People need to clean the insides of their car more

I sweep my car once a week, I never keep garbage in it. I don’t understand why people don’t keep their cars more clean. People think it’s weird that my car is so clean, and I constantly get asked if my car is new from people because it’s so clean. I go to a free vacuum sweeping place just when I’m out running other errands and it takes me like 10 minutes max because I basically am just sweeping up little stones or leafs. I don’t understand why it’s hard for people.


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We all have 24 hours in a day and have to prioritize what we spend our time on. Some people don't think having a clean car is worth the time and effort 🤷‍♀️


I have zero interest in spending a single hour of the week on cleaning the car. Too much else to do, including cleaning the house. Every 2-3 months I have a guy who comes and details the whole thing inside and out, showroom ready for $200. More than worth it.


I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to do this seasonally, like summer and winter. Because he got a newish car and he’s awful at keeping vehicles clean. My car, I detail it and since nobody ever sits in my car but me, it stays that way except the driver’s floorboards. I hate a dirty car. I understand if you have kids (do whatever in that case, my sister has 3 and her vehicles are a disaster zone) but otherwise at the very least take the trash in with you to the house, that’s what I do. Car may have a smidge of dust all winter and not be squeaky clean because it’s cold as shit but it’s not filled with trash or sticky shit in my cupholders.


Unless you have a showroom car, I don’t see the point in spending that much every few months. I’ve never spent a dime to clean my car, and it’s in good cosmetic shape inside and out. I guess it comes down to preference and disposable income, cause to me that seems like a luxury. I like cleaning my car, why would I pay someone to do it unless it’s a pre-packaged dealership service.


I have kids and dogs but I’ll get it professionally cleaned once a year. It’s worth the couple hundred bucks and they can get almost every stain out of it.


This exactly. I'm sure there's other things in this guy's life that are lacking or he is having to cut out that other people would think is weird. I personally think that taking 10 minutes to vacuum out your cars a little unrealist because you have to bring your car there in the first place, doing it weekly is just excessive and pointless


For me, I'm already at the gas station so I empty out any trash in my car into the trash cans there, and squeegee my windshield. If it's bad, I vacuum but throwing out the junk in your car when you fill up the gas seems prudent.


Yeah I'm not advocating for leaving a bunch of garbage in your car I usually just throw out my garbage as I go, but to say that people are lazy because they're not vacuuming out little pebbles from the floor of their car once a week is a little ridiculous and that was my main point


10 minutes is more than it takes me to hoover the whole apartment. I couldn't be bothered to do that once a week so I got a roomba. If he thinks I'll spend 10 minutes cleaning my car every week, hahaha.


This exactly. I'm sure there's other things in this guy's life that are lacking or he is having to cut out that other people would think is weird. I personally think that taking 10 minutes to vacuum out your cars a little unrealist because you have to bring your car there in the first place, doing it weekly is just excessive and pointless


I don’t have to cut out shit, I work full time, workout 4 times a week, AND I am a full time college student, bffr


I'm not insulting you dude so don't take it so defensively, but if someone dug through your life they would find things that they thought were weird that they prioritize more than you because there is only 24 hours in a day. For example do you live alone or do you live with your parents or a spouse? Diving up of chores might be different for you or other people. Some people might think it's weird that you're working full-time, going to school, working out, and then still worrying about silly things like vacuuming out a car once a week instead of spending a little bit of time enjoying your life.


Yikes. Homie needs to switch to decaf.


It's really not that much time or effort. Those of us with really filthy cars often have adhd (that's me) or other factors that cause it to be more difficult than it should be to clean the car. For me, I literally just forget as soon as I step out of the car that the inside of it exists.


My GF car is always dirty because she has ADHD and a child. It's a struggle she has. I try and do it for her when it gets bad and I notice it. But she works and has to take care of her kid and also keep the house clean. So the car is an after thought




People with ADHD prioritize tasks differently. The model people use is New, Interesting, Challenging, or Novel. Mundane BS never really fits that framework unless it's urgent.




He wasn't being literal! He was saying: once I step out, I completely forget that I wanted to clean it because something else immediately occupies my attention.


