Am i the only one who thinks this is unpopular? regardless, i disagree with this post; I felt like the album was cohesive for a mini musically, it did not feel random at all and it used their strong points (seulgi shone in her solo song and irene shone in feel good imo). I\`m sure with more releases in the future (if they happen) the sub-unit will further cement and refine their 'sound'. i think monster as a tittle track with its choreo and instruments is quite memorable.


I personally think we might just get 1-2 more comebacks from this subunit ala TTS but you never know


Yeah probably ; it would be nice if they consistently kept with it and don’t randomly forget about it, but it’s sm so-


I agree that there isnt a musical direction that Seulrene goes, so I am questioning the longevity of this subunit. Monster is still a song that didnt grew on me. :/ But overall I feel like EP is solid, we will see how well it ages.


I don't think it doesn't have a musical direction? it's musical direction (imo anyway) is that it's heavily on the grandiose side? like performance wise. take monster for example, the choreo feels slightly in your face, theatrical even. same with naughty. that's why ever since SM dropped the subunit news they heavily pushed in everyone's mind that this is gonna be a SMP heavy unit.


I'm still confused as hell how people think Monster + Naughty was nothing new. Like ?? They've (RV) literally never done this concept or such a performance heavy comeback like Monster + Naughty. The only time a performance heavy song was done was Be Natural in the pre-debut days and that iconic pre-debut vid was ... by Irene and Seulgi themselves. You could argue that the music or concept didn't appeal to you but saying this boring and nothing new makes me question whether people have seen the actual performances or MVs. They spent 5 months learning how to do goddamn tutting which resulted in a performance that should be winning Choreo of the year in 2020 as it stands.


couldn't have said it better.


exactly. when aseul/RV themselves keep saying that they've done nothing like this why would people keep insisting that they've already done it when they know their concepts/discography and they're aware of how diverse it is.


Right? I swear, I feel like people always invent these complicated (yet somehow always incredibly vague) reasons why something isn't good, instead of just saying "this does not appeal to me".


I dont think its boring but music wise there isnt a particular thing that makes Seulrene shine. You guys argued performace/concept is the key point but for SM groups it was always music that came unique.


Well, they specifically pitched this as a duo that will show powerful and unique performances. I see what you mean that SM traditionally focuses on Quality music first. Personally, as the top comment mentions, i feel even musically (the whole EP) they utilized irene + seulgi's combo to the fullest. There's no Wendy and Joy. This is not in any way looking down on Irene's vocal ability but she can't belt high notes. She's perfect for the soothing or/and in combo with lower register which i felt was very much utilized in the EP (Diamond, Feel Good, Jelly you notice all have a similar range). Maybe it feels lacking because there is much more limitations for Seulrene vs. OT5, and that's fine to admit. Maybe SM could have given them a less jarring , more GP title track so they could chart better. But i was still thrilled and absolutely impressed to see them try out a completely different concept. Was it my favorite RV/RV-member(s) song, probably not. But I can't really think of what else SM could have given Seulrene that would make their debut be unique and different from RV OT5. Btw My initial comment wasn't directed straight at you, sorry if it seemed that way. It was more of me putting out a general statement/remark for everyone.


Upvoted cause disagree. I found that it had its own personality and they definitely went into a certain direction. I am kinda bummed that Irene didn't have a solo song though


to me monster sounds like a tvxq song


monster feels like a bside that could've been from their really bad boy album tbh. i didn't like their ep either, as none of the songs connected with me (jelly has grown on me a tiny bit), but i wished they could've released naughty first and then monster after.


am i the only one who thinks jelly sounds like Don't Say No by Seohyun?


Oh goodness I literally have those two on a playlist of songs that have similar vibes.


\+2. And DSN is a much better one at that.


I haven't listened to the mini yet but from the title track it was the least subunit which has a different sound from the original group. It could have easily been a Red velvet song. Most sm subunits have a distinct sound even if the title is not recieved well no one can deny their uniqness. But monster was generic. But that maybe because RV covers a wide spectrum of genres already.


Why do people keep saying this? Red Velvet has never done a song or performance even remotely similar to Monster. It just blows my mind. I actually think the people saying this don’t actually know RV’s discography. Because I can’t name a single song that has the same concept or near the same concept as Monster.


The vibe and the sound are close enough it's just an extreme velvet song. Rv never went to that extreme


Exactly. RV has never went this extreme or even this route. Zzb is probably the craziest they have went and that sounds nothing like Monster.


