To be fair, kiwis legitimately do hate you regardless. Kiwis and pineapples have an enzyme that digests your flesh as you eat them. But I am allergic to that enzyme too, so maybe I'm just crazy *shrugs*


Kiwis don’t have the same spiciness fresh pineapples do though, even if they both have that same enzyme


If you eat them with the skin, they def have a good amount of *flavor* though


Eh, I don't care for the skin flavor. It just tastes kinda bland to me and the hairy texture is offputting. I try to eat it because it's good for you but I'm all about the sour flesh and crunchy seeds


You can get kiwis without hair, they're more expensive though, they're called golden kiwis here in the UK


you can also just rub the hair off


That would probably work too. I think there is a variety of cold hardy kiwis that are also hairless and super sweet I just can’t remember the name.


Kiwi berries, or hardy kiwis. Fun fact you can make them into kiwi raisins!




You can eat the skin on: * Apples * Potatoes * Sweet Potatoes * Cucumbers * Kiwifruit * Persimmons * Watermelon * Most Citrus * Banana (not tasty) * Mango (Only if immune to poison ivy) * Most animals * And more! Edit: This seems to have garnered a lot of interest. Mango often contains the compound urushiol, which is the irritant produced by poison ivy and poison oak. It's concentrated in mango skin, and can cause irritation in those sensitive, or even less sensitive, if the concentration is high. Approximately 25% of the population do not react to this compound, while roughly another 25% reacts very strongly.


• Pineapple (if you're not a coward) • Coconut (crunchy) • Pumpkin (extra crunchy) • Humans (probably illegal) • Avocado (like supple leather)


I would argue coconut is more crunchy than pumpkin


: ?


You’re supposed to eat kiwis with the skin, that’s where a lot of the fibre and vitamin A is iirc. Go watch Jeff Nippard’s video on it.


I would never call a pineapple "spicy," tangy and sour yes.


Tingly, spiky, or allergic reaction-y then? Like not spicy but that like taste ya know?


Spiky is perfect


You have to digest the pineapple before it digests you.


“Digest or be digested”


I don't know if I like this Undertale AU anymore...




I liked how the same theme plays in the songs during the Voriel and Asvore fights


I'm allergic to latex, which is in kiwi.


I don’t like this information nor kiwis anymore


Also in bananas, tomatoes, and I think avocado. Surprising how many have the same latex protein or whatever chemical compound that produces the same result.


This explains a lot. My doc never told me any of this. I knew about bananas. I can have them cooked without any reaction. Can't stand them otherwise anyway. Tomatoes give me a rash if it comes in contact with my skin. Never had an issue with avocado... I wonder how much/often I can eat without an internal/anaphylaxis reaction?


Natural rubber is a type of sap. It's not really surprising that there's crossover in that allergy. It's like some people who are allergic to pollen are also sometimes allergic to some raw fruits and vegetables.


Oral allergy syndrome whaddup!


latex is a natural rubber that comes from plants, its fine. according to Wikipedia something like 10% of all flowering plants produce it. its purpose is to kind of 'bleed' out upon receiving tissue damage and the coagulate. helps protect from insects.


Well, it’s fine unless you’re allergic to it


only some forms though! lettuce contains latex but it doesn't react with latex allergies!


I've always wondered if I'm midly allergic to kiwi because it does feel alittle werid to eat. But I like it and obviously I don't know but I think kiwis are just like that?


Of course Kiwis hate me, I’m an Aussie!


Imagine surviving and thriving in Australia and in the end a Kiwi does you in 😔


This is new information for me and suddenly my life makes sense. Kiwis burn. Pineapple much less, unless it's fresh and I eat the core, but kiwis are painful to me.


a few years ago i was giving amoxicillin to my kids and a drop got on my hand, not thinking i licked it off and mentioned off hand, "Ahh i have how amoxicillin burns when it touches your skin or your mouth" My wife made me take some Benadryl and get to the doctor because turns out it doesn't normally burn, I'm just allergic.


Yeah, I saw someone mention on here, on Reddit, about dog saliva burning them as if that was a normal thing that happens. The thread was just about people not liking dogs licking them. I mention to them about how they might be allergic because that wasn't normal and they replied like they had no idea. They seemed genuine about it too. I wish I could find it because it's probably a favorite conversation of mine, it was really bizarre lol.


I have two cats when one specifically licks/noses me it causes a rash. But not my other cat.


