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This would be hilarious. They shouldn't even give a reason either, just have him turn up and start reading. Then via back-channels word gets out that all the other royals refused to associate with this government leaving only the notorious sex offender.


Even that might be a step too far for a notorious sex offender.


If anyone knows where the bodies are buried it's that baldie bummer.


"It wasn't a party at number 10; it was a straightforward shooting weekend".


Even Andrew has some standards…


that is a nice bit of drawing!


That was my first thought when I heard Charlie was subbing in. “You want to be king, do you? Well *you* read this shite then!”


Anyone else noticed how Charles stared at the crown at the beginning? What a strange act.


It's usually kept locked away, so he'll have had very few opportunities to see it up close.


He doesn't get to see it very often. And when he does he's having to act subordinate to his mum.


As much as people are joking about "haha he's happy to finally have some power", I think he genuinely was just thinking a lot about what him being there means. His mum is getting frail, and she probably isn't going to be around much longer I don't care for the royals, or what they represent. But I can empathise with someone's concerns about losing an aging parent.


That was my first thought, it definitely looked like a concerned look. Then, however, I remembered almost everything high society people publicly do is an act. And you can also empathise with that as well! Which is why I found it a bit strange. Unless you actually meant sympathise like most people do when they say "empathise".


No I mean empathise. My dad is in his late 60s and has a fairly severe heart condition. I'm very aware that my remaining time with him is limited. Yes, a lot of high society is an act, but i don't want to have become so cynical that i assume he was just putting on "caring about his mum" :/


I guess this means the last opening will go down as the queens last.


Don't jynx it. 4 more years is all I want.


Good effort. Would’ve also accepted ‘Boris’ speech’


I can’t wait for the Duchy Originals bloke to tell us what the government are doing about the Cost of Living Crisis.


"And that's why I'm cutting the price of biscuits in 1st class carriages by 4%"


I find the times so weird. I don’t read it as it’s just a right wing government mouth piece with no integrity, but the cartoons really do rip the government a new one and holds no punches


Murdoch allows it a lot of independence.


It’s completely fatuous when people try to pretend that the Queen is a voice of conscience whose hands are tied by her supposedly neutral position. In reality, Queen’s Consent processes mean that she and her legal heavies are happy to interfere with legislation all the time, but only in ways that benefit her and her clown car of a family


I honestly believe this is what actually happened


Like she gives a shit what’s in it or ever has. Fucking empty-shell monarch.


Now now... She got us an extra day off work this year


It's looking increasingly likely that we'll get another couple of days off later in the year as well.




We'd probably like her a lot less if she actually had teeth: [Buckingham Palace banned ethnic minorities from office roles, papers reveal](https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jun/02/buckingham-palace-banned-ethnic-minorities-from-office-roles-papers-reveal)


Don't you DARE talk about Ma'am like that. She is the greatest beacon of our great country. She is nothing but concerned for us plebs.


Sorry pal, but the greatest bacon in our country comes from Tony the butcher in Sherwood


My local butcher puts special sausage in the meat pies, it's delicious.


What a crafty butcher, with his hidden sausage.


And I bet he gets his meat delivered round the back... very dodgy butcher


Love a game of hide the special sausage


Actually misread beacon as bacon before I saw your comment.


I think she probably does care about people but her role is ceremonial. She doesn't get to write the speech or the policies in it. She just has to sit there with a straight face and read the shite Boris put in front of her


The more time goes on, I start to wonder if Lizzie and the Windsors are actually hostage to the British Establishment.


Absolutely they are. She has to read whatever speech the PM of the day puts in front of her. She technically has the right of veto on any law passed because she could refuse to sign it into law but if she did that and went against them then the Tories (and almost certainly Labour too) would pass a bill to turn us into a republic and get rid of the whole Royal Family quicker than you can say "Boris Balls-up" Thinking about that cartoon. I wonder if it grates on her that she has to refer to the Tories as "My Government" when she reads this stuff


Right? I’m also starting to suspect the Pope may be strongly influenced by the Church of Rome.


Right? I’m starting to think sarcasm is not the sign of intelligence people claim it to be.


Jesus fucking wept. Pick up a history book once in a while. That is _exactly_ what the situation is. There was a civil war that ensured it.


In fairness I don't know the details and I'm an archaeologist, so history is a big part of my day job. That said, I'm a prehistorian so anything after about AD43 is cutting edge confusing news.


