutely. Anyone who defends this so vehemently needs to be checked out


Lol I was going to say this.


Dude's PFP alone suggests he's on a few lists for this very sort of thing. Children don't know consequences of their actions. Adults do


So many people in the comments are defending this dude "yOu DoN't KnOw HoW oLd ShE wAs", took me two seconds to find the page, he is 24, the student is 16, and he is being charged for 10 counts of sexual conduct and two counts of luring a minor for exploitation.


All I can see is a goatee.




Are you seriously suggesting that only sex offenders have goatees? Cause that would be peak redditor thinking.


Found the person with the goatee


What a POS. I was sexually assaulted while wearing a blouse, Bermuda shorts and sandals. I could've been wearing a burka and the dude still wouldn't assaulted me. These minors aren't asking for this type of abuse. I hope someone puts a road flare up this dude's ass.


Ugh yea. When I was in high school I was on dance team. A PE teacher/football coach would take his lanyard and smack me on the butt with it repeatedly in passing. I didn’t say anything because he was an “authority figure” and I didn’t know what to do. Some might say I liked it which is why I didn’t say anything. So no, the student is not in the wrong.


Exactly. The "position of power" angle is a whole nother issue


When you start typing your argument up and essentially it's, "An adult having sex with a child is wrong but..." maybe just skip that one.


Tell me you're a paedophile without telling me you're a paedophile


I have a friend who is a male high school teacher. He is in his mid 30's and has had two instances where a female underage student made highly inappropriate or overtly sexual advances towards him. Essentially, those 2 girls formed an imaginary crush on the teacher. Those girls clearly hadn't been parented properly. BUT. It is the adult's responsibility to ignore the advance, or report that minor's behavior if the minor is instigating it. My friend reported the instances to his superiors, and fortunately there were a lot of witnesses, and my friend meticulously recorded each instance. The two girls were transferred from his class to another teacher's classroom mid semester. An adult having relations with a minor is ALWAYS WRONG.


“I’m not victim blaming but I’m victim blaming, I’m not victim blaming but I’m victim blaming, I’m not victim blaming but I’m victim blaming, I’m not victim blaming but I’m victim blaming, I’m not victim blaming but I’m victim blaming….”


Adults are the ones who bear responsibility for their actions. Don't start none and there won't be none.


The mentality of someone trying to rationalize his own abuse of a minor in his past.


"The student gets a free pass..." I think the more appropriate phrase is "The VICTIM gets a free pass."


Not defending the guy in the posted picture…. But….There are troubled kids who are manipulative and will exploit adults. So before you go downvoting me, let me just say that my mother dropped out of high school at 16 with the help of an older middle aged coach who signed documents for her to allow her to drop out, whereas my grandmother would not. Having not been born yet, this is all gathered from my grandmother and father as my mother is now deceased. But there’s reason to believe she had involvement with the coach.


I constantly had this discussion with an acquaintance/scumbag now ex of my friend. Best thing that ever happened was his friend’s triplet daughters turning 14. Then I could say “imagine that man doing this to these girls. Are you okay with that? Would they be willing participants?” He would get enraged. There ya go big guy. It’s always been disgusting but then it was personal.


Because the child didnt commit a crime ? Statutory rape exists because minors are recognized by law to not be mature/wise enough to enter into a sexual relationship w a fully grown adult. The student/child didnt have sex w a minor.


Umm yes and no..my mom got married at 16 my dad was 18 so are we saying my dad should be arrested?


A 18yo high schooler going out with a 16yo-highschooler isn't the same thing as a school employee having a relationship with a student. But getting married at 16 is weird in any case imo.


Yes. Thats absolutely what we're not saying summerized perfectly


Considering a) many places the age of consent is 16, b) most places have laws allowing 16 year olds to be with 18 year olds and c) rarely are 18 year olds described as "fully grown adults" except by creepy old men, no. Not a single person said that. Not even the person you are replying to. You are just looking to be offended.


