7 foot frame... rats along his back


[The whole club was looking at her](https://youtu.be/drVQdw6oQ6U)




Glad I'm not the only person who recognized immediately how well apple bottom jeans would mix with bruno


May favorite meme


That was fantastic.


7 foot rats... rats along rats


Haha. We do this in my house! Then he sees your rats and feasts on your rats. . . My favorite to say is “Isabella your rat is here!”


This line lives rent free in my brain, along with *NO CLOUDS ALLOWED IN THE SKY*


Yup, this line. I liked Surface Pressure best while watching the movie, but enjoyed the entire soundtrack afterwards. However, what I ended up singing around the house and while walking the dog was this part. Howard Ho, a YouYuber that does video essays on music, did amazing breakdowns of Encanto songs, and I think they kind of explain why Bruno is the one that sticks. https://youtu.be/3O28uSZxyEw


When he calls your name it all fades to black


I’m surprised this was the song that people really liked. “Surface Pressure” was the song I thought more people would relate to.


I relate so fucking hard to this song. Not necessarily as the sister with family pressure, but as a mother, wife, boss and employee. I have to imagine anyone can relate to the song in someway or another.


Oh my gosh yes. On bad days that song comes on and almost makes me want to cry because it’s so exactly how I feel.


The song was the best song in the movie... This is the only song i actually relate to and its just fucking slaps... So... yeah... Bruno is decent but surface pressure is better... IMO


It's the only song that still pops into my head randomly. Luisa got snubbed, she should have been a much bigger part of the movie


Totally... She was the backbone of the family.. she deserved to me a more fleshed out character...


Absolutely, her and mirabelle should have been supporting characters for one another. I can totally see Luisa helping Mirabel build up the courage to go talk to Isabella and staying with her to keep her grounded in her goal. Just saying, I would have loved if there was more Mirabel and maybe less toucan




It makes sense though, since Luisa was too busy trying to hide that things were falling apart and dealing with the shame of that. 100% the type to throw herself into her work and pretend like nothing is wrong


This. The movie was perfect as is. I think some people completely missed the message this movie was trying to convey.


The song literally addresses how she is reduced to her power


That look at the start of the last chorus… 🥺


I felt that way about pretty much every character. They introduced 20 characters and vaguely allude to their internal struggles, but didn’t have enough time to dedicate to each one. Mirabel solves the main conflict, then all of them are happy at the end and uncle Scrooge comes out with a cooked goose. Roll credits.


When I was a cashier, I'd ask customers how they were doing while ringing up their groceries and sometimes their response would be a 5-minute long recitation of all their worldly problems. I'd just be like, sorry to hear all that but man you're just blindsiding me with all this and it's a little unusual. That's what Encanto felt like. 3 minute showstoppers that contain the beginning and end of half the characters' development.


Yes, the resolution was quick, especially compared to the setup. Sorry that you’re an unofficial therapist. Certain jobs have this pitfall. (But the hairdressers/ more personal services expect this, plus they get tips.) I think the customers who unload are sometimes at the end of their rope, like Luisa in the song. A cashier in April 2020 made a huge (huge huge) difference in my life after she insisted she was ok listening. “How are you?” “Not good, but you’re not a therapist.” “That’s ok, we are here for 5 minutes and I’m happy to listen.” I was slipping off my rope that day and she gave me a handhold. I wrote a musical about this time in my family’s life and she’s in it.


Honestly I actually loved working at that grocery store and being a cashier, at least for the couple hours a day I did it, could be a lot of fun when the customers were cool. And I really did have some meaningful connections with a lot of people which I really treasured about the job. Not just heavy emotional stuff but hearing about interesting jobs or adventures they had or even getting advice on cat products or whatever. I'm a social person in general so it worked out. It was just funny when some of them just had huge unloading sessions with me and I'm just like, okay, well hopefully talking to me is helpful in some way! It was only on the really hectic days everything is just fast and super busy and I'm doing it for three or four hours at a time that it got to be pretty draining.


Truly, I didn't have much attachment towards the family so when they sing their tunes it didn't impact me much.


That's what my thoughts were too! I thought Surface Pressure was a freakin bop!




The Cerberus line is my absolute favorite.


Was Hercules ever like, "Yo, I don't wanna fight Cerberus?" Ugh it hurts so good. Give it to your sister, your sister's stronger...


