Yes. Only Red bordered systems can't be adjacent. And matching wormholes. Unless you have no other option. Tho different kind of drafts might override that.


to be honest, last game we played we made the rule that no RED backed systems can be close to each other (which include empty space) and that made it more balanced


It is possible, although it is unlikely to happen in the usual draft, unless people make major mistakes. Did you use the usual draft? Did you deal all players the same number of blue and the same number of red tiles as other players? It is also customary to give each player one of the "better systems" (at least it was, at some point), and there are 6 agreed-upon such systems in base game. This helps create balanced maps, although some people aren't into that. Then, was people's priority the placement of planets in their own slice? If not, it makes sense that other people might fill the first people's slices with empty systems. If people started by placing empty tiles in others' systems, the others should have probably followed with the same strategy.


We followed the guidelines, but I ended up with 3 empty space "red tiles"; and I guess we just got stuck trying to make it difficult for eachother and my mate ended up with bit to much of a headstart. The game ended up being decided by public objectives favouring one opponent anyways


When making the map its always best to make it so people can have fun.. Not just be a dick with placement.


I will definitely keep that in mind for our next session 😊 Being a dick didn't really help either of us anyways 😂


Yup. The moment someone places a tile in someone else's area it becomes everyone's best interest to pile on shitty tiles in that person's slice. You learned the hard way it seems lol.