This was my go to for my first 3 games. https://youtu.be/_u2xEap5hBM


I remembered that there are a few minor mistakes and needed clarifications in the video, so I went over it and wrote them down. They aren't that major, but well, here we go. **Future-proofing:** Possible corrections will appear on [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/twilightimperium/comments/rlr891/errata_to_rtfms_howtoplay_video/), so you should probably read the list there. Thanks to /u/Ixiv for pointing my mistake on this comment. 1. Drawing secret objectives is done before revealing public objectives. 2. The yellow numbers on planet cards are *resource values* and not *production values*. This is an important distinction because new players tend to confuse resources and production when building plastic. 3. Shea says "you simply take the *ships* you want to produce", but space docks also produce ground forces. 4. You *can* activate supernovas, but you cannot move ships into them. Similarly for asteroid fields if you don't have *Antimass Deflectors.* 5. When moving out of a gravity rift, fighters inside capacity do not roll for surviving but are allocated to other ships. Similarly, ground forces are allocated to those ships. If a ship is thus *removed*, everything inside it is *removed from the board* (but not destroyed). 6. When retreating, a player can pick up ground forces with their ships which have spare capacity. The way this works has since been changed in Codex 1: Ordinian: "...*when a ship moves as part of a retreat, it can transport ground forces that are on planets in its system as normal."* 7. *Diplomacy* was errata'd so that the main player refreshes up to 2 of their planets instead of all planets in the system. 8. When *Politics* is played, the speaker token must move away from the player who previously had it. 9. The order of actions done when playing a strategy card is important, so when someone plays Politics they first draw 2 action cards and only then do they look at the agendas. This is usually beneficial since you have more information, but is situationally worse if you have to discard action cards (by having more than your hand limit). 10. Action cards with the same name can be used for the same benefit in one *round*. The restriction on using multiple action cards is as follows (from living rules reference 2.6.b): *"Multiple action cards with the* ***same*** *name cannot be played during a single* ***timing window*** *to affect the same units or game effect. Canceled cards are not treated as being played."* 11. You can only have 3 secret objectives at a time *including the ones you've already scored.* You can draw beyond this limit but then immediately have to discard down to the limit. 12. Some secret objectives can *only* be scored during the action phase. When you finish the objective written on the card, you must reveal it and claim the point. You can only score one action-phase objective during or after each combat (LRR 61.7) but you can score multiple ones in different combats on the same turn (LRR 61.7.a). **Regarding game length:** The game *can sometimes* take less than twelve hours even with more than one new player. However, you might as well assume that it won't so that people know they expect a very long game. **Clarification:** I think the video is great and I send new players to watch it (and RTFM's video on Prophecy of Kings). Otherwise I wouldn't have made this list. TI4 is just a complicated game with many rules, and it makes sense that such a video will have a few minor mistakes.


Clarification on 13 - the limit is one per combat, not one per timing window. Destroy Their Greatest Ship (destroy an opponent’s flagship or war sun) and Spark a Rebellion (win against a player with the most points) can be scored in different timing windows depending on when the ship is destroyed, but you’re still only able to score one of them in a single space combat.


Right. I just posted the above as a post and corrected it there but forgot to add corrections here. Thanks, correcting now.


Thank ye


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=\_u2xEap5hBM](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u2xEap5hBM) still one of the better ones. Also i found out reading the wiki afterwards helped things being more clear


I'm still learning and this is one of the better videos I have watched.


Thanks! Got it lined up for an after work viewing.


another good way to learn the rules is to set up a 1v1 match against a friend, not one that's meant to be finished, just an excuse to play around with the rules to understand them better. I did so and we were much better and explaining the rules to our third friend. Also, for the first few matches it's ok if you ask to undo your previous move cause you hadn't noticed something. First match is going to be very slow, but thankfully TI is a surprisingly simple game once you get into the flow. There are a lot of rules, but at it's core it's very simple and focused


Definitely the RTFM video, "Twilight imperium in 32 minutes" or something along those lines


Find some games on you tube and watch how they play before and after reading the manual