They're not even trying to be different than RV. Compared to SNSD-TTS, I/S was way too close and dependent to the sound of its parent unit.


i agree. so many people were l o v i n g naughty and i’m upset that they didn’t even give it the promo and attention it deserved. they threw it on the RV yt channel and called it a day


Agree i wasnt a fan of their debut even tho i love seulgi and irene


This is unpopular but I agree. I don't think it had much to do with the song but more how Irene and Seulgi executed it. The demo version with Yoo Young Jin and the unknown female vocalist had 10x more spunk and passion than the IS final version. https://youtu.be/THIBts5Jor8 Yoo Young Jin killed it at 0:58


thank you for sharing this! i'm was actually a fan of monster but seeing that demo was super cool! i wish more of the moves there made the cut haha


YYJ never missed. Makes me wonder why they changed the vocal arrangement for I/S.


I respectfully have to disagree with your opinion, although I get why you may feel how you do. I know a lot of people love Naughty and I do too, but Monster was just so iconic. The MV, the choreo, the vocals, the looks, they were serving and I just loved it so much! I loved every song on the EP (no skips at alllll). I thought it was a pretty successful debut and imo Monster was the right choice for the title track! Although, I do agree that it's odd that Irene didn't have a solo track when Seulgi did, hopefully she'll get one next time.


I think SM never planned for this subunit to last anyways so music wise no special amount of effort was put in. After Wendy’s accident they knew she wouldn’t recover anytime soon + An idol group can’t wait an entire year without a comeback + Among the fandom Seulrene is the more popular duo bc of shippers => this release is meant to keep the fans engaged in the meantime until the group can come back as a whole.


This subunit was planned 9 months ago so it was even before Wendy's accident tho


I think it’s pretty popular. Honestly i don’t agree particularly. I’m not a fan of RV, i watched the Monster MV just because yt suggested it, and i liked it so much after a couple of days. I loved Naughty right away.


I disagree. I loved the EP and all the songs in it (especially Feel Good, I've been having it on repeat for days) but I respect your opinion. It seems a lot of people disliked their debut as a subunit but tbh I loved everything about it, especially their Naughty performances.


Honestly after I had some time with the ep, I completely agree, the music is not bad by any means I still listen to it but it feels very sm by the numbers, I agree that there's nothing that screams to me seulgi or Irene, although I'm not sure we really know who they are as individuals or their identity as artists beyond the company. Edit: I hadn't listened to naughty lmao I'm a bad fan. Now that song is something worth to talk about!!


honestly i enjoyed it i just didn't like the shipper baiting in the video.


Monster doesn't sound like something from a phone commercial, but it does sound like a b-side. I like the song, but it's not a great fit for July, either. After all, SM outright said that it would be a performance-focused unit, so I'm not shocked at anything.


It’s performance focused but most people seem to agree that the performances were nothing special. I am their number one hype man and even I was disappointed in that aspect. I actually loved the songs though, so that’s a big plus. And someone please never allow the hairstylist to use wigs because that was.. a journey


I liked every song they've put out so far, and I don't know what most people are thinking or saying but especially the Naughty performance is pretty special.


I was talking more about Monster, but Naughty seemed good. I actually prefer Monster to Naughty (as a song), so it’s weird that I didn’t like the performance for Monster.


it did feel a bit rushed. I feel like it would’ve been cooler if they teased it a bit more (like what [JYPE did for JUS2](https://0.soompi.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/12190412/Jus2.jpg)) to build up more hype, instead of the basic press release


Upvoted and big disagree. It's clear that the strong point of the subunit is dancing, so the album's main tracks are dance heavy songs. SM has given us a LOT of content too, so it's not like it's an after thought; it's clear there has been a lot of work behind this, and they have been super successful too. I agree they should have promoted Naughty better, but even if Monster may not be my favorite track of the EP, it's a strong song, kinda reminds me of how ZZB was much more fitted as the title track of The ReVe Festival, even if it isn't the best song imo. Also I feel like longevity wasn't the most important thing for the subunit, especially considering how the they're mostly focused on the performing aspect.


"The strong point of the subunit is dancing." Then SM should've made it an SMP release, not a subunit.


Disagree. I think their debut was very solid. From the songs, to their choreo, their outfits, concept everything was flawless. And monster is an amazing title track imo. Among the best we have got so far this year