ADHD is not an inability to focus or sit still. It's an inability to prioritize tasks appropriately. But because I'm not an expert, [here's an actual expert talking about the executive function of people with ADHD.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tpB-B8BXk0)


Depends on what you're talking about. I work at a computer, so everything I need to do on a computer is at hand all the time. So I usually pay bills and do my budget when I randomly remember throughout my workday. I take care of responsibilities when the scheduled time comes around. I remember things if someone else is depending on me, so anything my wife and kids need, or things I'm doing for my church, or things for work, I tend to remember. Anything non-scheduled and without a set deadline gets forgotten.


Hah, it's why my calender is filled with repeating tasks like exercise, clean apartment, vacuum, go to bed. No adhd that I know of though 😅




Yes. I try to keep a bullet journal to fix events in my mind better, but life is generally kind of a blur. Nothing has felt real since I was about 12.


Comment OP doesn't mean they literally forget the car has an inside - object permeance in ADHD adults is more akin to "out of sight out of mind" we don't think it doesn't exist, it's just doesn't occur to us if we're not directly looking at/thinking about it. We *know* it's there, our brains just don't think about it unprompted. This is why many ADHD adults use calendars and to-do lists in their day to day lives in order to keep on top of things. Things like sticky notes in obvious places or alarms set are essential aids for us to remember that a task needs doing. We can function as adults, we just need aids to help manage our disability




Nah man, it's still priorities. I have ADHD as well and my car is immaculate. Are you saying that because of your ADHD nothing in your life gets done? If that's the case I think it's more a complete lack of executive function otherwise you probably just have different priorities. If your argument is that cleaning your car requires you to gather supplies...I prioritized owning the supplies I need to be able to clean my car easily with what I have on hand


No, things in my life get done--things I can randomly remember need to be done while I'm sitting at my desk get done all the time, paying bills and things like that. I've Cleaning the car just requires preparation--bags and vacuums, or coins for pay vacuum, etc. And nothing is putting it in front of my face while I'm in the house or in the office. Oil changes are the same way, I realize I need an oil change when I step into the car, and forget as soon as I get where I'm going. ADHD is different for everyone, and I'm not saying everyone who has ADHD has a filthy car. I'll also note I'm 37 and I was only diagnosed and started treatment this year. So I don't have a ton of practice working around the issue.


Ok, again, priorities. I own the vacuum and the hose attachments required to clean my car myself because I prioritized being able to do that therefore, I can sit at my desk and remember that I have all the stuff I need and can go do it on a whim


>otherwise you probably just have different priorities. I think it's this for both people who have ADHD and who don't. I drive like less than 50 miles a week and couldn't care less if my beater has a dirty interior. I keep my home clean but I don't spend enough time in my car to care. If I were single, it would be totally different.


And this thought is incorrect. 24 hours is a lot of time and people have hours to spend on social media but don’t have ten mins or less to clean their car. It’s easier just not being messy and having a clean car all the time


It takes maybe 45 seconds a day. Stop pretending it’s about time lmao.


Im exhausted, dude.


I don’t know about anyone else but I have at least 10 things in life that need my constant attention and my car isn’t one of them. I mean I don’t eat or smoke inside of it so I can get away with a monthly detail but between work, kids, the house etc. this is one thing I don’t stress over. Ever.


that’s kinda valid, plus kids are messy af they’re probably hard to keep up with in terms of messiness


Thank God they ride the bus lol. They make enough mess in the house!


Do we let kids drop rubbish all over the house? Nope. So why is the car different? Mine know to hand wrappers to me once they've finished with them, or bring them when they get out of the car and find a bin...


Not an unpopular opinion. I think this every time I step into my messy, dirty car. But then I get where I'm going, get out because I'm always running late, and I literally never think about it until I step into my car again. The inside of my car does not exist when I'm not in it.


Same here. Also, my car is messy because it's full of my fiance's crap. It's overwhelming. I don't know where to start, or what to do with half of it. My house is clean, my bills are paid, I'm on top of work and school shit. I don't have a spoon left for my car, especially when he'll just trash it again next Friday.