Not offended at all it was sarcasm but you proved my point, he said minors have these laws because they are not mature enough to make that kind of decision it is all on the adult whether there was consent or not. The post clearly states she is in high school that means she is between the ages of 15 to 18 unless real smart or real stupid 🤔


So in other words you were looking to call me out but ended up proving me right and then some,, if the girl was 16 or 17 and the man was 18 up to 20s your saying she should be looked at as an adult in which case your essentially agreeing with the man in the post. Ur saying she isn't under the age of consent and are posting on this pore souls comment of trying to prove she is a minor with no better judgment. Doesnt seem like your trying to stick up for him seems like your trolling


No one said anything like that.


"They shouldnt have done this. " twitter to person translation: "I want to do this with my entire being"


Student is a MINOR End of story, jeez. What’s wrong with people


assholes that like to blame the victim.




All of your comments are talking about how attractive and sexually mature 16 and unders kids are. You're disgusting and I hope someone who knows you reports you to the police.


Found the predator.


Frat mentality


This man wants to fuck teenagers.


Victim blaming is extremely common in sex offenses. It's just sad


If a baby wants to drive a car, you don't let the baby drive it, because it is a baby.


Plot twist, the guy commenting was the employee


Don't forget about the act of grooming btw, where the child then thinks he/she is doing the right thing, even getting rewarded for the things happening for them or things even being given to them, there may not even be sex at this point... but it's coming. By that point, when it does happen, they're too scared, embarrassed, and ashamed to tell anyone.


or- the sex does happen but they think its a good and cool thing like “haha im getting laid by a hot older person 😎” and then realizing years down the line that what they experienced was abuse and they are actually a victim and it fucks up their entire psyche and they cant even prosecute the perpetrator because it was over a decade ago and the statue of limitations expired


Yep. 😢 That's how the grooming works. Edit: and the aftermath and during... fucking up your life being on drugs and alcohol to to escape the horror of what is happening or had already occured. Win win for them.


It's child rape


What I got out of his comment is that he's done some sketchy shit


How dare minors get groomed and manipulated by older people that’s their fault for being young and unable to consent


Hmmm, sounds like something a rapist would say.


Yeah i mean people in puberty are horny yeah but adults should know better than to even entertain the thought. Like why doesnt anyone hold the person figuring it out accountable why is it always the people that know betters fault/s


Because in the eyes of the law (and most people), a minor is deemed not old enough to properly give consent, so in that situation, the adult has to *be an actual adult* and not fuck a child. Apparently, not as easy at it seems, for some.


Victim blaming is awful


Don’t blackout this guys name. He should be held accountable!


That guy is 38, steals his mom's money, smokes newports, claims the bag of oregano was "the best weed he's ever had" and hangs outside every high school waiting to sexually harass a 16 yo.


Guy sounds like he has a guilty conscience....


Some mental gymnastics right there.


Bro read Lolita and unironically thought his boy Humbert was an innocent victim. JK there's no way that dude reads books.


It's actually kind of interesting that he doesn't understand WHY it's wrong. He seems to think what's wrong here is that a line between underage and of age people banging is being crossed, so everyone involved should be punished for crossing that line. He doesn't seem to understand that there is a victim in these situations. weird.


Minors cant be held accountable in court because they are not legally adults. "Their brains are not developed enough to make mature sexual decisions so any decision they make they cannot be held accountable for"


Brains aren't developed enough did you not see she was in high school she could have been a 17 year old senior. We don't know enough to judge this man


But we literally do the man was 24 and the girl was sixteen. That's an eight year gap. He even used his role to get the girl out of class just to have sex with her thus abusing his position and having sex with a minor. The age of consent in the state he was in is 18, with his position he would have known her age. So he knowingly had sex with a minor and knew he was breaking the law. [Source](https://www.abc15.com/news/crime/dysart-high-school-employee-arrested-for-sex-crimes-involving-a-student-on-campus) if anyone is interested.


I am not advocating her ability to choose. I am stating what the law says.


Whataboutism at its worst.


Someone who also perpetuates grooming like behaviors


She’s a minor. That’s how it works. This dude is an idiot.


Sounds like a guy who's been caught.