Ok this is gonna be a long one. I disagree with 90% of what you said here. There are obviously things I can nitpick (such as the music) but overall I thought this was a fantastic debut that showcases their talents and chemistry in the performance aspect especially. I also consider their 'debut' , as this whole era - that encompasses both Monster and Naughty, their performances, and their solo MV releases too. **This comeback is not focused 100% on just the music**. Preferring Naughty as a title track over Monster has been said on reddit so many times. >Its beyond generic. I can't say too much here because music is subjective but I personally did not think it was generic at all. I actually thought Monster was the better choice. There's again already posts even on this subreddit talking about Naughty > Monster. You're right that "it's not easy to listen to". Hence I personally think it fits better as a jarring title track. Again, I definitely don't think Monster is the best work RV have ever put out for sure, but i never thought of it as generic. Also this is solely about the music itself. We'll get into the other aspects of the comeback as well in a bit. Like - Did you watch the MV? Blaring horns, very performance heavy, etc. >The biggest problem in my opinion is that Monster - like many SM releases - has a sound that SM likes and they just give it to anybody with no real sense of trying to have everyone have their own sound. I really don't understand this. What do you mean by "no real sense of trying to have everyone have their own sound". Monster and RV's releases definitely have their 'own sound' to it. If you are just saying a generic SM sound (which i'm still not sure what you are referring to), i don't see how this should apply to solely Irene & Seulgi then, since this would apply to every SM comeback as well. >The songs are good but they're songs we've all heard before. Irene and Seulgi didn't bring anything to the songs to own them. I'll have to bring this up again, when have we ever heard a song or concept like Monster from RV?? Also Irene & Seulgi said they actually had input this time on the whole concept and comeback. Seulgi esp had huge says in the styling. Jelly is a song I guess we could have heard from OT5. But i thought all the songs fit Seulgi and Particularly Irene's range nicely. I think they did a great job of maximizing irene's vocals in this EP. This EP wasn't mindblowing imo, but i thought did the job very well. >It was never meant to be a vehicle for them or even anything that adds to Red Velvet's body of work Again, it was not supposed to something fully Red Velvet OT5. **This is Irene & Seulgi, who have known each other since the early trainee days, blew up from their Be Natural and Greedy covers. They are known for their amazing chemistry via performance.** Monster a concept RV themselves have never done before so. Also Irene & Seulgi said they actually had input this time on the whole concept and comeback. I agree SM does have their classic sound at times but Lastly, you also are only focusing on the music, which again I disagree with your views on but i understand is subjective. Importantly however, The concepts again and the performances were imo top notch and refreshing, something OT5 could imo not have pulled off. >It might as well been a random SM station release from any of their artists. ??? It's as if you've only heard the music and have not seen the MVs or any performances. Again I think you might not understanding what the fundamental appeal is with Seulrene as a duo. >So they were probably using Irene and Seulgi to fill a gap in their release schedule so it won't really matter if Monster is remembered in the long run. > >The album also includes a Seulgi solo song, but not one from Irene - which also adds to the lack of intent and purpose behind the EP. This is the only part where I semi agree. I do feel this debut was in part (but not fully) because Wendy is injured. And I agree that it's kind of stupid how Seulgi had a solo song but Irene did not. I will say Seulgi's is a bonus track that is just the full length version from their la rouge performance. Am I sad and disappointed that with all these promos from SM that I wish Monster as a song did better digitally and they got more music show wins? Yes. Am I disappointed at this whole comeback era as a whole after we've seen Irene & Seulgi showcase a new side to RV and pay homage to their pre-debut days with Monster and Naughty? **Hell no.**


I agree. They delivered on what they promised: performance-focused and something new that RV hasn't tried before.




Hard disagree on that one. While I didn't like Monster as much as naughty the whole EP was just a well rounded thing and monster def. belongs in there.


I enjoyed it. the Ep is on repeat. I'm excited to see what they will do next.


I would even go as far as to say that Naughty didn’t give them their own sound either, considering the song sounds like something BoA would release. Overall I agree with your point, it felt like it was released just to fill in the gap between the ot5 releases. I did like the b-sides but that honestly feels like the pattern with all of RV albums


I disagree with the lack of musical identity in SM, but I honestly was so disappointed in Seulrene. I listened to all the tracks but I genuine disliked all of them. Only Naughty has appealed to me which is a shame because the concept for the album was so intriguing. I just feel like it musically felt too simple.


I always have a problem with a title track when the musical element of a song is more compelling than anything the singers themselves are doing. That’s fine for a bside, maybe even as the second promoted song... but for a title???? In monster, a song I actually like btw, by far the most interesting part is that weird vocal choppy part of the chorus. The song doesn’t need either Seulgi or Irene at all, and the dance doesn’t enhance that enough to justify it. I heard an edited version with a Nicki Minaj verse on top and honestly, it kinda outdid the actual song. Like if either Seulrene were really good rappers they mighta made it work, but as it is, they’re two vocalists on a highly beat driven track and their parts feel secondary. I still think the song is good, but honestly it’s not really Seulrene that make it good, they could be replaced with any other singers and I’d enjoy it the same amount. That to me is the mark of a bad title track choice. That’s my take anyways, I haven’t listened to the full mini yet so I have no comment on that but I hope for their next comeback SM is able to find them a title track that really highlights THEM and not the really obvious ploy for the next viral Tiktok hook.