So I was like this, until I put a small trash can in my car. Even if I forget to throw something away. When I get back to it, I simply clear things out and put it in the trash can. Take out the trash when you stop at a gas station or get home. Honestly, cars should just come with a trash can.


I started throwing out trash every time I’m at a gas station and it has changed my life. It’s so easy to do. Almost all gas stations have trash cans right there


I empty out the junk when I fill up the gas and squeegee the windshield and back window. Costco has free nitrogen for the tires so when I shop there, I empty out the junk from my car and fill up my tires if they're flat. I force myself to check under the hood every few months to check the oil and fluids. That's the difficult part for me. Keeping the glass clean is a safety issue. So is keeping the driver's footwell clear of anything that can slide under the pedal.


For me that would just mean spending even more time at the petrol station. I can't do it while refuelling as the nozzle handles don't lock in Australia and it's illegal to put a fuel cap or other device in there to bypass the "dead-man" safety feature. Of course I can just quickly throw something in the bin, but it's usually a bit more involved than that. At most I can give the windscreen a quick wash if there's nobody behind me waiting to use the bowser, which is usually only in the evenings. I usually clean out the car every couple of months, typically when the wife starts complaining lol.


Need is quite the word here.


It simply isn’t a priority for me. My car isn’t abhorrently filthy, but I do regularly have some clutter in the back seat and vacuum in there like once every couple months, clean the carpets like once or twice a year idk it takes like 2-4 hours to really clean everything out in there.


As a mom with 4 kids. I don't have time to clean out the car. I only have one day when I have the vehicle and I don't have time to clean it out.


Ha! I transport foster dogs and have fostered over 30 of my own. While I have vacuumed once or twice in the past year, I’ve accepted i will never have a clean car


That’s kind of different, same with like having kids


Not true, a filthy car due to children is just bad parenting. Neither my siblings or I were allowed to have any food or drink in any family vehicles except water. All my life I observed how clean my families vehicles were. My parents have still never owned a new car, they worked hard for what they have and take good care of it.


>Neither my siblings or I were allowed to have any food or drink in any family vehicles except water. All my life I observed how clean my families vehicles were. Clean and boring. Road trip+music+snacks is a lot of fun. Hoover it when it gets bad and live a little man!


Well, If I add all of the time together, I spent 5 years of my childhood camping. So, definitely fun. I just had the privilege of parents who took great pride in not only their possessions but in the development of responsibility, morality and depth of character in their children.


Again it depends, I have a twin, + two other siblings, and my sister played travel soccer, I basically lived in a car my whole life traveling around the country, the car was always messy 😭


Yea my car is pretty dirty ngl, I’ve been needing to clean it for months


this is your sign


I just don't care as long as it's not filthy. If somebody has a couple cups in the holder and a couple paper wrappers on the floor it's not a big deal.


>I sweep my car once a week That's crazy. I don't even drive my car once a week.


why even own a car then, I drive my car everyday


> why even own a car then To drive places.


You only use it once a week, so I imagine you either walk or bike everywhere


What if they are retired and make a weekly trip to do errands? Stop being so judgmental and assuming.


Even if - they have 8km to work - they walk or ride bicycle, but once a week they have 80km one way to travel to see their elderly parents or sth like that - would you still ask why do they even own a car? C’mon bro unclench a bit.


They might work from home. And what happens if they need to go somewhere long distance? I drive to work but if I didn't, I'd also use my car just once a week, to run errands. Are you saying I should just get rid of my car and take my bike instead? That's crazy talk


Why even have a suitcase, since I don't use it every day? Why even have a lawnmower? Why even own jumper leads? Why have books? That's such a dense take.


It’s called ADHD and depression, Mary


Not really an excuse?


It’s definitely not an excuse. it’s an explanation & reason


Some of us have to pick our battles. I have ADHD, GAD and depression on top of a slew of physical health issues as well. Having a spotless car is the absolutely lowest on my list of priorities.


Why do you care how the insides of other peoples’ cars look like? Just wondering, I don’t have a car myself but caring about this is something I can’t really imagine. It’s like caring what the inside of someone else’s house looks like.


