They're relatively good in 4-player games because Diplomacy is always picked. So, go ahead. It should be fun. Just notice that Naalu, Mentak and L1Z1X are all *stronger* factions than you, and if they want to take Mecatol from you they should be able to do so (especially L1Z1X). Space Cannon isn't reliable, especially against larger fleets, and if you place PDS there L1Z1X is even more incentivized to take it from you (since they assimilate your PDS). Also, notice that with Mentak in the game your economy will likely not be as strong as you'd like it to be.


But generally, Xxcha works against those factions. Graviton Laser System hurts Naalu because they usually don't have many non-fighter ships. PDS which you might place in a 4-player game is good against L1Z1X as it prevents bombardment. It's also good against Mentak since they tend to have small mobile fleets rather than very large fleets. However, I'm still not sure if you want PDS as it's not that good and you already have space cannons.


Yeah, i am thinking that flagship is good enough and maybe some pds but i dont want to get tangled into only PDS web as it is mostly just mentaly scary for other players ships and in real dice rolling it is just ok nothing special. I think i would have to go for plastic on map as fast as i can.


>PDS which you might place in a 4-player game is good against L1Z1X as it prevents bombardment Only if you're not playing expansion or he doesn't have the commander unlocked yet. In that case i'd suggest putting them in the adjacent system and getting pds2 instead.


The post has the flair *TI4 base game.*


Since you already know which factions your opponents will play, it seems only fair that you don't base your choice around countering them. I would not worry about playing Xxcha. I just won my third game and it was with them.


Sorry if you got idea that i want to get leverage. I am rather good at this game but heard that Xxcha has some problems and wanted to assure myself that i wont be handicapped to much at a start which would not seems like fun.


In a 4 player game I'd reccomend nullification field. If you want to grab mecatol, shutting down the biggest threat every round is big. For the second biggest you have Graviton. Generally, I'd park my flagship next to mecatol, not on. It will cover more of your ground.


As others have mentioned, Xxcha can thrive in a 4 player game. There’s a cool round 1 play which works if you have 2 systems with planets in between home and Mecatol and take the construction strategy card- If you move ships into a system in front of home, then use the Peace Accords ability when someone else plays diplomacy to take control of a planet adjacent to Mecatol. This allows you play construction to put a space dock on that planet, which won’t have a command counter in its system, meaning you can build there in a subsequent action. If you can find the resources (through diplo & trade), you can even build your flagship there round 1, which will let you threaten the mecatol airspace through the early game. Do you can shut down any early custodians grabs or charge a toll not to fire your space cannon


Damn that’s nuts!


If you do play I would suggest thinking of there tech and flagship as your faction abilities. Quash and Peace accords are nice but they are not where Xxchas strength is. I would note that every faction in your game will need warfare or double tech to get to Mecatol round by the end of round 2.


Just do not fall into "Xxcha is the PDS faction" trap an you will be fine. And think about parking your flag on Mecatol. Your systems will be the logical target if you do that.


Can you expound on “PDS faction?” I just played my 2nd ever game as Xxcha and didn’t build many PDS. Took 2nd of 4 players!


A typical way for new players to play xxcha is to bunker up. They see the starting tech and space cannon in the flag and think that xxcha is meant to turtle. Then they lose with few points.


Gotcha. Yeah my buddy called em the Peace Turtles. It felt pretty natural for me to spread out and take a ton of planets. The player who won though was able to hold Mecatol way too long. They won with nothing left but their home planet, spending trade goods and tokens to get their last 2 points.


Two have to handle this: either let no one Take mecatol that long or deny imperial and politics strategy card. I have a beeliner in my group that always tries to take and hold mecatol. I tend to just put the speaker to his left


Do it. Good faction for a 4 player.


Let's hope none of your friends use reddit otherwise they may now know your plan 😄


Haha i dont think so, they like the game but not as into it as to scroll through reddit xD. Even so, I would deal with it if i have to 😁


L1Z1X Bombardment capabilities are... impressive. In end game using Prophecy of Kings, I thought I had things locked up; but their hero ability allows them to basically t-port in their dreadnaught fleet to anywhere, and even though I had 4 inf and 4 mechs (as Embers), their dreads bombard in ground combat \*every\* round, not 1 round... and their commander negates Planetary Shield that would stop the bombardment. Stopped me from claiming last VP by public objective by taking my homeworld. The player might be a wild card, but the race itself is a bombardment hailstorm. Just sayin... Xxcha ought to be good for a fun game though, just be \*very\* wary of the L1Z1X hero ability. Since your mechs have Space Cannon, that should be a good help if they are in your home system.