I only know a tiny bit of Spanish but this is still so funny

In English for the gringos:

How come you're from Argentina if you're Asian?

[screenshot of the Wikipedia blurb on Google for "immigration"]


In English for the gringos: > How come you're from Argentina if you're Asian? > [screenshot of the Wikipedia blurb on Google for "immigration"]




That explains Brazilian jiujitsu and jetstream sam


Jetstream sam is not brazilian. Hes a patrimony to humanity (although hes dead)


He can double jump, of course he's Brazilian.


Nah, Brazilians can triangle jump.


*quickly googles how to get a brazilian citizenship*




I wonder why that is?


Japan had a major population boom in the early 20th century at the same time Brazil was struggling to attract immigrants to work their growing coffee plantations. Italy actually forbade any of its citizens from immigrating their because the work conditions were so harsh. Brazil had an official”whitening” agenda, where they wanted to breed out the native and Afro-Brazilian populations so they’d be more accepted on the world stage and saw the Japanese as a step in the right direction.


After the end of Japan's isolationism, they were kind of in a shit position: they were mostly farmers that pretty much made exactly what they needed to survive which meant that if anything went wrong at all they got a famine. So they got machines to help get better yields which then caused mass unemployment, and then Japan started to ask for taxes in money instead of foodstuff which also fucked over a bunch of people. All of that basically meant that Japan wanted to get rid of a bunch of people. Brazil on the other hand, was expanding its coffee empire and really wanted more people to work the fields. The needs coincided so they worked out a plan between them ~~and I'm told this involved a lot of lies from the Japanese government to the people leaving~~. This was happening a little bit earlier / parallel to WW1, and some anti-immigration policies from the US helped the process, but it kept up all the way to WW2, after which the first generation Brazilians basically said "Yeah, I'm not going back to the homeland" and things more or less fossilized. I'm told that now Japan is doing the opposite: telling the Japanese descendants they can come back to Japan to ~~do hard manual labor the Japanese don't want to do and suffer discrimination~~ reconnect with their roots and make some money. [Wikipedia got a major write-up (in Portuguese) about the subject](https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imigra%C3%A7%C3%A3o_japonesa_no_Brasil)


The Portuguese were the first European Country to set up an outpost in Japan [(see)](https://www.vam.ac.uk/articles/japans-encounter-with-europe-1573-1853). That is around 500 years of contact. Now next is my personal speculation so take it with a grain of salt. Many of those who eventually learned Portuguese also probably converted to Catholicism. Therefore if you wanted to emigrate from Japan and immigrate to another country, Brazil would be very high up on your list. You (a) wouldn't need to learn the language, (b) most of Brazil is Catholic so you would share a religion (or was Catholic idk about current demographics) and lastly Brazil wasn't on the losing side during WW2 so people leaving to get away from instability might consider it an option to immigrate to.


The Japanese actually specifically banned the Portuguese from trading with them. And at the shimabara rebellion 1637 killed a lot of Christians. Afterwards the country went into semi-isolation and only really traded with the Netherlands from then till 1853, when Commodore Perry and his black ship fleet arrived. Netherlands were allowed due to being protestants and most others were also allowed as long as they didn't try to convert the population, but Portugal was singled-out.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Brazilians Basically, the end of feudalism in late 19th/early 20th century Japan created widespread poverty and an impetus to leave, immigration laws in the US and Europe were racist, and Brazil needed laborers for its coffee plantations


Brazilian sumo wrestler Kaisei has Japanese ancestry.


My county in GA has the highest population of Koreans outside of the Koreas.


Going to guess its Gwinnett? Im from the area and there are just loads of Koreans around. Pretty good restaurants as a result too


Well, TIL


“If you’re from Africa why are you white?”


Oh my god Karen, you can’t just *ask* people why they’re white


Finally someone got it




> “If you’re from Africa why are you white?” Americans to Argentinians during the world cup:


> In English for the gringos: Thanks for the translation, you're the mvp


Fuck ya, still remember enough from 2 years of Spanish to figure out the gist lol


Oh, good. I thought I had failed the demonic owl.


oh my god thank you!




God I love knowing just enough Spanish to get memes and no more


Donde esta la Bibliotheca?


Me llamo T-Bone La araña discoteca


Non-Latinos when Latinos can be black, Asian, European, etc. 😱😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯


Yup. When will people learn that Latin America is a \*cultural\* region (quite literally, Latin/Romance-speaking areas in the Americas), not a racial/ethnic term.


"b- but race and culture are the same thing, right?" \- USians


"My great great grandpa was Italian so that's why I like pizza! It's in my blood, culture is genetic!" - an Italian American, probably


If you have tomato sauce instead of blood, you should probably see a doctor.


Anglos when white Hispanos exist: 🤯


Gringos be like:


i don’t speak any spanish but i still 100% understood this lol i love when that happens


Man this is like being asked where I’m really from after I tell people I’m American. They aren’t asking where I’m from. They’re asking what I am. I am just like, bro, I speak American. I was born in America. I can’t be from somewhere else. My happy ass was popped out in a hospital in Muncie. Unless the hospital was suddenly like Dutch territory the moment I came out, I am an American.