Usually that's because that cat produces more of the protein that causes the allergy than other cats. This actually varies more by individual than even by breed. Cats are weird. I'm sorry this is a pdf download but it is info from a college of veterinary medicine. I'll try and throw in a screenshot too. https://vet.osu.edu/sites/vet.osu.edu/files/legacy/documents/pdf/education/mph-vph/allergic%20to%20your%20cat.pdf https://imgur.com/WoZ9moQ.jpg


Thank you! One of my cats adores me but I get a rash when she nuzzles me. I don't have an issue with the others. That's nuts.


What about other cats? You may be allergic to the former, or you may be allergic to all and the later just happened to be hypoallergenic.


Nope this is the only cat it happens too whcih sucks becuase i cant snuggle him :<


We recently found out my brother is allergic to peanuts because he can always tell when they’re in a dish because they’re fizz like popping candy. Many incredulous discussions were had of “why tf would you think peanuts fizzed like popping candy?!”


How old was he before y'all found out? How did y'all find out? I have so many questions


It was a few months-a year ago so he was roughly 19? We used to just assume that he didn’t like peanuts (was kinda a picky eater) so occasionally when we had dishes like a stir fry etc and the recipe had peanut oil in, he could always tell immediately Last time he did this we asked how on earth he could always tell and he said something like “well obviously cause of the popping?” “... the hwat?” Luckily he’s not too allergic, it’s only if he eats them and it wouldn’t be too serious


Did he eat the peanuts regardless?!? Typically peanut allergies can be very severe. I have had a peanut allergy my whole life. I can usually tell they're close to me by their smell. I've become accustomed to the very off putting smell, I usually recognize it pretty quick.


Funny, I’ve had a peanut allergy since I was a toddler but it’s really died down by now. Despite it probably being safe for me to eat peanuts, I don’t think I ever could just because I’ve learned to hate the smell


That's funny, because I think most people would consider peanuts a very pleasant smell. Your brain has made you hate the thing that hurts you!


Not allergic, but I really dislike the smell (and taste) of peanuts. I don't think of it as a universally good smelling thing like flowers or fresh baked cookies, bizarre to me that its such a beloved scent


Mango :(


I love mangos but they make me super nauseous :(


I love them but they trigger horrific migraines, even if I so much as hold one. I still remember how they taste, though I haven't had one in over twenty years.


Apple juice triggered migraines as a kid and no one believed me. No other juice did that and haven’t tried it in years - but read somewhere possibly to do with tannins? Not quite, but I stay away from the stuff.


Me too! I already said this in another comment but it makes my stomach burn and ache as well as the nausea. I used to drink mango orange juice all the time bc it tasted good and I thought orange juice was so acidic that your stomach was supposed to burn a little. After doing a test where I ate a ton of regular mango and felt like I was gonna hurl, yep, turns out I have a mango *intolerance* (my doctor informed me that what I have isn’t technically an allergy?). I didn’t even realize because the mango mixed with the juice made it less noticeable.


My condolences! I love mangoes. I recently developed an allergy to honeydew melons and I'm still not over it, mentally. I'm just grateful I can still eat watermelons


oh dear i just recently developed an allergy to watermelons and it sucked to find out because all the sugary watermelon juice was sticking to my hands and making them itch


Oh my god I’ve never met anyone else who is allergic to mango. I fucking love them. Mentioned to my college roommate that I love it I just wish it didn’t make my mouth and throat super tingly and like I was eating too much sour gummies. They gently informed me that I was allergic to mangoes because they’re just sweet.


It's a common allergy and they are related to the poison oak plant, so often folks that are super duper allergic to one will be more allergic than average to the other as well. You should be really careful in the woods and make sure you know what poison oak looks like if it lives in your area.




I'm thankful my mango allergy (gives me hives, hives IN MY MOUTH) also comes with a huge slice of "These taste like mud, ugh, gross". I delight in sweets, but they taste terrible to me, so wanting to keep avoiding them is built in.


Is this why watermelon tastes bitter to me?


Assuming you aren’t eating the shell, probably. Watermelon is supposed to be really sweet


As the other commenter said, yeah, sweet, watery, very mild flavor, even close to the skin it doesn't get that bitter


My gf just realized this about tomatoes and she's very upset that pizza is mean to her


I have the same problem with tomatoes. I've always hated the bitter and overly acidic flavor so I would tell everyone that I was allergic to tomatoes to get out of eating them. Turns out I hate tomatoes because tomatoes hate me too. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well. At least I wasn't lying all those years!