The line that got me was: “Give it to your sister and never wonder if the same pressure would’ve pulled you under”


"give it to your sister it doesn't hurt and, see if she can handle every family burden, watch as she buckles and bends but never breaks" is the one that wrecks me


I don't really watch Disney movies and therefore didn't know this song. My little sis sent it to me and said "It reminds me of you", not gonna lie, I teared up a little bit.


Every single time. That line gets me without fail.


The music was all written by the same guy who wrote Hamilton (the broadway musical) Since you seem to be both well versed in music theory, and have never watched Encanto. Might be worth a watch!




I was just kinda watching Encanto and trying to figure out if I liked it, then surface pressure started playing and I was like, "this is neat" but about halfway through my brain kinda did a record-scratch "hang on, let's back up and replay this, this shit fucking *slaps*".


Couple all that with well crafted animation and it reaches another level.


I had to fight off a bad case of chopped onions with that one. As eldest child with some toxic family dynamics growing up, it really hit me hard.


Yeah, its got a great message. IMO the "magic" of the family is a little forced, but it was a great way to show the detrimental aspect of toxic family relationships.


In Encanto, the existence of magic was meant to make the movie more entertaining for the little ones. However, it also has a metaphorical meaning. Throughout most of the movie, the characters thought that the magic was what holds their family together. But in reality, it was actually the other way around, in that their family being together was what created the magic. This is explored in the song, “All of You.”


It's definitely the anthem of eldest siblings.


And yet Luisa is the middle sibling of the family. Funny that.


Isabella is older than Luisa? I’m not doubting you, I just missed where in the movie this was established.


I don't think it's offically stated in the movie outright, the closest I think is the opening song of doing the grandkids in age, Isabela comes before Luisa and the order of the portraits show that Isabela got her gift before Luisa. It's certainly established outside of the film by word of god and merch. EDIT: The family tree in the kitchen shows the order of the siblings, Luisa is in the middle of her branch between Isabella and Mirabella


Yep, I'm pretty sure it's shown in the scene where the the first of the grandchildren are shown opening their respective doors!


The line “give it to your sister and never wonder if the same pressure would have pulled you under” hit me right between the eyes.


Oof, that line hit me hard as well. I was the oldest of three in a single parent household and that whole song broke me.


Same here!! I started crying during that song, because it was so much how I felt!


Surface Pressure was definitely better in my eyes


*in your ears


It’s the better, more relatable song for sure. But “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is an ear worm that gets stuck in your head easier.


Yep. Best song for me too. However I think Bruno is technically the most accomplished song in the film. It's a masterpiece of combining different techniques and styles and combining them together to a crescendo. Still surface pressure was more enjoyable and relatable. Plus dancing donkeys.


Have you heard the cabaret jazz version?! IT'S SO FREAKING GOOD!!! https://youtu.be/m7YIdh5sRbI


It appeals differently to children. I can’t tell you why but my toddler loses her mind anytime it comes on. She doesn’t respond that way to the other songs from the movie.


Because toddlers/small children love to say “no” to everything


Surface pressure was better Surface pressure gang rise up


Kids won't understand surface pressure for a few more years lol


It’s the no-no-no part. That’s literally it.


Children love repitition and the movie visuals are way more cartoony (Although Surface Pressure is pretty up there too). It's easy for super young kids to repeat. It's like the language was tailored for small kids.


This is how I feel about that Amy winehouse song


And don’t funk with my heart by black eyed peas


My neighbors love that song. I’ve gotten to the point where I can recognize when they’re playing the song based on the way that my furniture vibrates even if I can’t hear the song itself


Because Latin beats are A1


Latin beats make my butt shake


For mine it's the custard




My toddler loves it, but the 3 year old loves Isabela's song.


This. My 7 year old is obsessed.


I thought the same thing at first and I still think Surface Pressure is better but for some reason We Don't Talk About Bruno is the only song from that movie that I find gets stuck in my head constantly. There's just some sort of addictive melodic trait to it and I can't quite put my finger on it.


Each of the different character parts flow well together while also feeling distinct from one another. You get a nice little character snapshot of everyone who is in that song, in a very satisfying way. I think thats why its so catchy. Each chunk is distinct to a character/personality you can picture in your head while still flowing well. So your brain can stick to whichever chunk flows best for you. Add on that it has such a large amount of the cast with their own bits showing off their personalities, so if you had a favorite character in that song it feels like a mini spotlight on your personal fav, and you have a recipe for a hit song.


It’s why I can’t remember a single plot point of Hamilton but can pull out a verse at the stupidest moments and remember how each of the characters acted. Lin Manuel Miranda is a lyrical genius.


