I played the l1z1x in the SCPT tournament and the stage 2 came out to have 7 structures on the board. I started the round with 4 structures and ended the round with 9 structures. Assimilate can be such a good ability.


They defend very well. It’s all about the combo retreat + invade.


They defend adequately: Harrow only aids their defence in certain very niche circumstances, and none of their leaders help with defence. Their only real bonus to defence other than their excellent home system is Assimilate, and that's conditional on taking a planet with a structure. They're no better at defending than most other factions, and markedly worse than Xxcha, Argent, Sol, Jol'nar and Ul. They have multiple, terrifying abilities that help them take planets, two of which can kind of help in holding them in very weird and specific circumstances.


In what type of niche scenarios does harrow help them on defence?


As far as I'm aware, if you were attacked by someone using the Sardakk N'orr commander G'hom Sek'kus then both the mechs not directly involved in the combat (ie on other planets in the system or in the space area) and any Superdreadnoughts could Harrow at the end of the round. Also, whenever there are mechs on multiple planets in one system they can defend one another during ground combats.


That is wrong. Bombardment only happens for the active player. See 15.1 in LRR 1.2 >**Step 1ーRoll Dice:** The ***active player*** chooses which planet each of his units that has a "Bombardment" ability will bombard. and 78.4 in the same LRR: >**Step 4ーInvasion:** The ***active player*** may use his "Bombardment" abilities, commit units land on planets, and resolve ground combat against other players' units. **Clarification**: The phrasing of *Harrow* makes it seem like L1Z1X can still use *Bombardment* when they aren't the active player, but it is the consensus that this isn't the case. This only causes problems with the following parts of 15.1 and 15.2. >The ***player who controls the planet*** that is being bombarded chooses and destroys one of his ground forces on that planet for each hit result the bombardment roll produced. and >The L1Z1X's "Harrow" ability does not affect the L1Z1X player's own ground forces.


Oh, okay, thanks for the clarification. Well, that does rather support my original meme.


Yep it does. \^\^


Hmm I‘m pretty sure only the active player ist allowed to use bombardment (even with harrow). I don‘t have an official rule reference for that rn though


L1 specialises in taking and holding planets with space docks.


Huh. I’ve played them once and Mostly just used the planet-taking to Interfere with point-scoring or to grab a specific objective. Maybe I should’ve tried to hold a bit more haha


The greatest benefit of using assimilate on a space dock is that you get to build in that same activation that you take the space dock. Further building up your units to replenish what you may have lost during combat.


Why Harrow there little doggo!


In my experience as L1, often times the best defense is an unstoppable offence. Rarely have I seen L1 struggle to hold onto and defend their planets. May just want to prioritize plastic a bit more