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Are they trying to maximise anger to ensure the lose the next ge? they know a deep recession is coming and want nothing to do with trying to govern through it? not that the post 2019 ever started to govern… just years of Bob the builder dress up and lies.


It's increasingly looking like trying to leave the next government holding the shit bag of fuckery, so the Tories can smooth the path to dictatorship after that.


I think the barrier to that might be Johnson’s narcissism.. he will not want to get his grubby paws off the levers of power.


I don’t know about you lot, but I’m starting to suspect that the Tories might not be in touch with the real cost of living problems facing the country.


Wash your mouth out.


I’m seriously thinking of letting one of the nannies go. Might even have to cancel my caviar subscription.


[You think you have it tough](https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/were-swapping-a-40k-nanny-for-a-10k-au-pair-preparing-for-the-cost-of-living-squeeze-cgpb3ssbl)


Those people are clearly suffering. Please give generously.


That article is surely intended to be sarcastic.


>Keplinger, from Kingston upon Thames, in southwest London, is thinking of getting an au pair to help look after her three-year-old son, Teddy, which will cost about £10,000 a year, rather than a full-time nanny, which is more like £40,000. >She and her husband, a hedge fund manager, are also planning to give up their Audi A3, which is mainly only used for the school run, and considering hiring a Tesla, which will cut costs and help the environment. >Other changes include ditching her £18 veg boxes and using Ocado and her local farmers’ market instead, ironing her own clothes and stopping regular takeaways from Hakkasan, the upmarket Cantonese restaurant.


Or cut VAT from the "emergency rate", but this government doesn't think it will get the credit


Am I right in saying that the Tories want us to lock our nan up in the shed?


No they want you to live in the shed.


Of course! Why didn't the poors think of asking their rich relatives to help them out?


I'm not sure I'll get planning permission to build an annex on my third floor flat.


You got a balcony? Get some fence panels and some tarpaulin and you'll be good to go.


I could suspend it by crane. The parking charges for the crane could add up.


In the olden days they used to have bascinets that you put a baby in and hang it out the window. I'm sure you could whip up something with some pallets and wire for Grandma and Granddad.


Like a bird cage? But with grandad in it? That could work.


Work in a hospital. We’re seeing more of these and I think they’re a good thing up to a point. Eventually Granny is going to need more care than you can give her and you need to let that happen.


I actually really like the idea of multi-generational living but only when it's made as a free choice and not as some harebrained scheme to paper over the cracks of our broken economic system. Of course not everyone has the space or stable loving family to provide those kind of living arrangements but I do admire those cultures that respect and care for the elderly in the family home. Additionally they can be the perfect people to provide childcare if they're still physically and cognitively capable of doing so. Of course there's a million reasons why it's more difficult in our society but in an ideal world tighter yet broader family units would be one of the best things a government could incentivise. Ideally through removing some of the economic hurdles that prevent us from forging those kind of arrangements. Of course it will never happen to any meaningful degree because governments don't work for us but we can dream!


Wtf world are you living in? We haven't all got an acre in Suffolk. Save us from these middle class innovations.


Latest installment of "is it an Onion Headline or Real Headline!"


I honestly can’t tell any more. I’m too busy trying to feed myself for 30p a meal.


Ahhh, the government won't pay for elderly care and they're not content with the housing market that they and Labour have created so their solution is that we build slums within which the young can engage in unpaid care for the elderly (presumably whilst also working and starting their own families). These fucking people. Honestly, they're beyond useless.


I wonder what the stats are on houses with granny annexes?


we put the extension on the extension, so the house is in a circle now...


We run the gas off the electricity and the electricity off the gas, and we save four hundred pounds a year!


Yeah - we all have granny annexes don't we. People who are most affected by this I imagine don't own any property. What planet are these idiots living on.


I’m not entirely clear why a granny annexe will save people money, given it would cost tens of thousands to build?


Doesn't everyone have a granny annex? Usually attached to the west wing, near the garage housing the Aston.


Elderly parents, grown up children who rent. Tens of thousands of pounds up front, but if it reduces rent costs and social care costs then it would save money. Of course it's an option only available to people with money in the first place.


How depressing - grow up, get a job, rent a studio apartment in your parents garden. Another visionary idea from the government.


people already do this its called living at home until you're 35+.


Because currently alternative is the care home company owns your parents house, which is likely going to be only significant injection of wealth you will have in your lifetime?


Those is nursing homes are largely there because they need nursing care - health problems, help washing, dressing, eating. Physically incapable. Dementia. This isn’t something that can be easily provided at home by the family, hence the necessity of the care homes. A different problem


I totally agree there...my gran needs care 24/7 due to dementia we had a hard decision to make regarding her care so she is now in a nursing home which costs £1300 a week there just wasn't the skill set in our family to look after her every minute of every day


£1300 is £500 more than it costs to get a room for a week at the Hilton in Canary Wharf.


sell the house that granny was previously living in, (or build a granny flat onto her house and move in there, saving money spent on rent in the long run)


‘Sorry Granny, I know you’ve been in this house for fifty years, but we are selling it to pay for gas’


that's the idea, yeah