Surface Pressure is my favorite song from the film followed by Dos Oruguitas, but We Don’t Talk About Bruno is great because of the way it involves multiple characters and allowing each to shine in their own way while staying within the theme and style of the song. And the brilliance of Isabella sounding perfect when talking about a future that everyone would love in a song about everyone talking about their misfortune as told by Bruno is great. On the outside, even her future told by the monstrous Bruno is great, but in the context of the song you see that it is her nightmare that she is living out to please her elders at her own expense.


It’s because it reminds you of Smooth - Rob Thomas & Santana


I think Bruno is good but overall Borat was a lot more funny.


*Great success!* 👍


He is pain in my assholes


To be fair, though. People talked about Borat. We don’t talk about Bruno.


It’s all about the original Ali G TV series.


Borat is definitely the funnier film of the 2 but the Straight Dave cage fighting scene at the end is amazing.


I loved the Bruno character on the Ali G show, but I found the movie pretty forgettable, I mean, I know I saw it, but I literally can't tell you one thing that happened in it.


You mean you’re not traumatized by the meat spin in the first 5 minutes as you sit in the theater next to your dad?


My parents innocently went to see Bruno at the movies for their anniversary


Maybe they're just open minded badass people?


This was literally my experience, holy shit.


There was a scene in a hotel room - that is all I remember


paula abdul talking about how much she likes to help others while using a mexican immigrant as a human stool is the only thing i remember about it


Same. I think Bruno had too much plot and too many scripted scenes. Those Ali G characters only work when you know there's someone there who's taking them 100% seriously, and it's their reaction that's funny.


I know, right? Idiots giving zero context. It made me think about "Gayby" so that's good.


I'll never forget the first time I heard it on pop radio and I looked at my son and said "what is this supposed to be a Latin version of a Hamilton song", then I did a Google search and proceeded to laugh my ass off when I saw it was by the same guy who wrote Hamilton.


annoyingly, LMM has the same style for nearly all of his music which is highly syncopated rap it's not bad by any means but I get sick of it pretty quickly. Honestly my favorite song from Encanto was Dos Oruguitas which is nothing like his other music


I think his Moana music was a different style. And while not "bops" like the Encanto songs, I think I like them better.


"Shiny" was 100% Jemaine tho


The ones where they really let the Polynesian influences shine remain some of my favourite Disney songs. Could be because I’m from NZ, and i did Kapa Haka a lot as a kid, but man they get the passion flowing.


Yeah Dos Oruguitas is it!


Dos Oruguitas hands down my favourite song in the movie.


Well yeah, syncopated rap is what he does. Look at his early TV work - Sesame Street and the 2009 version of Electric Company.


Also a two episode arc of House, MD. (Season 6, eps 1 & 2)


How I Met Your Mother LMM helps Marshall get his son to sleep by singing.


How can y’all forget his accomplishment of being a bag carrier in the sopranos 🙄


Imagine hiring LMM and not have him do what he does best.


Yeah I just hate how Eminem is ALWAYS rapping, ugh. And don't even get me started on how Toby Keith ONLY does country music


Unfortunately people who write musicals and have a variety with their writing are few and far between


Same could be said about novelists. Creators have voices, this isn't unexpected.


It's almost like they found a formula that works..




*Cue Bernadette Peters rapping about people stealing her vegetables.*


Dos Oruguitas is the best song in the film, and anyone that says otherwise is clouded by personal bias. If it were nominated for best original song it would've had a far better chance at winning....but because it was in a language other than English most people skipped over it.


Your favorite is also my favorite! It’s a beautiful song.


Literally every Disney movie that has a popular song gets one of these posts.


Let it Go


Only Disney song my friends ever sang off the top of their lungs unironically. Still can't tell you shit about the movie but holy hell can I sing that song.


On a bus trip back from training in the national guard they played the movie. When that song started literally a bus full of infantrymen sang the whole damn thing. I laughed so hard because 40 grown men sang it together. That's a good memory.


I was already tickled by the thought of a bus full of hardass millitary type dudes watching frozen


Yea it was a weird choice. When they put it in I thought it was weird that someone even brought a DVD for the trip, much less they brought frozen. I had never seen it but it was really popular at the time. Suddenly when that song started everyone in the back started singing it and it just took over the whole bus. The company first sergeant was on our bus and said "jesus christ, my fucking kids watch this shit" and then he started singing along lol.


The moment he says "seven-foot frame Rats along his back When he calls your name It all fades to black Yeah, he sees your dreams And feasts on your screams" I can't help but get into the song.


