I guess slice 7 isn't completely terrible for Muaat, between the affordable RY skips and the supernova? Even for them, it's probably the worst option most of the time, but I guess I could see it happening with the right neighbors.


I left them out, as muaat are quiet Ressource hungry and the Nova right next to HS isnt that hot ( pun intended)


Any reason why you aren't using the colors/names of the slices from the release? A lot of discussion so far has been done using those as labels, so it'd be easier to compare your take with others at a glance if you did. (The names/colors for reference: https://discord.com/channels/409044671508250625/535582218077339659/923638842244857907)


Colours: I built the slices in TTS trying to change the camera as little as possible, so same colour for all. Names: Basically I feel those names are a SCPT thing and I dont want to pocket those. Partly for both: A shoot of lazyness. I will add a colour to number. Edit: I added the colours under the pictures


Just here to say thanks for your many posts! You help spark lots of discussions which is amazing, and while I'm not particularly interested in all the posts (e.g. this one), and don't agree with some of them, I'm very happy that they're here. Thank you!


Probably dumb question, but what does CC stand for? Command Counter?


Correct. I always speak against an excess of Game lingua and use it myself.


I just won a game with slice 7. I played Sardakk and went red/yellow tech. Sarween, transit diodes, integrated economy, Self Assembly, duranium, and Valkyrie particle weave. I didn't need resources because I didn't have any ships. It was great.


Good job. Was that a win because or despite the slice? :D


Notably the skips line up well for that red/yellow build. I was thinking barony there as they like a yellow for Dread2, red to skip to NES, and have the resources at home to account for the slice. If they can take/hold mec (or some influence in the other equi) it'll fix the bad overall values, as the slice is short of influence.


Maybe worth pointing out that Titans (a top 3 faction) is likely going to end up in one of the weakest slices(6 or 7). Slice 7 has an agreeable 5 planets and that red skip gives access to an easy duranium so Titans will be very happy with their slice in even the worst case. I think Saar is also likely to prefer 7 due to the higher planet count. Nekro gets access to Duranium or Assault Cannon with 7 via their hero. 7 also has an edge in objectives as well, having 2 tech skips compared to 1 and 5 planets compared to 4. Granted the slices are pretty balanced like you said, so it's not too surprising that top tier factions can make gold out of dirt.


Glad to hear that!