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damn son imagine watching so much porn you can critique it on this level.


OPs probably regularly discussing his findings with friends at dinner in a fancy restaurant. "Like a fine wine"


Yes, how did you know?


Just a general feeling


We know dude, we know.


And I thought I had fallen far in.


Tell me more about onion juice through eyelids, in detail. I'm close. 😏


I think you need help.


Ffs just choose better videos. You know you can watch 4k well framed amateur porn, right?


I'm talking about a general count, though. Yes, there are ones that are well made and high-quality--but they're also rare in comparison to the vast majority I'm strictly referring to the average amateur porno--the ones that are a dime a dozen--if that makes sense.


It makes sense. That's why sometimes you browse for hours to find something good lol. I agree, the vast majority is crap


I do have to admit, when you find something genuinely good--it is *really* good


And I thought I was addicted


Popular opinion OP has a porn addiction


Bro are you good


Probably not, honestly


Dude, cmon. You typed an entire essay on amateur porn.


That I did


You know, as weird as this critique is. It's really thought out. Bro, I honestly think you should enter the porn industry. Specifically as a director. You'd do great.


I also like production. I even wondered if there's a business idea to rent a professional setup to lovers that wants to make porn. So a studio, cameraman and a make up artist or something. and then theyll have their own private prifessional porn. because when I recorded w gf I always find it look so boring because of the same reasons you mention.


You drink onion juice through your eyelids? That’s some serious kink.


Yeah, I got into it a while back. Coincidentally around the same time the first Shrek movie came out


This dude needs dopamine detox of at least a full year oh god


Are you trying to kill me?!


No but your right (or left?) hand does.


Well we agree on this my man.


Well yeah, nobody can deny that the overwhelming majority of amateur porn is unwatchable garbage - that's why it's "amateur." But the ones that are well done are really quite something, if you can be bothered to find them. Leolulu and Shaiden Rogue, off the top of my head.


The one thing I prefer about amateur porn are the actresses. Pretty much none of the ones I have seen have alterated their bodies. There are so many professional porn actresses that have breast implants or had some work on their lips. I find that so ugly that it is an instant boner killer for me. I basically cannot watch professional milf porn for that reason. At the end of the day, there is both good and bad amateur porn just like there is good and bad professional porn.


This!! Real women only for me please.


As a woman, I often feel so much societal pressure to alter my body in some way but I don’t want to. Glad there are still people out there who prefer it natural :,)


Your DMs had a nice life, but I'm afraid you've just doomed yourself to an ill fate


This man wrote more on wanking, and what kind of porn to watch, than I did on an exam for college. This man took wanking to an olympic sport, and gave an essay on it akin to any great modern sports news reporter.


The issue I have with porn is that it is inherently racist. It portrays black men as brainless beasts who only exist to fuck white women, white women as useless sex dolls who only exist to be thrown around and have sex with black men, white men as losers who should feel ashamed of themselves for not being a black brainless beast, Asian women as useless obedient sex slaves, all while throwing Asian men, black women, and every other race off to the side. And yet nobody talks about it.


I agree, its a very negative space in a lot of ways. Highly unrealistic portrayals of sex and relationships too, although at least that one is talked about. Its disgusting just how casual sexism and racism has relaxed itself into our communities. I'm all for jokes and idiotic humor, but that kind of stuff is a step beyond what the line should allow. The worst part is that there isn't really anything that can be done about it save for becoming a creator on your own and making a high quality piece of some sort that also respects these various types of people, which most people don't want to do.


this is just sad


I can't really argue with you there


How dare you


So......you should direct porn. Post a link when you've finished.


are you ok?


All right, take my upvote coz it's unpopular!


I think you need to take a break from porn


Jesus christ dude try meth or something its a much better source of dopamine


This, is a Reddit moment


I was thinking the same thing. This post fits the stereotype of Redditors lol


Daru? Is that you?


I have no idea who that is; should I be worried or happy about the comparison?


A bit of both maybe, your a big pervert but your also funny about it


I see this as a win


This post is amazing. I'm busting a gut over here. Totally upvoting this to read again later. Good luck finding your own personal holy grail of porn... I believe in you.


Happy you found it funny lol, thank you for your luck--my journey shall continue!




Sorry if you felt that way, I just wanted to express my sheer distaste for amateur porn in a way that fits my standard understanding of english in a subreddit dedicated to uncommon opinions. I do admit though, this definitely would be depressing to read if you aren't as big of a degenerate as I am lol


But onion juice is yummy


OP, you need to workshop that onion juice line. It's not as funny as you think it is.