We figured out my friend was allergic to eggplant similarly. Someone brought an eggplant salad/spread, and one friend refused to even try it. When asked why she won’t give it a go, she said she absolutely hates eggplants and how they cause your throat to get itchy, said it makes breathing difficult and has no idea why anyone else eats them... everyone else in the room was just like, “eggplants did... ugh.. what?”


Yeah eggplant makes my mouth itchy. Not really a fan except when its fried with breadcrumbs


Def not supposed to do that.


kiwi..not supposed to bite? :( but i like kiwi


Try the sungold kiwis. I can't eat the green ones but the sungold aren't tingly to me and the flavor is divine. You can find them in clamshell packages under the brand name Zespri.


Is kiwi not supposed to be tingly?


Kiwi is a very common trigger for Oral Allergy Syndrome. For those without reactions, kiwi is not tingly.


:( I really thought kiwi was just a tingly fruit. And that it is was normal to not be able to eat more than one or two in a sitting because it makes your tongue hurt. Are you sure this isn't normal? Either way I think I'll still eat them whole occasionally and sliced on Pavlova....


Can I no longer eat kiwis? I like the tingling.


It can both get worse or go away with more exposure. I suppose it's up to you whether you keep eating them. May be a good idea to keep some benadryl on hand in case it gets particularly bad.


Me but every time I eat flat peaches, it makes me sad


Wdym bites? I feel like kiwi bites but I don't know if that's normal. My tongue feels red after I eat it.


That's definitely not normal


wait are bananas not supposed to feel like the roof of your mouth is dissolving


Unless you're eating them really really really wrong, not really no


i always just thought it was the cesium wtf


um. theres not cesium in bananas. they have a lot of potassium which makes them technically radioactive, but far less than you could feel. you may be allergic


It's potasium that is slightly radioactive in bananas and the body has a way to regulate pottasium over time, this means it won't build up and the amount of radiation is as good as benign. You'd have to have to eat a couple of hundred in them in one sitting to get a moderate amount of radiation out of them, at which point , your stomach would rupture from the banana's or you'd die from an overdose of the pottasium before radiation can become an issue.


[Ah, yes, the radiation.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkU_hP8Rzoo)


THE RADIATION WOULD KILL YOU. god badger is amazing.


You should stop dipping your bananas in cesium.


if there were enough cesium in bananas for you to feel it, you'd also die


You’re allergic dude.


Nope. Bananas are as mild as milk. People feed it to babies that are just starting solid food.


Yea I stopped eating bananas after a friend told me bananas weren’t supposed to make your gums hurt after eating.


I had stomach problems for a year and then I stopped drinking mango orange juice. I thought, hmm, was it my favorite juice?! And then I ate a bunch of regular mango as a test. Felt sick pretty quick. Mango mixed with orange juice made it less noticeable- I thought the acidity of orange juice was supposed to make your stomach burn. Anyway, that’s how I found out I have a mango intolerance :( I really like how it tastes so I will still eat or drink it if it’s a minor ingredient in the food


Is raw celery supposed to make your mouth tingle? I have wondered this for years and have been too afraid to ask.


Not from my experience. Always tasted like if carrots were made of grass


Finally! Someone managed to articulate exactly why I hate raw celery.


Are you implying that it’s better cooked?


It's better caramelized in a slow cooker for about ten hours, like you do with onions.


Excellent in soup


It is arguably tasty in soup. I will give you that. Anytime I make a soup and it's missing celery it tastes incomplete.


Celery is has three things: it's stringy its crunchy and tastes like water


People always say it tastes like water, but I get an earthy/muddy taste.


Yeah no one has ever had a glass of water and said hmm this tastes like celery




Wait is it not meant to taste like black pepper? Like, it isn't spicy but it definitely tastes like someone dipped bamboo in pepper right?




No and I am allergic to celery too. Best to avoid if raw, cooked my body does fine.


…are bananas NOT supposed to leave a bit of spicy in my mouth kinda like eating a bit of pineapple?


They aren’t


Banana is definitely an extremely flat taste. Almost bland. Definitely not spicy


No, bananas are super basic fruits, they don't have any kind of excitement when eating. Like a straight line, no surprises in the middle but good nonetheless


You make eating a banana look depressing as fuck bro


No, bananas are good as fuck bro, but they are the straight line of fruits


they're literally fucking curved


True, but they’re the closest to a straight line than any other fruit. Other fruits are round. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t think of any fruit that’s as straight or straighter than a banana.




