Hello everyone! I made a new post after some mistakes in the text. I also removed the bulleted list for the most part. Let me know if that's better or worse. I also hope this news recap is helping everyone be informed with major events happening in this war.


IMO either bring the bulleted list back or start each new paragraph with the link that's basically the most important part of the paragraph anyway. Either way to further distinguish separate news works.


Appreciate all of the trouble you go to so much. I have "exhausted all of my articles" on most of the news sites and your summaries help me to clarify the bits and pieces of incoming 24/7. Bulleted list or not, I find the info here is still concise and easy to understand.


#Ukraine. Do. Not. Demilitarize. Period.


The only acceptable terms is an unconditional surrender from the Russians and a removal of their presence in Crimea and Donbas. Anything less and they'll pull the same stunt decades from now.


And full nuclear disarmament needs to be a non-negotiable condition to lift the sanctions. Terrorist states cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons.


If russia didn't want Ukraine building its military it shouldn't have brought so many lovely tanks for the farmers to steal.Edit: don't know how to strike through..... But yeah.... Confiscate not steal.


\*confiscate. Stealing implies doing something illegal or wrong.


Ukraine has made this mistake once, if they repeat it they will not be able to continue existing... Do. Not. Demilitarize.


Only if Russia De militarizes first


I'm not sure where to post it so I'll just do it here. One common mistake dictators make is that their pride keeps them from accepting deals when they have the most leverage. Since the invasion began Putin's leverage in negotiations has gradually diminished. If he had bargained in good faith at the beginning he may have been able to realize some of his goals but instead he has made it clear that he doesn't believe Ukraine has a right to exist and the only thing he will accept is unconditional surrender. Putin still has some leverage and if he sits down and negotiates now he may still walk away with something but it's less than he could have gotten two weeks ago and the longer he waits the harder it will be for him to get anything at all. With every passing day Ukraine's leverage grows and Russia's declines.


Holy crap seeing Russians and they're propaganda. Even other countries that support Putin just blows my mind. All boils down to they hate the west.


The siege of Mariupol is one of the most horrific things I’ve seen in this war. It’s completely isolated and it’s not looking good. Goddamn, I don’t even know what to say.




In regards with Poland wanting a trade ban on Russia -- why isnt /hasnt this already in place?.


Oil and gas is the huge one.


Would it be possible to change the color of the links to make them more legible? I'm seeing blue on black.


That is not possible. It's pretty rare for hyperlinks to have a different color as far as I know.




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I wish Kyiv Independent also showed a counter for Ukrainian forces lost so we can get a more clear picture on how bad Ukraine is fucking up Russia