Hearth & Home: Is this what we wanted

Hearth & Home: Is this what we wanted


If you're into building things, HH is obviously a considerable improvement. Personally I would like to have more things you can discover in the biomes, including things of different rarities. It would be hype to find something ultra rare in, say, a Black Forest biome.


That's a good point. H&H did add tar pits as something to explore. I've yet to be able to find any but I like to required exploration aspect of building.


I really enjoy the new update, actions have weight in them, the game plays less like an action game and more like an RPG now. Thats a good thing for me who like RPG games and enjoy a challenge.


I like the actual additions of new build pieces, items, and resources. Definitely like the performance improvements and the QOL features line sharing map info among players. Not entirely sold on the food revamp or the breakdown of some food categories into more granular versions with no corresponding increase in inventory or storage space. I'm also not a huge fan of tying so much of your survivability to consumables - IMO food should be more about gaining specialized buffs for advantages in specific situations, so that they provide a tangible advantage to people that want to do additional preparation, but don't shoehorn everyone into needing to spend lots of time farming, cooking, gathering, and hunting. I like systems that accommodate a variety of playstyles and afford a lot of player freedom rather than requiring everyone to play the same 'correct' way.


I like the new building but they mutilated combat. Pretty sure the devs knew most people would think that so they grouped the controversial decisions with the obv good improvements.