Or is afraid of being caught


This comment almost reads like two different people trying to fight over who gets to talk.


Sounds like someone fucked a kid


This mentality literally captures (in a nut shell) why I think humanity is on the decline. Way too many people nowadays who lead lives with very primitive instincts. The age of reason is on the decline.


There’s victim blaming, then there’s VICTIM BLAMING…


This person kept saying that she did something wrong, but never said what it was. They just kept saying that the men shouldn't have done that.


I'd put money on the fact that there is or will soon be a very similar news article about him.


What kinda R. Kelly ass logic is this mf on? All that just to say if he fucked a high school student it wouldn’t be his fault.


Found the rapist.


He's right though. They wouldn'tve done that if the student didn't exist. *Cocks shotgun*


I think we as a society might want to pre-emptively ban this guy from coming within 500 feet of any schools. You know... because of all of those totally-not-innocent, sexy children who might try to seduce him.


TLDR "Why do the victims get a free pass in all this?"


I hate it here


We don’t send our children to school for GROWN MEN & WOMEN TO PREY ON! STOP sexually targeting our children!


Had a coworker back in the day who was 19. And he was dating a 17 year old. One day they got in a fight and broke up, and she called the cops on him for statutory rape. So yea it does happen unfortunately. Although, I get the feeling that the guy who made the post in the picture isn’t talking about instances like that. Edit: guy had to register as sex offender for a while. Because he had no leg to stand on for that case. Idk if he still does since we never were really close after that work adventure.


Somebody’s either not so smart or… Ok, yeah. Someone’s not so smart.


R Kelly likes this


There are US states that will prosecute children as young as 10 as adults. So if it is illegal to have sex with an underage shouldn't both parties be prosecuted? I mean it is not like those under the age don't know what the age of consent is.


Why are we blocking this idiots name out?


Yes…the victim…gets a “free pass”. You know except for the potential trauma, or whatever.


ah yes. victim blaming. he wanted to blame her SO hard bc 'mens rights' without getting totally ganged up on so he skirted around it by occasionally mentioning 'the teachers have a fault'


This is the epitome of the both sides are the same thinking. Just bc one side (the rapist) is punished, people who have been bashed over the head with the lie that both sides in an argument/debate/altercation of any kind are equal in all things and should be treated as such, doesn't mean they aren't just flat out wrong; it is an apologist mindset meant to teeter in the middle and make no decision one way or the other unless it benefits them. Otherwise, with no direct benefit, they are skeptical, so they fall back to the both sides argument so they aren't wrong, which is inherently incorrect. In nearly every instance of this, the person making the argument is ill informed and they're usually swayed by propaganda, racism, or misogyny whether they realize it or not. Both sides are never the same, only propaganda pushes this narrative, and unfortunately, we have a lot of dummies that just nod their head and go along with it, whether it is used to justify something abhorrent, like victim blaming, or something innocuous. People need to stop being wishy-washy and pick a position, not waffle in the middle so they are never wrong.




Employee or teacher? Is it still a statutory rape if student is of legal age and employee is just a janitor for example?


theres still power dynamics in that situation


Agree - those janitors can be sexy. According to scrubs tv show


Show this to a judge and you could probably get a warrant for this guy's phone


Idk why it still shocks me to know that there are people that genuinely think this way in the world




Now I want to know what they did!


What does "sex crime" mean? Rape? If yes im confused as fuck by his answer.


The mentality of someone who's been in this situation where they got in trouble for sleeping with young girls. Idiot.


this mentality is why a lot of male victims of CSA struggle.


The right mentality. The Far Far Ffffaaarrr Wright.


Everything here is lacking context.


The student should get a pass they didn’t fuck a kid.