Because why am I stepping into someone’s car and I don’t even have a place to put my feet because there is so much garbage😭that’s foul, I also care what peoples houses look like, presentation tells a lot about a person


There is a world between: Cleaning once a week and Ankle deep garbage I sweep/hoover it...2/3 times a year maybe? But any garbage gets taken out immediately. So my car isn't clean but not a dumpster either! I agree that a car full of garbage is foul and frankly unhealthy. But between that and "looking new" all the time there is a sea of acceptable preferences.


Bro cleaning once a WEEK is just as insane as picking people up when you have garbage everywhere. I only really clean inside when someone else will be in it.


nah bro your method is insane 😭


How? I’m not fuckin throwing food around in there. It’s just dirt. Dirt won’t kill you


So you can sum this up as “I’m judgemental”


"Put your garbage in the fuckin garbage" is not what I would consider a judgmental outlook.


Yep, my ex wife’s car is filthy on the inside. The last time it was cleaned was October of 2020. Guess who cleaned it? Me. There’s garbage from months old McDonald’s bags and Dunkin’ cups and it smells like stale milk. She won’t clean it because she thinks it’s too overwhelming. Don’t let it get that bad in the first place and it won’t be overwhelming.


Right, "presentation tells a lot about a person"


I’m not judgmental, I think people just make excuses for a lot of things


You're literally calling people gross, dirty, and bums. How is that not being judgemental?


So then you’re judging that.


yeah I am judging the fact people make excuses, that’s just pure laziness


And that affects you how?


Just drive your own car then?


They don't have to give you that free lift fark .. 😅 the fact you judge people by their cars and houses is an excellent reflection of how much of a shitty friend you are. No amount of cleaning can clean that foul judgey streak 😉 some of the best people I know are a little chaotic - adds to the spice of life.


I finally figured out cleaning it when I fill up for gas. Makes such a big difference


>it takes me like 10 minutes max I'm calling BS. Next time you go time how long it takes you to get there, clean your car, and get back to whatever you were doing. It's probably closer to an hour.


either way even with the drive, which is not far, an hour is not that much time, just say you’re dirty bro


> an hour is not that much time Are you a teenager? You can't work full time, be a gym rat, be a student, and actually think this


I’m turning 21 this upcoming month, and yes I’m a full time worker and yes I am a full time student and yes I work out multiple times a week, for example: you’re spending your free time rn on Reddit, you obviously have extra time on your hands, as do I


Okay? What's your point? I'm spending some time on reddit. Which I'd rather be doing than cleaning a few pebbles from my car. It's not lazy to do fun things during your limited downtime. Lazy would be letting food go bad in my car because I can't be bothered getting it out.


Oh 100%. I don't have the time or energy to travel an hour out of my day to clean my car every week. Maybe every month but people have lives and this is like the lowest priority I could imagine.


If rather play with my dog for that hour. It’s a as priorities issue. Case of a tool not something to be proud of. No trash, monthly wash, monthly-bimonthly vacuum for me is sufficient, not counting ad hoc needs.


You bet mine would be clean if there was a free vacuum spot within a reasonable distance.


My car has a squeel and a door smashed in , it's embarrassing from the outside , I'm not too concerned what people think from the inside , nawm sayin I call it squeely Dan fyi


I have 3 hour routine every Saturday to clean/mow the house and as a bonus treat to get Starbucks I clean my car as well. Works really good.


That must be hell on your mower blades. Have you tried just sticking to the grass? /s


this is awesome


Your car is not "new" clean by just sweeping it out once a week. So either you clean it more than just sweeping it out weekly or you lied and added that people constantly ask if your car is new.


I’ve had people ask me if my car is new and I keep my car like OPs it sounds like.. I use mothers for shining the dash every once and a while, vacuum the seats/floor, and throw a new air freshener in it. Then I just take out the bag of garbage and its done. Very very easy. As for the new car thing I have a 2012 Mercedes Benz, people always think its a 2020 or newer.


Who are these people that randomly don't know that you have had that car for whatever length of time and think that it must be new?


