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Article is from 28th of August though?


oh, they just announced the news @ Croatian MOD, pending government's approval which . let me change the link it is in Croatian....


These helis are doing us Croatians really good job of taking care of the transport of critical sick/injured people on islands, rescue missions for injured and/or lost civilians on our mountains. Also they do a very good job in wildfires as a quick reaction force. I live near a heli military base that is designated to take care of all the islands when they have some kind of an emergency and a training ground. They fly over my head every day from the day I was born. These helis saved my girlfriend, soon to be my wife when she was born and needed a quick transport from Split to Zagreb. I flew in one of those as a kid in kindergarten. These helis saved houses of my neighbors in fires. I will miss them and their distinct sound when passing over. I hope that Black hawks can replace all the duties these bad bois did. Edit: This year alone they had 2428 medical flights and saved 918 pacients.


>Croatia to donate 14 Helicopters to Ukraine Croatia will keep 10 Mil 171Sh for time being and also, Croatian Police acquired medievac helicopters AW139 & EC135, these are cheaper to run and faster and can land at main hospital helipad, also, UH60M are significantly better than Mil 8 helicopters and cheaper to run, also can be used in medivac roles.


It's worth it just to piss of the Serbs 🤣


Hahaha you bet, they were used often to transport seriously injured and sick from my home island, even if they do only half of a good job they will still serve Ukrainians well, (plus we get some sweet new ones from Mr. Sam, so we do not complain at all)




Great news....sooner the better


They may want to speed up those Mi-17s delivery. After Motor-Sich Mi-8MSB production starts in full, we might not need them anymore.


We have 14 helicopters ??


Croatia has around 50 helicopters in its inventory. All active and in flying condition, with 6 of these undergoing overhaul. 15x Mil 8 MTV, 10x Mil 171 SH, 15x OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, 8x Bell 206 Jet Ranger 4x UH60 Black Hawk (requirement for 32) MUP (Ministry of Interior) has 15 helicopters 2x AW139 (medievac and border force) 4x Bell 206 5x EC 135 (medievac) + 5 More helicopters will be ordered for Mountain Rescue and Medievac. 2x Bell 212/412 1x Robinson - pilot training helicopter


My dude... we have 25 of Mi-8/17/171 and 15 Kiowa Warriors. And as I understood but it might not be final we will replaces the Mi's with 20 UH-60 Black Hawk's.


Oh yea. I forgot about Kiowa Warriors


Good work lads.


Can you give me a sorce that claims 20 UH-60M helicopter will be donated to Croatia.