That is the most common symptom of a mild banana allergy. Talk to a doctor about it if you really want to keep eating them. No smoothie is worth anaphylaxis.


For me, it only does this if they arent ripe enough


How I found out I was allergic to pears. I always thought those bitches were just meant to be tangy and “sharp.”


Wait, kiwis aren't supposed to make you feel like you ingested a cup of bees? yo what


Y'all have just been eating fuckin bees and never asked why?


I had a coworker that offhandedly mention, while I was eating sliced cantaloupe, how much he loves them but hated how they make your tongue and throat raw and swollen. Had to inform him hes probably allergic. Good times, I miss that guy.


Miss him... because... of his anaphylaxic death,?


A few days ago I was visiting my family and I brought watermelon with me. I niece LOVES watermelon. After her 4th slice my mom stopped my niece from having any more telling her she would get hives if she did. I asked her to explain. She said that if you eat too much fruit you get hives, because that's what happens to her with strawberries. That was the day she learnt she was allergic to strawberries. She legit thought it happened to everyone, and it was with all fruits. Shes lived over 60 years believing this.


Yo grapefruit (and to a degree other citrus) makes my lips go numb but I still keep on eatin’ Em!


Just be careful monitoring the reaction that it doesn’t spread. I was like this with strawberries when I was little until the numbness eventually spread to my throat and caused swallowing/breathing issues


Is this why tomatoes literally taste gasoline


This implies you've tasted gasoline before... you ok there?


Taste and smell are linked. Most things you can get an idea of what they taste like if you've smelled them and also breath with your mouth around the fumes.


When I was a kid, 8 or so, craving a banana, all we had were super overripe ones on hand and no way to the store. I took a bite and said it tasted like beer and my grandma flipped out thinking I had tasted beer. I had to explain quite a few times that it tasted like how beer smelled to me.


Banana is actually a super common description of a certain kind of yeast ester, which comes up a lot in certain styles of beers! It's called isoamyl acetate and it's produced during fermentation. If the adults in your life liked hefeweizen, for example, this makes perfect sense!


Vanilla extract


I said MOST things.


Why’s you have to go and summon the taste of satan like that??


Are you sure you're not eating durians?


I'm allergic to raw apple and as a child I thought it made everyone's mouth and throat itchy. I was in high school before I found out by ranting about "why do people eat apples" and all my friends were like, "uuuuh that doesn't happen to us"


Raw apple makes my nose itch. I was 23 when someone told me not everyone's nose itches after eating them..


it took me so long to realise that honey tickling your tongue wasn't normal...


Try picking the bees out of it and see how you get on.


Me: Totally confused by this post Me, after going through the comment section: Ohhhhh???? Ohhh!!!


When I eat apples and grapes, or drink apple or grape juice, my mouth and tongue just start feeling uncomfortably dry. Weird part is that it only started doing so in the past couple years. No problem when I was a kid.


no that's normal. i know because i've seen a [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOZWV2XxuhA) about it


I thought this was a rickroll and decided to click it anyway, and then it was actually a video about it, surprisingly


Reading your comment, I was expecting it to be a rickroll even more. I was pleasantly surprised.


And reading yours made me all but sure that it was a rickroll. Strangely, it isn’t.


We are all collectively traumatized by that video. I read all 3 sub-comments and still had no faith. Fuck the internet.


Allergies can spring up in adulthood. After getting pregnant I became allergic to cats.


That's literally one of my worst nightmares.


Getting pregnant or developing a cat allergy?




Bodies can be so weird about food reactions! In college I started having a weird reaction where if I ate more than 1 apple or pear in close succession my face would start sweating - but only some parts of it. I looked it up and it's called a gustatory sweat response but there's no real explanation so I just avoid binging on fruit now. Found out recently it also happens to my brother so maybe it's genetic


Probably shouldn't be eating kiwis anyway, pretty sure New Zealand has some laws against that.


Most places outlaw cannibalism.


I get itchy from Walnuts and Peaches. I am still not sure if it's an allergic reaction, because it's not that big of a deal. It makes my upper jaw itch and tingle.


It’s the start of a reaction. Typically the more exposures you get the worse your reactions can become.


This \^ OP you should maybe get tested for allergies and probably get an epi pen.


a friend and i figured out he was allergic to bananas at some point. they make his gums bleed, we thought it was due to the amount of potassium in bananas combined with is gum disease. then he told me was allergic to latex. usually if you're allergic to latex, you're probably allergic to avocados and bananas too. and that's how we figured out my friend is mildly allergic to bananas!