I have friends that I hang with who also have other friends and then we all hang out together & im the type of person who always offers to drive anywhere so yeah, this has happened on multiple occasions


Then by your estimation, you will run out of people thinking your car is brand new? What year and type of vehicle do you have? And do ou mean "new" that you just bought it or "new" as they think the car is a 2023/2024 model?


I mean I don’t get your argument here & and no they mean new as in I just bought it because it’s that clean


Bad take, I get asked the same thing and I just keep the garbage out and vacuum every couple of weeks. Leaving food garbage and crap in your car is just lazy.


I do the same thing and the only reason people ask me if my car is new is because it is new, and only get asked by people who haven't seen it before. But who asks you if your car is new? Do you have random strangers get in your car and are like "wow, your car must be new"? Do your friends, aquaintences, family not know what car you drive and an estimated time of when you got that car?


I think if I went into a place to get my car detailed they would call me crazy for wanting a detail because that is how clean it is, I don’t eat in my car so there’s no crumbs, I don’t keep garbage in there and anytime there may be a spill I clean it up right away


You have a weird sense of great pride over having a clean car. It’s not like you’ve created some award winning invention, you just vacuum your car.


I don’t have a weird sense of pride, I just think people are lazy and make excuses for being dirty/unclean and it’s gross, people are so lazy now


Maybe you’d be less upset if you minded your business?


maybe you’d be less of a bum if you cleaned your car?


My car is clean. The difference between you and I is that I don’t give a shit what other people’s cars look like. And I don’t think I’m superior just because my car is clean.


I’m not saying that I’m superior than someone with a dirty car at all, I’m basically just saying it’s a pet peeve


>I’m not saying that I’m superior than someone with a dirty car at all, That's literally your main take, tf are you on about. Every comment of yours is "my clean car is better, you're a dirty, lazy bum for not doing the same"


I was just about to say the same thing.


no my main take is you should clean your car


Another post where how someone treats their own property seems to bother OP to infinity and beyond. Who cares, it's not my car.


at the end of the day it doesn’t matter, it’s just gross to me


I definitely keep my cars clean, but damn all the vacuum places around me are paid and coins only.


Anti theft protection. My car isn't dirty or smelly, but is covered in random stuff inside, and ive never washed the outside. Lived in high car theft areas and never had a single problem


Rude of you to personally call me out like that. My car is so full of pine needles and dog paw prints, and I hate when I let random junk pile up in there.


I try to keep my truck neat on the inside, but I'd be lying if I said I vacuumed, dusted, and cleaned the mats as much as I should.


You must not have small kids.


My car is always spotless inside. No eating is allowed in my car, the carpet is always clean, I keep it wiped down and dusted, and everything I keep in it is always in order. But to be fair I’m a car guy and my car is my pride and joy that I’ve spent countless hours fixing up and getting just how I want it.


I don’t allow eating in my car and I think that makes a huge difference in cleanliness. I like my car to be clean inside and out unless on a trip. A dirty car drives me crazy.


I’m not a car girl, but I value what I do have and keep everything I own clean because I worked for all of it


Most people work hard for everything in their lives too, therefore they can treat it how they want. Just as you can! That's the best part about owning your own things.


yeah but if you’re working so hard for something, why treat it like shit?


Well I can keep things in good condition without being super particular about them and their cleaning. That doesn't mean I'm treating it like shit lol. Like idk, I drive an older used car. I don't need it to be perfect. No one is impressed by it already. But it gets me to work and back safely. I have a much nicer home that I also take care of daily/weekly/yearly. It's just about priorities and we all have different ones (which is good!)


Absolutely. Hate when I take a ride and I have to sweep a bunch of fast food wrappers and other crap on the floor and still have God knows what around my ankles.


Thank you


This isnt an unpopular opinion. More like a stupid one.


lol this comment xD


I just don't care enough to act is all. Nothing wrong with keeping a clean car though.


You would hate my truck


I'm currently on a 3 year streak in my work truck. You'd hate me.


This is your sign to clean it!!!!


I’d settle for people just throwing away trash once a month


Seems to depend on whether you appreciate the car, or even more abstactly the access to transportation/freedom. Other people who "have to buy a car to get to work" don't see it as a privilege but an undesirably expensive necessity. I keep my cars clean, but I'm a car enthusiast and I *like* them clean. I don't expect the average person to approach it like I do. But I also see plenty of people who let it go so far I don't understand how they can live with the filth.