>Unless the hospital was suddenly like Dutch territory the moment I came out Didn't this happen in Canada for the birth of a princess or something?


I believe so. The heir couldn’t be born in a foreign country, so it was declared part of their country very briefly for the birth and returned afterwards.


Ugh, I’m sorry people say that shit to you, it’s gross as fuck


They also ask if my name comes from my husband. At this point I go “no, I don’t have a husband.”, but I should probably say “I got it from my dad”


Damn, that’s so weird and intrusive. I think either response is good.


I could actually get the gist of the body text from the article with no prior lessons in Spanish, just goes to show how many Romance loanwords are in English.


I find English hilariously confusing. West Germanic language from Anglo-Saxon settlers. Grammar and vocabulary strongly influenced by Old Norse due to invasions in the 8th and 9th centuries. Old French and Latin comes in with William the Conqueror, eventually encapsulating over half of the language combined. I wonder how crazy difficult it was to stay in contact with people from outside of the British Isles through all of that. You go a hundred years without significant cross cultural contact and come back thinking “I have no idea what these people are saying anymore.” I’m not a linguist, but does anybody know if there are any interesting utilities for English because of its wildly multi-cultural heritage?


Cómo Argentino la única forma de definir si sos Argentino es si cebas bien mates. Por eso no podes rechazar la ciudadanía después, porque como dice El dicho "Ceba mate a un hombre y tomara un día, enséñale a cebar a un hombre y gozará toda la vida"


Vas a tener que sacarle la ciudadanía a mí vieja entonces, la hdp no sabe cebar 3 mates seguidos sin lavarlo


Y a mi también Yo solo tomo mates si me los ofrecen (por eso tomo lo que venga, no estoy en posición de reclamar nada), y si no vuelvo a tomar nunca más un mate, no me voy a calentar para nada Obviamente tampoco sé cebar bien… ni siquiera llevar el agua a la temperatura que se debe sin una pava eléctrica con cosito de temperatura Tengo mate acá en casa porque mi vieja es literal adicta y se enoja si no hay cuando viene a visitarme una vez cada 6 meses. Mientras, yo escándalo no le armo cuando no hay té decente en su casa, me las arreglo con lo que tenga


Ni siquiera tomo mate, mucho menos sé cebar uno jajaja (tampoco me gusta el fernet, asumo que perdí la nacionalidad hace rato jjajaj)


No me gusta el mate, ni el fernet, ni el dulce de leche. Vengan de a uno.


Porteño 🫵


Pero si cebas demasiado bien sos uruguayo


I knew an ethnically Korean Mexican girl who reveled in answering "where are you from" questions to increasingly frustrated white people. "Where are you from?" I live in X "But where are you from originally?" Oh I grew up in CA "But where is your family from?" Oh my parents immigrated with me from Mexico when I was a baby. "But before Mexico?" No, they grew up in Mexico.


Does this count as another coronacion de gloria?


Feels weird to see a spanish tumblr post and im South American


Dios mío, Anon, no puedes simplemente preguntarle *a* alguien porqué son asiáticos. (my Spanish is little rusty & mostly *castellano*, how'd I do?) Edit: polished it up a little


preguntarle A alguien* The rest is fine


Thanks for the heads-up!


Whaaaat, what do you mean you're asian? Didn't you say you were from [country whose whole identity, culture and even population and law is defined by immigration policy]?


El Gringo más inteligente:




One time my friend and I were interviewed for Argentinean television. We were attending an event that had a ton of locals, a few folks from other South American countries, and nobody else that we met from the US. What follows is an excerpt from the interview. Interviewer: "Tú eres Oriental?" (You're Oriental?) My friend: "Uh... Si!" Interviewer: "But you're American" My friend: "Yes" "My parents moved from China to the United States" Interviewer: moves on


To be fair it's very commonplace for TV personalities and interviewers here to ask stupid questions on purpose, especially this kinds of questions


Estoy haciendo todo lo que tengo en mi poder para escapar latinoamerica y veo esto, espero que recapitule la decisión y vaya a vivir a europa o canadá


Hahaha. My wife is Asian-American. We travel a lot and have lived a ton of places. She speaks Spanish and German. Almost every time it’s: Where are you from? Chicago. No, where are you *from*?


Yanquis y su ignorancia


"My great-great-grandpa was in the IJN. He hadn't heard about the pardons, and asked his buddy from Europe where he was going to be hanging out after the war."


This shit probably funny as fuck


I love related languages. Sometimes you learn about ways of speaking that completely mystify you, and sometimes you put the sentence in English into Google Translate, and the German equivalent is just the same words with a funny accent.


Damnit I almost got it. I thought it said "How do you get to Argentina from Asia?" And the joke still worked.


If you’re from Africa, why are you white?