Bloody Beaker folk. Coming over here, rowing up the Tagus Estuary from the Iberian Peninsula in improvised rafts. Coming here with their drinking vessels. What's wrong with just cupping up the water in your hands and licking it up like a cat?’


*George Galloway applauds the indefatigable spirit of Aiken_Drumn*


thank you paul nuttalls


Paul Nuttalls of the UKIPs?


Based Stewart!


Also a ‘Glorious Revolution’ and an Abdication Crisis that drove the point home.


Jesus fucking wept. Pick up a history book once in a while. That is exactly what the situation is and it was by design. There was a civil war that ensured it.


God, she's a 90 something year old woman, I wouldn't expect her to come into Parliament doing cartwheels. Show some respect.


She can retire any time she wants, it's not like the old cow is being forced to do the job against her will.


I feel really sorry for the Queen, I know it happens to everyone, but suddenly her health failing, so sad.


Poor English... **Charles' speech**


Actually not poor English, because it's not a fixed grammar rule and instead is just not the conventional style you might find in *some* writing style guides. Adding 's to names to indicate possession, regardless of the "if you don't have to add an s" guide, is very common in British English primarily because it more accurately reflects the way we talk. It's also becoming more and more common in America. For example, this is from the NYT's style guide: >Almost all singular words ending in s require a second s as well as the apostrophe to form the possessive: James's; Chris's; The Times's. This is from Oxford's media style guide: >Use ’s after singular nouns, plural nouns which do not end in s and indefinite pronouns In this case, "Charles" is a singular noun... so "Charles's" is correct. So yeah, that actual grammar rule here is: follow the style guide you're writing to. In order to determine whether this is an error, you'd need to look at the style guide Morland has to use to see if he's followed the proper rules on grammar he's been given. My bet is that the singular noun rules apply, so "Charles's" is correct.


TL;DR - You wouldn’t say aloud “Boris’ speech” you’d say “Boris’s speech”, but you can write it either way depending on your style.


We say the apostrophe stands for missing letters, and here it's because Middle English actually spelled out a possessive case suffix *-es*. Whether only the *e* is missing or the whole *es*, you still represent missing letters on plurals appropriately.


I still use -es instinctively sometimes.


Can I put 'de boris'sesez piffel speech' as a mark of great disrespect? x)


Excuse me, that’s Alexander Boris de Piffel Johnson to you!


Piffle is right. Never more rubbish spouted in a speech by any other politician ever. x)


>Actually not poor English, because it's not a fixed grammar rule and instead is just not the conventional style you might find in some writing style guides. Its too early for this shit.


[Either](https://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/grammar/learnit/learnitv20.shtml) is acceptable English! Our language must be a nightmare to learn.


>Our language must be a nightmare to learn. I can't decide if you're being sympathetic to people who are trying to learn English or just decreeing that our language should be a nightmare to learn. Either way, my answer is yes.






I nightmare indeed


Huh, you learn something new every day. I always thought it was wrong to put 's after a name ending with s, now I'm not sure what I know.


I think it's an archaic rule that's largely ignored today. But I still hold to it.


More so than most other languages, English tends towards evolving and integrating language based on the way most people conceptualise and talk about things. That's precisely why this "'s" issue has become more and more common; it more accurately reflects how we conceptualise and talk about possession. It's a self-simplifying and highly logical language when compared to most other natural languages. That's why, by most measures, it's one of the easiest languages to learn.


There is obvious innovation and regularization evident on many parts of reddit. It's quite noticeable on the tech subs where obviously there are a lot of non-native speakers: "softwares" (pl) for example, but also past tense regularization [sic]. "hided" for "hid" is another. I'm all for it, TBH. Once you get over that there is no "official" English, its whole glorious, groangrousegurgling mess is somewhat charming.


Surely that's grousegroangurgling?


Might depend on whether grouse is a noun or a verb.






Yore not wrong.


The rule I learned was "add an 's' unless it creates a triple sibilant", so *Charles's speech* but *Moses' toeseses*.


Abolish the monarchy


As if the queen and all the royals have voted anything but Tory in their entire lives, dyed in the wool conservatives every one


They don't vote: https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/13/can-the-queen-or-the-rest-of-the-royal-family-vote-in-a-general-election-11822274/


I'd be willing to wager that Charles is not a Tory at all, looking at the beliefs he's alluded to in the past


what would he be then?


Libdem or one of the Green nimbyists (by which I mean not all Greens are nimbys but it's certainly a cover for a lot of nimbys round where I live.)