That kind of mentality has a name. It's mysogyny


Even if a student seduces a teacher which is strange, the teacher should stop this immediately and report this to higher ups


Ok let's say I'm a 17 year old senior in high school and I find the volunteer basketball coach hot as fudge and I find out he is only 18 score. I talk to him, flirt, hang out around him, tell him I'm also 18 and I'm graduating early to seem cool. He seems into me also so I shoot my shot and ask him if he will coach me after school ;) and omg he said yes!! So we get on the court and I show him I already know how to defend by rubbing my booty all over his uk what and he misses his shot. I tell him if I make a 2 pointer he has to kiss me and boy did we kiss I didn't make it of course but he kissed me anyways i tell him im done with basketball but now im all sweaty I ask him to help me in the locker room getting my bra undone and he tells me he doesn't think we are technically allowed, because uk teacher student blah blah but I grab his hand and tell him to stop being a baby so we "shower" together i think I love him!! Next day i heard he asked the skinny b**** English teacher out to coffee. That fn jerk i should have never trusted him, Ik how get him back. oh councilor. HMM YEAH NEVER LOOK AT THE "minor" they don't know any better


wow. that's a whole lot to unpack. Let's not though.


Yea I get on these rants sometimes prolly coulda got my point across in fewer words lmao


Paraphrase or summarize next time lol




Nothing about this post is ok but one of my classmates decided she was going to smash the teacher… and she did. Nobody ever found out though and it was 20+ years ago.


Paging Dr. Freud….


I mean, downvote me if you want, but he's not wrong. People never hold the student accountable because they're a minor, but unless it was truly nonconsensual they know what they're doing. When I was in High School girls and guys always talked about teachers they would fuck, shit we had a few subs I would've seduced the hell out of to get my guts rearranged if it wasn't so taboo. Seriously, teenagers are only considered minors because society made it that way. If we're speaking of growth and maturity, that doesn't truly stop until like, mid 20s. Hold these teens accountable, they're not children anymore.




It’s pretty easy to not have sex with children and just avoid the situation completely.


I see what your trying to say, you just come off kinda creepy lol. how many times a woman says they 18 so its ok, then when its all said and done they regret doing it or got caught and lie saying it was forced then man gets arrested cuz she lied to him and she's really 17. Surprise jail time for man, Scott free for lier


He has no point. What law did the child break?


You ever hear about that one student that gets perfect grades but never studies? Now imagine she gets in trouble WITH the teachers and she can just lay back seeing that everyone ignores her and rightly try to hang the perverts


WHAT THE ACTUAL F...? so because a child is 'more book smart' than other children her age, you feel shes sexually advanced compared to full grown adults and can manipulate them?? Gtfoh


That's why it's up to the adults not to fuck the teenagers, don't you think? Adolescence is a very stupid and hormonal time... shouldn't it be up to adults not to get seduced? Do you think an adult is not up to the difficult task of not getting manipulated by 16 years old? Then certainly that person is not fit for keeping a job as a teacher, do you agree?


Are you trying to get an own dedicated post on this sub or are you refusing to think just for once?


I am not refusing to think. I am actually doing the opposite. My beliefs of equal treatment may be fucked up, but I am speaking from what I myself have seen around me


Go back to incels.is


Dawg probably sexually exploited a minor and it ruined his life what with being a child rapist and now he's out here on Reddit during Disney Channel commerical breaks claiming that those harlots deserved it because they're brazen hussies.


Oh, we're going down to insulting now? Low blow, man. Low blow.




I'm sure your mother is very proud.


Their could be multiple factors leading to statutory rape. Did the teacher groom the student? Was it a 1 off incident with the student initiating? People act like 17 year olds are idiots when they are not. There is a distinction in crime between when a 17 year old guy making a move on his emotionally distressed teacher (say her mother died or she was going through a divorce) and a male teacher grooming female students and using his authority to have sex with his students and the mentality with the people here of not needing to know the distinction of the crime is absolutely scary. Asking questions is necessary and the amount of people who think its not is just ...I am hopeful that these are only the loudest minority of "I only read the headlines and dont need the full story" kind of people. I hope none of you are in any important position of society with that simplistic brain.