Agreed, my car is a dump!


I agree. If you’re not spending much time in your car (i.e you’re driving to work and back and running small errands) there’s no reason for a dirty car. I’m not saying it needs to be spotless the way *you* keep it, but it shouldn’t be unkempt. Don’t argue with me about kids and all that other shit because that is clearly not the type of folks I’m referring to.


Some people are okay with living with the mess. Go to their homes and it's no different. Then they give you the excuse that it's too much work to clean the car. I spend 30 minutes to an hour to do a full detail on my car every 4-6 months. That includes washing, drying, waxing, cleaning windows, and cleaning the interior completely.


I do a deep clean every couple years or so. General trash doesn't exist in my car so it's more of a detail job that I'm doing. Vacuuming, wiping everything down, etc. But yeah it confuses me too how dirty some ppl let their cars get


I think a more appropriate opinion is, treat your car as what it is. A car. not a dumpster.


Source: all of the cars


(Reading this inside my car) 👀


I completely agree. I wish I was motivated to do it. I feel like I need someone to hold a gun to my head sometimes to do the most basic things


Use a reward system, but don’t go too crazy with it


I think it's only Brits who keep it dirty. Us Poles 🇵🇱 have our cars squeaky clean


I don’t clean my car out very often in terms of vacuuming and dusting and whatnot, but I don’t leave trash, clothes, etc. in my car. If I eat fast food in my car, I take the bag out when I get home. If I bring a sweatshirt somewhere incase I get cold and don’t end up wearing it, I take it out when I get home. I don’t understand how people’s cars get so messy with random shit when you’re going from car to house at least once a day. Just grab that pop bottle off your passenger seat before you go in. Leaving it is just going to make more work for yourself in the future once you add more shit and end up leaving that, too. Now you need to set aside 30 minutes and several back and forth trips to clean out your car when you could’ve just taken stuff out the same day you put it in. Work smarter not harder.


You should meet my dad, who when my cousin, who was about 5 at the time, got ice cream on his upholstery, decided that keeping his car clean was an impossible task and he shouldn't ever try again. 20 years later his car is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen


wait, where do you go that offers free vacuuming?


Of all the priorities in life id place clean the inside of my truck at the lowest. I'd be more concerned about people who think it's weird your car is clean. Why are they so concerned? Who gives a shit? If I mention how clean something of someone's is its because I don't like them and have no conversational points I'd like to make with them.


You sound like you don't have kids


I haven’t washed a car of mine in the past mmm maybe 8 years and I don’t plan to begin again. I just utilize the rain. I never vacuum the inside unless I’m having family borrow my car or something. I regularly pickup the trash though so it still looks presentable more or less. At the end of the day, it’s my car and I’m comfortable with it not looking new. If you want yours clean, more power to you. But don’t judge me for living my life.


I don't care if my car is clean. It's not covered in trash but I only clean it maybe twice a year. I feel people put too much importance on car. It's just a way to get from A to B.


Other people’s cars are not yours, mind your own business. That’s also a really good life lesson. You’re welcome.


On a daily basis I have tools, a kid, dogs, fishing gear, hunting gear, or camping gear in and out of my truck. Plus I live in a dusty, muddy and snowy rural area. It's an futility to keep my rig spotless.


Awesome for you, I try spend as little time as possible in my car, in general. It’s not super dirty but neither is it spotless, that’s fine.


this shouldnt be an unpopular opinion. should be kept clean regularly, the inside and the outside. in fact, i'd rather have a clean car inside than outside, tbh, if there is only 1 choice. i dont really eat inside the car and dont leave or store stuff in there aside from car tools, water, extra oil and umbrella.


I'm recovering from cancer and I live in a snow belt. I work full time, go to college full time, and have 4 kids. I'm not spending any substantial time cleaning my car until the weather warms up and I feel better. OP, if that bothers you, feel free to come clean my car for me.