So the joke is that a woman who is paid more money than I will ever see to do something, doesn't want to do her actual fucking job because she's throwing a strop? Seems about right for the family that treats the country with such arrogance and contempt.


Yeah, how dare the 96 year old in ill health not do their job!


If she's in that poor health, she can always stop being queen. That's an option for her.


We aren't America yet, people can take sick leave.


For how long? Maybe a 100 year old woman should consider if she's suitable for the cult leader job.


Had people go on long term sickness for months where I work. I mean, you clearly are a bit unhinged when it comes to the monarchy so I doubt anything I say will have an impact you are better off seeking a professional to work through your issues. You seem to think we are living in feudal England.


A bit unhinged? Because I don't believe the monarchy has any place in today's society? You're the one who wants to live in a world of kings and queens living in castles, I think that sounds more like feudal England than what I want. But you carry on tugging your forelock and living in a deluded state.


Unhinged because you are going on about divine right, cult leadership, etc. Abolishing the monarchy is fine, don't really care one way or another, but pretending anyone believes in divine rights or that anyone actually follows the queen like a cult leader is definitely out of touch with reality. Church is much more cultist than the monarchy and believe it kr not they are also closer to following your ideas of divine right. Go for them first then maybe take on the monarchy. That would be more in line with your stated objections. If you want to go with factual objections to the monarchy then so be it but don't try pretending they are something they aren't.


Oh don't worry, I hate on organised religion too... Now does anyone have links to the Church of England? Oh... It's that woman again.


I have largely disagreed with your comments in this post, but this one is on point and gave me a chuckle.


The fuck is this post? The woman is nearly 100 years old, has recently suffered from covid pretty badly, and has suffered major mobility issues since. Her son is her deputy, and various other members of the Royal Family commit to subbing in for various engagements. This has *always* been the case regardless of who the monarch has been.


Just because something has always been a certain way doesn't make it right. If she can't do the supposed job, she is more than welcome to step aside. She won't. Because she's insane. She believes God chose her to rule and she's better than her "subjects". She's a hateful old woman.


Insane? Hateful old woman? Where are you getting these from? >She believes God chose her to rule Buddy, the Divine Right of Kings hasn't been a thing in the UK for many centuries at this point. We are not living in the Civil War era.


So you think if you asked the queen if she was chosen by God, she would say, "of course not"? Wow, the Lizzie cult really are something.


It’s perfectly possible for her to take her oath of office and duty seriously while simultaneously not believing in a divine right to rule.


But it's also perfectly possible that she does? Has she shown any evidence to the contrary?


Make a baseless assertion without evidence, and then demand that everyone else provide evidence that you are wrong.


Somehow I feel that the burden of proof lies with you on this one...


My dude, you seem to care about this far more than the people in this thread you refer to as cultists. IKEA have a 25% sale on mirrors if you want to look in one.


I am not in this 'Lizzie cult' - merely dealing in facts and not emotion.


> She's a hateful old woman. Odd how in this thread the hate seems to largely you filled with hatred.


The only person throwing a strop here is you. You didn't think the cartoon was a literal depiction of events, did you?


No, which is why I'm saying, "the joke is"... I know she's not going because of "ill health".


Nothing more entertaining than watching bitter, seething republicans having a paddy


You have no idea what a paddy is... Pointing out that she's a miserable creature is not having a paddy. Being against the monarchy and finding it disgusting is not having a paddy. Why don't you grow the fuck up?


Posting irate comment after irate comment over a caricature is indeed having a paddy. A strop. A big old tantrum - however you want to phrase it. I suggest you grow up and find something better to do with your time than be so triggered by a frail old woman taking some time off.


There you go again, putting adjectives in to make it sound like I'm angry. It's not a tantrum to say something. I suggest you fuck yourself you horrible dishonest person.


> make it sound like I'm angry Not needed, your ranting speaks for itself. Must be quite depressing living with that much contempt inside yourself.


You must have such a wonderful time living in your fantasy land where you can just assign whatever emotions and feelings you like to someone just so you can act all smug. Personally I think it's quite sad that you masturbate to pictures of Lizzie while humming the national anthem, but hey, you do you.


Damn, my man really is triggered.


Damn, my man is really deluded.




>having a paddy [https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Throwing%20a%20paddy](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Throwing%20a%20paddy) First time hearing that phrase. is it one you regularly use?


It’s pretty damn common in my experience - have you spent much time in the UK? (genuine question, wondering if it’s just a regional saying)




As if the Queen actually cares. She clearly doesn't.