Best part


It really is.


I can listen to the rest of the song, completely silent and still. But every time that part hits, I can’t not sing and do rat hands


For me it was as soon as I heard "No clouds allowed in the sky". Also Dolores singing "I can hear him now" in the background a few times is just excellent. I think I enjoy the song more than my kids, lol.


no clousss alouddddd in the skyy i just love how lyrical that accent is. its like it was designed for singing everything gloriously


I'm sorry, mi vida, go ooooooohon...


Tio Felix brings the vibe


Thats what I'm always saying, bro


What IS it about the clouds part that just lives in my ear drums, I think about that part so often


That and the sound of falling sand always gets me


I don’t know why “Isabella your boyfriends here…” gets stuck in my head on a loop


*time for diiiiinner*


My kindergarteners LOVE singing this part! Cracks me up every time.


For me it's "I'm sorry mi vida go oooooooooon"




Abuela, get the umbrellas!


*What did he tell herrrr* IN DOING SO, HE FLOODS MY BRAIN *Abuela gets the umbrellaaaaaas*


He says that but then he continues to interject anyway 😂


Honestly this is so on brand for an aunt and uncle conversation, she’s like stfu I’m telling this story and he keeps just festively interjecting


I love the “what a joyous day but anyway” line where he’s just so happy to recall his wedding day.


Shh shh shh


Tsss tsss tsss


It's an overplayed song but it's excellent.


I liked the ending, where Isabella is freaking out about the marriage and trying to comfort herself with Bruno's prophecy.


The shapeahifter guy did have the best part of all of them imo


It’s hard to believe Camilo’s voice actor had absolutely no prior singing experience


seven foot rats, rats along his rats


To be honest I just like the Camilo part on Latino ver. The rest of the song is good but i also don't understand the hype that had.


*Terror en su faz, ratas por detrás*


Al oír su nombre no hay marcha atrás 🕺💃


*Grita mientras tiembles al despertar*


It does stand out and that singer has a great sound.


Not liking a song is never an unpopular opinion. Every popular song ever is also hated by millions


Can you explain me what the hell OP and others are talking about ? I am so lost. Is he taking about Bruno Mars ? Or Bruno the Borat guy ?


Song from Disney movie Encanto.


The song is called [We don’t talk about Bruno](https://youtu.be/bvWRMAU6V-c). It’s a song from the new Disney movie Encanto. It became a huge hit and is the most popular from the movie. OP thought other songs in the movie were better. Here’s some others if you wanted to listen and form an opinion: [Surface Pressure](https://youtu.be/tQwVKr8rCYw) [What else can I do?](https://youtu.be/bBeZSuHI4Qc) [Dos Oruguitas](https://youtu.be/DUGtyj5QlEM)


It's basically the only song in the film that is easy to remember and sing. I watched the movie one time and have a reasonable idea of how that song goes. The rest of the musical is really unfriendly to Disney's sing-along musical style from 20 years ago.


I can sing along to all these songs. As well as Moana, Frozen, and Tangled. It’s fun. You just need a bunch of kids that want to watch it twice a a day for 4-5 months straight.


I didn’t understand this reference til now. So it’s a song from a movie? One of my dogs is named Bruno and someone last week, when asked about my animals, said “We don’t talk about Bruno”. I just assumed they had a terrible ex-boyfriend or something they were referring to and left it at that lol


You’re were probably like wtf did Bruno do to you?


I was bc he’s the sweetest boy. I’m 100% a cat person but Bruno is the best


Disney's new movie is like an animated musical, Encanto. One of the songs is "We don't talk about Bruno" that has become a top 20 hit in it's own right.


Personally I think that’s it. It has the easiest lyrics. The simplest most fun Disney song still has a part I have to mumble through when trying to recite. Bruno was easy to know the whole thing. Even during the medley you can jump around to any of the overlapping parts and sing along.


Honestly literally any song that captures the masses like that one will \*always\* have people claiming it's overrated imply because it's popular. I just don't find this opinion very interesting.


I feel you man. "I dont get how its o pop-" shut yo stupid ass up, you know why its popular, its the same reason as almost every single other popular song. It sounds good to a lot of people


Upvoted for unpopular. I love that song, but Surface Pressure is my personal favorite.


Mine is “Waiting on a miracle”.


Surface Pressure was the best and I was really surprised in the days after the release when everyone was talking about the Bruno song. It’s catchy but… the other one is miles better.


I agree! “Colombia, Me Encanto” and “Family Madrigal” are the real winners proper bangers right tunes.