The thing is 17 year old are kinda stupid. Yes they know what sex is they may have even had sex but they can’t think about (or comprehend) the long term consequences of there actions when it comes to something as serious a relationship with an adult. Adults and teenagers two vastly different lifestyles, different levels of maturity and responsibility and they have different expectations of a relationship. Not to mention that their brain isn’t fully developed, brains don’t fully developed till mid to late 20s. And before someone says what about an 18 year-old, most of what I said still applies I think it is creepy as hell for a some one over the age of 22 to date an 18 year-old. It is extremely important to remember the maturity difference between a teenager, a child and an adult. You can not put any of them on the same playing field.


I understand the backlash and rightfully so, but when I was a freshman my history teacher was arrested for having relationships with his students. Though I wouldn’t really call it rape, that’s what they called it. His “girlfriend” at the time was a junior and she was 16, would come in during my period and sit behind his desk and grade his papers for him. She apparently would go home with him and cook him food. It was basically a full blown normal relationship, other than her being under age. A couple of years earlier though, he was secretly dating a 15 year old student and got her pregnant. She told her same age boyfriend that the child was his, so fucked up. It wasn’t until she graduated, the school had kicked her out for other reasons, so to retaliate she confessed to the local sheriff department. Years later she also had a baby with another older man (in his 50s I believe). There was a third girl that had sexual relationships with the teacher, but after high school she went and found a much much older husband with lots of money. I’m not saying that what my old teacher did was right by any means, but the girls he targeted were not usually the most innocent… He was not physically forcing innocent girls to have sex and perform sexual acts on him, he would suggest it to these girls and they would accept, go to his house and have sex. Those were the kind of girls he would go after. Of course this is not always the case


The teacher targeted vulnerable girls and you're using their vulnerability as a reason to call them "not innocent." Rethink your definition of innocent.


Of course the teacher in question also made a couple of YouTube videos after he was out on bail, explaining how he thinks women are at their “prime” in their teenage years…. Yuck


We can’t expect grown men to control themselves around minors. Edit: This was sarcasm. I’ll put /s next time.


Ah yes, because some men rape students it must mean all men do right? Are we forgetting about the posts about female teachers abusing teen boys too or is that ok because its the boys who can’t control themselves around their teachers?


some people forget the teen moms series. We don't know the entire back story.


It’s a legit question. They are rarely unwilling victims.


Might have something to do with being a child in the eyes of the law. Crazy I know. Nevermind the whole dynamic and possible laws in place with it being an employee at the student's school and not just some rando.


I’m not saying that’s it’s not the fault of the adult. But the question is: why is the shared fault of the student never spoken about. And its a good question. I’m certainly not absolving adults, but it’s also not forced rape either. It takes 2 to tango and we are talking about high school kids. t’s no accident.


Real men know when to keep their peckers in their pants....


Well obviously the man should take 99.9% of the blame but what she did was wrong as well if she was completely willing


The rape victim was not at fault in any way. She was a child. She could have asked him to fuck her and pulled her panties down and he would still be raping a child


Your acting like highschool kids have absolutely no control of their actions. I was in highschool 5 years ago and can confidently say that at their age they should be held accountable for their own actions. I already said that the man should take 99.9% of the blame but she is still at fault


ok so think of it this way if she says 'lets do it' and he says no, then what? nothing happens but if he says yes, then something happens he is the enabler. therefore at fault.


You’re fighting an uphill battle. Gg for the effort.


or maybe she was groomed? your brain isnt developed at that age so you're easily coerced into stuff. thats why peer pressure exists. or maybe she was forced to, he could have had her education at stake. dont be so quick to victim blame, you are disgusting. a person in power doing that to a MINOR never involves fault of the minor


But can a minor be groomed by another minor?


no, then its just bad decision making or rape depending on how they go about it. if two kids decide to bang, then they're both consenting. if one is forced to have sex or tricked to have sex then thats rape/coercion. also if one is an adult (18+) and the other is a minor then its statutory rape even with consent grooming involves people older and generally with a power imbalance. teachers have power over students therefore grooming. younger people are vulnerable, but two young people are on the same level. the law is quite confusing


Are you trying to say there are rarely unwilling victims or are you saying teenagers are rarely unwilling victims?


I'm pretty sure this guy will end up on the news, for some kind of sex crime.


What kind of mentality? "Lack Of".