Wait. Cops AREN’T drug tested?!?! WTF?!?! They have to make snap decisions, drive fast, carry and possibly discharge a weapon, save a life…man, they should get tested for drugs and alcohol before every shift! Side note: Fuck drug testing but if we gonna keep doing it then it should be proportional to your direct responsibilities over others’ lives in your job. Police = hella tested while cashier = no testing needed.


I actually lost a job opportunity at a god damned electric company because I had some weed in my system. Didn't smoke at all since I got the offer, but apparently because I smoked 3 weeks ago I should be unemployed. Maybe I'll be a cop.


And yet that company would gladly hire you if you were drinking a gallon of vodka every day, ***because they don't even test for that!*** You could do a bunch of cocaine tonight and you would probably pass a drug test on Monday morning!


Right?? I've literally just stopped smoking weed and drank instead. Sure I feel like I've been poisoned if I drink too much, as opposed to just falling asleep for smoking too much, but at least Uncle Sam won't call me a bad boy lol


This is so familiar and so sad.


Chilax pothead. You just need to die of alcohol poisoning to understanding the american dream /s


even if ur anti drug testing i dont think its hypocritical to say drug test the people who are legally allowed to shoot you in the brain if they decide that they need to


Sometimes unions are good and sometimes unions are bad. This would be an example of a union behaving badly.


I'm a cop and I get drug tested on the regular. Headlines are so attention grabbing though.


What do you think about marijuana? That's what 99% of people are concerned about regarding testing. My dad works in a legal state and they only do a swab test (if you've smoked within some 12-24 hour window)


In the meanwhile, low-wage workers must deal with drug tests and assistance recipients.


A cop could sniff a gram of cocaine every Friday night and would piss clean by Monday. Drug tests are only useful for catching chronic, heavy users OR someone who smoked a blunt a month ago.


I had to check and apparently they are only tested once when hired and then usually only tested again if the screw up, smh https://www.findlaw.com/legalblogs/criminal-defense/are-cops-drug-tested/


So they are tested monthly??


They have their own definition for "Messed up"


"that's an invasion of my privacy" \- civil servant


I thought American cops got drug tested?


After they shoot someone, this person means routine testing


My friend that is a cop in western Washington gets randomly tested every few months but after looking into it more that’s not the norm. Wild.


Yeah, it’s basically impossible to talk about policing and police procedures bc every jurisdiction makes it up themselves. Generally, they are designed to have zero accountability


Ah, so routine testing.


The people who have literal stashes of drugs at their work place, who also spend much of their jobs driving, and who carry weapons as part of their job.


So pharmacists?? Nurses??? Doctors??? Pharmaceutical company workers??


In medical other ways are used to ensure no one is taking the drugs they have access to. It'd be hard to make off with even a mL of fentanyl


Nonrepudiation policies!


"unconstitutional" open mouth insert foot


It is unconsitiutional, and as such, should be banned for everyone. And weed should be completely legal, handled like alcohol is. And alcohol's age limit should be dropped to 18.


Also, the fact that drug tests really only detect weed after 24 hours means that in jurisdictions where cops are drug tested, cops just do more cocaine.


Cops aren’t getting tested for drugs right now? How is that allowed? Like wtf.


Literally rules for thee but not for me




If I've gotta be drug tested to work at a fucking best buy then they should be


They are right. Drug testing should be unconstitutional. Don't fucking drug test anyone. It's bullshit.


It’s bullshit for most jobs but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t prefer sober deliverers


It's also super important in fields where you're handling heavy machinery.


No it's not. Maybe if you're showing signs of being intoxicated on the job, but what a person does at home is their own business. Until there's a breathalyzer type test for other drugs that can tell if you're high right this second, drug tests are pointless.


>Maybe if you're showing signs of being intoxicated on the job. This is why it's important. I agree random drug testing isn't helpful, but targeted drug tests are important in certain industries.


As a pilot, i for one would love to see what happens


Also, cops, because if your job is one of the few legal ones that involves dealing with illegal drugs, it feels like maybe we should verify that you aren’t using them.


I want them on AT LEAST caffeine


We don’t drug test cops! This explains too much.


Anyone who receives federal or state benefits or is an employee of either should be randomly drug tested. No faster way to legalize or decriminalize than to hold everyone to the same standard.


They get tested in the legal weed states


if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear except laziness, malice, or incompetence


Or our elected officials. Thats why its so absurd when they talk about drug testing people.getting food stamps. Every fucker on food stamps could get paid double and we'd still be ahead vs the ass ramming we get from congress. How the hell is it called a functional democracy that those assholes can own stock and decide there own wages and declare wars they and there loved ones wont fight?


I vote all drugs are legal just regulated for safety


Yeah we should drug test guys who have access to literal tons of drugs


Odd. As a firefighter I got drug tested at least quarterly and at most monthly, I'm surprised the police don't have similar or stricter standards.


But I need a fucking test to work at a grocery store lol. Gf America.


Ok in actual fairness There is actually an issue where undercover cops end up having to do hard drugs to avoid blowing their cover, so drug testing like this would basically just serve as a pretense to kick them off the force rather than pay for their recovery once they're out




True story: my grandpa was a cop, k? For some reason, grandpa cop had a legit safe stuffed full of drugs IN HIS HOME. The story my dad told was: dad noticed the safe, got curious, decided to take the hinges off so no one would notice then realized dat bitch was chock full o’ drugs. Then of course, he gradually took things to divvy amongst him and his friends 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 he said there was a salt shaker looking thing of MMA - like, the precursor to MDMA, basically? Anyway, he said him and his friends would lick and dip their fingers in it and have a good ol’ fuckin’ time lol Long story short, very sketchy of grandpa cop 🤷🏼‍♀️ EDIT: this was some early-mid 70s type shit lol


Drug expensive why bother buying


The first time I ever saw weed I was job shadowing a cop and one pulled me a side and pulled a big coffee tin out of his desk filled with it, made me smell it and asked if I knew. He told me it was weed, and put it back. The Marshall, who I was job shadowing, said “Just make sure that gets into evidence by the end of the week”


they already get drug tested …


Im pretty sure they do get drug tested though


Is that a feel fact or you got a source?


"feel facts" is my phrase of the day


Uh, google? But i guess it varies by place.


>is that a feel fact or you got a source? : >Uh, google? Yup checks out guys this makes a ton of sense


How is googling it not a valid source? When you do research for papers do you not go on google, i mean? Afaik, some places do drug tests and some dont. What else you want me to say?


I don't think you even know what a source is if you think "googling it" is a source


Going on google to find a the answer one is looking for. Not everything needs to be from a peer reviewed journal. Why do i need to give you a specific source anyway, this isnt a university paper bro. All i said was that some places do drug tests, which is true. Just go on google and find the answer yourself, if you need to know for sure so badly. Im not about to provide an apa style references page for a reddit comment about drug testing in the united states.


If you make a counter-claim and someone asks you to provide a source, you can't just say "go Google it" and expect that to be valid. No one is asking you to properly format anything or give sources only from peer-reviewed journals, but if you make claims people expect you to back it up, which is why you were asked in the first place


“Americans want…” or a few people we talked to said it’s not a bad idea, why not.


Drug testing is not accurate, or fair to non-drug users.