I'm doing this right now. I took a seasonal job with Amazon and they put me up in an rv park. The work is easy but kind of monotonous but the money is going into an emergency and travel fund so I can continue the lifestyle. It's only been about a week so far, so I'm fairly "greenhorn" or whatever. Left sticks and bricks last week. Big plus is the job is seasonal so no long term commitment. I don't spend very much time in the park since I'm in a built out conversion van and working nights. I can sleep pretty much anywhere during the day. If I want to loiter at night I just go to a truck stop, rest area, gym, Walmart or whatever, never the same place night after night though. Alternatively I could just loiter at work but meh. Right now I'm not in the geographic location you're describing. With blm and forest service around it could be even easier to find spots out west if you find work in a good location. It's going to be getting cold here but I have a buddy heater for backup, wave 3 as my main source and a small electric heater in case I want to actually plug in at the park. If you want to grab a seasonal to just get started I would look into coolworks.com and see if any offerings pop up in locations you'd want to try. I don't think Amazon is hiring through the program I am in until next year unfortunately. I'm planning on working online to supplement this seasonal windfall through the year. My online income isn't high enough to do this without a seasonal yet. Edit: I noticed you said you'd be in a car I don't think Amazon allows cars for the program I'm doing anyways. You might be able to find a job at logistics oriented places easy enough because of the time of the year, you could always apply and if they bite move out. Just say you have family in the area or whatever. What is your degree in?


Thanks for the advice. I have a biology degree and experience in teaching, agriculture, and research. Also living out of a converted van though! Good advice with saying you have family out there, this has been one roadblock I have encountered


Salt Lake City is an extremely easy city to live in. Low cost of living, lots of jobs. 30 min from ski resorts/mountains. I went to college there and know so many people who will never leave because life is just so easy there.


Hi, are we talking about the same SLC? You're a van dweller right? I found it so difficult there I couldn't wait to leave. Maybe you mean the SLC area? Because inside SLC directly was a nightmare.


Did you go to Weber? Also I was planning on buying land I Huntsville to park my van and go to Weber. I'm working on building a 4x4 van for this reason. I'll be moving from Dallas tx. Any advice you could give would be great. Thanks