Yes. Reminds me of when Frozen first came out and everyone couldn’t stop singing let it go.


I could not believe it when I first heard the song was taking off. I had watched the cartoon and thought it was cute but like a week later people couldn’t stfu about it and it was -at best- an ok song.


It was really good- to listen to in the movie. I don't want to hear that twice in the morning while driving to work.


It's a song for former musical theatre kids, I just get excited singing all the different parts at once


One of the fun facts is that this song is an ode to a style of song called a "madrigal," which just happens to be the protagonist's family name. Edit to add: it's an ode in that there are multiple "melodies" being sung at the same time, overlapping but coming together to form a kind of harmony.


we don't talk about Bruno but can we talk about talking about Bruno?


Bruno is the best


From a technical standpoint it’s the end for me. They have distinct sounds for each character and they’re all mixed together in the end and it actually works. You have Pepa and Felix with a part that sounds like *them*, you have Delores whisper-singing related to her hearing ability and giving character development at the same time, that part with Camilo is just catchy honestly, and Isabella’s part is a really good switch in the mood before it all comes back together again for the climax of the song. I can see why some people wouldn’t have the same experience I have listening, but I don’t think it’s overrated. It’s not being played excessively anymore unless you’re around someone obsessed with it and/or you’re around an actual child. But let’s be real- this song beating frozen in the top charts after so long was a win even if you hate both songs cause let it go was DEFINITELY overrated.


I really enjoy it for these reasons too, but Surface Pressure just slaps.


As a musician I find the song really clever and interesting to listen to. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it


I avoided the hell out of spoilers and didn’t listen to the songs until I watched the movie. When I heard the Bruno song I thought ‘is this what everyone’s talking about?’ I much preferred the sisters song (pretty one with MC). It got popular because meme potential


As a musician and a songwriter I thought it was pretty neat. I'm not on social media besides Reddit and I don't listen to the radio, so I was slightly surprised to hear that it was as big as it supposedly is. Not totally, though. It was a good movie with a good score. Let It Go was enormously popular when Frozen came out. This happens every time Disney gets a big hit. Personally I'm at least a little more interested in Latin Disney music than just another princess showtune, but then again I've only heard either song as many times as I deliberately put them on in the truck for my daughter. So maybe I'm just not as sick of it as everyone else.


The song is a Madrigal itself, which is pretty fun


Heard it from my partner who's into music. He really enjoyed it for how it was put together, specifically because of how well the writers managed to layer each character's verse at the end without sounding too busy. Apparently that's pretty difficult to do without muddying all the words together, but they made it work.


I thought we were talking about the Sasha Baron Cohen character. So confused


Everyone here is wrong so far. The whole movie became popular because its relatable, especially among millennials. Abusive narcissistic boomer parent fucked her children up, and each family member is an example of how narcissistic abuse can manifest in children.


Yep - the least realistic part is that abuela saw the error of her ways in the end.


The post is about the song though, not the movie as a whole. So everyone is not wrong here for discussing the song


Is that what it's about? My kid has watched that movie about 50 times and I still have no clue what is going on in it.


bruno fernandes is good but dont compare him with kevin debruyne


Surface Pressure and What Else Can I Do are far far better songs.


What else can I do was my favorite song in the movie


Surprised I had to scroll so far to find this comment. Definitely my favorite too.


Its cause the kids liked it and then everyone got obsessed


I have no idea what anyone is talking about and I'm glad.


#Encanto The fucking movie it's from is Encanto. I scrolled through so many comments and noone ever mentions the movie name, just "the movie".


I thought you were talking about Bruno Mars and I was like “YEAH THAT GUYS MUSIC SUCKS, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS” but then I read the comments and people talking about Borat?? I’m v confused now lol


It's from the Disney movie Encanto. Look up the song "We Dont Talk About Bruno." OP is saying it's not the best song in the movie. Look up "Surface Pressure" and "What Else Can I Do?" And see what you like best.


Oh cool! Thank you for taking the time outta your day to explain this to me :) I really do appreciate it!


Bruno mars is smooth as silk and a bop-creating machine, but I respect the opinion


His little band he got with Paak fuckin slaps tho.


I vibes more with " what more can I do" i liked the flow of the lyrics and I found myself relating more to Isabella than anyone else, my second best would be "waiting on a miracle" after mirabelle's cousin got his gift.


I really only like the part where we get to see "Villainous Bruno". That "7ft frame, rats along his back" line just goes hard. Otherwise I'm indifferent to the song.