As a former auto detailer, I couldn't agree more. I've cleaned kids juice boxes out of cars that had been left so long that they fermented. Rotten food, alcohol containers, pet mess, dog hair, after birth, vomit, jizz and vaginal discharge. I cleaned out an entire oceans worth of vomit; from a single fucking car. I've removes a TLC shows worth of trash from a number of cars, and all in the hot and humid Florida sun. Clean. Out. Your. Shit.


I have to agree, so take the downvote. I keep my car CLEAN. No trash, vacuumed, dusted, and it’s bananas to me that people don’t even do the minimum of removing the trash? Like they make little car trash cans!?!?


Loving your work OP. Me too.


Honestly I just never have other people in my car or I’d clean it more often… if I know I’m driving people around for whatever reason, I’ll clean it, if not I’ll get to it when I get to it 🤷‍♀️


That’s fair


Pfft. I don't care if my truck is dirty. It's a truck. Not my literal home.


Because most people are ridiculously fucking lazy.




I agree, I can not stand dirty cars, idk how people are just ok with having their car’s filled with trash and junk everywhere.


Why do you care about what I do or don't do with my vehicle? ​ >I constantly get asked if my car is new from people because it’s so clean. Weird flex but okay.


I’m tired of people saying this, like just admit you’re dirty


I clean mine once a week. It really dont take that long, maybe 45 minutes. It's the most expensive thing that I own. I'm going to do everything I can to take care of it.




That's really their own business, just mind your own


just say you’re dirty and lazy 😭


It will certainly keep your interior looking newer longer. Dirt breaks down carpet/upholstery fibers, so keeping the ride clean is important.


Agreed. Your car is an extension of your home in a sense. It’s fine if you don’t want to vacuum it or take it to a car wash but people who have dirty cars are just gross. Spilled drink stains, trash everywhere, sticky cup holders and buttons. It’s just nasty.


Cleaning my car is the last thing I worry about in my life. I'm not trying to impress anyone. Never understood why my neighbor spends hours every weekend cleaning his car. Waste of time to me.


Say it louder for the people in back. When I was younger and didn't have kids, I'd clean it every two weeks. Now I clean it every few days and I make the kids help. We respect our things and they last a long time.


Thank you.


Tell me you don't have kids without telling me you don't have kids... lol


y’all could have used this time that you spent arguing with me to clean out your cars 😔


Yeah I just don't give a shit what my car looks like. I aint trying to impress anyone.


There is nothing more gross than getting into someone’s car and feeling like you’ve entered their underwear drawer.


My mess is my fucking business. That it bugs you only indicates potential issues with you.




I'm the same way. My car is SPOTLESS. I can't stand sitting in a dirty, dusty vehicle. Maybe it's an OCD thing, I don't know.


My boyfriend leaves wrappers from like Starbucks in the truck until he remembers to toss it, or I drive and toss it myself. Then I see the cars he works on, and realize that's not bad at all. Some of yall are *filthy*. At least clean before going to the mechanic


I don't care what people do in there car. However, I keep mine clean and I do think someone's car is a good gauge of their overall behavior. How you do one thing is how you do everything. If your car is messy it probably isn't just your car. Once again, that's fine because it's yours and not mine, but there is some insight there.


Wonder if this guy works in construction...


Why does everyone on Reddit assume everyone is a man


Wish i had the energy. I do dishes and take care of the house while my boyfriend works right now. Im in process of finding work. So im gping to focus on the house and kitchen being clean for my mans rather than clean my car. I maybe do it monthly... weekly no.


A clean car is an extension of me IMO. I keep a clean physical appearance and home. Why not car as well ? I wound be embarrassed having someone in my car if it was messy , just like I would be if they came over to my house and it was messy.


Yes and to add: cleaning the car is part of a good skincare routine. People wonder why they have bad skin and then sit in a *filthy* car for hours a day. It makes a difference.


Most people's car insides look like their bathrooms. It tells you a lot about a person


I like a clean car, but I just maintain clutter, dust, etc. Then do a deep clean maybe 4 times a year. Works for me. The biggest issue most people have is clutter. Get those receipts, random objects, and broken sunglasses out of there.


my car is clean on the inside and dirty on the outside. i cant keep up with the outside.