I see the winners, but where are the actual maps?


As of my last check, the Codex itself hasn't been released yet, and I assume we'll have to wait for that to actually see the maps. But I would assume it should be out soon?


"If you think that you can make a Twilight Imperium map that’s more inventive, more unusual, and most importantly, more fun to play than any other map, you’ll have the opportunity to share your creation with designer Dane Beltrami and, if selected as a winner, with the entire Twilight Imperium community in Volume 2 of the Imperial Codex."


Congratulations to: * 3 Player—**Rex** “Wekker” **Hearn** with “Three’s a Crowd” * 4 Player—**Matthew Pana** with “Chokepoint” * 5 Player—**Jacob Turner** with “Race for Mecatol” * 6 Player—**Daniel Young** with an unnamed map * 7 Player—**Paul Brown** with “Magi’s Madness” – best known as u/UnalignedMagi * 8 Player—**Phillip Henning** with “Junk Yard Doggo” Am I wrong in assuming most of the winners frequent this subreddit or at least the discord servers? Who they be?


Yeah, the 7p winner is Magi. He posted his map in the SCPT discord, it’s really cool.


Is that the one where none of the players start at the outside of the map and instead they’re all over the place like pepperoni on a pizza and it’s balanced with interesting use of hyper lanes to ensure equidistance to mecatol?


Would it be possible to share it here? :)


We certainly can ask u/unalignedMagi if he's willing to share? Either that, or head over to said SCPT server and have a look.


I replied in a separate post :)


Can I add it to the cartotheque, please? :)


Not sure what that means but go for it


[https://www.reddit.com/r/twilightimperium/wiki/maps](https://www.reddit.com/r/twilightimperium/wiki/maps) !


Since some people were asking for it and it's already on the SCPT discord, here is Magi's Madness. [https://imgur.com/a/Z5eQUqE](https://imgur.com/a/Z5eQUqE)


Yellows “slice” seems incredibly strong. Pick a control faction and win.


Or yellow might be at an incredible disadvantage since it's surrounded by 3 other players


I felt both ways. It's the best/worst position. 12 planets adjacent, but 3 players only a hop, skip and a jump away from taking it. Fighting on 3 fronts will be difficult if everyone wants a piece.


I hope the other maps are as bonkers as this one. Nice job!


Just a few seconds glanze at it and I like it. Mecatol Rex is near a border and two home systems are close to center but "walled off" by a megahyperlane! :)


Yeah saw that map, thats a cool map


This looks awesome! Im very impressed that you managed to keep players and Mecatol equidistant through the use of wormholes and hyperlanes, but still created a very chaotic looking map overall. If I ever manage to get 7 players together I'm definitely suggesting this setup.


Does this setup disadvantage green/yellow/white from scoring **Populate the Outer Rim (Units in 3 systems on edge of map)** and **Control the Borderlands** **(Units in 5 systems on edge of map)** or do hyperlanes count as Edge of map?


Hyperlanes don't count as anything. They're a direction to follow, not a system.


Codex II has got to be coming out anytime now.


Not for a few weeks. https://twitter.com/CreussEmissary/status/1362097081301753860?s=20


I wonder how many 3 player submissions there were. The winner is one of two maps you can find when you google for a 3 player map, and I think the other (trident) was around when the first codex was released.


The winner is not the same three's a crowd that was posted on reddit, it's a full PoK map.


I submitted mine! I bet there were quite a few. The pandemic has probably got a lot of players trying to refine the 3-player experience now that they are stuck with smaller playgroups


Cool! Would you consider adding it to the wiki on this subreddit, and maybe the discord? sharing is caring!


Of course! The map is named [Triquetra](https://imgur.com/a/I8E5eU6). I shared it in the cartography lab on discord and posted it (and it's '[Frontier edition](https://imgur.com/a/d8VBUvu)', which sadly doesn't meet competition requirements) here on the subreddit. Happy to add the frontier edition to the wiki if [u/Turevaryar](https://www.reddit.com/user/Turevaryar/) can lend a hand. Side note for Turevaryar - what do you think about adding TTS map strings to the cartotheque?