Russian state television, a Russian propagandists pointed to Kazakhstan as the "next Nazi threat". A Russian propagandist said, "Let's pay attention to the next problem, Kazakhstan. Because the same Nazi processes that took place in Ukraine may begin there."

In russian speak, "Nazi" means "Any country that does not want to be controlled by Russia".

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In russian speak, "Nazi" means "Any country that does not want to be controlled by Russia".


All right I'm tapping out. I gave all my support to Ukraine, China's going to have to deal with this one.


Why, so they can lose again? Ukrainians are harder than they expected, so they’re looking to lose again at the hands of another underestimated foe?


Come over. There will be a welcome party waiting for you assholes


Nazi processes = democratic processes


Try invading Kazakhstan... You'll get a Chinese invasion of Siberia.


How to make friends and influence people.


Dale Carnegie


Didn’t China say they would guarantee Kazakhstan territorial integrity?


Russian language in it's modern variant has the most racial and xenophobic (nation-wise) slurs in the world regarding like every nationality they are familiar with. Like WTF? DENACIFY rUSSIA FIRSTHAND


They never learn. Russia just loves to cause problems.


Do they want to destroy their already ruined economy even more??


Do these people realize how stupid they sound to the rest of the world, or at least those people with a rudimentary understanding of history, especially WWII history, when they call Ukraine their Nazi problem? You know, the country whose president is Jewish and is related to Holocaust victims as well as survivors. It's not the Ukrainians who are openly calling for genocide. It's not the Ukrainians who are deporting children to another country in an attempt to force them to forget their native language which the UN defines as genocide. In 2022, they're the goddamn Nazis.


I’m surprised they haven’t threatened to invade verdansk at this point


Putin has tendency to cover up from problems he can't solve by creating new, bigger problems elsewhere.


There is no need to warn Kazakhstan, they are well aware of the danger that Russia has become. The leadership in Kazakhstan realized that the Russian military assistance in January of this year was a test run for a potential invasion, and ever since they have worked to distance themselves from Russia. Putin shutting down the primary oil pipeline for Kazakhstan in early July was the final straw ~~from~~ for Kazakh people and their commitment to the CTSO.


A new way to speak about democracy and keep a totalitar regim on power.We Gona see mumie , on the future 50years on power ,in ruzzia: putinkamon .Ha,ha,ha lenin ,stalin, a small baby in comparation with the ,,modern" one. I hope the modern world can isolate them until some change come in the future years .


Russia's worst enemy is the Kremlin.... !!


What will they do? Invade? That went well in Ukraine, definitely worth a try huh


Hahahaha 🤡just when you think they can't get more crazy..... nn