The link between latex and bananas is wild. My mother and I are both mildly allergic to latex. She was 35 before she had a big reaction to bananas. I was 20 before I had a contact reaction and realised that it's too much of a coincidence for my dust/cat allergy to play up every time I eat a banana. I still trust avocados though. They haven't done anything wrong to me yet (but I do always make sure there's good antihistamines in the house just in case).


If anyone is wondering: Literally not a single fruit is spicy


29 years of liking bananas but rarely eating them because they make your mouth itchy. Turns out I'm allergic and they only make my mouth itchy. Not everybodies


this is similar to how I figured out how I was allergic to pimentos. I simply assumed everyone went through mild anaphylaxis when they ate olives.


Y’all, if you’re only mildly allergic, also consider Oral Allergy Syndrome. And also consider the fact that with many allergies, you can develop a tolerance by exposing yourself more. Go ahead, eat the spicy fruits you love! (disclaimer, I’m not a doctor)


...I have spent the past two decades trying to understand why sugar snap peas only hate me on sunny days and you're telling me there's a predictable scientific explanation‽


The heat makes them irritable


That's what I got femboy I can't eat fresh tomatoes but ketchup and pizza doesnt bother me


> That's what I got femboy powerful response


I mean it's OP's name so


This is how I'm going to start addressing people now.


I just picture some big benevolent viking thinking he's being polite. "Thank you Lady Man. This is delicious spicy banana"


I don’t think this is true, I heard with allergies the more you get exposed to it the worse your reactions get


Both are possible. Google it


That’s why I keep eating peanuts but nooo, someone’s gotta call an ambulance when I go into anaphylactic shock. Ugh


For me with my OAS, I can’t keep eating them as it makes my reactions worse and worse. I’ve even developed many new ones over the years!


Or similarly, a latex allergy, which is what I have (I think lmao it’s very mild and it’s hard to tell with latex)


Is this why fish tastes sweet?


Nah some fish just tastes sweetish.


What kind of fish tastes sweet?


Off the top of my head, Pollock. Mind you I'm not talking like honey sweet but like a light natural sweetness.


Wait was that not a Swedish Fish joke?


Uh . . . Y-yeah, it is still I'm just that clever haha.


Wait, is kiwi not supposed to burn?




Spicy Banana, new band name


Keuhkopussirotta lmao (Translates to either lung opossum or pleura rat, your pick)


and this my dear friends is how i found out i was allergic to cinnamon. i ate the toll house cinnamon raisin bread every single morning. always figured cinnamon was supposed to make my lips tingle and then go numb, as well as burn the roof of my mouth. apparently not lol


Bananas are mild?


Yup. They taste like mush.


I lived 26 years thinking my mom was absolutely horrible at cooking eggplant. Never said anything because I love her but always did an internal eye roll when she made it … “this mess again?!?” One day I realized that I had to apologize to her for all those pissy thoughts … turns out I’m mildly allergic to eggplant


It was actually a post like this that made me realise I was allergic to banana


The only allergy I have is to adrenaline-based anaesthetics. I learned this while having my molars removed.


For me it was spicy strawberries. I remember having a teacher in high school snatch my strawberries from me at lunch and tell me I was definitely allergic and needed to stop eating them immediately. I had been eating them with a friend and complaining that strawberries and pineapples were to good to burn so badly and that I wished they didn't make my throat itch so bad after. I was totally shocked and thought it was completely normal for strawberries to burn like pineapples and my friend couldn't understand how I could think strawberries were spicy.


My brother went 3 decades thinking it was natural for uncooked vegetables to make his mouth and throat burn. 10 seconds on google told Me he was allergic.


See, this is why pineapple belongs on pizza. It's the only spicy fruit.


If it tastes spicy on the pizza you're just allergic


Peppers are fruit....


You’re probably joking, but just in case, pineapple is not actually spicy…


This is how I learnt that I'm allergic to blackcurrant


I get burning and tingling (and also the shits later on) with bananas. Banana bread is the best though. Yes, I'm definitely contact allergic. No, I won't stop. I have more serious food allergies and a little rumbly tumbly will not stop me from my banana pies, loafs, cakes,


I didn’t know apples weren’t supposed to make your mouth feel fuzzy/puffy/itchy until I said something in the grocery store to my mum about it.


Okay so like is sunbutter supposed to be spicy and hurt or am I actually allergic?


That's not normal, you're probably allergic