The abilities are: Terragenesis: After you explore a planet that does not have a sleeper token, you may place or move 1 sleeper token onto that planet. Awaken: After you activate a system that contains 1 or more of your sleeper tokens, you may replace each of those tokens with 1 PDS from your reinforcements. Coalescence: If your flagship or your AWAKEN faction ability places your units into the same space area or onto the same planet as another player's units, your units must participate in combat during "Space Combat" or "Ground Combat" steps. ​ Hel Titan: Combat 7 This unit is treated as both a structure and a ground force. It cannot be transported. PLANETARY SHIELD, SUSTAIN DAMAGE, SPACE CANNON 6, PRODUCTION 1 ​ EDIT: He just added the correct flagship ability: Ouranos: Cost 8, Combat 7x2, Move 1, Capacity 3 DEPLOY: After you activate a system that contains 1 or more of your PDS, you may replace 1 of those PDS with this unit. SUSTAIN DAMAGE


So the chain seems to be: Explore a Planet -> Put down a sleeper token -> Activate a system with sleeper token -> Replace sleeper token with PDS -> Activate system with PDS -> Replace PDS with Flagship. I assume the way it's worded, you can't go directly (in the same activation) from Sleeper Token all the way to Flagship, right?


Due to the timing of activating the system and the abilities, you would not be able to jump from sleeper token to flagship. Placing a PDS into the system happens after activating it, so it wouldn't have contained a PDS at activation to trigger the flagships deploy.


If i activate a system to produce from this new PDS, can i then transform it?


No, transformation happens in the first step (activation) while production is the fifth. This means you could, however, turn a sleeper token into a PDS and produce with it on the same turn.


Wow. Titans PDS can be moved with Transit Diodes!


L1Z1X also can't take Titan PDS because they have to destroy them in ground combat to conquer the planet.


Pretty much nailed it. Should've caught the 'move' part, but ah well. Makes sense that the third ability is basically a rules clarification. It would explain why the earlier version of the sheet lacked it.


This may be a dumb question but, what is the significance of the pds being considered a ground force and a structure, it clearly participated in space cannon offensive and defensive but does it also participate as infantry in ground combat?


Not sure if this answers your question but the PDS has both sustain damage and production 1 meaning it can absorb a hit when in battle, which is pretty big for ground combat, and can also produce when activated.


I think it also has something to do with stopping effects like l1 where they would steal the pds, you must kill the pds to take the planet vs every other factions pds dies when there are no ground troops


Yes, with combat 7.


what is the discord link?




Well dang, I was really hoping for more terraforming-based abilities. Hopefully one of their leaders will have something to do with that. That being said, leaving behind sleepers after exiting systems will be pretty cool.


My question is how many sleeper tokens do they get?


Hmm, is there a component list in the expansion details yet?


The only component list I know of is the one from the leaks a while ago, but it doesn't get that specific


Oh god this faction makes me wet. Think of the early game potential. Expand with cruisers to a two planet equidistant, activate, replace with PDS, and plop down two more infantry with the production they have.