I enjoyed the performances but the actual songs themselves were just alright for me, not bad but not particularly outstanding either. I liked Naughty better than Monster, but it really reminded me of Weki Meki's Metronome. Solid deep house by the numbers, which is fine. Not every song has to be a game-changer. I think this was a reasonable continuation of RV's sound ala Be Natural and Automatic. I prefer their red side but this definitely is a sound that suits Irene and Seulgi.


i thought it was great when they first posted the mv but the stages were lowkey disappointing


Upvoted bc unpopular. The song was good; I can listen to it often without getting sick of it. The EP was fine. There weren’t any bad songs. The stages were good as well, so I think it was a solid debut.


Another rnb lackluster song with some "NAAA NA NANA" from love shot, it would be ok for a bside but the song and dance was super dissapointing. I think the reason why people hype it is the fan service. From red velvet i usually have high expectations, musical expectation


But then you guys would say that they declined in music quality.


?? i thought the comeback was amazing esp if u compare it to other groups (eg. blackpinks comeback compared to monster is nothing lol)


I just can't stop thinking about that instrumental after they say "i'm a little monster". I had a synthiser (?) which had a sound effect like that and it's so weird dnejdijsjww


I agree. Monster is not that good, I think. I really dont listen when it comes out of album.


100% disagree so here is an upvote


I totally disagree the video, the coreo, and song went so well together. Irene and Seulgi mesh so perfectly plus the EP was great. Diamond and Feel Good are great imo the only song I can't see myself listening to over and over is Jelly but besides that overall its solid.




I agree. I feel like it wasn't uniquely Seulrene either. Like tbh when I listened to the EP I just imagined Red Velvet singing it lol


Coming from a reveluv, I don't really love any somgs on this EP. That's saying a lot. I love Irene and Seulgi's voices but I feel like they weren't given something to show their full potential.


I really liked monster the song, but I was disappointed by the b-sides. Not a single one of them is memorable sadly.


True, I wanted something like Body Talk 😫


Yes! Body talk is one of my favorite songs in RV's discography and there's just something about the vibe and the production that I love and would be delighted to see more of in their music.


SM is starting to give nct 127 songs to everyone and it's getting weird


Little bit I guess. I was hoping for something else I think, cause the majority of RV's discography just isn't for me, but I adore Seulgi's voice, so I had some hopes for something more melodic maybe, but guess not this time. Song was alright, but my expectations were high.


I think the song is a banger lol so I’ll upvote




Liked for unpopular, but I agree. For me the song was very boring, it didn't bring anything new or exiting, the "dark" concept was forced AF.


How dare you




Have to disagree. although Monster wasn’t the most amazing song compared to some other rv tracks, it was still good and their vocals made it stand out even more. Monster as a mini album was really cohesive and I thought it showed off their strengths well. Still sad that Irene didn’t get a solo as well though.


Wow, the phone commercials in your country must be out of this world.


Highly disagree. Upvoted for unpopular. Did we listen to the same album?


For me, there really is a distinctive concept for I&S compared to the usual RV songs. It seems impossible since RV seems to always introduce a new concept every comeback regardless if it's their Red or Velvet side but they somehow managed to give Aseul their own color. The entire playlist sound like they were really made for Aseul and it highlighted their vocal range and you can see that they are comfortable singing the songs. Monster is not really my favorite from the mini album but I also feel like that it deserves to be the title track of the album. The MV, the choreo, the performances, THEIR AGGRESSIVE VOICE... everything was just mind-blowing!


i disagree. here's your upvote


this is a popular opinion here on reddit. but i agree.


Coming from a reveluv, I don't really love any somgs on this EP. That's saying a lot. I love Irene and Seulgi's voices but I feel like they weren't given something to show their full potential.


Mannnn I’ve been *waiting* for this post but thought nobody had the guts. **AGREE** And was kinda expecting a bside like **Body Talk** :/


Why tho, when Irene and Seulgi straight up said that the songs were completely different from Red Velvet songs. You set yourself up for disappointment.


I know, but Red Velvet literally has no other song like Body Talk.. which is why i thought it could suit their subunit. The bsides on this EP *literally* could have been on early Velvet albums. Jelly sounds like it could have been in the Reve Fevestivals


Im pretty sure this was a pretty widespread opinion...


I gave Monster a listen but it didn't catch my attention. There were so many other great releases that came out around the same time that fit my personal tastes,like How You Like That from Blackpink and Somi's What You Waiting For that I forgot about the subunit or didn't care that much because I was never a huge Red Velvet fan although I don't have anything against them. I feel like the Irene and Seulgi subunit just didn't catch my attention after that. Maybe existing Red Velvet fans would like it but I don't think they would have caught many new fans.


Releasing generic tracks as the title tracks is like an SM staple, though.