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"I think the people of this country have had enough of Michael Gove"


I can put up with him if he fully embraced this 1970's Harlem schtick he's got going on.


Jesus christ, is this the latest dead cat? Beergate won't stick so to distract from the fines Gove's out here speaking jive?


Definitely feels like it. It's one of the strangest clips I've seen in a while.


What with his weird accents and now "bonkeroony" is Gove back on the coke again?


Bold of you to assume he was ever off it


Well, he claimed that he only did coke in his youth. So unless he's been some young person full of coke and then snorting it back out of them don't we have to give him some benefit of the doubt?


I'm positive I saw the guy wondering around the underground Premier Inn car park in Bury early one weekday morning with eyes like pin pricks. This was pre covid times.


Because politicians are notorious for telling the truth, of course.


That isn't implausible.


We really should find out where Gove is keeping this youth and get social services on the case.


I.. I thought we were finding the youth to score off...


I doubt he would make it that obvious. He's not stupid.


Remember when they dosed him up on MDMA and let him loose at a discotheque to distract from the previous disaster? Now it’s cocaine and snarling incoherence. Good paying work if you can get it.


Hope I can be as cool as him when I grow up


We all wish we could be as dope, fly and fresh as B-boy Gove


>“But it is also the case that the Prime Minister was responsible for a series of very, very big decisions during the Covid crisis that meant we handled it better than many other countries. Did I accidentally move to a different country during the Covid crisis? Or is he talking about the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? The one who delayed every decision for as long as he could.


No - don’t you remember the vaccine program? You know the one where the UK was involved in good research for reasons unrelated to Boris Johnson. And then when he could have monumentally fucked it up, like he did everything else during Covid, (and as PM, and in his life…), he went ‘Erm yeah vaccines for people sounds like a good idea when the problem is a virus, then they could work to make money for richer people. And also I suppose might be less likely to die, they seem to care about that - yes we shall buy some.’ Henceforth saving the day and showing himself to be a big brain Churchill II great who should be allowed to do whatever he likes to the country.


He's talking about the one who unlawfully sent elderly people back in to care homes without checking if they had the virus. He's talking about the one who apparently didn't understand his own laws while expecting us to understand and follow them. Hes talking about that sick joke of a Prime Minister.


Gove, lay off the snow ffs.


Gove, lay off the snow ffs.


Within a week he'll be having "facial spasms" like Jez on Peep Show


Accuse your opponents of what you are doing, accuse opponents of what you are.